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"The Bounce Lounge" is the thirty-third episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.[1]

It premiered on February 14, 2017.[2]


When Star discovers that the Bounce Lounge is closing, she and Marco enlist their old Bounce Crew to make sure the party continues.[2]


Pony Head shows up at Star's bedroom door, crying uncontrollably. Star tries to ask her what's wrong, but she's unable to get the words out through her tears. Her wailing eventually draws the attention of Marco, and she soon calms down enough to inform Star that their favorite dance club, the Bounce Lounge, is closing. Upon hearing this, Star joins in Pony Head's crying. Marco tries to console the two by saying that maybe it's not closing, but when they go to the lounge, a neon sign confirms their fears.

Milly Sparkles, the owner of the Bounce Lounge, descends from the clouds and explains to Star, Marco, and Pony Head that the club is closing due to slow business. On a nearby wall of photos, Star and Pony Head look at photos of themselves from when they frequented the club with their old friends. As they reminisce, Marco tells them that sometimes things just end and there's nothing to do but accept it. Unwilling to accept this truth, Star suggests she and Pony Head get their old crew back together to save the Bounce Lounge.

First, Star, Marco, and Pony Head recruit Kelly, who has recently broken up with her boyfriend Tad and is drowning her sorrows in Goblin Dogs. When they inform her about the Bounce Lounge, she halfheartedly agrees to help. Next, they recruit partying dolphin Johnny Blowhole in the dimension of the seabunnies. Johnny has gone so long without partying that he has forgotten the meaning of the word, and now serves as a deckhand on the seabunnies' pirate ship, believing it to be what "partying" is. When Star and Pony Head remind him of his old partying days, he agrees to join their mission. Finally, they recruit Headphone Jones and Lady Scarfs-a-Lot, a sentient pair of headphones and scarf respectively. They spend their days in a drab-looking club with similar partiers, and Pony Head draws them out by setting the club on fire.

When the reunited Bounce Crew returns to the Bounce Lounge, Milly Sparkles says it's not enough; she can't pay the club's mortgage of "a bajillion dollars" with only six customers. Mirroring Marco's words from earlier, she tells them that sometimes things just end and there's nothing to do but accept it. However, Star still refuses to accept this and says their partying will save the Bounce Lounge. Pony Head turns on some dance music, and she and Star start dancing. As the rest of the Bounce Crew joins in, their partying starts to attract customers to the lounge. At Star's encouragement, even Marco joins in by incorporating karate moves into his dancing. As the partying grows, the lounge attracts customers from various other dimensions and makes a lot of money in a short amount of time. When Marco says they need one more partier, Tad appears and gets back together with Kelly.

Milly Sparkles counts the money the Bounce Crew has raised and says they are still short by 650 dollars. Marco covers this amount, saying this was the most fun he's had in his life, and the partiers cheer over their success. However, while Milly is grateful to Star for her efforts, she decides to close the Bounce Lounge anyway. Having been partying for over five thousand years, she is old and tired, and she's decided it's finally time to stop and retire. Milly declares the party over and has the club demolished.

Star bemoans that everything she's done was for nothing and Milly explains that nothing lasts forever. Star, Marco, and the Bounce Crew return to Earth, sad over the Bounce Lounge's closure and having only small mementos of their time spent there. Pony Head, however, seized the club's photo booth before its demolition, and the group takes one last photo together.


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Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch De Bounce Lounge The Bounce Lounge
French Sauvons le Nuage-Club! Save the Cloud Club!
German Ausgetanzt? Dance Out?
Hebrew טרקלין הקפיצות The Jumping Lounge
Hungarian A Felhő Csarnok The Cloud Hall
Italian Il Salone Delle Feste The Party Lounge
Japanese ふかふかラウンジ Fluffy Lounge
Polish Baunsownia Bounce Gym
Portuguese (Brazil) O Salão Pulante The Bouncy Room
Portuguese (Portugal) O Salão das Nuvens The Hall of Clouds
Russian Отбойная вечеринка Lounge Party
Spanish (Latin America) El Rebo Nubes The Bounce Clouds
Spanish (Spain) La Sala Nubes The Cloud Room
Thai ลาน Bounce Lounge The Bounce Lounge


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S2E33 Full-screen photograph of the Bounce Crew
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  • This episode was aired on the same day as Valentine's Day.
  • Constance Shulman, best known for voicing Patti Mayonnaise in Doug and portraying Yoga Jones in Orange Is the New Black, guest-stars as Milly Sparkles.
  • Actor and comedian Pauly Shore guest-stars as Johnny Blowhole.
  • The dimension of the seabunnies, featured in the opening theme song, is finally featured in an episode.
  • Johnny Blowhole makes his series debut in this episode, but he previously appeared in Deep Trouble issue #1.
  • Angie and Rafael are seen wearing reading glasses when they are reading books together.
  • This is Piero Piluso's last episode directing before he got another animation job. Brett Varon took his place and this is his first episode as director.

Revelations and continuity

  • The Bounce Lounge closes its doors in this episode, and its owner Milly Sparkles retires from partying.


  • Milly Sparkles' line "May the Bounce Lounge be with you always" is a reference to a similar phrase in the Star Wars franchise.


  • Pony Head's star pupils are missing in a few shots.
  • In one shot when Star was lamenting about the Bounce Lounge closing, her eye overlaps with her mouth.


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