"The Banagic Incident" is the twenty-first episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on August 17, 2015, alongside "Mewnipendance Day".[1]


Star sees a commercial for a "magical" Earth product and sets off on her own to buy it, but the mission goes south when her lack of earth knowledge gets her into serious trouble.[2]


While reading some magazines in a bathtub, Star comes across an advertisement for an ice cream-making device called the "banagic wand," which is called "Earth's coolest magical treat." Believing the wand to actually be magic, Star goes to Marco, showing him a TV ad for the wand (which tells the viewer the wand is available at "better stores near you") and asking him to take her to get one. Marco declines, saying he cannot go because he has karate class. He adds that he does not think Star has enough knowledge of Earth culture to go by herself. Star, not taking "no" for an answer, uses her wand to propel them on Marco's bike.

Marco stops at the dojo, which Star thinks is a "detour." Marco tells her yet again that he has karate class and can't go with her. Undaunted, Star continues the "quest" by herself, starting with the records store. She questions the cashier, but only succeeds in confusing him.

Back at the dojo, the sensei prepares his students to channel their emotions and walk across hot coals, to Marco's shock.

Star questions pedestrians, asking them if there is a "better store" near her. After getting directions, she goes off in search of it.

Meanwhile, Marco tries to walk across the coals, only to burn his feet, which Jeremy Birnbaum mocks him for.

Star reaches the destination she was directed to, which is "The Salty Barnacle Club", a pirate-themed bar. Thinking the staff are actual pirates, she attacks them until a barmaid points out her error. Star awkwardly asks if they know a "better store", but is chased out of the bar by the staff. While running from her pursuers, Star finally finds the Better Store. As she heads inside, she passes Brittney Wong, telling her not to tell the staff she is inside. Brittney tells them anyway.

At the dojo, Marco's next attempt at walking across the coals is interrupted by Jeremy's insults. Despite Marco's attempts to channel his emotions, Jeremy's taunting pushes him over the edge, and he chases after him, finally catching his target when a trophy falls on Jeremy's head. As Marco grabs Jeremy, the sensei points out that he is actually standing on the hot coals. Marco, amazed by his success, stands on the coals for too long, burning his feet.

Star finds the banagic wand, but is cornered by the staff of the Salty Barnacle. She grabs the wand, and decides to "chill them out".

When Marco returns home, he finds Star and the staff all eating banagic ice cream. Star gives Marco some ice cream, and tells him about how she got the wand all by herself. Impressed, Marco admits that he underestimated her. Confused and emotionless, Star pushes Marco's bowl of ice cream out of his hands, claiming there was a fly on it.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 香蕉魔法杖事件 Banana Magic Wand Event
French Une idée rafraîchissante A Refreshing Idea
German Expedition Erde Earth Expedition
Italian La banacchetta magica The Banagic Wand
Japanese バナナマジック Banana Magic
Polish Banagiczny incydent Banagic Incident
Portuguese (Brazil) O Incidente da Varinha Banágica The Incident of the Banagic Wand
Portuguese (Portugal) Um Incidente Banágico A Banagic Incident
Russian Банановый инцидент Banana Incident
Spanish (Latin America) Banágica Banagic


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  • Along with "Mewnipendance Day", it was mistaken with having the production number of "114" on Disney ABC Press, but it is supposed to be "111".
  • Promotional material and recent synopses for the episode give its title as simply "Banagic". This makes it the second episode to be known by at least two titles after "Brittney's Party" (alternatively titled "Party Bus").
  • For unknown reasons, this episode never aired in some countries in Europe like England, France, Israel, Hungary, Spain, Poland, and Portugal.
    • At the Star vs. the Forces of Evil panel at Gallery Nucleus 2017, Daron Nefcy revealed that this episode did not get past the censors in England, so it's possible that this episode was banned in the aforementioned countries.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Star reads from a magazine called "CarderBling", a reference to season 1 storyboard revisionist Carder Scholin.


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