Episode begins in Star's bedroom on a close-up shot of Pony Head wailing uncontrollably and crying rainbow tears. Star stares at her.
Star Butterfly Uh, Pony Head?
Pony Head [wailing]
Star What's wrong?
Pony Head [sobbing gasps] Ohhhh, noooo! [floats toward Star's bed]
Star Pony, use your words.
Marco leaps into the room in a karate pose.
Marco Hyah-cha! I heard screaming. ...Oh. It's Pony Head. What, did she run out of rainbow toothpaste again?
Star Yeah, probably. Whatever it is, we'll go through it together.
Pony Head [whimpering] Okay, I'll tell you. I am ready to reveal. [sniff]
Pony Head whips around to face Star and Marco, blowing her tears away. She cries fresh tears, causing her mascara to run.
Pony Head The Bounce Lounge... is closing.
Camera cuts to close-up of Star wailing uncontrollably. The hearts on her cheeks pop like balloons. Her wailing cracks her interdimensional mirror, shatters several of her porcelain unicorns to pieces, and cracks Rafael and Angie Diaz's reading glasses. Star falls to her knees at her and cries into her bedsheets.
Star [sobbing] The Bounce... Lounge... is cl-cl-closing?!
Pony Head I know! [sobbing]
Star and Pony Head cry into Marco's hoodie, and he pats them in consolement.
Marco Hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's probably not even closing. I mean, since when has Pony Head been right about anything?
Star moves away from Marco, leaving green snot on his hoodie.
Star Oh, yeah...
Cut to the Bounce Lounge; a floating sign reads "BOUNCE LOUNGE IS CLOSING - Milly Sparkles".
Marco (o.s.) It's closing.
Star I just... I can't believe it.
Milly Sparkles [echoing] Believe it.
A light from the clouds shines down on Star, Marco, and Pony Head, and Milly Sparkles descends from the sky on a floating lounge chair as electronic dance music plays.
Star [gasps]
Pony Head Oh, my goodness!
Star [awestruck] It's Milly Sparkles.
Star and Pony Head bow to Milly Sparkles.
Star My liege. [pulls Marco into a bow] Marco, it is the owner of the Bounce Lounge.
Milly The Bounce Lounge is indeed closing. The party is over.
Star But why, Milly?
Milly Because business has been slow.
Fade to shot of the Bounce Lounge's dance floor covered in garbage. A crow flies from the top of the disco ball.
Milly (o.s.) No one comes to party here anymore.
A robotic DJ stands motionless at a turntable, covered in rust and cobwebs. Its shutter shades fall off of its face.
Milly Fare thee well, loyal partiers. And may the Bounce Lounge be with you... always.
Milly floats back up into the clouds, and they close. Marco stands in front of a wall of photos.
Marco Wow, you girls used to party here a lot.
Star [gasps] Hey, Pony, look!
Pony Head It's us!
A photo on the wall shows Star and Pony Head as kids, with the letters "BFF" on the right side.
Star (o.s.) Awww! Besties!
Pony Head Mm-hmm. And there's our junior prom night.
Another photo shows Star and Pony Head in junior high school with braces and acne. The words "DANCE NIGHT" appear in large blue lettering.
Star [winces] Uh, yeah... I'm actually trying to forget that.
Pony Head O.M.G. That is a classic!
Another photo shows Star, Pony Head, Kelly, Tad, Johnny Blowhole, Headphone Jones, and Lady Scarfs-a-Lot.
Pony Head (o.s.) 'Cause that is the old Bounce Crew, girl!
Star (o.s.) We used to rule this place.
Pony Head Nobody partied harder than we did.
Star Man, where did the time go?
Marco Actually, time doesn't go anywhere. Sometimes things just end, and there's nothing we can do but accept it.
Pony Head Please be quiet, because Star and I are trying to have a life moment!
Star We haven't been here for so long. I can't help but feel like this is our fault.
Pony Head And now a part of our life is gone forever. [muffled sob]
Star Unless... [takes Bounce Crew photo off wall] ...we get the old Bounce Crew back together!
Pony Head Oh, girl!
Close-up on Bounce Crew photo. Photo moves down the screen to reveal Kelly looking depressed.
Star Hey, Kelly. Uh... where's Tad?
Kelly Tad and I broke up. There's a bald spot on my head where my heart used to be. [lies on the ground]
Pony Head Oof. That's, like, real sad. In worse news, they are closing the Bounce Lounge!
Star And we're getting the crew back together to save it.
Kelly [spits out Goblin Dog] Why not? I can be despondent anywhere.
Star All right! Let's go, Kelly!
Marco Who's next?
Star Johnny Blowhole, the party dare extraordinaire.
Close-up on Johnny Blowhole's face in Bounce Crew photo. Cut to the dimension of seabunnies on a pirate ship; Johnny Blowhole is seen mopping the deck.
Johnny Blowhole I don't know, guys.
One of the relaxing seabunnies claps his hands, and Johnny fetches him a glass of carrot juice.
Johnny I have a lot of partying that I have to do here.
Pony Head Okay, you do not look like you're the one partying.
Johnny No, I'm pretty sure this is partying.
A glass of carrot juice flies into the side of Johnny's head. The seabunnies' captain walks up to him.
Captain When you're done, grab your mop. The commode could use some heavy duty partying.
The ship's commode consists of a moldy toilet, spilled toilet water, a mess of toilet paper, and a poster of a family of bunnies.
Star and Pony Head [gasps]
Star [to Pony Head] He's forgotten what partying is. [to Johnny] They're using you, Johnny.
Pony Head Yeah, ditch these nerds and you need to come with us.
The captain and two other seabunnies draw their swords.
Captain Sorry, ladies. Johnny stays with me—
A blast of magic from Star's wand transforms the captain into a carrot. One of the other seabunnies looks at him hungrily.
Captain [nervously] Uh... uh... uh... hey.
Camera pans up to Johnny. Crunching sounds and the captain's screams are heard off-screen.
Johnny This is my life now. I'm not good at partying anymore anyways.
Star I guess you're right, Johnny. You have lost your partying powers. You probably never even had them in the first place.
Pony Head [floats around Johnny's head] Ooooh, you lost them, Johnny Blowhole! That's weak!
Johnny You guys are wrong, okay? I have my moments.
Star Prove it. I dare you to save the Bounce Lounge.
Johnny tosses his serving tray into the ocean, throws his bandana on the floor, and tears off his pirate shirt.
Johnny I dare you to stop me! [laughs]
Star Whoo! Johnny's back!
Cut to a club at a warehouse called the "Null".
Pony Head (o.s.) Headphone Jones? Lady Scarfs-a-Lot?
Bounce Crew photo focuses on a furry purple creature wearing red headphones and a piano-themed scarf with its eyes closed. Photo moves down the screen to reveal the creature inside the Null.
Pony Head Yo! Wake up!
Headphone Jones, the red headphones, wakes up and pulls a headphone jack out of his mouth.
Headphone Jones What do you want?
Lady Scarfs-a-Lot, the piano-themed scarf, wakes up.
Lady Scarfs-a-Lot And make it quick. You're harshing the cool.
Star They're closing the Bounce Lounge.
Headphone Good.
Scarfs-a-Lot Yeah, that place hasn't been cool in months.
Pony Head We were getting the crew back together to save it.
Headphone This is a way cooler place to party.
Star This is partying?
Headphone (o.s.) Yeah, look how cool we look.
Star and Pony Head look at other creatures wearing headphones and floating motionless in the air.
Star You thinking what I'm thinking?
Pony Head Uh-huh.
Magic flares from Pony Head's horn. Cut to exterior shot of the Null, with neon smoke pouring out the door. A fire truck siren is heard.
Pony Head What?! I thought that was what you were thinking!
Star, Marco, Pony Head, Kelly, Johnny Blowhole, Headphone Jones, and Lady Scarfs-a-Lot return to Milly Sparkles at the Bounce Lounge.
Star Ah, Milly! Milly, Milly, Milly! The Bounce Crew is back together!
Milly lowers her sunglasses (revealing another pair of sunglasses underneath) and looks at Kelly, Johnny Blowhole, Headphone Jones, and Lady Scarfs-a-Lot.
Johnny What's up, Mills?
Milly I'm afraid that's not enough. You see, the only thing that will save the Lounge is paying off the mortgage. And I can't do that with only... [counting the Bounce Crew members] One, two, three, four, five... [breathily] six customers.
Star Well, how much do you owe?
Milly Like, a bajillion dollars.
Pony Head That's a lot of bacon.
Marco Is that even a real number?
Milly Let it go, darlings. Sometimes things just end, and there's nothing we can do but accept it.
Pony Head That is so deep. So new. So unique. Nobody ever said that before.
Marco Seriously? That's the exact same thing I said.
Pony Head No, no, sorry, I don't remember you saying that.
Milly [ascends upward into clouds] So, goodbye and thank you for your patronage.
Star [sighs]
Marco It's no wonder the place lost money.
Camera pans left to right across the dirty Bounce Lounge.
Marco (o.s.) What a dump!
Star It always looked like this. Our partying gave the Bounce Lounge its life, and our partying is gonna save it.
Kelly Save it? What?
Pony Head No, no, no, she's right. The Bounce Lounge can't go down with the Bounce Crew around.
Star Hit it, Pony!
Pony Head picks up shutter shades and puts them on the robot DJ. The robot powers on and starts playing electronic dance music.
Pony Head Let's get this party started!
Light reflects off of the disco ball. Star and Pony Head start dancing.
BGM [Save the Bounce Lounge]
Star Come on, Bounce Crew, what are you waiting for?
Johnny Blowhole, Headphone Jones, and Lady Scarfs-a-Lot join Star and Pony Head on the dance floor. Marco is seen behind the Bounce Lounge's admission booth window. A short goblin-like creature wearing pink pumps walks into the Lounge.
Goblin Hey, I heard some dance music. Is there a party in here?
Marco Yes! Admission is 25 dollars.
Goblin Oh, no, I just need to use your bathroom. [walks away]
Star How many is that?
Marco None!
Star Looks like we need to dance harder.
Star and the Bounce Crew dance more energetically. A faun girl enters the Bounce Lounge with a short creature covered in green hair and hands money to Marco.
Faun girl Let's get our groove on!
The faun girl and green-haired creature join the Bounce Crew on the dance floor and start dancing.
Star [gasps] It's working!
All Whoo-hoo!
Star Move to the groove!
Pony Head Yes!
More creatures enter the Bounce Lounge, and Marco collects their admission fees in a big sack. Star pokes her head out of the sack.
Star How many is that now?
Marco [counts money] Almost a bajillion less than a bajillion.
Star Harder!
The dance floor fills with more people.
Johnny You heard Star! Dance harder!
Pony Head That's what I'm talking about!
Unnamed dancer Whoo!
Star Now?
Marco We're gonna need a lot more partiers.
Star You are so right.
Star drags Marco by the collar and pushes him out onto the dance floor.
Star Get in there, Marco! Just move your body! Be yourself!
Marco Myself?
Marco bows as if in karate class and starts to dance by incorporating karate into his dance moves.
Marco Hiii-yah! [karate sounds]
Headphone This goes out to all you desert dimensioners out there!
Crowd [cheering]
In the desert dimension, several people are line to buy Goblin Dogs. They and the Goblin Dog truck suddenly rise into the air. They arrive at the Bounce Lounge and throw more money at Marco. The dance floor is now completely packed.
Crowd Whoo! Yeah! Uh-huh!
Headphone How about them seabunnies?!
The seabunnies' pirate ship appears and drops into the Bounce Lounge. Roy fires T-shirts at the crowd from a T-shirt cannon.
Scarfs-a-Lot Let's hear it from the Null!
The patrons from the Null appear and hang down from the Bounce Lounge's ceiling.
Marco We still need more!
Star Johnny, use your blow hole!
Johnny sprays the crowd with bubbles from his blowhole. Three bug-like girls enter the Bounce Lounge covered in bubbles.
Bug girl We were passing by outside and got sprayed. The Bounce Lounge is back!
Marco collects even more money in the sacks. Star appears before him hanging upside-down.
Star Now?
Marco We need one more partier!
Star One more? But that's everyone.
Star sees three bills of money fall into a sack. She and Marco look up at Tad.
Star and Marco Tad?
Tad Oh, hey, guys. Where's my girl?
Star and Marco point toward the dance floor, and Tad floats away.
Kelly [turns around] Tad?
Kelly meets Tad on the dance floor.
Kelly What are you doing here?
Tad Don't you remember, baby? This is the first place we ever broke up. Want to get back together?
Kelly Yeeeeaaaah!
Tad plants himself on top of Kelly's head, and they are bathed in psychedelic colors.
Kelly and Tad Whoa!
Star carries the sacks of money over to Milly Sparkles.
Star Did we make enough?
Milly [counting money] One, three, fifty, eleventy-thirty... Hmm. Nope. We're short 650.
Star But I thought we had—
Marco Wait!
Marco holds up a fistful of money bills. He goes up and drops 650 dollars in a sack.
Marco Oh-ho-ho! I've never had more fun in my entire life!
Crowd [cheering]
Star [hugs Marco] Yes! We did it! The Bounce Lounge lives forever! Now let's party!
Milly (o.s.) Star, wait.
Star [drops Marco on the floor]
Milly Thank you, all of you, for what you've done. But I've been partying for over 5,000 years.
Milly removes her sunglasses and moves her feathered fan away to reveal her very wrinkled face.
Crowd [gasps and cries of shock]
Milly It was never about the mortgage.
Milly's floating lounge chair transforms into a motor scooter.
Milly I'm closing the lounge because I just really need to stop partying. Like, right now.
Pony Head Aww! If this is the last night of the Bounce Lounge, let's make it the best night ever!
Crowd [excited whoops]
Milly No! The party is over.
The disco ball lowers from the ceiling and turns into a wrecking ball that starts demolishing the Bounce Lounge.
Patrons [screaming]
Star But we saved the Lounge.
Milly Nothing lasts forever, princess. But thank you for the party.
Milly puts her sunglasses back on and rides her motor scooter into the clouds. Cut to Diaz Household; a dimensional portal opens into Star's bedroom, and Star, Marco, and the Bounce Crew enter.
Star [sighs] The Bounce Lounge is gone.
Johnny [dolphin chatter]
Star [holding wad of chewed gum] At least I have you, piece of gum I scraped off a table, to remember it by. [kisses gum]
Marco Yeah. I got a chip of the dance floor. Or someone's tooth.
Pony Head Aww, you guys are lucky. All I got is...
Camera zooms out from Pony Head to reveal the Bounce Lounge photo booth next to her.
Pony Head ...this photo booth!
Kelly Photo booth! Photo booth!
All [cheering]
Star, Marco, Pony Head, Kelly, Tad, Johnny Blowhole, Headphone Jones, and Lady Scarfs-a-Lot take a group photo with the words "BOUNCE CREW" on it.
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