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Episode begins where "Ready, Aim, Fire" left off. The Solarian Warrior is repeatedly slamming Eclipsa's magic barrier with its red energy sword. More and more cracks form in Eclipsa's barrier, and she looks exhausted. When the Solarian Warrior raises its sword again, it gets blasted in the back by yellow magic and falls over. Eclipsa turns to where the magic blast came from. Star appears in her Ultimate Magic Form, holding out her hand.
Star Butterfly Step away from the Queen!
Screen zooms out from Star to reveal Talon Raventalon, Seahorse, Rich Pigeon, Kelly, Pony Head, Quirky Guy, and Jorby with her.
Eclipsa Butterfly Star?!
The Solarian Warrior is back on its feet. It raises its sword again.
Star Hey, you! You think you're a big boy, huh? Well, there's always a bigger FISH!
Star summons a rainbow whale to knock the Solarian Warrior over a nearby cliff.
Whale I'm a whale!
Talon Raventalon Ooh! He's down for the count!
Kelly Let's finish the job!
Eclipsa No, wait! It's too dangerous. That thing... It's a Solarian Warrior!
Star What? But there hasn't been one for hundreds of years. Except for Mina.
Eclipsa Well, that must be Mina. And she must have found some of the ancient armor. We might be able to stop her together.
Eclipsa stands up, but collapses to her knees immediately.
Star Whoa! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! No. You rest. We'll take care of Mina. Let me introduce you to the greatest warriors in all of Mewni! Roll call!
Kelly It's your girl, Kelly! We got Jorby here!
Jorby I'm ready for a fight!
Kelly Talon!
Talon [puts on second pair of sunglasses on top of first pair] Got your backup right here.
Kelly Quirky Guy!
Quirky Guy [pulls up shirt to reveal Devil's Mark] I'm just here to get hurt!
Kelly Rich Pigeon!
Rich Pigeon My queen, it is an honor to serve⁠—
Pony Head No-no-no-no! Seahorse!
Seahorse [rolls camera tripod on-screen] Here, Pony Head!
Pony Head Guys, this is supposed to be the BIG FIGHT, okay? So let's see some hype! This is gonna be the greatest episode of The Ponyhead Show ever!
Eclipsa ...These are the greatest warriors in Mewni?
Star Well, they're the greatest friends in all of Mewni. And they fight good.
Eclipsa Star, I don't mean to insult you or your friends, but she's much too strong. She almost killed me.
Star Look, I fought Mina before, and I held my own. Now come on, team! For Mewni!
Star and her team charges down the hill after the Solarian Warrior.
Pony Head And The Ponyhead Show, okay?!
Seahorse [rolling tripod] Aah! Aah! Pony Head?!
Pony Head (o.s.) Stop lagging, Seahorse! Ugh!
Eclipsa Be careful.
Scene cuts to the ruins of New Monstertown.
Star Okay, Mina. Where are you?
A monster walks out from behind one of the buildings and collapses on the ground.
Monster [groans]
Star [runs up to monster] Oh, no! Sir, are you okay?! Additionally, have you seen a giant suit of armor stomping around?
The monster rolls over onto its back, revealing a glowing red scar across his right arm, similar to Globgor's in "Ready, Aim, Fire".
Star What the...?
Kelly Star! Let's split up. We'll find her faster that way.
Star Ooh, no, I don't think we should⁠—
Jorby Let's go, Team Kelly!
Quirky Guy Woo-hoo!
Kelly, Jorby, Talon, and Quirky Guy run ahead.
Star W-W-Wait! Guys! Let's stay together!
Rich Pigeon [to Pony Head and Seahorse] Okay, B-Squad. Let's patch up the civilian and resume the hunt!
Pony Head Oooh! Bonus medical drama! Woo-hoo!
Star [sighs]
Kelly, Jorby, Talon, and Quirky Guy search the village ruins, with Talon and Quirky doing parkour on the walls and rooftops.
Quirky Clear!
Talon Parkour, man!
Kelly Double time now!
While trying to jump from one rooftop to another, Quirky Guy falls to the ground below on his face. He gets up with a black eye.
Quirky [groans] Oh, yeah. Now, that's some good pain.
Quirky Guy gets stabbed through the stomach with the Solarian Warrior's energy sword.
Quirky Aaah! [groaning]
Kelly, Jorby, and Talon Quirky!
Quirky [groans] This is pain like I never felt before. [falls over]
The Solarian Warrior looms ominously over Kelly, Jorby, and Talon. Scene cuts to Meteora's bedroom. The red scar on Globgor's right arm now covers his entire bicep.
Globgor [groaning]
Meteora Butterfly [babbles worriedly]
Eclipsa His wounds are expanding!
Janna Ordonia I've never seen a wound like that before. What is it?
Eclipsa takes out a book titled "Dr. Emily Kelpbottom's Compendium of Magical Ailments".
Eclipsa [flips through book pages] It's from the age of Solaria, a Mewni queen who wanted to destroy all monsters. She created an army of powerful warriors enchanted with the queen's magic. The magic made the soldiers unstable to the point where they destroyed themselves. All except Mina.
Janna Ah. So Solaria was a crazy lady who made crazy people.
Eclipsa She was also my mother.
Janna Oh. Lucky.
Eclipsa Ah, here it is.
Eclipsa flips to the page in the book about the "Solarian Sword".
Eclipsa "The Solarian Sword marks its foe with a scar of magic, which consumes its enemy until..." [turns to next page, gasps]
Janna Ooh, that does not look good.
Globgor [groaning]
Globgor's wound expands from his right shoulder to his chest.
Eclipsa We need to stop that warrior!
Scene cuts back to Star's team in New Monstertown. Rich Pigeon looks for Mina with a telescope.
Pony Head Mina! Mina girl! I wanna make you a STAR! [to Star] It's mind games, honey. It's psychological warfare. Ohh! [yelping] Seahorse! Get the shot! Look at this!
Seahorse pushes the tripod forward, squishing Star between the camera and Pony Head.
Star Uhh! Hey! [gasps]
Talon is lying on the ground. He has a magic scar on his left bicep, and his sunglasses are broken in half.
Talon [straining] Ohhh, man...
Star Aah! Talon!
Pony Head [long gasp]
Rich Pigeon Don't worry, comrade! Rich Pigeon is here⁠—!
The Solarian Warrior slices off the left arm of Rich Pigeon's artificial suit.
Rich Pigeon Aah! [moaning]
Rich and his suit fall over. The Solarian Warrior appears. Kelly and Jorby charge toward it.
Kelly Mina! Aaaaah!
Kelly and Jorby leap toward the Solarian Warrior, and Kelly raises her sword, but the Solarian Warrior slashes them away, leaving magic scars on Kelly's arm and Jorby's paws.
Kelly and Jorby [groan]
Star [conjures Rainbow Fist on her arm] Hey, Mina!
Pony Head Baby, I got this! [her horn extends like a jousting lance] Chaaaarge!
Star [gasps]
Scene cuts back to the Monster Temple. Eclipsa is addressing Janna and Sir Dashing of Muscleton.
Eclipsa Royal advisers, if Star's plan doesn't work, we need to have another option.
Janna Well, on Earth, if people get stuck on what to do about something, they blow it up.
Sir Dashing of Muscleton Typical Earth attitude.
Janna Well, what's your bright idea, buckethead?
Sounds of explosions are coming from outside.
Eclipsa Oh! [runs up to nearby window] ...Sir Dashing? Fetch the explosives.
Janna Let's blow stuff up!
Scene cuts back to New Monstertown. Pony Head dodges the Solarian Warrior's sword and stabs its boot with her extended horn. She dodges the sword again.
Pony Head Now this is quality television, am I right?
The Solarian Warrior slashes Pony Head across her neck, leaving a magic scar. She flies backward into a wall, causing her horn to break off, and she falls to the ground.
Seahorse Pony Head!
The Solarian Warrior stands over Pony Head and Seahorse.
Pony Head Looks like the series finale...
Star appears to catch the Solarian Warrior's downward-swinging sword with her Rainbow Fist.
Star NOT!!!
Pony Head Oh! Never mind!
Star makes a second Rainbow Fist with her other hand and holds back the Solarian Warrior's sword with both hands.
Star [straining] Argh!
Pony Head drags herself over to Star.
Pony Head Baby girl! Don't let that monster win! She is filled with hate! But you... you need to look around you!
Star looks back at her friends. Quirky Guy, Rich Pigeon, Talon, Kelly, and Jorby give her looks of support.
Pony Head You are surrounded by love! You've got a big heart, girl! You got the biggest heart that Mewni has ever seen!
Rainbow colors start to wrap around Star's feet.
Pony Head (o.s.) SHOW HER YOUR HEART!
Star [groans] Yaah!
Star pushes the Solarian Warrior's sword away with a blast of rainbow light.
Star jumps high into the air, and she is enveloped by rainbow lights that come together to form a giant magic suit of armor.
Pony Head Yeeaaaah! Girl, you're so beautiful!
Star All right, friends, get back to the castle. Mama's gonna end this!
Pony Head [laughing] You hear that, Mina?! Our girl's cocky! [coughs]
Star and the Solarian Warrior have a face-off. The Solarian Warrior assumes a fighting stance. Star and the Warrior run up and throw a punch at each other. On a nearby hill, Eclipsa and Janna have loaded a large pile of explosives onto a wagon. Janna is shaking a can of fireworks.
Eclipsa So, do you think this plan is going to work?
Janna Blowing stuff up always works in movies.
Sir Dashing You'd better hope it works, because we packed every ounce of explosive material that we have into this wagon. If this plan fails, then that's all she wrote.
Sir Dashing leans against the wagon and accidentally sends it rolling down the hill.
Eclipsa and Janna Aah!
The Solarian Warrior crushes several village houses under its feet.
Star Mina! You need to stop this!
The Solarian Warrior picks up a small house and hurls it at Star. Star ducks down, and the house flies over her head.
Star You NEED! TO! STOP!
Star brings the Solarian Warrior to its knees with her punches.
Star Mewni has changed!
Star grabs the Solarian Warrior's left arm.
Star And it's not... changing... BACK!
Star swings the Solarian Warrior around by its arm and tosses it to the ground.
Star [panting] It's over!
The wagon of explosives continues rolling down the hill.
Eclipsa Star, look out!
The wagon rolls toward the fallen Solarian Warrior.
Star Aaaah! [covers her head]
The wagon gently taps the front of the Solarian Warrior's helmet. After a couple seconds, there's a massive explosion. Eclipsa protects herself and Janna from the shockwave with a barrier. Star steps forward through the smoke. The Solarian Warrior appears and stabs through Star's battle armor with its sword.
Star Aah!
The Solarian Warrior pulls its sword out of Star's battle armor. Star's armor vanishes, and she falls to the ground.
Star Aaaah! Oof! [groans]
The Solarian Warrior raises its leg, about to crush Star under its boot.
Star Oh, no...!
Eclipsa stops the Solarian Warrior with a magic attack. When she raises her head, her eyes and cheek marks are glowing. She points the Royal Magic Wand at the Solarian Warrior.
Eclipsa I call the spell which has no name! My mother's gift with which she reigned! Eclipse my heart with rightful power!
The sky turns purple. Eclipsa raises the wand over her head and summons the Spell With No Name.
Eclipsa Stand before the Queen and cower!
The Spell With No Name flies at the Solarian Warrior. It phases through the Warrior's armor and leaves a butterfly/skull-shaped melting burn. The Spell With No Name continues to melt some of the surrounding environment – including trees, buildings, and a mountain – before flying away. Star starts to pick herself up as the sky turns back to normal. Eclipsa floats down next to Star and gives her a hand.
Eclipsa [panting] Are you... Are you okay, Star?
Star Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
Eclipsa Oh, good. 'Cause I need to sit down. [sits on the ground] Whew. [sighs] I swore I'd never use any of my mother's spells for fear of turning into her. And yet... here I am! Hah!
Marco Diaz (o.s.) Star!
Star What?
Marco (o.s.) Star! [panting]
Marco comes running up from over the horizon.
Star [gasps] Marco!
Star and Marco run up to each other, and Star tackle-hugs Marco to the ground.
Marco [grunts]
Star [sighs]
Marco Star, listen⁠—
Star Shhh! Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh! [whispering] Shut up, shut up, shut up. Let me listen to your heartbeat... for just one minute.
Marco Oh, okay. [hugs Star with one arm]
Star Oh, I am gonna keep you in my pocket from now on.
Marco What?
Star Nothing. Okay, I can tell by your heart rate that you have bad news, so lay it on me.
Marco Mina Loveberry is coming to attack Eclipsa.
Star Dude, you're a little late. Eclipsa just defeated her with a big ol' spell.
Eclipsa [exhaustedly] Huzzah!
Marco Uhhh...
Marco looks up at the motionless Solarian Warrior.
Marco ...That's not Mina.
Star What?!
Eclipsa I'm sorry, pardon me?
Marco I don't know who that is, but Mina is heading here right now. And she's not alone.
Star looks toward the sound of booming footsteps and a crow's caw. Hundreds of Solarian Warriors are marching toward New Monstertown. They are led by Mina Loveberry, whose suit of armor has pigtails like hers.
Mina Loveberry [laughing maniacally]
Star There are... hundreds of them!
Eclipsa Ohhhh... [faints]
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