"Surviving the Spiderbites" is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 24, 2019 alongside "The Ponyhead Show!"


Star tries to keep the Spider Bites family occupied while Eclipsa runs late for dinner.


At the Monster Temple, Star organize a royal visit between Queen Eclipsa and the Spiderbite royal family—the first royal visit to take place since Eclipsa became queen of Mewni. With Marco babysitting Meteora, Star races to get everything ready for the Spiderbites' arrival, but Eclipsa is strangely nowhere to be found. Star welcomes the Spiderbites—the king and queen and their daughter Penelope—to the temple when they arrive and assures them that Eclipsa will be joining them shortly.

King and Queen Spiderbite are extreme sticklers for perfection and tradition, and they disapprove of everything Star does to try and impress them or make them feel welcome, from the refreshments to the gallery of monster-made artwork to the cultural fire dance performed by some monsters. When King and Spiderbite are overly critical of the performance, Star accuses them of being prejudicial toward monsters. However, Slime Monster appears, and not only is he revealed to be Princess Penelope's boyfriend, but her parents are also friendly with him.

King and Queen Spiderbite explain that the only monster they are prejudicial toward is Globgor; everything that Star showed them during their visit pays tribute to the atrocities Globgor committed against the Mewmans, particularly destroying the Spiderbite Kingdom and devouring their ancestor King Shastacan. Desperate to salvage this royal visit, Star excuses herself and uses the All-Seeing Eye to find Eclipsa, quickly locating her on the temple roof.

On the roof, Star finds Eclipsa and reminds her of their visit with the Spiderbites, which Eclipsa is horrified to realize she forgot about. Just before the Spiderbites leave, Star and Eclipsa catch up with them, and Eclipsa apologizes for being late. In an effort to ease the tension and strained relationship between herself and the Spiderbite Kingdom, Eclipsa shows King and Queen Spiderbite to Globgor's crystallized body and says he will remain crystallized for the good of the kingdom. Even though saying this saddens Eclipsa, it eases much of the Spiderbites' fears, and they agree to an alliance.

With disaster averted, Star asks Eclipsa what she was doing that made her so late meeting the Spiderbites. Eclipsa explains that she was looking for the Book of Spells so that she can learn magic to help her kingdom. Star says that Ludo burned the book, but Eclipsa says if any piece of it is still intact, Glossaryck can restore it. Eclipsa asks Star if there are any pieces of the Book left, and Star nervously answers no. However, when she later opens the closet in her bedroom, she takes out a small box and opens it to reveal the piece of the Book she had thrown into the Well of Magic to bring Glossaryck back to life.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch De Familie Spinnebeet The Spiderbite Family
Spanish (Latin America) Sobrevivir a los Picarañas Surviving the Spiderbites
European Portuguese Sobreviver às Mordidelas Surviving the Bites
Japanese スパイダーバイト家の訪問 Spiderbites house visit


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S4E10 Portrait of Globgor destroying Spiderbite Village
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Revelations and continuity

  • Manfred is still a stone statue after "Yada Yada Berries".
  • Despite their past conflicts, Marco takes care of baby Meteora.
  • Princess Spiderbite is in a romantic relationship with Slime Monster.
  • The Spiderbite family is revealed to bear no ill will against monsters, with the exception of Globgor.
    • This is a difference of opinion since their appearance in "Club Snubbed", in which King and Queen Spiderbite were scornful of rats and Toffee.
  • Princess Spiderbite's family is revealed to be distant relatives of King Shastacan.
  • According to Spiderbite family history, Globgor is purported to have burned Spiderbite Village to the ground and devoured King Shastacan some time before his crystallization.
    • While the veracity of the first part is unclear, Eclipsa confirms the second part to be true.
  • The Spiderbites establish an alliance with Eclipsa.
  • Eclipsa seeks to restore the Book of Spells.




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