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"The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse" is the thirty-sixth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on May 12, 2019 alongside "Pizza Party".


Star searches for a way to defeat Mina and her Solarian Warriors.


Following the end of the previous episode, Hekapoo takes Star, Marco, Moon, and Eclipsa to the "Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", a tavern that sits on the boundary between reality and nonexistence.

Despite the hostile nature of the tavern's customers, Hekapoo says they can hang out here while waiting for everything on Mewni to blow over. However, Eclipsa refuses to sit still while Globgor is in danger, and Star continues to blame Moon for everything that happened. As Eclipsa distracts herself with a game of pool, she thanks Moon for convincing Rhombulus to release Globgor from his prison during the events of "Cornonation".

Back on Mewni, Mina Loveberry and her Solarian Warriors gather all the monsters at the edge of a cliff and prepare to shove them over to their deaths. However, Globgor is still missing, and Mina won't be satisfied unless he's killed along with them. Hidden somewhere in the temple, Janna looks after all of Star's magically-wounded friends. Quirky Guy's wound expands so much over his body that he explodes into particles of light. Meanwhile, River and Eddie carry Globgor to the Magic Sanctuary as fast as they can.

Back at the Tavern at the End of the Multiverse, Marco tries to cheer Star up with some pomegranate juice. Star declares that she hates magic, citing how her family and other magic users create more problems with it than they fix. She decides to renounce both magic and her family, and declares that Marco is the only thing that matters to her. Suddenly, a waiter appears before Star with a couple of pudding cups, and she sees Glossaryck sitting at the bar. Demanding to have a word with him, Star opens up his eyeball and climbs inside. Meanwhile, Eclipsa tells Moon to make amends with Star so that they can all work together to defeat Mina.

In the dimension inside Glossaryck, Star tells him that she hates magic, believing destroying it is the only way to defeat Mina. In response to Star's sudden decision, Glossaryck takes her to the Butterfly Castle tapestry room. There, several of Star's predecessors appear as ghosts outside of their tapestries, gathered around Star's finished tapestry from "Into the Wand". In the tapestry, Star is shown succeeding in destroying magic and bringing peace and happiness to Mewni. However, Marco is nowhere to be seen in the tapestry. Glossaryck explains that without magic, he will cease to exist, Marco will return to Earth, and Star will never see him again.

Star is heartbroken over the thought of never seeing Marco again after they just confessed their love for each other, but she realizes that's the cost of making sure everyone's safe and happy. She also realizes that Toffee, in his own quest to destroy magic, was right all along. Upon returning to the tavern, Star informs Marco of her decision to destroy the magic.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Korean 우주 끝 비밀클럽 End of Space Secret Club
Portuguese (Portugal) A Taberna no Fim do Multiverso The Tavern at the End of Multiverse


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Production notes



Revelations and continuity

  • The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse is a dimension that exists at the very edge of all reality, and beyond it lies complete nonexistence.
    • Hekapoo reveals that many people from different dimensions come to this dimension to escape magic-related issues and power-hungry rulers.
  • It is revealed that Rhombulus released Globgor from his prison at Moon's request.
  • Quirky Guy succumbs to his Solarian magic wound and explodes into particles of light.
  • Star decides to destroy magic after all the trouble it has caused in her life.
    • Glossaryck shows Star that if magic is destroyed, peace will be brought to Mewni, but Glossaryck will cease to exist. Marco will return to Earth, and Star will never see him again.
  • Inside Glossaryck's eye, Star meets several of her Butterfly family predecessors.
  • Star's tapestry from "Into the Wand" is completed, showing her succeeding in destroying magic.
    • The tapestry still has the tear Glossaryck popped out of in "Into the Wand".
  • Toffee's exclamation of "Surprise!" is reused from "Storm the Castle".
  • Mina wanting to shove the monsters off a cliff is similar to "Starstruck" when she wanted to shove off the citizens of Echo Creek off a ledge .



  • When Eclipsa starts playing pool, she doesn't aim for the white ball.
  • When Star is in the tapestry room, Moon's silhouette is layered over Estrella's tapestry in one shot.
  • When Star and the ghost queens look at Star's tapestry, Rhina's cheek marks are missing.
  • Rasticore is shown here in his tiny form with big arm as shown from Yada Yada Berries instead of what he was shown in Cornonation.