"The Ponyhead Show!" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 24, 2019 alongside "Surviving the Spiderbites".


Star asks for Pony Head's help to increase Eclipsa's popularity.


Pony Head puts on her own daytime talk show, which is broadcast to the compact mirror phones of everyone in Mewni. Star hopes that by having Eclipsa perform music on the show, it will make her more popular among the Mewmans, and Star is able to gauge the audience's reaction with an upvote/downvote system. However, during a commercial break, Pony Head expresses disapproval of Eclipsa's overall gothic look, and when the time come for her to introduce Eclipsa to the show, Pony Head continues to make the show all about herself.

Off to the side, Marco and Kelly prepare food ingredients for their own cooking segment later on in Pony Head's show. As they discuss whether or not cooking shows are fake, Marco offhandedly reveals that professional wrestling is fake, and Kelly walks off looking crushed. When he approaches her later to apologize for ruining wrestling for her, Kelly says she's already gotten over it. Meanwhile, Pony Head's sisters Azniss and Khrysthalle pull Eclipsa aside to do her makeup before she goes on the show.

Pony Head "wows" her audience with her own musical performances, and when the time comes for her to introduce Marco and Kelly, she disregards them and still makes herself the center of attention. Fed up, Star pulls Pony Head aside and criticizes her for being self-centered, but Pony Head assures Star that her efforts will succeed in making Eclipsa popular. In the makeup room, Star sees that Pony Head's sisters have given Eclipsa a radical makeover. To make matters worse, Star learns that Pony Head's boyfriend Seahorse hacked the phones of everyone in Mewni so that they can't even turn their phones off if they want to.

With Pony Head's show receiving hundreds of downvotes and an angry mob of Mewmans gathering outside Pony Head's house, Star apologizes to Eclipsa as her plans to improve her popularity completely fail. She thinks Eclipsa should back out of the show, but Eclipsa wants to show her subjects who she really is. Star forcibly takes Pony Head off-camera, and Eclipsa takes the stage with her guitar, singing a soft ballad and expressing how much she wants to be a queen that the people can rely on. Unfortunately, this doesn't change the minds of the Mewmans outside, who just want control of their phones back, and the number of downvotes reaches nearly 5,000.

With her plan a complete failure, Star gets rid of all the production equipment and cuts off the broadcast of Pony Head's show. She apologizes to Eclipsa again for dragging her into this and promises to think of another way to get the Mewmans to love her, but Eclipsa says she'd rather be hated for who she is than liked for pretending to be someone else. As the angry mob of Mewmans disperses, a little girl, having liked Eclipsa's song, gives Pony Head's show one upvote.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch De Ponyhoofd Show! The Ponyhead Show!
Spanish (Latin America) El show de Ponyhead
European Portuguese O Programa da Pónei Pony's Show
Japanese ポニーヘッド・ショー Ponyhead show


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S4E9 Eclipsa Butterfly with a brand-new look
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Production notes



  • This episode marks Eclipsa's singing debut.
  • According to Daron Nefcy, the little girl who liked Eclipsa's song is named Rosemary.[2]

Revelations and continuity

  • Eclipsa's lack of popularity among Mewmans is further explored from "Yada Yada Berries".
  • Kelly was unaware that professional wrestling was fake.


  • Eclipsa's cheek marks vanish in a few instances after her makeover. Her hands are also skin-colored and missing their purple veins.


  2. Daron Nefcy (2019-03-24). Rosemary!. Twitter. Retrieved on 2019 March 28.

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