Talon Raventalon is a mercenary-for-hire and dragon-cycler who first appears in "Night Life".


Talon Raventalon is an anthropomorphic eagle-like creature with a heavily muscular upper body, white feathers on his head, an orange beak with a scar across it, brown feathers on his torso and arms, orange claws and legs, white feet, and black eyes. He wears a giant brown rat skin, purple shorts, purple-soled sandals, and dark-blue sunglasses.


Talon exhibits the personality of the stereotypical tough biker. He projects himself as very over-the-top thuggish, deep-voiced, and manly. However, he has rare moments of vulnerability and sensitivity, as shown in his interest in coaching Little League baseball teams in "Divide" and crying over his fallen friends in "Conquer".


Talon first appears in the season 3 episode "Night Life". When Marco Diaz's duties as Star Butterfly's squire get in the way of him helping Hekapoo deal with rogue dimensional portals, Hekapoo hires Talon for extra muscle. Like Marco, Talon is a dragon-cycling enthusiast with his own dragon-cycle. Together, the three hunt down the cause of the dimensional portals, and Marco and Hekapoo discover it to be Star in her mewberty form. Before Talon can shoot Star with his dragon-cycle's harpoon gun, Marco and Hekapoo intervene. Marco convinces Hekapoo not to report Star's actions to the Magic High Commission, and Hekapoo terminates their partnership, leaving Talon all by himself.

In "Divide" and "Conquer", Talon is recruited by Marco to be a member of his "Marc-nificent Seven" and help stop Meteora Butterfly from reaching Butterfly Castle. Talon's main reason for taking part in this conflict is so that he and the others can take a group photo to commemorate their victory. During the battle, Talon gets his soul sucked out by Meteora, but it is presumed that he returned to normal after Meteora's defeat.

In "Out of Business", Talon appears taking part in Quest Buy's going-out-of-business sale. In "A Boy and His DC-700XE", he goes dragon-cycle riding with Marco, Hekapoo, Kelly, Quirky Guy, and Tom Lucitor.

In "The Right Way", Talon helps Star and her friends protect Monster Castle from an invading Solarian Warrior, but he gets struck by its Solarian Sword and remains incapacitated in "Here to Help" and "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse".

In "Cleaved", Talon is healed of his wounds when magic is destroyed, and he returns to the Dragon Spit tavern to tell tall tales of his adventures to the patrons and barmaids.


Season 3

Season 4


S3E22 Talon Raventalon removing his sunglasses
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  • A running gag in the series is that most of Talon's lines are punctuated by heavy metal guitar riffs.
  • It is suggested in "Divide" and "A Boy and His DC-700XE" that Hekapoo has a crush on him, but only for his body and lack of intelligence.
  • Talon has a tendency of taking victory photos with any groups he's a member of.
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