(The Theme song plays, and Episode 13 starts)
(The Episode begins at a strange cave, Star is looking down a tube, searching for something)
Star Butterfly (While talking to Marco and putting her arm inside one of the multiple tubes of the structure)
Mmm... Some of these have sandwiches in them.
Marco Diaz Oh, don't put your hand in there.
(Star reaches for the sandwich, but cannot grab it as it is just out of her reach)
Marco Are you sure this is safe?
Star I never said that. (While trying to reach the sandwich again) Come on Marco, you try.
Marco (Remembering his last arm adventure) Uhhh, No.
Star (Unbothered) Suit yourself...
(Suddenly, Star is sucked inside of one of the tubes)
Marco I gotcha! I gotcha! (Trying to pull Star out)
(Star manages to break free and grab the sandwich, but before the can say anything, all the tubes of the structure start expelling steam, which throws Star and Marco away. This thing reveals itself to be an animal, which then chases Star and Marco out of the cave and down the tall tree were it was located. Marco then tries to climb down the tree slowly by the branches.)
Marco Let me just, hang o--!!
(Star then pushes Marco off the treetop which send them into a freefall. To survive the fall, Star casts an spell that softens the landing, but launches her and Marco very far away, straight into some tree vines. The monster also survives the fall and doesn't lose any time in the chase, while Marco and Star are stuck in the vines).
Marco Star, we better get ou--STAR!, We gotta get out of here!
(Marco sees the monster approaching) STAR! Pay attention!
Star (Trying to reach the sandwich) Just a little closer...
(Marco, frustrated, manages to get free from the vines and reach Star's dimensional scissors, which he then uses to cut the vines and open a portal to the Earth Dimension)
(Marco then pulls Star into the Dimensional Portal, but she is only able to retrieve one half of the sandwich before the monster arrives. After the jump they appear in the middle of the hallway upstairs.)
Star I had it in my hands Marco. (Referring to the Sandwich) I have no idea what you were thinking. (Gets up and walks away)
Marco (Approaches Star) I was thinking of not dying!
(Suddenly, a green arm comes out from the portal and grabs Marco's leg. He fights it off with a flower pot and closes the portal)
Star (Angrily) We went through all that trouble and this sad little scrap of sandwich is all we have to show for it!
Marco That's because it's not worth dying for a stupid piece of food! (Slaps the sandwich out of Star's hand and into the wall, where flies gather around it) Ah, I'm going to my room.
Star I hate when you act like this. It makes me wonder why we're even friends. (Scrapes the Sandwich off the wall with the hand) Ugh, where did all these flies come from?
(Marco, angry at Star's overreaction, slams the door to his room. Star also goes to her room, where she jumps on her bed and screams into her pillow, then falls asleep)
Star (Asleep) Don't call me Butterflup...
(Star wakes up at midnight and sees the Sandwich in her desk. She eats some of it)
Star (Eating the sandwich) So good...
(A photo of Star and Marco falls from the corner of her mirror. She looks at it, and decides to go apologize to him)
Star (Knocking at Marco's door) Marco... I'm sorry. I was a jerk, it's just I really wanted you to try this sandwich! It's kinda smashed and dirty, but it's still delicious!
(Marco's door opens and Star looks inside, but Marco isn't there)
Star Marco? Hm, no Marco... (Goes to the stairs and screams) Mr. and Mrs. Diaz? (Goes down the stairs and finds Marco's mom and dad hidden under a blanket and laughing) Uh, What are you guys doing?
Angie Diaz Oh, Star! We were just looking at Rafael's old book of medical illustrations.
Star Weird...hey, have you guys seen Marco?
Angie I think he went to walk the Laser Puppies.
Rafael Diaz Try calling his cellular phone.
Star Oh yeah, good idea. (Grabs the house phone and calls Marco)
(Space Unicorn, Marco's ringtone, sounds from the upper floor)
Star (Gasps) The call is coming from inside the house...
(Star searches for the source of the music, and finds it in Marco's room, where she sees someone wearing Marco's hoodie sitting on the edge of his bed)
Star There you are! What's up with everyone hanging out in the dark like a bunch of weirdy weirds?
(Marco's Jacket starts to levitate, confusing Star and making her drop the phone)
Star Uh, Marco...? Where'd you put your legs?
(The floating jacket reveals itself to be the Fly Monster)
Star (Gasps) What have you done with Marco!?
Fly Monster If you ever want to see the boy alive again, bring the wand to Ludo's Castle tonight. And come alone. (Flies away through the window)
Rafael (Laughing) Hey kids, you're never gonna believe the telephone punched me the face! (Laughs, but then notices that Marco isn't there) Did you find Marco? (Angie joins him, and both look at Star for an answer)
(The scene changes to the house living room, Star is giving details to a policeman)
Star And the little fly man was all like, (Poorly imitates the Fly's voice) "if you ever want to see Marco alive again--" (In her normal voice) oh, wait. I just sounded Irish. He wasn't Irish. Write that down!
(The policeman stops paying attention to her, but keeps quiet)
Star The thing is, Ludo has been after my wand ever since I got here, but he's never gonna get it. It's like my birthright, from like a gillion generations ago, starting with my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great--
Policeman (Interrupting Star) You like magic, little girl?
Star Uhh, I guess?
Policeman Oh, me too! Heck, I used to go to Vegas every weekend, all for magic. The thing about magic is, if you don't use it wisely, you can lose everything.
(Star looks confused, and Marco's parents look scared)
Policeman Anywho, not much I can do for ya. If he's not back tomorrow we'll send the bloodhounds for him. (Leaves the house)
Star (Talking to Marco's parents) I told you he wouldn't get it.
Angie Well, we don't get it either.
(Star looks sad)
Angie Look, this isn't your fault, Star. If anything, we should have been paying more attention to the two of you.
Star I can get Marco back from Ludo. (Walks to the front door)
Rafael Great, we'll take the minivan!
Star No. The little fly man said for me to come alone.
(Star leaves the house before Marco's dad can stop her. She opens the peephole to talk to them through the door)
Star You're wrong, by the way. This is my fault. I'll take care of it myself.
Rafael Oh Star, come on, don't be like...that.
Star (Realizing that she won´t find Marco out there) Forgot my scissors.
(Star opens a portal to the Mewni Dimension with her scissors and leaves through it, while Marco's Mom watches)
(The scene changes to the Monster Realm, where a sad Buff Frog is sitting on a log and Ludo is dragging a heavy bag toward him)
Buff Frog (Tries to catch a fly, but is too depressed) Oh...why bother.
(Buff Frog notices Ludo, who hides behind a lonely door)
Buff Frog What the...?
(Ludo knocks the door, asking permission to enter, even when there are no walls)
Buff Frog Why you bother knocking when you just walk through my living room?
Ludo I'm sorry!
Buff Frog Go away.
Ludo I just wanna talk, Buff Frog!
Buff Frog Buff Frog is not even my name!
Ludo Really? Is it...Butt...Frog?
Buff Frog No, it's not Butt Frog.
Ludo Is it Chad?
Buff Frog My name is Yvgeny Bulgolyubov.
Ludo Oh, so you're foreign.
Buff Frog (Losing his patience) What do you want?
Ludo Ok... (Drags the bag onscreen) At least let me buy back your friendship
You're going to love it. (The bag moves and Ludo punches it) Quiet!
Buff Frog Fine. (Drops the door, almost crushing Ludo) Door is open. (Walks away)
(Star, clearly not enjoying this night's situation, arrives trough the portal at the monsters realm. She sees Ludo's Castle at the distance and leaps toward it)
Ludo (Sitting on Buff Frog's log and trying to convince him to accept the bag) You are not even going to open it? (Notices Star running past) Wait what's that--?
(Star notices them and throws an attack at Ludo and Buff Frog before they realize what's happening)
Star (Noticing the bag) Marco!
(She goes to the bag and opens it, but only finds a bunch of green shiny things inside it)
Star Tadpoles? Ugh...
Buff Frog Tadpoles?
(Star throws another attack at Buff Frog)
Ludo (On the floor, confused) Where are my flip-flops? (Sees Star and gets scared)
Star (Menacing) Where's. Marco?
Ludo I don't even know who that is!
(Star charges her wand and aims it at the two monsters, ready to blast them off if necessary)
Buff Frog She's talking about Karate-Boy. Please, no more laser beams.
Ludo I swear, I have no idea where your friend is!
Star (Not convinced) Then why did you summon me to your Castle?
Buff Frog It is no longer his castle.
Ludo (Distraught) He's right. (Kicks the ground) It's Toffee's castle now.
Star Toffee?! I have no idea who that i... (Notices that Buff Frog is playing with the Tadpoles)
Buff Frog Ludo gave me babies.
Star Okay, I'm done. (Prepares to leave and Ludo follows her)
Ludo W-w-wait, wait, wait!
Buff Frog Ludo, I-I wanted to say thank you. For giving me the gift of fatherhood...
Ludo That wasn't a gift you dingaling! It was a bribe. You see, the plan was, I buy your friendship with gifts because "we're friends". Then in return, you kick Toffee out of the castle for me because "we're friends". (Laughs) But then Star showed up and I don't need you anymore, you big ol' meatball! (He walks away)
(The scene changes to the inside of Ludo's Castle, where Toffee sits at a long dining table and Marco is trapped inside a large glass cage)
Marco (Grunts as he struggles to escape the cuffs on the arms of his chair, and then gives up to glare at Toffee) Well, looks like I've had all the fun I can't have in here. Oh, wait. (Spins in his chair, putting his feet up on a small table) Now I'm done.

Alright, you got me here, what do you want with me?

Toffee What?
Fly Monster (Sitting on top of Toffee's chair) Tell him what you are gonna do to him! Wait'll you hear this!(Laughs)
Toffee Um, Do you mind? (Shakes the Fly off his chair, who flies away angrily)
(Toffee takes off his jacket while Marco talks to him)
Marco Look, if you're after the wand, it's harder to get than you think. Lots of people have tried.
Toffee (Enters Marco's cage and leaves him a sandwich, similar the one at the start of the episode) Eat something. Could be your last meal.
Marco Actually, I'm totally full. But if you're hungry, I'm a great cook. So why don't you let me out of this chair and I'll give you a taste?
Toffee Okay. (Frees Marco from the chair)
(Marco stands up and punches what he thinks it's Toffee, but it;s actually just his reflection in the solid crystal.)
Marco There's two of you?
(The real Toffee, who is behind Marco, grabs him with his tail and puts him back to the chair. Toffee pushes the sandwich toward Marco)
Toffee You really should eat.
Marco I don't want your stinking sandwich! (Throws the sandwich away, but the toothpick inside sticks in his hand) Oh--!
Toffee You're a disappointment. (Walks away)
Marco Yeah? Well, you're boring. And you dress like a lawyer. At least that idiot came dressed for a good time. (Points at Beard Deer, who is guarding the cage from outside)
(Beard Deer punches the cage trying to hit Marco, but hurts his hand like Marco did before)
Marco I feel your pain.
(Back to Ludo and Star, who are trying to get in the Castle)
Ludo (To Star) Good luck getting in there.
Star Uh, there are keys in the door. (Points at the conveniently placed keys)
Ludo That's obviously part of Toffee's plan!
Star Looks like these are yours. (Holds up the keys, revealing that they have Ludo's face on them)
Ludo (Meekly) Those aren't mine.
(Star enters the castle gardens and charges through the front door, while Ludo runs along the wall, trying to follow her)
Ludo Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! You have no idea...(Trips in one of the wall spikes) powerful Toffee is! What you need is the element of surprise--! (Falls off the wall) Lucky for you, I know this castle like the back of my hand! (Holds up a castle-shaped mole on the back of his hand)
Star (In disgust) Ugghh...
Ludo I sneak us into the castle and you blast Toffee in the face! (Laughs) It's the circle of life. (Makes a circle with his fingers)
Star What are you talking about?
Ludo So what do you say, do we have a deal? (Holds out his hand with the mole on it to shake Star's)
Star I'm not gonna touch the hand with the mole on it.
Ludo (Trying to use the other hand) Fine...
Star Actually, I don't wanna touch any of your skin with my skin. (Pushes Ludo's hand away with her foot)
(Buff Frog appears)
Buff Frog (To Star) Don't trust him, I will guide you,
Star I don't really trust you either.
Buff Frog I am father now. (Throws the tadpoles into a fountain) I would like my children to grow up inside castle. (Grabs some vines from a nearby tree) You don't have to trust me, but consider alternative. (Points at Ludo, who is trying to steal the wand from Star's hand)
(Star shoots at Ludo, and Buff Frog attaches the vines to the fountain, fashioning it into some sort of backpack. He walks up to the castle door and knocks it down)
Buff Frog Let's go.
Ludo Out of the way! (Runs through the door. Star starts to follow him)
Buff Frog (Blocks Star's way) Whoa, whoa, before you go inside, I must tell you. Toffee is not like Ludo. He knows about you, and he does not like your magic.
Star Oh yeah? Well, I don't like his...uhh...(Enters the castle)...uhh...
Buff Frog You need to have plan!
(In the dinning room, everything is prepared for the fight, and the Fly Monster is putting pillows on Toffee's chair)
Toffee What did I say about the pillows?
Fly Monster I just--
Toffee (Handing the pillows back to the monster) I don't need pillows on my chair. I'm an adult.
Fly Monster (Reluctantly) Okay... (Takes the pillows away)
(Toffee sits at the chair, preparing to eat a sandwich, but the Fly Monster comes back with the pillows)
Toffee No! (The Fly goes away again)
(Ludo, Buff Frog and Star watch the scene from behind a wall, preparing for the right moment to attack)
Star (Noticing Marco in the cage, surrounded by guards) Marco! (Talking to Buff Frog and Ludo) Here's the plan. We're going in at the count of one.
Buff Frog Uh, that is not good plan.
Star (Preparing the Wand) One.
Buff Frog No wait, Star--!
Ludo (Talking to Buff Frog) Chad, wait. Now is our chance to get the wand!
(Buff Frog scoffs at him and runs after Star, leaving Ludo to hide)
(Star runs into the Hall, using her magic to surprise the monsters. She jumps onto the table to attack Toffee)
Toffee You made it.
(Star blasts Toffee so hard that his arm blows off, and he falls to the floor. She jumps in front of the cage, turning Beer Beard, The Frill Neck Monster, and the Three Eyed Potato Baby into little monster babies in the process)
Star (Launches a spell, trying to break the glass) Supersonic-- (Pauses to attack baby monsters approaching) Supersonic leech bomb!
(The worms explode, but the crystal resists them)
Star What?
(Man Arm attacks her, but Buff Frog quickly comes to help)
Man Arm Oh, hey Buff Frog!
(Buff Frog punches him and stuns him in one hit, but while he does that the baby monsters come back with a chainsaw to attack Star. Buff Frog stops them and Star blasts them away.)
(Marco looks at Buff Frog and Star, wondering why they're working together. They shrug in equal confusion. At the same time Bearicorn, the Giraffe Monster, and Spikeballs join in, while Toffee still watches.)
(The heroes fight them off, and Star jumps onto the chandelier, where she prepares her second attack: A rainbow rocket).
(Star shoots the rocket but sadly, the attack fails again. The glass is unharmed and Marco is still trapped. At this point it looks like the crystal cannot be destroyed.
But Star's not willing to surrender. She jumps down the chandelier and decides that it's time to end all this racket once and for all)


NO. (She casts a barrier between her and the monsters and approaches the cage)
(Star closes her eyes to focus on her ultimate attack. Her cheek marks begin to glow along with the wand. She focuses all of her energy and prepares to hit the cell)
(She casts her spell, which easily breaks the cell in a burst of light and smoke)
Star (Returns to normal and gasps when she realizes it worked) Marco!


We did it! (Star runs into Marco, accidentally shoving him to the floor. She reaches down to help him up) Sorry, I was just excited.
Star Come on, come on--let's get out of here! (While Marco starts to get out, the glass regrows and traps him again) Oh, no...
(Spikeballs grabs Star and Buff Frog is knocked out. The battle ends)
Toffee Stop. (Spikeballs lets go of Star. Toffee stands up, and his arm starts regenerating) That's no way to treat our...guest of honor. (His arm regenerates completely in a matter of seconds)
(Toffee then clicks a button on a remote control, which causes Marco's cage to sink into the floor)
Star (Trying to hold up the cell) No, no, no, no, no! Stop, stop, stop, stop! (She takes a stance to break the cell again)
Toffee That's not going to work again. That crystal is twice as strong now.
(The Fly Monster takes advantage of the situation and tries to bring pillows again, but Toffee sends him away with a glare)
Marco (Trying to hold up the cell) Don't worry Star! I think I've got it...
Star (Jumps on the table, and drops her wand on Toffee's plate) Fine. Take it. Now let Marco go.
(Suddenly, Ludo jumps on the table and tries to take the wand, but the Chicken Monster catches him in his beak)
Toffee (Talking to Star) Do you think I'm like Ludo? (Talking to the Chicken) Just swallow it.
(The Chicken swallows Ludo)
Toffee (Pushes the wand back to Star) I don't want your wand. Destroy it.
Marco and Star Whaaaaaaat?
Toffee (Sports a chilling smile for a split second) SURPRISE!

(returns to normal)

Star I can't. I don't even know how.
Toffee Yes, you do. It's the first spell your mother taught you.
Star The Whispering Spell.
Toffee Exactly. (He leans forward) Marco's waiting.
Marco (About to be crushed by the ceiling) Star...?
Star (Star reluctantly kneels down to the wand and picks it up) I'm sorry.
(As Star whispers the spell to her wand, it begins to die. It turns grey, the star-shaped crystal begins to turn black, it's wings disintegrate, and the Millhorse emerges as a ghost)
(Toffee looks coldly at the scene, and Star begins to cry. The ghost whispers "I was never your wand" into Star's ear. She gasps)
Star (She wipes away her tears and, after a moment, looks back at Toffee)...Now let Marco go.
(Toffee presses a button. The cell rises back out of the ground, and a door opens in the wall)
(Star runs to Marco and shoves him to the floor again, then locks herself into the cell with him)
Star (To Buff Frog, who is just waking up) Run.
Buff Frog Oh, my babies! (Grabs the tadpoles)
Marco (Talking to Star) Okay. You really gotta stop shoving me.
Star It's not over.
(Toffee looks maliciously at the wand, also waiting for something to happen)
Toffee (Talking to the Former Ludo's Army) Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure.
(The wand shakes and glows, ready to detonate. The big chicken lays an egg and runs away, the rest of the monsters also escape. Toffee grins as the wand nears its explosion)
(The wand finally blows up, blasting the castle to smithereens, and annihilating everything around it. Star and Marco then emerge unharmed because the cage protected them)
Marco (After finding Toffee's jacket, which, strangely, seems to have survived the explosion) Pfft. Lawyers.
Star (Grabbing Marco's face so he can see the hatching of The Chicken Monster's egg) Look. Nature.
(Ludo comes out from the egg, screaming)
Marco and Star (In disgust) Ugh.
Ludo Where is my castle?
Star It's gone.
Ludo And where is your wand?
Star That's gone too.
Ludo Everything...? WE ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS!
Star We never were friends--
Ludo You are now my mortal enemy! (Takes out a pair of black dimensional scissors) This day I vow--
(Star takes the scissors, opens a portal to an unknown place, throws Ludo in, and closes the portal)
(A "meteor" falls in the distance, and Star runs to it's crash site. When Marco and Star arrive there they discover that the "meteor" it's actually the wand's empty carcass. Marco and Star then hug, because friendship is the only thing they have left now.)
(While they hug, a mysterious voice interrupts them. It's a tiny Millhorse named Vincenzo.)
Vincenzo (speaking Italian) Excuse me. When I was a baby horse, Mama told me the day will come when I'll be called upon to fulfill a responsibility greater than myself, greater than this dimension. For me, that day is today! (He enters the wand, which then proceeds to sink slowly into the ground. Star and Marco approach to see if something happens.)
(Suddenly, a bunch of crystals start to appear around the crater, including a big one that has something inside...)
(When the crystal opens, a new wand appears, and goes flying to Star's hands)
Star (Holding her new wand) Whoa...
Marco (looking at the wand) Upgrade.
(The galloping of some horses can be heard, and a bunch of armored knights arrive at the place. One of them runs into Marco)
Rafael Oh, Marco, I'm so happy to see you! (Laughs)
Marco Um, do I know you?
Rafael Marco! It is me, I am your dad! (Reveals himself as Rafael)
Marco My dad!
Angie (Reveals herself as Angie) Oh, my turn! (Falls and ends out upside-down) Just come here and hug your mother.
Marco This is so awkward, Mom.
Angie It's not awkward! Don't make it awkward!
Star Wait, how did you guys get here?
King Butterfly They used...(Reveals himself as King Butterfly)...your mirror.
(At the Butterfly's Royal Palace, Star tells the story to her parents)
King Butterfly So. Basically, just to recap--
Queen Butterfly You are not going to do that, are you?
King Butterfly What, my Dear?
Queen Moon You know that thing when you talk and every time that you get to a word with and "S" you have that little whistle in your front teeth?
(The King's whistle teeth are briefly shown)
Queen Moon I love you honey, I just can't deal with that today. (Approaches Star) Star, you have abused your magic, frightened Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, and destroyed your wand. Did I leave anything out?
Star Uhh, well there's a bunch of other stuff you don't know about.
Marco Shhh!
Star No, I think that's everything. But look, (Holds out the new wand, that lacks half of its front piece, to her mother) the wand's fine! Sort of.
Queen Moon It's--uh... (Takes the wand) I'll take it and get it cleaned for you.
Star Please don't be mad. That looks like a mad face--
(The Queen hugs her daughter, unexpectedly)
Star So you're not mad?
Queen Moon Oh, I'm always mad. But I'm happy that you're safe.
(A horse whinnies, and Star notices Marco's parents watching the scene)
Star Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, I'm sorry I made you worry.
Angie (Still upside-down) We're just glad that everyone's okay. And I'm on a horse!
(Angie scares the horse, and it runs away with her. Marco and Rafael run after it)
Marco Where are you going?!
Rafael (to the horse) Don't you go riding off with my wife!
Star (looks at her mother) Uhhh...
Queen Moon Go ahead.
Star Mrs. Diaz, wait up! (Runs away, chasing the horse too)
Queen Moon (After Star has left) I don't know if I'm doing the right thing, River.
King River Darling...
(The Queen turns the castle's magical mirror on and makes a call)
Queen Moon Glossaryck! Hello?
Glossaryck Stop yelling! I was in the lady.
Queen Moon Ah, we can call back.
Glossaryck No, It's fine, I'm just doing a little gardening. (Shaves his leg)
(Notices the broken wand and gasps) What happened there?
Queen Moon We fear that the wand has been cleaved.
Glossaryck Cleaved? Now that's a funny word. You can cleave something apart, or you can cleave something together.
Queen Moon (Angrily) Glossaryck?
Glossaryck If I go like this (Drops his towel) with both my arms, down goes my bath towel, cleaved from my body.
(The Queen covers her eyes and the King gets angry)
King River Glossaryck, towel, please.
Glossaryck (Puts on the towel again) No problem, your highness. (While brushing his teeth) I hope you found all pieces of the wand.
(The King and The Queen look at each other worried, since they know that the missing piece could be anywhere)
(The Episode ends with a close up of the missing piece, which seems to be in the Monsters Realm)
(Ending Theme rolls and Episode 13, along with Season 1, ends)
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