Episode begins in Star and Marco's shared quarters in the Monster Temple. Star and Tom are packing beach supplies onto a wagon.
Star Butterfly All right. Sunglasses, flip-flops, colorful umbrella, and a cooler stocked with snacks. I am so ready for this day! [looks at Beach Day photo]
Tom Lucitor Hey, I know that picture is from the future, but how come I'm not in it?
Star You're gonna be the one taking the photo, silly goose.
Tom Ohhhh! Well, yeah, yeah. No, that makes sense. I-I do have a better eye for composition.
Marco Diaz [opens door] Hey, guys? No making fun.
Marco enters wearing an oversized purple cloth.
Tom [takes Marco's picture, laughs]
Star Uh, Marco? What's going on, uh, here?
Marco I couldn't find my swimsuit, so Eclipsa let me borrow one of Globgor's old ones.
Tom Instant classic.
Marco Yeah, I didn't think this would work.
There's a soft knock at the door.
Eclipsa Star, um, could I borrow you for a moment?
Star Of course! You guys, keep on packing up snacks. I'll be right back. [puts her sun hat on Marco's head]
Eclipsa leads Star into Globgor's temple chamber.
Eclipsa Sorry to take you away from your friends, but I'm in a bit of a bind at the moment.
Star [gasps]
Rhombulus floats at the center of a dark vortex in the air. He has bugs and worms on him, his right shoulder is encased in ice, his left leg is contorted around his back, and his snake arms are eating each other.
Star (o.s.) Is that... Rhombulus?! What did you do to him?
Eclipsa It's been so long since I've wielded magic, things got a little out of hand. It's far worse than I ever meant. In the heat of the moment, one spell led to another, and—
Star Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. Back up and explain, please.
Eclipsa All I did was ask Rhombulus if he would use his powers to free Globgor from his crystal. But he got mad, heated words were exchanged, yadda-yadda-yadda... I think he might be dead.
Star What?!
Eclipsa Well, dead or in a dreamless sleep forever. I'm not sure which. I didn't know what to do, so I brought him back here.
Star Whoa-whoa-whoa, wait. Didn't the entire kingdom see you do that?
Eclipsa Oh, no, I'm pretty sneaky. Any progress, Glossaryck?
Glossaryck Progress? [laughs] I don't work for you. [pokes Rhombulus' arm] Poke.
Star [her phone rings] Hold on a second, will you? [answers phone]
Marco [on phone] Hey, uh, Star? Glossaryck let me borrow one of his swim trunks, but I think they're too small.
Glossaryck [on phone] They look great on him!
Star Huh? Glossaryck? Are you in two places at once?!
Glossaryck Sometimes...
Glossaryck [on phone] ...one place isn't interesting enough.
Marco Can I just get your opinion on these trunks before we go? [angles phone downward]
Star [blushes] Marco, I am busy! Just pick a swimsuit! [closes phone] Okay, here we go, Glossaryck. How do we fix this?
Glossaryck I dunno. I told Eclipsa to ask you.
Star What?! I can't fix this! Ugh! Eclipsa, can't you just undo your spells? You know, in reverse?
Eclipsa In reverse. Of course. I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thank you, Star. I knew you'd have the answer. [points wand at Rhombulus] Bubble Bubble Toil and Struggle. [the bugs and worms go away] Cold Shoulder Ice Storm. [unfreezes Rhombulus' shoulder] Poison Gas Manipulation. [gas flies into Star's face]
Star [coughing]
Eclipsa Sorry about that. And... Dreamless Sleep.
The dark vortex is dispelled, and Rhombulus falls onto the floor. Star and Eclipsa stand over Rhombulus as he wakes up.
Rhombulus [groaning] Huh?
Rhombulus' snakes are still stuck together.
Snakes [muffled moaning]
Rhombulus Huh?! Eclipsa?! Aaah! [gets up, runs into a pole] Aaaaah! [runs into a wall, groans] You! You did this to me! You Rhomb-napped me!
Star Okay, and you gotta fix his hands.
Eclipsa Awww, that's my Ouroboros spell. I'm proud of that one.
Star Eclipsa...
Eclipsa Okay, fine. Ouroboros.
Rhombulus' snake hands are released from each other.
Snakes [gasping for air, panting]
Left Snake You're nuts, lady!
Eclipsa You have venom on your face.
Rhombulus [growling]
Star I think you owe him an apology.
Eclipsa Look, I'm sorry, Rhombulus. I didn't mean for things to get so out of hand.
Rhombulus Well, I'm sorry your monster husband is a Mewman-eatin' menace!
Star No, Rhombulus! Stop for one second! She's trying to apologize!
Eclipsa Exactly! I'm sorry that Rhombulus doesn't know how to use his inside voice! Globgor hasn't eaten a Mewman since before we started dating!
Star Yeah! Wait, what?
Eclipsa Once Globgor and I fell in love, he became a vegetarian just for me! He wouldn't eat a Mewman if he was starving and it came with a side of ranch!
Rhombulus A likely story.
Star Cool it, you two! [puts chair under Eclipsa] Eclipsa, it's fair that you would want your hubby back. [puts chair under Rhombulus] And Rhombulus, you and the rest of the Magical High Commission have your reasons for not wanting to free Globgor. But you both just gotta talk it out. You probably won't reach an agreement overnight. It might take years! But it is the grown-up thing to do. Now, are we all grown-ups here?
Eclipsa and Rhombulus Yes!
Star That's right. Oh, wait. Except I'm still a teenager, so I'm gonna go. [on phone] Hey, Marco! Strap Tom to that wagon, 'cause I am ready to hit the beach!
A chair is thrown against the wall near Star.
Star [gasps]
Rhombulus Mewman-eater! Mewman-eater!
Eclipsa Crystal-headed tyrant!
Star That's it! [turns phone off] Macaroon Melee Swarm!
Star creates a ring of pink macaroons around Eclipsa.
Eclipsa Aah!
Star Mega Narwhal Blast!
Star fires narwhals at Rhombulus. Rhombulus freezes a couple of them and hurls them at Eclipsa, pinning her hat and dress to the wall.
Eclipsa I liked you better when you were sleeping! Spiral Hypnoslumber! [shoots magic beams at Rhombulus]
Rhombulus Nice try. [Hypnoslumber bounces off Rhombulus' face] Hypno spells bounce right off!
Star [gets hit by Spiral Hypnoslumber] Aaah!
Eclipsa Oh, dear!
Star [snoring, starts sleepwalking]
Marco [enters wearing a towel] Hey, Star? Uh, Tom likes 'em, but I think Glossaryck's trunks are cutting off my circulation. [his legs are turning blue] Would your dad mind if I borrowed his loincloth?
Star [sleepwalks into a wall, snoring]
Marco Star! Wake up! [falls over] My legs! Ohhh! So tingly!
Tom Dude! You'll never guess where I found your swimsuit.
Rhombulus Aw, look what you did to Star!
Eclipsa Low Self-Esteem Nightmare Dream!
Eclipsa shoots a coiling blast of magic at Rhombulus. Rhombulus ducks under it.
Tom [holding Foolduke's white monkey] Monkey stole 'em! [laughs]
Tom gets hit by Low Self-Esteem Nightmare Dream. He drops the monkey, and it runs away.
Tom [looking at his reflection] Is that... me? Am I wearing... make-up? I am! And... And boots?! I mean, w-what am I thinking? Marco, am I ridiculous?
Marco You look fine, dude.
Tom Oh, no. I have terrible taste in fashion and friends!
Rhombulus fires his crystal lasers at Eclipsa. She frees herself from the wall and dodges the lasers.
Eclipsa I won't miss again! Low Self-Esteem Nightmare Dream!
Rhombulus [gets hit with Nightmare Dream, whimpering] W-Wait a second. A-Are these my muscles? I'm not buff enough! I-I gotta work out!
Marco crawls on the floor and tries to grab Star, but Rhombulus picks him up and starts using him for weightlifting.
Rhombulus One, two, three...!
Glossaryck laughs while eating popcorn, and the monkey tosses popcorn everywhere.
Marco Star, wake up! [throws loincloth at Star]
Star [loincloth hits side of her head] Ugh! What happened? Aah! Loincloth?! What the heck is going on?!
Rhombulus continues to weight-lift with Marco. Eclipsa is about to attack him again.
Rhombulus Eighty, ninety...
Star [gasps] Supersonic Leech Bomb!
Star scatters leech bombs around Eclipsa and Rhombulus' feet, and they beep intermittently.
Eclipsa, Rhombulus, and Marco [screaming]
Eclipsa and Rhombulus jump away as the bombs explode. Star catches Marco, and Rhombulus flies backward into Globgor's crystal.
Rhombulus [groaning] Huh? [the crystal in his left nipple shatters] Oh, no! My other Crystal Nipple Demon! I still wasn't sure which one was evil.
Red demon [laughing]
The tiny red demon that was trapped inside the crystal flees on the back of Foolduke's monkey. They leave the chamber, and screaming voices, whinnying horses, and loud crashing sounds are heard outside.
Left Snake Pretty sure that was the good Nipple Demon.
Right Snake Yeah, I think we can let him go.
Star That's it! We can't have Nipple Demons running all over the place! Tom?!
Tom [sad] What?!
Star [gives Marco to Tom] Take this sweaty teen out of here.
Marco It's not my fault this swimsuit's too tight!
Star Mama's gotta deal with these babies. [to Rhombulus] Hey! No more!
Rhombulus What?! [his left nipple pops out]
Star Look, this thing is gettin' out of hand.
Rhombulus Why're you telling me? She's the evil one! I should just recrystallize her like her freak husband!
Star Dude, saying stuff like that is probably why this is happening!
Rhombulus She's the one who started it!
Rhombulus' crystal face suddenly shimmers, and his snake arms fall to his sides.
Star Uh, Rhombulus?
Rhombulus falls unconscious while standing, and his body floats in midair. Eclipsa has her wand raised, and dark helixes spiral in her eyes. The wand parasol closes, and Eclipsa falls over unconscious.
Star Eclipsa! [runs to her side] What was that?!
Rhombulus [in Eclipsa's body] Uh... Huh? What?! [looks at his hands]
Star Eclipsa?
Rhombulus [in Eclipsa's body] Uh... Uh... Why are there so many holes in my face?!
Right Snake [in Eclipsa's body] I don't like this!
Left Snake [in Eclipsa's body] Everything's so dark and cold!
Eclipsa, in Rhombulus' body, wakes up. Her cheek marks glow on Rhombulus' face.
Star Eclipsa!
Eclipsa [in Rhombulus' body] Okay, j-j-just hold on! [uncontrollably shoots crystals out of her snake hands] Aah! Oof!
Star You have no idea what you're doing!
Eclipsa I can explaaaaaain!
Eclipsa propels herself around the chamber by shooting crystals from her hands, creating a wall between herself and Star.
Star Eclipsa, stop!
Eclipsa propels backward into Globgor's crystal and falls over.
Rhombulus [in Eclipsa's body] Oh, man, that had to hurt! [laughs]
Snakes] [in Eclipsa's body, laughing]
Star That was your body, you idiot. Eclipsa! What are you doing?
Eclipsa [in Rhombulus' body] I'm sorry, Star. There's no other way. [shoots crystal laser from forehead]
Star This is not the way to get what you want!
Globgor starts to de-crystallize.
Rhombulus and Snakes [in Eclipsa's body, gasp]
Star [hand glowing] You can't just take someone else's body like this! It's gross! Ugh! How is anyone supposed to trust you if you use spells like that?! How am I supposed to trust you?
Eclipsa looks remorseful and powers down her forehead laser. Globgor stops de-crystallizing from his hair and right hand.
Eclipsa [in Rhombulus' body, sighs] You're right.
Eclipsa gets rid of the crystal wall between her and Star. Her crystal face shimmers, she falls unconscious, and she regains consciousness in her own body.
Rhombulus Huh?
Snakes Oh, my gosh! We're back! All right! [headbutt each other] Huh! What?!
Star Hey, Rhombulus. You okay?
Rhombulus Let's see. I was just violated by dark magic. What do you think?
Eclipsa I... I'm sorry, Rhombulus.
Rhombulus This isn't over, Mewman-eater! [walks away] Oh, I almost forgot. Hah! [recrystallizes Globgor's hair and right hand] He's never getting out of that crystal. [leaves]
Eclipsa Thank you, Star. I just wanted so badly for Globgor to be free. But you were right. The kingdom comes first. [leaves]
Star [sighs]
Star goes back to her and Marco's room and sees Marco and Tom filling a pool with hot water.
Star Whoa.
Marco I still think it's too warm.
Tom Nah, if it's boiling, it's just right. [sees Star] Dude.
Star W-What's... What's going on here? Is this... Is this what bro time is?
Tom What? No. While you were still with Eclipsa, we decided – why not still have a Beach Day?
Star Aw, you guys! You didn't have to do this!
Marco We just wanted to do something to make your day better.
Monkey [chattering, whacking Marco with a long leaf]
Marco Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Star [holding back tears]
Tom Star, are you okay?
Star [crying] Yeah, I'm okay. It's... It's... It's just so sweet!
Tom Awww! [hugs Star] Happy Beach Day, Star.
Star Hey, Marco, did you ever find that swimsuit?
Marco Uh, yeah, I did. It just looks better on somebody else.
Foolduke's monkey, wearing Marco's swimsuit, shakes its butt in front of a mirror.
Monkey [shrieking]
(end song)
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