"The Right Way Score Selections" is a collection of musical cues heard in the episode "The Right Way".[1] It consists of the following individual tracks:

  • "Solarian Saber" plays when Star and her friends arrive to save Eclipsa from the Solarian Warrior.
  • "Greatest Warriors of Mewni" plays when Star's friends introduce themselves to Eclipsa.
  • "For Mewni" plays when Star and her friends charge down the cliff to face the Solarian Warrior.
  • "Misty Mewni Town" plays when Star and her friends begin their search for the Solarian Warrior in the abandoned Monstertown.
  • "Parkour Man" plays when Kelly, Talon Raventalon, and Quirky Guy search for the Solarian Warrior, and the Warrior wounds Quirky with its sword.
  • "Compendium of Magical Elements" plays when Eclipsa and Janna consult the Compendium of Magical Elements for answers on Globgor's condition.
  • "Kelly and Pigeon Down" plays when the Solarian Warrior incapacitates Kelly and Rich Pigeon with its sword.
  • "Show Her Your Heart" plays when Pony Head inspires Star with words of encouragement and Star casts "Rainbow Kaiju Battle Armor".
  • "Mecha Rainbow Star Vs. Mina" plays when Star faces off against the Solarian Warrior.
  • "The Spell That Has No Name" plays when Eclipsa casts the "Spell With No Name" and defeats the Solarian Warrior.
  • "Starco Reunion" plays when Star reunites with Marco.
  • "Mina and Her Army" plays when Mina Loveberry arrives with her army of hundreds of Solarian Warriors.


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