• Hello! Could you, as an administrator of your wiki, apply to the Fandom's workers to create a mobile app? If it's possible, create a topic on a forum. Then, administrators of non-English wikis , who want to get mobile app for their community, will write it there. Thank you for attention.

    Hello! I ask you to give a request to Helpers of Fandom for connecting mobile application. Please create a theme on the forum. Later administrators of other launguages (non English) wikies, who also wants to get an application for their wiki community, will note in this theme. Thanks.

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    • Unfortunately, I don't think that the SVTFOE is large enough to garner interest from Fandom right now to create a Community app for it, or at least I don't think Imperfect or I can request it for the time being. The wiki will only get a mobile app when Fandom is willing to work on it, and right now, Fandom has been working on other larger wikis to make them mobile versions. For now, I don't think we're going to request a mobile version with the Community App, but Imperfect may have a different opinion on the matter than me. Thank you for letting us know.

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    • Ok, thank you.

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