"Sweet Dreams" is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 14, 2017, alongside "Lava Lake Beach".[1]


Star discovers she travels through multiple dimensions in her dreams.[2]


The episode begins with Star flying through the clouds in her dreams. As she soars, dozens of flying Goblin Dogs appear around her and beg her to eat them, which she does. When she wakes up the next morning, Marco comes into her bedroom and invites her to breakfast. But Star feels strangely full after her dream of eating Goblin Dogs, and she and Marco discover multiple Goblin Dog wrappers in Star's bed. After also discovering a Goblin Dog receipt, Star suspects she's been sneaking off to that dimension in her sleep.

That night, Star goes to bed to see if the same thing happens again, and she instructs Marco to watch her while she sleeps. Marco suggests telling someone about this, but Star orders him – as her squire – to do what she says. A few hours later, after dozing off, Marco wakes up to discover a dimensional portal in Star's bed, and Star comes out – in her butterfly-winged mewberty form – carrying the Goblin Dog truck. She reverts back to normal and falls asleep, and when Marco wakes her up, she has no memory of doing anything.

The next morning, Star asks her mother at breakfast if she has ever transformed into her mewberty form unintentionally. Queen Butterfly says it's impossible for such a thing to happen, and King Butterfly adds that if it ever did happen, the person who transformed would be locked away and examined by the Magic High Commission forever. Knowing this, Star is even more determined to keep her dilemma a secret from them.

That night, Star chains herself to her bed to keep herself from dimension-jumping in her sleep. Marco mentions how concerned Star's parents are, but Star doesn't want to tell them for fear of being locked up. As an added precaution, Marco chains his own leg to Star's chains to wake himself up in case he dozes off again. Hours later, Marco indeed dozes off, but he wakes up in time to see Star (in her mewberty form) trying to break her chains. She eventually breaks free and flies through a dimensional portal, dragging Marco along with her.

As Star and Marco fly through the void between dimensions, Marco tries to wake her up. He succeeds and tells Star to fly back through the open portal leading to Mewni. Star flies back toward the portal, but her mewberty form wears off before she reaches it, causing herself and Marco to drift aimlessly through the void. All of a sudden, Glossaryck appears through the portal with a chain of cloths wrapped around him, and Star and Marco use him to return to Star's bedroom. They are revealed to have been saved by Eclipsa, who was alerted when Glossaryck wandered into her tower. Marco is shocked to find the notorious Eclipsa walking around, but Star wants to call it a night and urges him to get out of her bedroom.

Star tells Eclipsa what's going on and asks if she knows how to stop it. But Eclipsa questions if it should be stopped at all. When Star says her recent dreams have been amazing, Eclipsa suggests embracing them and seeing where they lead instead of running away from them. She adds that it's the only way to find out what Star is truly capable of, saying "All knowledge is good knowledge." After their talk, Eclipsa leaves to get back to her tower before the guards realize she left.

The following night, Marco returns to Star's bedroom with another idea to keep Star from transforming in her sleep. However, Star decides to take Eclipsa's advice and see where her dreams take her. Marco expresses concern over Star's decision and offers to lend her his dimensional scissors in case she gets stuck in another dimension, but Star declines, saying she wants to see what she's capable of and doesn't want to do it halfway. As Star goes to sleep and starts to dimension-hop in her mewberty form, Marco sits in a chair with Glossaryck in his lap and waits for her to come back.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Droom Maar Zacht Dream Softly
French Les beaux rêves Sweet Dreams
Hebrew חלומות מתוקים Sweet Dreams
Japanese 楽しい夢 Pleasant Dreams
European Portuguese Bons Sonhos Good Dreams
Thai ฝันหวาน Sweet Dreams


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S3E18 Star Butterfly and Goblin Dogs flying together
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Revelations and continuity

  • Goblin Dogs appear in Star Butterfly's dream.
  • This is the second time Star does magic in her sleep as of first was in Sleep Spells.
  • Star develops the ability to travel between dimensions using her mewberty form and without the use of dimensional scissors.
  • King Butterfly's explanation of Star's dilemma foreshadows later episodes concerning Meteora Butterfly's past.
  • Ludo makes a cameo appearance drifting through dimensional space after Star tossed him into the void in "Toffee".
  • The sea captain in Star's wall portrait is revealed to have some level of sentience.


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