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"Stranger Danger" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 7, 2017, alongside "Club Snubbed".[1]


Star meets the ancient Queen Eclipsa.[2]


In Star Butterfly's bedroom at Butterfly Castle, Star tries to feed pudding to Glossaryck. After his restoration in "Rest in Pudding", Glossaryck's mind has regressed to that of an infant/animal, with only basic Mewman understanding and repeating the word "Globgor!" over and over. As Star takes Glossaryck for a walk like a dog, he drags her through the castle and chases a squirrelicorn into the castle's rose garden. There, she encounters Eclipsa Butterfly, free from her crystal prison.

Eclipsa calms Glossaryck down by scratching his forehead jewel, and she and Star talk for a while. Star gets along well with Eclipsa but can't shake the feeling that she's seen her before. All of a sudden, Queen Butterfly and the Magic High Commission burst into the garden and seize Eclipsa, with the castle guards all pointing spears at her and Omnitraxus pinning her to the wall. Queen Moon reveals Eclipsa's identity to Star, and the High Commission decontaminate and examine Star to make sure Eclipsa hasn't corrupted her with evil.

Despite Star's claims that Eclipsa is nice and didn't do anything to her, Moon and the High Commission insist she's evil because she abandoned her kingdom to run off with a monster and dabbled in dark magic, and she was crystallized before she had the chance to do anything horrible. Star starts to believe that Eclipsa was unjustly imprisoned, but Moon says it was for the best. Ignoring Star's objections, Moon plans to re-crystallize Eclipsa.

After getting her magic wand back with Glossaryck's help, Star stops Moon and the Magic High Commission from re-crystallizing Eclipsa, believing she doesn't deserve such a punishment without real proof of her guilt. When Moon tries to convince Star of Eclipsa's persuasive ways, Star reminds Moon that she went to Eclipsa for help in the first place and that she bargained Eclipsa's freedom in exchange for help in defeating Toffee. As proof of Eclipsa's evil, Moon shows Star what her darkest spell did to her hands. Regardless, Star insists that Eclipsa deserves a fair trial before being imprisoned, and Moon begrudgingly agrees.

While the High Commission makes preparations for Eclipsa's trial, Eclipsa is confined to the condemned tower outside the rose garden—her old bedroom. When Star visits Eclipsa in the tower to ask questions, Eclipsa confesses that she did dabble in dark magic in the past, saying she "did what she had to do", but she hasn't done anything to corrupt Star. Star asserts that even though she stood up for Eclipsa, she doesn't fully trust her yet. As Eclipsa comments on how much the kingdom has changed, she looks out the window to see one thing that's still the same: the rose garden. The episode ends with Star and Eclipsa admiring the view of the garden together.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Gevaarlijke Vreemdeling Dangerous Stranger
French Une dangereuse rencontre A Dangerous Encounter
Hebrew סכנת זרים Stranger Danger
Japanese 未知の危険 Unfamiliar Danger
Korean 이클립사 Eclipsa
Portuguese (Portugal) Perigo Antigo Ancient Danger
Thai อันตรายแปลกๆ Strange Danger


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  • This episode was privately screened at the California Institute of the Arts on September 22, 2017, alongside "Club Snubbed".
  • This episode and "Club Snubbed" aired on Disney Channel Asia on November 24, 2017 (18 days after it aired in the US) making the fastest episodes to air internationally on the same month as the US. Some episodes after this and "Club Snubbed" might be aired on some countries in 2018.
  • This is the second episode after "Club Snubbed" to feature Star without Marco.

Revelations and continuity

  • Star meets Queen Eclipsa for the first time.


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