Scene opens with a shot of the Mewni Castle. Star Butterfly is feeding Glossaryck pudding.
Star Ready, Glossaryck? Here comes the airplane. [makes airplane noises]
Glossaryck Globgor, Globgor.
Star Come on, Glossaryck. Be a good boy.
Glossaryck throws the bowl of pudding at Star's face.
Star Glossaryck, what have I told you? We express ourselves with our words, not our pudding.
Glossaryck tilts his chair over, jumps out, and takes off running on all fours.
Glossaryck Globgor!
Star [gasps] Oh, Glossaryck. Here, boy. Do you wanna...
Glossaryck Globgor?
Star [holds up a leash] ...go for a walk?
Glossaryck Globgor!
Scene skips ahead. Glossaryck is running on Star's leash. Star is struggling to keep up.
Star Glossaryck, slow down!
Glossaryck Globgor, Globgor.
Star yells. They stop temporarily.
Star Glossaryck, what the heck?
Glossaryck sniffs a painting. He then holds up his leg as if he were about to urinate on it.
Star Stop that, bad Glossaryck. Are we gonna have to go back into the diaper, 'cause I will do it.
Glossaryck sees a squirrelicorn, and takes off running.
Glossaryck Globgor!
Star Aaaaah, Glossaryck!
The leash rips as Glossaryck jumps out the window.
Glossaryck Globgor!
Star No!
Glossaryck continues pursuit of the squirrelicorn in a garden outside. He chases it through a bush, and leaps into the air after it, but is then caught by an arm.
Star Whoa, Glossaryck! Heh, oh my goodness, I am so sorry about your roses. He'd... oh!
Eclipsa Oh don't worry. They're just flowers. It's not like they're something really cool, like a squirrelicorn. [to Glossaryck] Isn't that right?
Glossaryck Globgor! Globgor, Globgor.
Eclipsa pokes Glossaryck's forehead jewel, causing it to light up. Glossaryck suddenly becomes less hyper.
Glossaryck What... Oh!
Star How did you do that, and teach it to me now.
Eclipsa [laughs] He just looked like he needed a little head scratch.
Glossaryck [quietly] Globgor.
Eclipsa You know, once in a while, you've got to slow down and appreciate the feeling of a nice head scratch, or the smell of a freshly bloomed rose, or the taste of a delicious candy bar.
Eclipsa takes out a chocolate bar and eats it. She throws the wrapper into a bucket filled with many similar wrappers.
Eclipsa I might have some self-control issues.
Star + Eclipsa [laughs]
Star Yeah, me, too. [laughs] You seem so familiar. We've met before, right?
Eclipsa Maybe. I used to visit this garden a lot. Oh-oh, have you been to the Rose Tower? [points] The view of the garden is absolutely divine.
Star Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That's been condemned for forever.
Eclipsa Well, don't let that stop you.
Star [giggles] Hey, if you're around tonight, you should come to the royal dinner.
Eclipsa Oh, that sounds delightful. But I may have other plans.
Star Aw. You got a hot date?
Eclipsa Something like that.
Queen Butterfly and the Magic High Commission burst down the castle door and enter the garden.
Queen Butterfly Star!
Star Mom!
Omnitraxus Prime smashes his way to Eclipsa and pins her to the wall.
Star Omnitraxus!
The other guards run over to him.
Star What is going on?
Queen Butterfly [gasping] Star, are you okay? Did she hurt you?
Star What? No. No one hurt me. I was just talking to that nice lady.
Queen Butterfly Nice lady? Star, that's Eclipsa.
Eclipsa Oh. Long time, no speak, Moon. How did that spell work out for you?
Queen Butterfly Not another word out of you, Eclipsa.
Star That's Eclipsa!?
Scene transitions. Star is standing in a shower where (presumably) water is being dumped onto her.
Hekapoo We need to decontaminate you.
Star shivers, then lets out a yelp as Hekapoo holds up an otoscope to her face.
Hekapoo Look into the light, please.
Star What?
Hekapo Uh, to check for spots of evil.
Star Spots of evil?
Hekapoo Well, there's no telling what Eclipsa might have done to you.
Star Stop it. I am telling you, Eclipsa didn't do anything to me. I am fine.
Rhombulus pulls up a wheel chair and bumps Star into it.
Star What? Uff. What are you d... hey!
Star is dropped of by Omnitraxus Prime who stands ready next to an eye chart.
Omnitraxus Cover your left eye with the paddle, and read the lines as best you can.
Star I-A-M-E-V-I- what no you don't. That just spells "I am evil."
Rhombulus That was, like, totally an admission.
Star What? No, I was right. This is rigged. I was reading the thing.
Hekapoo Skin check. [looks at Star's arm] Oh, dear. Have you always had this mole?
Star Yes, but it doesn't make me evil. Just a little self-conscious sometimes. And why is there a monkey?
Indeed, there is a monkey now examining Star's hair.
Hekapoo To check for evil fleas.
Star Evil fleas?
Monkey [screeches]
Hekapoo [gasps] He found something.
The monkey takes out a flea and eats it.
Hekapoo Never mind. He says they're just regular fleas.
Star I knew that.
Hekapoo Stand here, arms down.
They put Star on an operating table.
Hekapoo One moment.
Hekapoo staps Star to the table.
Star Hey! What? Do you even know what you're doing?
Rhombulus sticks two probes on Star's heart cheeks.
Rhombulus No, but we still gotta do a test. [screaming] Are you evil?
Star [groans] No!
The machine buzzes and displays a signal
Hekapoo Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Rhombulus Are you evil, are you evil, are you evil?
Queen Butterfly Is she all right?
Star I am fine. I talked to Eclipsa for, like, two seconds, and she was really nice. No big deal.
Queen Butterfly It could be a very big deal.
Star Okay, fine, but why?
Queen Butterfly Star, she betrayed her kingdom. She abandoned her people so she could run off with a monster.
Star Mm-hmm, yes, right. I knew that. Kinda selfish. Okay, then what? She blew everything up?
Queen Butterfly No. They crystallized her before she had the chance.
Star Wa-wa-wait, you crystallized her for being in love?
Queen Butterfly To a monster. And that's not all. She didn't respect the natural order. She meddled in the dark arts, and created her own chapter of dangerous evil magic.
Star Have you ever even read it?
Queen Butterfly [scoffs] Of course not.
Star Well I have, and it really wasn't that big of a deal.
Queen Butterfly Ugh. [to commission] Chime in any time, guys. You knew her, too.
Hekapoo Uh, I mean, I saw her double-dipping in the ranch at the royal ball once.
Omnitraxus She told me she thought Rhombulus was annoying.
Rhombulus Can you believe it?
Star Yes.
Rhombulus Oh, yeah. She totally used to eat babies!
Hekapoo Nope, nope, that wasn't Eclipsa. That was Bobipsa, the barbarian baby eater.
Rhombulus Are you calling me a liar?
Omnitraxus I'm pretty sure Eclipsa was a pescaterian.
Star Okay, guys, as fascinating and fact-filled as this conversation is, I'm feeling kinda done. The tests say I'm fine.
Queen Butterfly Star, please, these tests are for your own good.
Star Ugh! I am good. And, it sounds like Eclipsa didn't deserve to be crystallized. I mean, what's next, you gonna crystallize me if I do something you don't approve of?
Queen Butterfly [to Commission] Give us the room.
The others leave and Queen Butterfly unstraps Star from the operating table.
Queen Butterfly You know, when I first met Eclipsa, I trusted her, too. I didn't know any better. Truthfully, Star, you're very capable for your age, but–
Star Then why won't anyone listen to me?
Queen Butterfly It's complicated. Eclipsa can be very... convincing. For your safety, let me handle this.
Star So what are you gonna do?
Queen Butterfly I'm afraid the only option is immediate re-crystallization.
Star What? No. No, no, no, no. That's so harsh. You can't just go crystallizing–
Queen Butterfly This isn't a debate, Star. I gave my orders to the Magic High Commission, and they're on their way to her cell as we speak. She's to be re-crystallized immediately.
Queen Butterfly exits the room.
Star Oh-ho-ho, we'll see about that.
Star walks out of the room. Glossaryck is in a room down the hallway, along with Star's wand.
Glossaryck Oh, Globgor!
Star My wand!
She checks the door.
Star Locked! Glossaryck.
Glossaryck Globgor.
Star [banging on door] Glossaryck!
Glossaryck Globgor?
Star [whispering] Glossaryck, the wand.
Glossaryck Globgor? [picks his nose]
Star [facepalms, traces a wand with her fingers] Wand.
Glossaryck Globgor!
Glossaryck leaves the window. The door knob starts rattling.
Star Good boy, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
The door opens. Glossaryck is floating mid-air holding the wand.
Glossaryck Globgor.
He then immediately flies of screen with lightning speed while sticking his tounge out at Star.
Star [chasing him] No, Glossaryck. We have to save Eclipsa.
Scene jumps to Eclipsa in her holding cell, then back to Star + Glossaryck in the hallway
Glossaryck Globgor.
Scene jumps to Queen Butterfly and the Magic High Commission, also in that hallway. Scene jumps back to Glossaryck who's sticking his tounge out at Star. Star runs up and grabs him
Star Gotcha. Super sparkle cloudy.
Cloudy Aaahhhhhhhh!
The three race down the hallway, catching up to the Commission as they open the door.
Cloudy Weeeeee!
Rhombulus I'm gonna enjoy this.
Star Rhombulus, no! wait!
Star crashes into Rhombulus as he fires his crystal blast, causing it to ricochet off the walls, floor, and ceiling.
High Commission Aaah!
Rhombulus Oh geez.
Hekapoo Turn it off!
The spell hits Rhombulus in his butt, causing small crystals to grow out of it.
Rhombulus Ahhhggg! Ow! OWIE! Great... Now I got crystals growing outta my–
Queen Butterfly Well, Star, you've caused quite the ruckus.
Star Will you all just listen to me for one second? Crystallizing people is a serious punishment, and so far, no one has been able to convince me that Eclipsa deserves it.
Queen Butterfly Star, I know Eclipsa seems nice, but she can get into your head and make you do things you don't want to do.
Star Oh, my goodness, you're right. Giving you that spell to destroy Toffee was her idea. Oh, no, wait. You were the one who went to her for help.
Queen Butterfly All right, yes, but...
Star And you made a deal with her. When Toffee was destroyed, she'd be set free. Well, hey, Toffee's gone, and you wanna go back on your word?
Queen Butterfly But Star, look what her spell did to me.
Queen Butterfly takes over her right glove, revealing her purple hand and darkened veins.
Queen Butterfly When I performed that spell, I could feel the darkness. Eclipsa is evil, Star. I know you don't believe it now, but if you wait to find out the truth for yourself, it'll be too late.
Star Okay, fine. If she is as bad as you say she is, then put her in a crystal. But she at least deserves to have a fair trial.
Queen Butterfly [agitated] Oh, for goodness sake, fine. We'll have a trial.
Star Ah, Yes! [dancing] Due process, due process.
Queen Butterfly But I'm only allowing this because I want there to be no doubt amongst anyone in Mewni—I'm looking at you, Star—that Eclipsa is evil and deserves her fate.
Star See Eclipsa? Around here, we believe in a little thing called the justice system.
The Commission begins to leave
Star Hey, where are you going?
Queen Butterfly Well it's going to take a little time to get the trial all set up.
Star What? No, you can't just leave her chained up in this dark and smelly dungeon.
Eclipsa You know, I always did enjoy gazing at the roses.
Scene changes to the rose tower above the garden. Star approaches the tower.
Guard Oh, hello, Princess Butterfly.
Star Stand aside.
The guard stands aside, and the other begins unlocking the multi-locked door. Star sighs, and then just opens all the locks with her wand.
Star Eclipsa.
Eclipsa Star. I was hoping you'd–
Star Don't move. I gonna need some answers. Did you or did you not mess with dark magic?
Eclipsa Well... I did what I had to do for me. If the Magic High Commission and your mother think that's evil, call me a villainess.
Star Wait. Are you in my mind? They said you could be in my mind, and I wouldn't even know.
Eclipsa Definitely not. But if I were, I wouldn't tell you. [silence] That's a joke.
Star Oh [nervous laugh], it wasn't very funny. But that's okay, 'cause...
Star reaches for a brown bag and opens it to reveal Glossaryck.
Glossaryck Globgor. Globgor!
Glossaryck jumps on to Eclipsa's face.
Eclipsa Glossaryck! Good to see you.
Glossaryck Globgor!
Star He's, uh, he's been kind of a handful lately. [chuckles] Could you maybe do that little crystal-y tickly thing again?
Eclipsa Are you sure.
Glossaryck Globgor, Globgor.
Eclipsa I might corrupt him.
Star What?! [nervous laughter] That was another joke. Ha ha. Right?
Glossaryck Globgor?
Eclipsa touches his forehead
Glossaryck Globgor.
Star Aw, they're so sweet when they're sleeping. Okay, listen, just because I didn't want you crystallized again doesn't mean I trust you. I just want you to be treated fairly. Although, this place doesn't exactly seem fair. What in the rodent is that?!
Eclipsa's bed is full of angry critters.
Eclipsa Well, I love it here. Actually, this was my room, you know, back in the, well, you know, before. A lot has changed. But the most important thing is still the same.
Eclipsa walks to the window and pulls back the curtain, revealing a view of the garden.
Star Ah! Wow! This view is incredible.
Eclipsa Isn't it?
(end song)
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