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"The Right Way" is the thirty-third episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on May 12, 2019 alongside "Here to Help".


Star Butterfly, Pony Head, Seahorse, Kelly, Rich Pigeon, Jorby, Talon and Quirky Guy all arrive to bail out Eclipsa.


Picking up from where "Ready, Aim, Fire" left off, Eclipsa shields herself from the armored soldier's relentless attack. Just before the soldier's sword breaches her magic barrier, Star arrives to help with reinforcements: Pony Head, Seahorse, Kelly, Rich Pigeon, Jorby, Talon Raventalon, and Quirky Guy. After Star knocks the soldier over a cliff, Eclipsa explains that the soldier is a powerful Solarian Warrior, assuming it to be Mina Loveberry inside the armor. With Eclipsa too weak from fighting, Star and her friends head down the cliff and into Monstertown to take Mina down.

In the abandoned and largely destroyed Monstertown, the team splits up to try and find Mina, but she gets the drop on some of them, wounding Quirky with her sword in the process. Meanwhile, at the Monster Temple, Eclipsa tends to Globgor, still weak from his magical wound and seemingly getting worse every minute. Eclipsa explains to Janna that the wound is from the time of her mother Solaria, who created an army of enchanted warriors in order to destroy all monsters. However, their magic made them unstable, and all of them (except Mina) eventually destroyed themselves. Using an encyclopedia of magical ailments, Eclipsa and Janna learn that those wounded by a Solarian Sword will eventually meet a grim fate.

Back in Monstertown, Star and her friends continue their search for Mina and discover Talon injured on the ground. Mina reappears and incapacitates Rich Pigeon, Kelly, and Jorby as well. Pony Head attacks Mina (with Seahorse filming for The Ponyhead Show!), but Mina quickly takes her out, too. When Star jumps in to block Mina's attack, Pony Head offers her words of encouragement. Star, filled with love for her friends and a desire to protect them, creates a giant suit of magical armor to fight Mina on equal footing. She tells her friends to retreat to the castle while she fights Mina one-on-one.

During the battle, Eclipsa, Janna, and Sir Dashing of Muscleton come up with a plan to blow Mina up with explosives, and they load a large amount of them into a wagon. Sir Dashing accidentally sends the wagon rolling down the hill from the temple to the village. Star manages to drive Mina to the ground, and the wagon of explosives rolls into Mina's path, causing a massive explosion. As the smoke clears, Mina is back on her feet, apparently unaffected by the explosion, and she drives her sword through Star's armor.

Before Mina finishes Star off, Eclipsa returns to the battlefield and casts the "Spell With No Name" (handed down to her by her mother), unleashing a giant butterfly shape that melts through Mina's armor as well as some of the nearby landscape. Mina is completely stopped in her tracks, and the battle appears to be over. Just then, Marco arrives from Butterfly Castle to deliver the news that Mina is on her way to attack. It turns out the warrior that Star and her friends just defeated was not Mina but in fact one of her soldiers. All of a sudden, the real Mina appears over the horizon, accompanied by an army of hundreds of Solarian Warriors, and Eclipsa collapses from exhaustion.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Korean 미나를 막아라 Stop Mina
Portuguese (Portugal) O Caminho Certo The Right Way


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Production notes



Revelations and continuity

  • Quirky Guy, Talon Raventalon, Kelly, Jorby, and Pony Head are inflicted with Solarian magic wounds.
  • The Solarian Sword creates a magical scar that consumes monsters over time.
  • Eclipsa's nameless spell from "A Spell with No Name" is revealed to be Solaria's Total Annihilation Spell.
  • Star telling Marco that she's going to keep him in her pocket from now on hints that she remembers his love confession to her in "Mama Star".
  • The Solarian Warrior that attacked the Monster Temple in "Ready, Aim, Fire" and this episode is revealed to not be Mina Loveberry.
  • Mina Loveberry marches on the temple with an army of over a hundred Solarian Warriors.
  • Emily Kelpbottom was first featured in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells, appears for the first time as pictured on the "Magical Ailments" book.