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"Swim Suit" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 17, 2019 alongside "Moon Remembers".


Star and Marco plan their beach day, but Eclipsa needs Star's help with an unexpected problem.


Star, Tom, and Marco are preparing to have the day at the beach that was foretold in Star's "Beach Day" photo from the future, but Eclipsa pulls Star away from packing to get her help with something. In the chamber where Globgor is crystallized, Star finds Rhombulus floating unconscious in a vortex of dark magic. Eclipsa explains that she went to Rhombulus' dimension and tried to convince him to free Globgor, and when Rhombulus refused, they argued, and Eclipsa used her magic on him out of frustration.

At Star's suggestion, Eclipsa reverses the effects of her magic spells and reawakens Rhombulus. She apologizes for letting things get out of hand, but Rhombulus still refuses to free Globgor. Before the two start arguing again, Star acts as mediator and convinces them to talk things out. However, just before Star leaves to finish packing for Beach Day, a fight breaks out between Eclipsa and Rhombulus in which they hurl spells, crystals, and insults at each other. When Marco and Tom enter to see what's going on, they get caught in the crossfire.

Fed up with the arguing and fighting, Star tells Tom to leave the room with Marco while she tries to deal with Eclipsa and Rhombulus. All of a sudden, Eclipsa casts a body-swapping spell on herself and Rhombulus so that she can free Globgor herself using Rhombulus' powers. As Eclipsa is in the process of unfreezing Globgor, Star tells her that this isn't the way to get what she wants and that if she goes through with it this way, she'll lose Star's trust. Convinced by Star's words, Eclipsa stops unfreezing Globgor and switches her and Rhombulus' bodies back.

Eclipsa apologizes to Rhombulus again for her impulsive actions, but Rhombulus is still angry and resentful toward her, and he reinforces Globgor's crystal prison before leaving. When Star goes to finish packing for Beach Day, she sees Marco and Tom filling an inflatable pool with water. With their Beach Day plans ruined by Eclipsa and Rhombulus' conflict, Marco and Tom decided to make their own Beach Day for Star, and she is touched by their gesture.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Zwembroek Swimming Trunks
Japanese 水着 Swimsuit
Korean 바닷가에서 At the Beach
European Portuguese O Fato de Banho The swimsuit
Spanish (Latin America) El traje de banõ


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Revelations and continuity

  • Tom is revealed to indeed be wearing makeup.
  • The demon trapped in the crystal in Rhombulus' left nipple gets released.
  • Eclipsa briefly switches bodies with Rhombulus.
  • Globgor's right hand is briefly unfrozen but then gets refrozen.
  • Glossaryck can be in two places at once.