(theme song)
Episode begins with Star flying through the clouds. Multiple flying Goblin Dogs appear around her.
Star Butterfly [gasps] Goblin Dogs? Goblin Dog family?! Whee!
The Goblin Dogs follow Star through the sky. One of the Goblin Dogs has a face.
Goblin Dog Star! Star! Will you please eat me?
Star Don't mind if I do! [eats Goblin Dog]
Goblin Dog [laughing]
Goblin Dogs Eat me now, Star!
Eat me!
Eat all of us!
Star keeps eating Goblin Dogs as she flies. Cut to Star sleeping in bed and chewing on her pillow.
Star [chewing noises, wakes up] Pleh! What a satisfying and filling dream.
Someone knocks on Star's door.
Marco Diaz Star, are you up? [holds out box of Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds] It's time for breakfast! I found Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds here on Mewni. They have an importer.
Star [yawns] Nah, I'm all good. I just had the most amazing dream where I was flying, and then there were all these Goblin Dogs that were also flying, and then I ate them. [burps] Ew. Smells like Goblin Dogs.
Marco Uh, Star, what are all those?
Multiple Goblin Dog wrappers are in Star's bed.
Star What the...? Goblin Dog wrappers?!
Marco You've been sneaking out to the Goblin Dog truck without me?
Star No, no, no! I swear, I am not—! [burps up Goblin Dogs receipt] Ew! A receipt? I did go to that dimension! In my sleep?
Marco How is that possible?
Star I have... no idea.
Scene cuts to Butterfly Castle again, at night.
Star Okay, Marco, you know the plan. You stay up all night and see if whatever happened last night happens again tonight.
Marco But then what? Shouldn't we tell somebody about this? I mean... I mean, what if—
Star Marco? Shall I remind you you are my squire? So I order you to sit there and watch me sleep.
Marco Okay.
Star Good. [turns off lamp and goes to bed] Oh, and don't tell Tom about this, either.
Marco Oh, heck no.
Star Good! Good night.
Glossaryck jumps into Marco's lap.
Marco Aah! Glossaryck!
Glossaryck [yawns] Globgor... [goes to sleep]
Marco All right, but just for a little while. You're so... warm... and cozy.
Cut to some time later; Marco has dozed off in his chair.
Marco [sleepy muttering, snoring]
Marco's head slumps onto Glossaryck.
Glossaryck Wha! Whoa! [jumps out of Marco's lap]
Marco Star?!
A dimensional portal is open on Star's bed. Star, in her mewberty form, emerges from the portal.
Marco [gasps]
Star eats a Goblin Dog and pulls the entire Goblin Dog truck up through the portal.
Truck [playing music]
The portal closes, and Star drops the truck on the floor. Star lands on the floor, returns to her normal form, and falls over asleep.
Marco [shakes Star] Star, wake up!
Star [wakes up, giggles] Hey, buddy.
Marco There's definitely something weird going on.
Roy [panting]
Star Marco, what happened?
Marco I might've dozed off for a minute, but when I opened my eyes, you had opened a portal and gone through it.
Star Without dimensional scissors?
Marco You came out of the portal as that big scary thing you turned into when you defeated Toffee.
Star Well, that shouldn't be happening.
Cut to next morning. Star, Marco, King Butterfly, and Queen Butterfly are seated at the breakfast table.
Star So, Mom! You know that big butterfly thing you can transform into when you get all mad and feel like scaring people?
Queen Moon It's not for scaring people, Star.
Star Right. Right, right, right. So, does that ever happen... unintentionally?
Moon Well, it starts with mewberty. Nut after that, it requires years of training.
Star Oh, good. Good, good, good. But what if it just sort of happened... randomly?
Moon Star, it doesn't happen randomly. Okay? It happens... in times of need. Like when you defeated Toffee.
Star But what if it... did happen randomly?
King River Catastrophe! [laughing] Yes! We'd have to put you in the dungeon!
Moon River—
River No! Then the Magical High Commission would come and take you away! There'd be weeks of examinations. You'd be locked away forever! [chortles]
Star [sinks low in her seat]
Moon River, please.
River I mean, if this happened, eventually we'd just have to adopt a new princess.
Moon River, enough! Star, is everything all right?
Star Oh! [nervous laugh] Yes. Everything is totally normal, obviously. I was just asking so that I can be prepared to handle it if I ever do learn to transform like you on purpose.
Marco Queen Moon—
Star [kicks Marco under the table]
Marco Ouch! I... have nothing to say.
Cut to hours later, at evening. Star enters her bedroom with the wrecked Goblin Dog truck sitting on top of her bed.
Star Food Truck Bed Transform!
Star restores her bed, with the Goblin Dog logo on the front.
Star All right, Marco. Let's try this again.
Marco chains Star to her bed with multiple chains and shackles and locks them with a large key.
Marco So... this'll keep you from morphing into... Butterfly Star?
Star Yep! Don't worry, Marco, I got this.
Marco But even your mom seemed concerned.
Star My parents cannot know about this! You heard what Dad said! Locked away forever!
Marco I think he was exaggerating a little.
Star Marco. My squire. You are the only person I can trust with this. Promise me you won't doze off again.
Marco Don't worry, not gonna happen. And even if it does, this chain will alert me any time you move, and I'll wake up, too.
Star Thanks, Marco. [sighs] Good night. [goes to sleep]
Marco sits down on a footstool, and Glossaryck jumps into his lap again.
Marco Aah! Glossaryck! Oh, no, you don't. You're not making me fall asleep this time! [puts Glossaryck outside Star's room] Out you go. [closes door]
Glossaryck Globgor?
Cut to hours later, late at night. Marco has once again dozed off.
Marco [snoring]
Something glows off-screen. Objects around Star's room start floating, and Marco gets hit in the back by Star's star-shaped purse.
Marco Oof! [falls over] Huh? [gasps]
Star, in her butterfly form, floats over her bed and struggles against her chains. A dimensional portal over the bed sucks up everything in the room.
Star [grunting]
Some of Star's chains break, and she pulls her bed with her into the portal.
Marco Star!
The chain attached to Marco's leg starts getting pulled into the portal.
Marco Oh, no. Aah!
Marco gets pulled into the portal. He and Star fly into the space-like void between dimensions.
Marco Whoa! [dodging asteroids] Ah! Ahh! [sees vending machine fly by] Huh? [gets hit in the face with a bag of Gold'n Crispz] What the...?
Marco flies past Ludo. Ludo waves to Marco. Marco waves back. Star drags Marco through an asteroid field.
Marco Aah! Whoa! Whaaa! [grunting] Star! Wake up!
Marco grabs the chain connected to his leg, pulls himself toward Star, and grabs her ankle.
Star Marco?
Marco I need you to fly us back to that portal!
Star Portal? Ohhh...
Star grabs Marco and flies back toward the portal. Her butterfly wings start to fade away, an the horns on her headband shrink to normal size.
Star Huh? Seriously?
Star reverts back to normal form, and she and Marco drift out of control.
Star and Marco [wailing]
Star and Marco float past the portal.
Star Oh, no-no-no.
Glossaryck appears out of the portal with a chain of cloths tied around him.
Star What?
Star and Marco grab the cloth chain, and they are pulled through the portal.
Star and Marco [screaming]
They end up back in Star's bedroom. Glossaryck hops over to Eclipsa.
Eclipsa Butterfly Are you two all right?
Star Eclipsa! I am so glad you're here. Wait a minute. Why are you here?
Eclipsa I'm returning this little guy after he wandered into my tower.
Marco Eclipsa?! [gasps] Isn't she that ancient evil queen everyone's talking about? We don't trust you one bit!
Eclipsa Oh, are you afraid I'll get my evil cooties on you?
Marco [assumes karate pose] Stay back, woman!
Eclipsa [imitates karate pose] What's this? Some sort of sword hand dance? This looks fun.
Marco Don't come any closer!
Star Marco, she's really not dangerous.
Eclipsa Aren't you adorable?
Marco Who are you calling adorable?!
Star Stop! I have had ten times my daily dose of weirdness in the last hour, so let's just call it a night, okay?
Marco What? Y-Y-You can't just—
Star Nope. [pushes Marco out the door] Nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope. [closes door, groans]
Eclipsa starts to leave.
Star Eclipsa! Wait. Wait-wait-wait. I need to ask you something.
Cut to Star and Eclipsa having tea.
Star [sighs] So, that's about it. Every night, I still go all "Rah! Butterfly monster!" [sighs] I just wish I could stop it.
Eclipsa Do you need to stop it?
Star You saw what happened tonight. It was horrible.
Eclipsa What about the other times? Were they so horrible?
Star Well, no, not exactly. In fact, they were really fun. They were actually the most amazing dreams I've ever had.
Eclipsa I wouldn't run from these dreams.
A flying teapot refills Eclipsa's teacup.
Eclipsa I would embrace them. See where they take me.
Star Really? You think I should just let them happen?
Eclipsa It's the only way to learn what you're truly capable of. All knowledge is good knowledge, I always say. Well, I should get back to my tower before the guards realize I'm missing.
Star Oh, yeah. How did you break out of there, anyway? I thought you were under tower arrest.
Eclipsa So long as we're spilling secrets... Oh, Captain! Permission to come aboard?
The sea captain in the portrait on Star's wall winks. The portrait opens to reveal a secret passageway.
Star Whaaaaat?! I never knew that was there!
Eclipsa Yes, I used these secret tunnels constantly when I was your age. All knowledge is good knowledge, my dear.
Cut to the following night. Marco enters Star's bedroom.
Marco Okay, so the chains were a bust. But how about...? [holds out bottle of magic glue]
Star Actually, Marco, I don't need you to watch me tonight.
Marco Oh! Did you figure out how to stop transforming?
Star No, but I thought maybe I should see what I'm capable of or whatever.
Star poofs up a new bed.
Marco Star, you don't know anything about this.
Star Yeah, and I'll never know anything about it if I keep trying to stop it. I know it's weird, but I really need to see this through, okay?
Marco Okay, I guess. But could you at least take my dimensional scissors with you in case you get trapped?
Star Sorry, Marco, but if I'm gonna do this, I can't do it halfway.
Marco Okay, fine! I tried to help! No one can say I didn't try! Because I tried. So if you die out there, don't go blaming me, all right?
Star [happily] All right!
Marco [angrily] All right! [sighs] Well... good luck out there.
Marco leaves the room. Star turns off the lights and goes to sleep. Her cheek marks start glowing. When Marco comes back, he sees a dimensional portal in her bed. He sits down on the footstool, and Glossaryck jumps onto his lap.
Glossaryck Globgor...
Marco Yeah, Gloss. I'm not sure she can do this alone, either.
Episode ends on shot of the dimensional portal in Star's bed.
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