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Episode begins at a temple at the top of a mountain. The large rats from the Mewni porridge tavern carry stone blocks and building tools up the template stairs and raise large stone pillars.
Ludo Hyah! Mush! Mush! Hyah!
Ludo rides toward the temple on a carriage of rats. The other rats bow to him as he passes by.
Ludo Hello! Yes!
He goes to the temple's lowest level, where his bald eagle and giant spider companions lie in front of a dungeon door. At the bottom of the stairs, Ludo unbuckles his "seatbelt".
Ludo I have arrived. Did you keep him up all night?
Eagle and spider [nod their heads]
Ludo You haven't fed him, have you?
Eagle and spider [shake their heads]
Ludo Good! Then he must be about to crack. [takes out wand] Time to turn up the heat.
Wand [low humming]
Ludo What's that? [to eagle and spider] Um, hold on a minute. I have to take this. [walks away a few feet, whispers] What? Yes. Oh, of course. That'll be our last resort, heh-heh.
Eagle and spider [look at each other]
Ludo enters the dungeon. There's a lump on the far bed under the covers.
Ludo Well, well, well! How do you like my monster temple? Pretty cool, huh? My wand told me where to find it.
Window shutters above Ludo burst open.
Ludo Aah!
Glossaryck lies on the windowsill in his underwear, looking down at Ludo.
Glossaryck Hellooo...
Ludo What are you doing?
Glossaryck I was just out for my morning stroll.
Ludo But then who is in your bed?
Glossaryck Oh-oh-oh! Um... Easy. [chuckles] Easy. Don't shoot. It's, uh... It's just my robe. [puts robe on]
Ludo [to eagle and spider] Girls! Bring me the book!
Eagle and spider [carry in Magic Instruction Book]
Ludo [to Ludo] I want you to teach me this... [points at book] make me awesome at this! [points at wand] You will not resist! Resistance is pointless!
Glossaryck Uh, you mind hopping off?
Ludo [gets off book]
Glossaryck Thank you. [opens book] Okay! Let's get started!
Ludo But... you're not going to resist? Even a little resistance?
Glossaryck Look, it's your book now. I'm just here to help you. Or not. Up to you.
Ludo Really? You want to teach me?
Glossaryck Oh, yes. Sure.
Ludo What's your game? You must want something.
Glossaryck Oh, I don't have wants. I have a job. And that job is to help you reach your ultimate potential with this.
Ludo Well, then... Pudding! Someone just earned themselves some pudding. You, little man, you are going to make me the most powerful being in the universe! [laughing]
Glossaryck Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, slow, slow, slow your roll. Look, all I can promise is to help you reach your full potential.
Ludo Oh, goody! Is it going to be hard?
Glossaryck Mmm... Could be.
Ludo Exhausting?
Glossaryck Mmm... Quite possibly.
Ludo Almost unendurable?
Glossaryck Uh... Well, do you want it to be?
Ludo Oh, yes! I so want it to be!
Scene changes to temple exterior; Ludo pushes the book up a hill.
Ludo [straining]
He paddles the book across a moat.
Ludo Stroke! Stroke!
He carries the book down a hill.
Ludo [grunting]
He drags the book across the ground until he reaches Glossaryck, reading a newspaper.
Ludo [grunting, panting] This... is so hard! When are we going to start doing spells?
Glossaryck Whenever you want.
Ludo What?! Are you kidding me?! What was all of this?!
Glossaryck Oh, this? Well, I was only doing that because you said you wanted it to be really hard.
Ludo I don't know what I want! I've never done this before! You know what my dad taught me about making my way in the world? Nothing! Zip! I was one egg out of fifty! Everything I've learned, I had to learn dirty!
Glossaryck [folds newspaper into paper airplane]
Ludo But for once in my life, I'd like... some guidance.
Glossaryck [tosses paper airplane] Okay. We can do that.
Ludo Really?
Scene cuts back to temple; Ludo and Glossaryck go to the top of the stairs.
Ludo So when am I going to learn a Narwhal Blast? Pshew-pshew-pshew!
Glossaryck Oh, oh. Oh, that. Yes, well, mm-hmm... You see, Star made that up. It's not in the book. She just used her imagination for most things.
Ludo Ooh! What's an imagination?
Glossaryck [sighs] Okay. Well, let's start with the basics. [snaps fingers]
The book of spells rolls up the stairs and stops in front of Ludo. Glossaryck opens it.
Glossaryck Let's see... [mumbling, opens book to Eclipsa's chapter] Oh, that's probably a little too advanced. [opens book to Chapter One] Okay, okay... [mumbling, opens book to Levitato page] Oh! Here we go. Uh, why don't you take a look here? Now note the stance and posture. Basically, you're going to want to put your arm out and your feet... ahem... less out. You got that?
Ludo Okay. [straining]
Glossaryck Hmm... [positions Ludo's right arm a little higher] Hmm... [positions Ludo's left arm a little lower, pulls on Ludo's eyelids] Would you just relax?
Ludo Oh.
Glossaryck We're going to start with some simple object transfer. Let's have you try... LLLLLLevitato.
Ludo [reading] Levitato...
Glossaryck Now, when you're ready, I want you to bring me that apple.
Ludo What apple?
Glossaryck That one.
An apple poofs onto a flat stone across from Ludo and Glossaryck.
Ludo [raises wand] Levitato. ... [shakes wand] Levitato—!
A green blast of magic shoots out of the wand and burns the apple to ashes.
Glossaryck [sighing] O-kay.
Ludo Oh! You see that?! How am I supposed to work with this?! I listen to my wand, but it never listens to me.
Glossaryck Look, kid, it's your first try. Don't worry about it. [snaps fingers]
Another apple appears in the same spot as the first.
Glossaryck We'll just try again. Relax.
Ludo [inhales] Levitato!
The wand shoots another green magic blast that drags a rat carrying building tools up into the air.
Rat [squeals]
Ludo Levi—!
Glossaryck [stops Ludo] Okay, okay. No, no. No. No. Stop. Look, you're really being sloppy. You need to really feel it. Say it with conviction. LLLLLLLLevitato!
Ludo Lev-i-tato.
The apple levitates.
Ludo It worked. Huh. Levitato.
Ludo pulls his wand to the left, and the apple flies to the left. Glossaryck catches it.
Glossaryck Hey! Now you're getting it. Nice job.
Ludo Am I better than Star?
Glossaryck Well, I... Well, I guess you're better at following the spell book.
Ludo Are you... proud of me?
Glossaryck Yeah, um... Yeah, you're doing fine.
Ludo Could you say "proud of me", though?
Glossaryck Uh... huh. Uh... [chuckles] I'm proud of you.
Ludo [giggling giddily]
Ludo uses Levitato to levitate the book of spells uphill, over the moat, and back downhill. Scene changes to Glossaryck eating chocolate pudding.
Glossaryck Hmm.
Ludo [using magic on rocks on the ground] Levitato. Levitato.
Glossaryck [points to pudding cups]
Ludo Levitato. [catches pudding cup in his hand]
Glossaryck guzzles chocolate pudding, and Ludo imitates him. In the next scene, Ludo uses Levitato on eight apples at once.
Ludo Levitato.
The apples float down into a circle around Glossaryck.
Glossaryck [gives thumbs-up] Yep.
Ludo [gives thumbs-up]
At sunset, Ludo settles into bed, with Glossaryck at his bedside.
Glossaryck And you see, it's a complex theory behind the levitations...
Ludo Levitato. [levitates bed covers onto him]
Glossaryck'll be performing as a magic user.
Ludo Levitato! [levitates glass of water and drinks from it]
Glossaryck And they all lived happily ever after. The end.
Ludo Levitato. [levitates candlestick]
Glossaryck You'd better get some sleep. You have a lot of work to do tomorrow.
Ludo Levitato. [sets candlestick down]
Glossaryck Might even learn a second spell or something.
Ludo This was a really great day, Glossaryck.
Glossaryck I'm sure it was.
Ludo Will you tuck me in?
Glossaryck Um, well, I... Uh, okay. [tucks Ludo under the covers]
Ludo And my wand.
Glossaryck Uh...
Ludo [excited chuckle]
Glossaryck [tucks Ludo's wand into bed] Ahem... there you go.
Ludo And pat my head?
Glossaryck [pats Ludo's head] Pat-pat-pat. See you in the morning.
Ludo And say, "Good night, my darling."
Glossaryck Are you kidding me...? Um, good night.
Ludo "My darling".
Glossaryck Um, uh... My-my... My darling. [picks up book of spells and floats away]
Scene transitions from Ludo's candlestick burning bright to melted and burned out.
Eagle and spider [snoring]
Rats [snoring]
Ludo [to wand, whispering] Are you still awake? I can't sleep either! I'm too excited to sleep! Today was wonderful!
Wand [low humming]
Ludo Why would you say that? Glossaryck is proud of me. He said I was better than Star!
Wand [low humming]
Ludo What do you mean, he showed her something hidden? Don't be silly! We just started. I'm sure we'll get to it soon.
Wand [low humming]
Ludo He kept it from me on purpose?
Wand [low humming]
Ludo No. No, no, no, no. He'd never lie to me!
Ludo picks up the wand and runs toward the book of spells.
Ludo [panting] Levitato! [levitates himself over short steps] Glossaryck! [knocks on book's cover] Wake up!
The book opens to a page that Glossaryck is lying and eating pudding on.
Glossaryck Didn't we just do bedtime?
Ludo Glossaryck. I know this is crazy, but my wand told me... [chuckling] It's my... my wand, he told me there's a chapter in this book that you've shown Star that you haven't shown me. But that's crazy, right?
Glossaryck No, it's true.
Ludo What?! Why didn't you show me?!
Glossaryck You know, you didn't ask.
Ludo Well, I want to see it!
Glossaryck [sighs] You want to see it. You want to see... Well, you know, I don't know. It's really advanced. Um, you know, dark stuff.
Ludo Did you show it to Star?
Glossaryck Um, technically, I didn't show her, but, uh, she has seen it.
Ludo Show me!
Glossaryck Okay, it's your book. [flips book's pages to Eclipsa's chapter]
Ludo Secret chapter...! [chuckles] Unlock it!
Glossaryck Are you truly sure? It could taint you.
Ludo Oh, I got plenty of taint already. Now unlock it!
Glossaryck [sighs] As you wish.
Glossaryck uses a key on his left big toe to unlock Eclipsa's chapter. The skull-shaped lock's jaw lowers, then the whole lock flies off the page. Ludo turns the first page into the chapter.
Ludo! I thought there'd be more pict—
A burst of black smoke drags Ludo into the air.
Ludo Aah! Ohhh!
Ludo floats at the center of a black magical void. His wand's face plate glows green. Ludo opens his eyes to reveal swirling pools of green energy, and he smiles.
Ludo [Toffee's voice] Hello, Glossaryck.
Glossaryck Hello... Toffee.
Ludo (Toffee) Time to give it up, old man. You'll never get him on your side.
Glossaryck But I don't have a side.
Ludo (Toffee) You don't, do you? [chuckles] Excellent.
Screen fades to black around Ludo/Toffee's eyes, then Ludo/Toffee's eyes's fade to black.
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