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Episode begins in Star's secrets closet in her bedroom; Star is writing in her diary.
Star Butterfly "Now that Seahorse is in prison for queen-napping Eclipsa, Pony Head thinks he's hot again." But he's in jail. They're never going to see each other.
There's a clattering behind Star.
Star Hey! Glossaryck! Glossaryck!
Glossaryck is going through Star's belongings. When he turns to face her, he is wearing a tam o' shanter and gold loop earrings and holding a gold pocketwatch and goblet.
Glossaryck What?!
Star [closes her diary] What are you doing?!
Glossaryck Uh, shopping for antiques.
Star No, you're not! This stuff is mine! This is my secrets closet! You don't get to shop in here!
Glossaryck Ohhhh. Oh, I get it. You... You think that I'm the only person who takes things out of your closet. [laughs, laughs harder]
Star What are you talking about?
Glosaryck [laughing, wipes away tears]
Star [gasps]
Next to Glossaryck is the box where Star keeps the fragment of the Book of Spells.
Star Oh, no!
Star picks up and opens the box. It's empty.
Star The book piece is missing! Who would need—? [gasps] Eclipsa!
Scene cuts to a dark, underground corridor. Eclipsa, dressed in a maroon and pink dress, descends a staircase holding a gift-wrapped box and using the Royal Magic Wand like a light source. When she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she climbs into a boat labeled "Queen's Folly" and rows down the stream into the cavern. Something large swims past under the water, making waves and causing the boat to shake.
Eclipsa Butterfly [gasps]
Eclipsa uses the wand to light several torches in the cavern. Bubbles bubble on the surface of the water behind the boat, and a giant monster wearing a sweater vest rises up: Globgor.
Globgor [laughs]
Eclipsa Oh, you.
Globgor What took you so long?
Eclipsa I had to find the perfect box for your gift.
Globgor Oh, no, no, wait. I'm taking you to a secret place.
Eclipsa and Globgor kiss, and Eclipsa's hat falls off. Globgor pushes Eclipsa's boat through the cavern. As the cavern gets smaller, Globgor scrapes against the ceiling, causing rocks to fall.
Eclipsa Globgor, dear.
Globgor Oh! Yeah, of course.
Globgor jumps into the air as his body shrinks, landing on the boat upon being small enough to stand on it. When he lands on the boat, Eclipsa bounces into his arms.
Eclipsa Whoop!
Globgor Oh, I like your earrings.
Eclipsa Thank you. They're new.
Outside the cavern, Eclipsa and Globgor row the boat down the stream near the undestroyed Butterfly Castle.
Globgor Wow. It's so peaceful out today.
Eclipsa I know.
Glogor No unsuspecting fishermen. No beefy loggers. I don't even hear any miners. Too bad. I used to get so many rubies stuck in my teeth. If I'd kept eating those miners, I'd be rich! [laughing]
Eclipsa [looks disapprovingly]
Globgor It's a joke, it's a joke! 'Cause I'd never eat another Mewman. Even if it made me rich! [laughs]
Eclipsa Uh, that was a terrible joke. But you are a very good vegetarian.
Globgor Yeah, well, it took me a while to get the hang of it.
Eclipsa You thought leeks were the same as leeches.
Globgor I mean, they still sound the same. I mean, leeks, leech. Leeks, leech. You know?
Eclipsa And you thought potatoes were a type of rock!
Globgor It's a miracle you said yes to a second date.
Eclipsa Well, by then, I'd made up my mind anyway.
Eclipsa and Globgor's boat reaches the shore. Globgor gets out first and offers Eclipsa a hand out of the boat.
Globgor Milady.
Eclipsa Don't call me that. Can we do the shoulder thing?
Globgor puts Eclipsa on his shoulder and grows to enormous size.
Eclipsa Whoaaa!
When Globgor stops growing, Eclipsa goes flying upward and slowly drops down with her parasol.
Eclipsa Wheeeee! [laughs]
Globgor [shrinks back down to Eclipsa's size]
Eclipsa So exhilarating!
Globgor Okay, my turn!
Eclipsa Oh, all right.
Eclipsa and Globgor One... two... three!
While holding onto Eclipsa's hands, Globgor shrinks down to very small size, and Eclipsa places him on her shoulder. She reopens her parasol and goes floating around Mewni.
Globgor Yeah! Whoo!
After passing under a waterfall, Eclipsa picks up her bone guitar from inside a patch of tall grass.
Globgor [gasps] How'd you know that was there?
Eclipsa I have some surprises, too.
Eclipsa lands on a hollow tree trunk, and Globgor returns to normal size next to her. She starts strumming her guitar.
Eclipsa [singing]
♪ When the sun has set ♪
♪ And the night has come ♪
♪ We'll creep out the garden ♪
♪ And go have some fun ♪
Eclipsa and Globgor walk through the woods while Eclipsa sings and plays guitar.
Eclipsa ♪ 'Cause all I wanna do ♪
♪ Is sneak around Mewni with you ♪
Eclipsa and Globgor ♪ And all I want to see ♪
♪ Is you sneaking around next to me ♪
As they walk, Globgor slowly grows, and Eclipsa steps onto his open palms.
Eclipsa ♪ I don't care if it's wrong or right ♪
Eclipsa and Globgor ♪ I'd do anything for one more night ♪
Eclipsa ♪ Dawn breaks, our night fades away ♪
♪ Someday we'll get to stay ♪
Globgor ♪ We'll get to stay ♪
Eclipsa ♪ No more sneaking around ♪
♪ One day we'll ♪
Eclipsa and Globgor ♪ Have our day ♪
Globgor ♪ We'll have our day ♪
[slowly shrinks to normal size]
Eclipsa ♪ Have our day ♪
Eclipsa and Globgor ♪ Have our day ♪
Globgor leads Eclipsa to an open field of grass and flowers while covering her eyes.
Globgor I hope you like our spot. Made it extra special today. Ta-da!
The field is empty.
Globgor Wait. Where is everything? I had a picnic basket and a lawn blanket. I made salads and lemonade! Who... Who would've done this? I bet it was those miners. Greedy little buggers! [voice distorts] They took our picnic for themselves!
Eclipsa Um, dear, you might want to...
Now giant-sized, Globgor stomps toward the nearby mountain and looks into the mine inside.
Globgor [growls] How's the salad, you little thieves?! [pounds on the mountain] Knock, knock! I know you're in there! Come out! [reaches his arm into the mine] Ah! Gotcha!
Globgor clenches something between his hands.
Eclipsa Oh, dear.
Globgor [grunting]
Globgor reveals the thing in his hands is a ruby.
Globgor Ha! You thought it was a miner, huh? Get it?! It's a joke! 'Cause I'd never do that! Anymore!
Eclipsa [short laugh] Oh, Globby. You might want to tone down your jokes.
Globgor walks back to Eclipsa and shrinks down to his normal size. The ruby is now very large for both of them.
Eclipsa It's beautiful.
Globgor Yeah... Too bad it's not real.
Eclipsa How long have you known?
Globgor Well... I mean, this place is usually crawling with Mewmans. Where are the Mewmans? And then there's... that.
Globgor points at a whale floating in the air. The whale has muscular arms, is wearing a banana on its head, and is holding a sword.
[heroic fanfare]
Eclipsa What... is it?
Globgor That's Bananahat Musclewhale.
Eclipsa I'm afraid I don't know who that is.
Globgor Bananahat Musclewhale was the last crusader against the evil tyranny of Lord Rygax, wizard overlord of the kingdom.
An evil wizard figure holding a staff appears at the top of a small stone castle.
Lord Rygax [laughing evilly]
Eclipsa Lord Rygax?
Globgor Yeah, but listen. Bananahat Musclewhale was unprepared for the enchanted skaddlings that Rygax mind-controlled to do his bidding. And Bananahat fell to their awesome powers, leaving Lord Rygax to run the kingdom into darkness... forever.
Eclipsa I missed this part of Mewni history.
Globgor This isn't Mewni history. It's from my mind! I created Bananahat when I was a little boy.
Eclipsa Oh. Makes sense.
Globgor Wait. Are we in my mind? Right now?
Eclipsa ...Yes.
Globgor Ohhhh! That's creepy, boo!
Eclipsa I thought you'd be happy to see me.
Globgor Well, I am. But I don't want to be in my mind! I mean, where's my body?
Eclipsa Your body is still trapped inside of one of Rhombulus' crystals.
Globgor Bummer. Then where are you?
Eclipsa Well, I'm free, basically.
Globgor So how'd you get in here?
Eclipsa I used a spell.
Globgor And, uh, Meteora?
Eclipsa She's wonderful! She has my eyes and your beautiful fangs. And she just learned how to crawl on the ceiling!
Globgor That's adorable.
Eclipsa It's less adorable when she vomits from up there.
Globgor That's my girl! I wish I could see her.
Eclipsa You can.
Globgor What do you mean?
Eclipsa [squeals, picks up the gift-wrapped box] My mother created a spell that'll break your crystal, and I've done all of the steps except for the last.
Eclipsa opens the gift box to reveal a rooster with a ribbon tied around its beak.
Eclipsa All that's left is for me to pull the ribbon from the beak of this rooster to make it crow. Then you'll be set free.
Globgor You're so weird.
Eclipsa Are you ready to see your daughter?
Globgor [sighs] Of course! But I don't know. I mean, don't the Mewmans still hate me?
Eclipsa You're... controversial.
Globgor Even if the people let me come back, they'd just be waiting for me to mess up. And maybe I'm still not over what happened. Maybe I'd prove them right somehow.
Eclipsa I want you with us.
Globgor Can you tell me without a doubt that the kingdom is ready for me?
Eclipsa [sighs] I don't know.
Globgor When the kingdom is ready, you'll know. Then maybe I'll be ready, too?
Eclipsa [tearing up] I hate it when you're right.
Globgor and Eclipsa kiss. Scene shifts to Globgor's crystal chamber at the Monster Temple; Eclipsa is floating in midair as her consciousness is projected into Globgor's mind. Tears trickle down her cheeks. When the mind-sharing spell wears off, she floats to the floor and puts down the rooster.
Eclipsa [sighs]
Star (o.s.) So...
Eclipsa [gasps]
Star appears behind Eclipsa. The Book of Spells is being repaired on a pedestal next to her.
Star ...Looks like the book is back. Oh! You got Glossaryck's silkworms sliming it back together! And what do you know? It's turned to that Crystal Pulverizing Spell.
Eclipsa Star, I can explain—
Star So when's he coming out?
Eclipsa He's not. He's not ready. The kingdom isn't ready.
Star Yeah, no doi! You stole that piece of the book from my closet.
Eclipsa Yes...
Star [sighs] How did you even know it was there?
Eclipsa I may have gone inside your mind.
Star That is... [shivers] so creepy, Eclipsa.
Eclipsa Yes, people keep saying that. Is there any way you can forgive me?
Star Are you seriously worried about what I think? Eclipsa, why don't you ever worry about what your people think?
Eclipsa My people? They haven't even given me a proper coronation.
Star That's your excuse? Okay, fine. I'll give you a coronation.
Eclipsa What?
Star Yup, that's right. Then they'll have to accept you, and you will have to lead them. Maybe then you'll think twice before you get up to all this witchy stuff again.
Eclipsa [sighs] Yes, I suppose you're right.
Star I know what it's like to miss someone when... when you love them. You do crazy things. All right! Glad we had this talk. [groans, walks away]
Eclipsa looks at Globgor's frozen body. The rooster passes by the screen. Cut to black.
(end song)
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