(theme song)
Scene opens outside Mewni castle, bathed in snow.
Merchant Stumps here. Get your fresh stumps here.
Kid Daddy, can we go sing some Stump carols?
Father Oh not until we get you some cocoa first!
Kid and Father [laugh]
Inside the castle, Star Butterfly breathes onto a window. When condensation forms on it, she wipes part of it away to form a smiley face before breathing on the window again. Scene jump to King Butterfly, banging a wooden mug with a spoon.
King Butterfly Good evening, everyone. Please gather round.
Star [gasps excitedly, runs over and sits next to Marco Diaz, knocking him over]
King Butterfly Today we pay thanks to the roots of our kingdom! [gestures to a stump] To the Stump!
Mewman To the Stump!
All To the Stump!
Star Yes! To the Stump! Whoo hoo!
Baby Tell us the story of Stump Day, Uncle River.
King Butterfly Ha ha ha ha! You don't tell me what to do. Now, let me tell you the story of the first Stump Day. Centuries ago, a small band of explorers crashed their ships on Mewni. After weeks of traveling, they began to get on each other's nerves.
Star Aah! Oh, no.
King Butterfly They planned to go their separate ways, but suddenly, a blizzard struck. Blizzard! And the crew was forced to survive by huddling together around a giant tree stump to keep warm and share supplies. They forged a lasting bond that day, and decided not to split up after all. To commemorate the occasion, they carved their initials on the back of the stump, and the kingdom of Mewni was born! And that is why, each year, we come together and honor the Stump through our friendships for a full 24 hours. [sinister] Or else.
Marco Or else?
Star Shhhhhhhh!
King Butterfly Thank you, everyone, for making this a Stump Day to remember!
All [applause]
Baby Do you think the Stump will visit me tonight?
Girl Come on. Only babies believe in the Stump.
Star Oh, don't listen to her. I know the Stump is real, and if you've been good, the Stump will never visit. [runs over to her parents, hugs] Happy Stump Day, Mom and Dad. [runs over to Marco, hugs] Happy Stump Day, Marco. Happy Stump Day, everyone.
Marco You're really into this, huh?
Star Oh, you have no idea. This is my favorite holiday. It is so special.
Marco [laughs] More special than you think.
Scene jumps to later that night. Star is singing while brushing her teeth
Star ♪ All hail the Stump, for it is great and kind ♪
♪ Don't anger the Stump, or it will be unkind ♪
♪ The Stump is our savior, we praise it on this day ♪
♪ Keep the Stump in your heart, and let it lead the way ♪ [spits, gets in bed] Ah! The perfect Stump Day.
There's a knock on her door. It creaks open.
Star The Stump! [pulls up covers]
Marco Star? Are you decent?
Star [yelling] Marco! Ugh! Quit creeping around, you creep. [throws pillow at him] It's Stump Day.
Marco Sorry, sorry. Uh, can you come downstairs for a second? One of the windows is stuck, and I need your magic to fix it.
Star Sure. I can... I can do that. It is Stump Day, after all.
Marco Stump-tacular.
Star A good try, Marco.
Scene changes to another room.
Marco It's right over here.
Star Uh, Marco, I can't see anything.
The lights flip on. Tom Lucitor, Janna Ordonia, Kelly, and StarFan13 are gathered in a room filled with decorations. Above, there's a banner reading "Happy Quinceañera Star", and there's a large cake on the table.
All Surprise!
Starfan13 [snaps a photo of Star's face, laughs]
The photo drops to the floor. In it, Star looks very distraught.
Marco Your birthday always falls on Stump Day, so we decided... [yelling] surprise quinceañera! Hit it!
A mariachi band starts playing.
Band ♪ Cumpleaños feliz. Cumpleaños feliz ♪
Star Oh, no, no, no. Oh, no, no, no! Oh, no, oh, no! [screams, runs over to the band, grabs the guitar, smashes it]
Marco Star, wha-what's wrong?
Star We never celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday, Marco, because it's Stump Day.
Band Member ¿Lo que es un día de tocón?
Star ¡Es un día muy importante!
Marco But it's your birthday, too. Isn't that pretty important?
Star Not as important as the Stump. Today is the Stump's day. [pops balloon]
Kelly Oh, come on, Star. Don't tell me you still believe in the Stump.
Pony Head Yeah, that's a baby story. Like, for babies.
Tom Awe, I think it's cute. [holds Star]
Star Get off me, non-believer. [kneeling] O, great Stump, I beg your forgiveness, for they [points to Earthlings] do not know the ways of the Stump, and they [points to others] are but foolish teenagers.
Marco Wait, so the Stump is real?
Kelly, Tom, and Ponyhead No!
Kelly It's just a manipulative fairy tale...
Tom ...that parents tell their kids...
Pony Head ...so that they're less annoying during the holidays.
Star He he. Okay, everyone, thank you so much for this magnificent party. I am overwhelmed with joy. Really. But unfortunately, I cannot celebrate my birthday today. As the song goes, ♪ We honor the Stump each year ♪ [kicks over tower of presents]♪ To this we have sworn ♪ [smashes plate of cookies] ♪ If we anger the Stump, We'll wish we were never born ♪ [takes Sombrero off Stump, screams and chases the band away]
Janna [bumping Tom] That's my girl.
Star [struggling with the band] Come on, guys, help me honor the Stump.
Marco Um, Star.
Star [pops balloons frantically]
Marco What gives? It took me a long time to set up these decorations and bake your favorite flavor of cake, rainbow. I even imported a mariachi band all the way from Earth just so you could have a birthday.
The lead band member pulls out another guitar, and they start to sing.
Band ♪ Cumpleaños feliz ♪
Marco Guys, not now.
Band [stops]
Marco Look, Star, I think I know what this is really about. You're afraid of getting older. It's cool. We've all been there.
Star What? No, this isn't like that at all.
Pony Head Yeah, Marco, you know what? Maybe this is really about you, and how you have to control every situation like a maniac. Okay? I mean, you didn't even ask Star if she wanted a birthday party. [scoffs] That's rude.
Marco Because that would've ruined the surprise. Duh!
Tom I told you this was a bad idea, dude, but you didn't wanna listen.
Marco Well, at least I wanted to throw Star a party. You didn't plan anything, and you're supposed to be her boyfriend.
Kelly and Janna Whoa!
Pony Head Ohhhh! Oh!
Tom What?
Kelly [whispering] Marco, take it back.
Marco You heard me, Lucitor.
Tom Uh, I didn't plan anything, because unlike you, I actually thought about what Star would want.
Marco Did you? Because this morning, it kinda seemed like you forgot.
Tom Oh ho ho. That's it. [bursts into flame] I'm gonna pound you into next Stump Day.
He hurls a fireball at Marco, but he misses and almost hits the band.
Band Leader ¡Es el diablo!
Tom dives at Marco, and the two start wrestling.
Star Boys, stop it.
Tom [putting Marco in a chokehold] Say I'm a good boyfriend.
Marco Never.
Pony Head Whoa! Happy birthday, Star. It's the ultimate gift. Two boys are fighting over you.
Star Ugh!
Janna All right, dinner and a show.
Kelly How can you say that? Marco almost got burnt to a crisp.
Janna Geez, Kelly, chill out. Are you just mad because Marco's fighting Tom over Star instead of you?
Kelly What? Why would you say that?
Tad Yeah, Kelly, why would you say that?
Kelly Tad! Ugh! You need to move out.
Star Guys, stop it. Tom, I really don't care if you forgot it was my birthday.
Tom I didn't forget.
Marco Yes, he did.
Star It doesn't matter, stop fighting!
Starfan13 I'm mad because Star is mad.
Pony Head No one is paying attention to me. Also, this party has no hotties.
Band Leader [gasps]
Everyone in the room continues to shout over each other.
Star No! See what I mean? We've angered the Stump, and now it's tearing us apart. [runs over and opens window]
Pony Head Girl, what is wrong with you? Have you gone insane? It's freezing out there.
Star That's right, Pony. Nice and freezing. Just like the settlers felt on their first winter. [grabbing Kelly] Let the cold settle deep into your bones. We believe!
Kelly No, we don't.
Star Ugh! Yes, we do. Tell the Stump you believe, Marco. Tell it!
Marco I believe... we're all gonna get hypothermia. [closes window] Look, isn't someone gonna do something here?
Janna I'm on it. [puts stump in fire place]
Star Janna, no!
Janna Ah, that's nice.
Everyone but Star gathers around the fireplace.
Janna Get away from my stump.
Star Oh, no!
Thunder crashes outside, revealing a large stump-like shadow.
Star It's here.
Tree roots start creeping in through the door. They start grabbing ahold of Janna.
Janna Marco, if you wanna give me a back rub, just ask.
Marco's staring at Janna in horror. The stump pulls Janna into darkness.
Janna [screams]
The stump rises in through the floor. Its carved initials ooze with orange yellow fluid.
Tom It's real.
Tom, Kelly, and Ponyhead [pull out stumps figures, get on knees] We believe. We believe!
The Stump swipes their smaller stumps away from them.
Janna It's too late for that.
The Stump swings another branch/vine at the three. Queen Moon and King River come bursting in.
King Butterfly Kids, what is all this ratchet?
They continue to scream as the Stump grabs Tom, Kelly, and Pony Head.
Queen Butterfly Oh, no.
King Butterfly The Stump is real.
Star Wait. You didn't believe in the Stump?
King Butterfly Honey, it's a stump!
The stump grabs all the Butterflys and Marco.
Marco I should've believed you, Star.
Kelly I should've respected the Stump.
Tom I'm sorry for being a bad boyfriend.
Pony Head And I'm truly sorry that I was so hard on Earth Turd, except not really, 'cause he's improved as a person with my thoughtful criticism.
Janna At least we all get to die together. That's kinda cool.
Queen Butterfly I'm sorry for blaming you, Star. I love you.
Star I love you, too, Mom. I love you, Dad. I love all of you.
Star grabs Marco's hand. Marco grabs Tom's. Tom extends his foot to Janna. They close their eyes. When they open them, everyone is gathered around on a circle holding limbs.
Marco We're... okay. We did it. The Stump spared us 'cause we all came together.
Star No Marco, it left 'cause it's midnight, and Stump Day is over. It was definitely gonna kill us.
Marco Oh.
Star Thank you, great Stump, wherever you are.
Marco Um, why are you thanking it? You just said it wanted to kill us.
Star Oh, I know. But it also reminded us just how much we mean to each other, even in the face of certain death.
King Butterfly In a way, this has been the best Stump Day of all, though it will be very expensive to repair the damage to the castle.
Queen Butterfly And we'll have to have an extra big celebration next year, just to make sure things are cool between us and the Stump.
King and Queen [laugh nervously]
Star Hey, Marco. I just wanted to say thank you for planning this party for me. It was really sweet, even if the timing wasn't that great.
Marco No problem. You know, with all the infinite dimensions that exist, it's still your birthday somewhere, right? [holds up plate of cake]
Star [takes the plate]
Marco [to band] Hey, guys, it's safe to come out now.
Band [gathers to their feet]
Marco You cool with this?
Star Mm-hmm.
Marco All right guys! ¡A uno, dos, tres!
The band begins playing music as all the teenagers begin to dance to the music.
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