• First of all once again I wish you a happy new year mate. I hope your New Years eve was great. As a gift to start this new year how about we start with a brand new conversation like you wanted to do for a while.

    Ohh yes Tom really was a yerk when he first appeared. He was just a agressive quite annoying control freak that wanted everything to go his way. That was really his downfall. However he has grown and become a much better person. He still has some flaws but he is putting in some effort to fix them. Though now I don't really like the whole him and Star dating thing but I have a feeling that situation won't last very long. I give it a few episodes before that trainwreck is over xD.

    That is a great idea I really hope that happens. I would also love to see more of young River and his family. I mean we saw them in game of flags and know that they have a bloodthirsty warrior thing going on but not much else. And that they hate the Butterfly family because they are really stuck up. But you can't truely blame them for that one now can you ?

    Waiting hehe it is one of the most boring things in life. Sadly it is also one of the things you will end up doing a lot. Kind of like how your life will constantly change even if it is going just fine for you at the moment and you are like Yeah I am fine at the moment nothing has to change. However unlike change which is well ever moving and changin waiting is boring. It does have the useful result of breeding patience which is a very important virtue.

    My teacher has this brilliant same sarcastic sense of humor and a love of knowledge and language. She is also very good at explaining things which is really awesome. Finally she gives good feedback and always points out things I did well and things I did bad. Not one but both which is the way feedback will stick better for me. The last lesson she told this story about how she refused a translating job. The reason was because it would have to be done at Christmas time. She refused the assignment when she learned he didn't even need the text translated until much later. Then she kindly reminded that customer that she wanted to celebrate Christmas to. I believe she got the job later.

    You British have a lovely saying for that suggestion. Great minds think alike. Because I also thought that January 1st would be a great date to start a new conversation.

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    • Thanks. And a Happy New Year to you too.

      It's true, they've really put a lot of work into building up Tom's character. From Star's angry ex to an actual decent guy (even if he does still have some anger issues to work through). I too don't think they're going to last too long. Hopefully, Tom won't take the break-up so badly this time.

      Yeah, a flashback episode to River's youth (like they did with Moon) would be interesting. Maybe we could even see his first meeting with his future wife. And the Johansens do have good reason to resent the Butterfly family's attitude.

      Very true. Change happens to all of us sooner or later. And having the patience to deal with it is a great virtue.

      Good for her. It's always nice to know that there are people out there with integrity, and focus on what's truly important.

      Great minds think alike indeed. The last conversation was getting a little long, anyway. So starting fresh was a good idea.

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    • Thank you so far this new year has started out pretty well.

      They really have when he first appeared I thought that maybe he would be a one time or several appearance character. But as it turns out he was a main character. The more depth they added to him the more I started to like him. I mean I don't really like the whole him dating Star thing but still he is a much deeper character now.

      That would be nice to have a flashback of River's youth. I wonder if he already was a badass bloodthirsty warrrior in his youth. Because when he spoke to Moon he was quite shy and humble. Which if I am honest thought was kind of adorable.

      Change is one of the things that will always happen in our live. There may be times when there won't be as much change but there will always be a little. That is also one of the reasons why I love change. It is unpredictable and you have to go with the flow to adapt and overcome it. For me dealing with change is great because I always try to deal with it in a creative manner. And in doing that I keep on training my creativity my ability's in adapting and well evolve as a human.

      Yeah she is a really cool teacher. She is also supernice and good at her job so I have told her about 3 or 4 times that I wouldn't want anyone else as our teacher for the most important class of our course. And I really mean that.

      So I had a pretty nice start of the new year. I manage to do one assignment today. And I have two planned for sending in this week. Which means I probably will be allright.

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    • It did take a while for Tom to become a regular. He did make only two appearances in the first season (and one of them was very brief). But from season two onwards, he started getting more appearances, and more focus.

      River did seem more meek and shy back then. He even had trouble speaking up during the meeting. I guess it took time for him to become more bold and tough.

      So true. And good for you, not only being able to adapt to change, but also welcoming it. Not everyone can do that.

      That is nice. And from the sound of things, I'd say your classmates must feel the same way about her.

      I'm sure you will. Good luck with the next assignment anyway, though.

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    • Yeah he took his sweet time to become a regular. But he did kick off and actually created the beginning of the Starco ship by inviting Star to the Blood Moon Ball. That caused Marco to go after Star to make sure she was safe. And in the process they danced under the Moon Light and their souls were bound. So even in season one he played the trope of small role big impact at the time.

      Yes he was really shy and meek. It could also have been because he already had a crush on Moon back then. But either way he was just adorable. That flashback of Moon's youth was really awesome and cool. And it also revealed something interesting. River and Moon seem to have become best friends who later married. Not unlike a current princess and her squire ehh ?

      Well I live in a kind of ride or die situation. When something comes on my path I force myself to adapt to it. In doing so I learn and become better as a human but also grow. And you can never really grow enough as a human now can you ? 

      True my entire class like her. She is just a very likeable teacher who is also great at what she does and at her job as a translator. So yeah everyone in class like her.

      Today I worked on the second assignment of the week.. This one is bigger it have five practise exercises instead of 3. I managed to do 3 out of 5 exercises. I would have done more but I helped my mother with clearing out the Christmas stuff. After that I was dead tired so I decided to just do the other two assignments tomorrow.

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    • That's certainly correct. And the binding of their souls has had some impact in certain episodes. None of that would have happened without Tom. If they do eventually get together, they may actually thank him for it.

      Very true. Although River was already harbouring feelings for Moon at that point (though he was unwilling to admit to them).

      That is a fair point. If you can't adapt, then you won't survive.

      That's good to hear. I'm sure she appreciates that.

      That is really impressive. How many more assignments do you have left, if you don't mind my asking?

      Also, it's my birthday tomorrow. When is your birthday again?

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    • That is good point they might even be thankfull at some point that he was the way he was when he invited Star to the Blood Moon Ball. After all he did set the great cycle of them as a couple rolling by acting the way he did which made Marco suspicious. And well we all know what happened after that.

      Yeah it always seemed to me like he had a crush on Moon. The whole acting shy thing River did reminded me of Marco when he still had that stupid crush on Jackie. Though in River's case the crush was cuter. Also upper class British accent young Moon was really a great treat om the voice acting department if you ask me.

      Ohh boatloads of them. Like 30 for this module and 30 for the next module. But if I stick to my plan I will be able to get them all done very quickly.

      Ohh that is great how old are you turning tomorrow ? My birthday is the 13th of June.

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    • Yeah, we did. Maybe when they eventually got married, Marco would ask Tom to be his best man as thanks for inadvertantly bringing them together in the first place.

      In River's defense, he was more willing to actually go up to Moon and talk to her, even if it was in an awkward way. And young Moon did have a nice voice, didn't she?

      Good to hear. Even if there is a lot for you to work on, as long as you stay focused, you should be able to complete them all.

      That's good. How old will you be this year?

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    • First off all mate happy birthday. I didn't catch how old you are but still congratulations. I wish you many good years to come and good health. Did you get any fun gifts or any cool gifts ?

      That seems like something that could happen. I mean after all he did set the ball rolling and well it might be good for diplomatic relations and stuff for Underworld and Mewni if Marco asked Tom to be his best man. It would serve as a great ending to a great story he set in motion,

      True young River was like a sweet but more couragous form of Marco. He did actually go up to Moon and talk to her while Marco wasted years to even talk to Jackie. And then he wasted month's actually dating her  when his other half was right in the same house with him the entire time ^^. I feel bad for Marco ^^.

      I really like the upper class British accent with women. Young Moon's voice actress did an amazing job voicing young Moon. It also showed she also had snark even when she was younger ^^.

      True in the end I will do them and learn a lot and then those exams will go quite easy you'll see. And that is the most important thing right ?

      I will turn 25 this year. What about you ?

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    • I'm 32 this year. Sorry I forgot to mention that earlier. And I mostly got money for my birthday, money I intend to put to good use.

      We can only hope Tom takes their eventual relationship well. It would be a shame if he slipped back into his angry ways after all the character development she's had.

      Young River did have a little in common with Marco. Especially his nervous awkwardness, and loyalty to the girl he called his friend.

      Yeah, that voice actress was really good. I forget her name, but she was great in her role. Here's hoping we get another flashback with young Moon again.

      It sure is. Keep up that attitude, and I'm certain you'll succeed.

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    • Ohh that's cool I also forget things sometimes it's not really a big deal for me. Ohh that seems like a great idea. I usually don't ask for money because my family doesn't like to just give money they prefer to give a present. But if you have plans for it then asking money is a good idea for a birthday gift.

      If I am being completely honest it would be sad if he did but not completely impossible. He should have known a little bit better then to start dating Star after they had one nice moment and more importantly almost immiedietly after Marco left. That is quite obvious behavior you are trying to forget someone by dating someone else.

      Yeah true they both had a girl that was just their "friend". I always wonder if Marco actually believed himself all those times when he told people Star was just his friend. I mean the guy is terrible at lying but this was a case of him fooling himself so that was different. But it is true young River was a lot like Marco.

      She was a amazing voice actress. Her British accent was so good I wonder if she is actually a native British speaker. That would explain quite a bit about that amazing performance. I do hope that we will get more flashbacks with young Moon. That would be awesome.

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    • Yeah, especially since it means you can buy something that is definitely what you want to get. Some gifts are nice, but not quite what you're after.

      Maybe, but it's also possible Star chose to start dating Tom again to get her mind off Marco, or even because a nicer Tom reminded her of how Marco was.

      Maybe he did, but circumstances caused him to change that viewpoint. Hearing Toffee claim that Star was "gone" may have been a major wake-up call. The belief that he might never see her again would definitely have had an effect on him.

      She very well might be. And there is still plenty about Moon's past that would bear looking at that, so yeah, she may just return to voice her again.

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    • True things like asking money for your birthday can be a bit of a juggling act. Well for me at least because I want certain gifts but some people in my family are like I don't want to give money I want to give a gift. So yeah there is that which I have to deal with. Luckily I have quite a broad range of interests besides games so it usually works out.

      Well that plan didn't work out very well did it. You don't need a lot of analyzing capacity to know that people don't just switch back from one lifestyle to the other just like that. She could have even made Marco her squire right then and there that would have solved the problem. But in a way this is good. Because now her escapism act is going to blow up in her face. And from experience I learned that people learn to correct their mistakes best when there are particularly nasty memories as a result of that kind of behavior. And we both know that this is going to blow up very bad.

      That might actually have been a good indicator. Heck the way he hugged her when she was back to life I mean seriously. Was he really that freaking dense that was kind of a huge indicator that he liked her as more of a friend. It was kind of annoying how dense Marco was especially because it has reached the unreal level of dense.

      There is still a lot of things that can be learned about Moon's past. If they have an episode with young Moon and young River going on adventures together I would be very happy. And not just because of the awesome Young Moon voice acting but because maybe if Star is told a story she might realise she has more in common with her mother. And that could work on bringing them even closer together.

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    • Yeah, you don't want to seem greedy by just asking for money. Luckily, most of my family are very understanding when it comes to these matters. And at least your family know what kind of gifts you like to get, so there's that.

      To be fair, Star didn't even consider that a Princess could have a squire at first. It was only thanks to her talk with Eclipsa that she came to realize she could simply bend the rules a little and use her authority as Princess to appoint Marco as her "official" squire.

      Like Star, Marco may have subconsciously acknowledged his feelings for her, but did nothing about them because he wanted to preserve their friendship, rather than risk destroying it with an ill-fated romantic relationship.

      That would work, yeah. Moon did say she used to be a lot like Star until Toffee's monsters killed her mother. If we could see that for ourselves, it would definitely help support that theory.

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    • True so that's why I don't like doing it. I have had birthdays when I had no idea what to ask so then they didn't mind. But when I got older asking for money was considered boring (And it kinda is if you think about)unless you know what you want to do with said money. Then they didn't mind. And yes I have been searching for gifts in the more recent years a few month's before my birthdays. That makes things more relaxed.

      Hmmn you got a good point there. I did however consider it a little weird that Star didn't think of the idea of bending the rules a bit herself. I mean for that situation it seemed like a proper and Star like course of action. And yet she didn't do that only thinking of the solution after Eclipsa pointed it out. It was kind of weird.

      True to be fair those two are both incredibly slow in the emotions department. Well in the department of actually realising the true extent of their feelings for the other. I mean even Moon and River seemed to see the exact nature of how they felt for eachother i in Scent of a Hoodie with one short glance and seemed to think that it was adorable.

      Yeah it would be really cool. I mean besides young Moon's gorguous British accent I want to see a few of those things that in her words "I did a lot of things when I was your age that you won't be doing". ^^ And yes it would also support our theory which would also be very nice.

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    • In fairness, Star has gradually started to become more responsible and down-to-earth. And after seeing Ludo abuse his power during his brief time as king, she may have wanted to avoided doing anything like that.

      Yeah, Moon and River could easily tell what was going on during the farewell scene. Of course, River had already assumed that Marco was Star's boyfriend in "Camping Trip" (which now doesn't look too far off the mark).

      It would be good to see more of what Moon did at Star's age. We know very little else about her at that point in her life, other than the fact that she first learned how to "dip down" when she was eighteen.

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    • Yes but still it was rather silly for her not to see that option when it was a reasonable solution that would have solved at least part of her problem. On the other hand it is pretty awesome that she is not constantly bending the rules anymore to her advantage it shows that she is more responcible then before. Which might partially have been Marco's influence on her.

      Yes they could and their reactions was funny. That smile Moon gives is especially awesome you rarely see a genuine smile from her before well season 3.  But she seemed to consider it very sweet. Moon was also particularly awesome in solving the problem of Marco's sudden return while Star had started dating Tom. It was pretty cool. It makes me wonder if Moon and River liked the scene before them so much because something similar happened to her.

      I wonder if that flashback that we saw what age she was. She seemed like she was about Star's age don't you think ? But did she dip down to cast Eclipsa's darkest spell ? Because I never saw that I only really saw that Eclipsa's marks glowed but that was because she was using her power to cast the spell. Anyway more information about that would be awesome.

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    • She may have just been struggling with the shock of Marco coming back and wanting to stay in the castle. Like I said before, Star getting back together with Tom might have been due to her trying to move on from Marco. His return shook her up a little, even made her a tad angry, so she wouldn't have been able to think straight.

      It's certainly possible. Like Star and Marco, Moon and River started out as friends, then they ended up as husband and wife. They may have seen history repeating itself in that scene.

      It probably wasn't her "dipping down". The darkest spell just probably has that effect on the user. And more information would be great.

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    • Yes that was probably the reason why she was shocked with him returning and wanting to stay in the castle. Moon was very quick and efficient in defusing the tension that had come with his return. It really showed how she has great skills in diplomacy how she solved the situation. I figure I mention that was pretty awesome. 

      It probably was and we both know that won't end well. At least one of them is going to walk away from that situation with either a broken heart and shredded clothes. And I have a feeling that it will be Tom who will lose big time in this situation. And it will kind of be mostly Star's fault and a tiny bit. 

      I always thought her getting angry at Marco was super hypocritical and really really annoying. I mean how can he just barge back into my life seriously ? She came bursting into his life without any warning and sign but you conveniently forgot that didn't you Star. That is such a annoying character trait of her.

      Yeah that is what I thought to. They might have gone through that same dance until eventually they found the courage to abmit their feelings together and well the rest is history. If that is the case it must be fun for them to see history repeat itself again.

      You are probably right she was likely using Eclipsa's borrowed power of her dipping down but she didn't dip down herself. And true more information about young Moon and young River would be great. But I am sure that we will get that soon.

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    • Moon has always been the more level-headed member of the family, so it makes sense that she'd also be the peacemaker of the group.

      As I've said before, we can only hope that Tom takes the inevitable break-up with Star better than he did the first one. And it's true, Star is partly at fault for jumping back into a relationship with him in an attempt to move on from Marco.

      Yeah, that was meant to be hypocritical in a humorous way. She complained about Marco dropping in without warning when she did the same to him. She did the same thing when her father came to stay in "Royal Pain", remember?

      It might be, yeah. They can probably tell that Star and Marco still have a ways to go before they're both on the same page, romance-wise.

      Same here. It would be nice to see more of Moon's magical training.

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    • You got a good point she is the most level headed member of the Butterfly family so it does makes sense that is a good at defusing tensions and making peace in a group.

      I hope that it won't be to bad for him either. I mean it would be terrible if he fell back to his old selfish ways. It would undo all the hard work that Marco had done to make him a better person. And it would just make him an angry yerk again which you can't root for because he is just to much of a yerk. 

      I don't have to experience such a situation to know that it will end up bad. I mean starting a relationship with someone else when you haven't even gotten over your previous love interest is not healing the pain it's just making sure more people will suffer in the end.

      Ohh yeah I remember. It's jsut then it was funny but this time it seemed just very petty and out of character for her ^^.But you are right she has doen things like that before.

      Yeah I thought the same thing. It seemed like they were thinking this is going to take a while but they will get there eventually. It would make sense because they experienced the exact same thing. They were best friends when they were young and then they became more later in life. It would not be far fetched at all if they recognised the patern their daughter and Marco were caught in.

      That would be nice to see. I really wonder what Glossaryck's more direct approach will look like. Considering it is Glossaryck it might not be your natural version of direct ^^. I hope we will find out.

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    • She did spend the beginning of "Game of Flags" trying to keep the peace between her and River's arguing families, didn't she?

      That's what I hope too. Though I guess we'll just have to wait and see on that one. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long...

      Yeah, going into a rebound relationship isn't always the best idea. Especially when it's with someone you already broke up with before.

      Yes, that is one of her recurring flaws, and one that she still needs to work on fixing.

      My thoughts exactly. Both River and Moon can see the writing on the wall, even when Star and Marco can't.

      Let's hope we do.

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    • Yeah she did a really awesome job keeping the peace between the family. I mean she managed to calm down both family's. And what is even better was that she somehow found the time to scold River while she tried to keep the peace xD. That was really awesome.

      I have a feeling that this whole Star and Tom relationship wont last long. The relationship is poisonous because Star started it for the wrong reasons. She started it to forget Marco instead of that she genuinly has feelings for Tom other then friendship. No trust me the poison in that relationship will end it quickly.

      True I mean she is friends with Kelly right didn't she see how toxic that relationship was with them being on again and off again all the time. I guess that Star didn't notice.

      Yep and I kind of hope that it will be Marco who will be the one that points out that hyprocritical character trait of hers so she can fix it. Because he has suffered under it most.

      Yes indeed they see the hidden lines written in the sand and I have a feeling that they are just enjoying the ride and waiting before the inevitable will happen in the end. Which you can't blame them for really. It is really sweet and fun to watch two people fall in love.

      Considering how awesome that last flashback episode was I doubt that it will be the last. Or at least I hope it won't be the last. Two entirely different things really xD.

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    • She probably had a lot of experience by that point. It wouldn't be the first time both families have been together.

      True. They've already been showing cracks in the relationship (mostly from Tom's side). It won't be long before Star realizes she made a mistake, and breaks up with Tom.

      Yeah, Kelly broke up with Tad all the time, only to get back together with him, then break up again. Star was aware of this, and probably didn't like it. She wouldnt't want to go down the same road Kelly did.

      It might be, yeah. But Marco has developed some flaws of his own recently (like thrill-seeking without considering the consequences), so he may need someone to point that out for him.

      It really is, especially when the person you're watching fall in love is your own daughter.

      We can only hope, my friend.

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    • Yeah true you got a great point. And even in the flashback when Moon was young she already had quite a bit of skill in defusing disorder in her inner circle. It could be that she just strengthened that skill over time. At least that is my guess on how she is so good at that.

      Yes even in the episode I have seen Tom already makes a few tiny mistakes here and there. I am sure Star will notice them to if they get any worse. And I hope she notices that they don't belong together and that they should break up as quickly as possible to keep the damage to a minimum. No one wants to go down the road that Kelly went down. It is like getting hit by a bus or being set on fire. It doesn't have to happen to me for me to know that it is bad and will hurt me.

      Their relationship was one vicious circle which luckily stopped when Marco talked Tad out of trying to get Kelly to back together with him and become friends instead. That will be awesome.

      I abmit that the thrill seeking tendency's Marco has are problematic if left unchecked. But there is a huge difference between that tendency and Star. Marco's thrill seeking tendency is still young which generally means that it is much easier to eliminate and get rid of. Star's evasive tendency is old and much more serious.

      I am not a woman nor a parent yet so I wouldn't know xD. No I am just kidding it must be great for Moon to watch her daughter fall in love more and more and find true happiness. Especially since she didn't have that luxery.

      And hope is a powerfull thing. After all when all the evils were put in Pandora's box what was put in the box to even the scale ? Hope that's what. 

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    • True. Moon did use her newfound authority as queen to calm everyone down. She at least had that part down.

      Tom is trying to be a better person, but it's hard for someone to rid themselves of flaws like self-centeredness and a bad temper. "Monster Bash" made that clear. Hopefully, both he and Star will realize they're not right for each other sooner rather than later, and break up with a minimal amount of harm to each other.

      It was a nice scene. Especially considering Tad thinks of Marco as his best friend. That was surprising, but also touching.

      It would have been nice for Moon, mostly because she knows that Marco is a nice guy, and more than worthy of being with Star.

      Good point. Hope can be a powerful thing, especially in the darkest of times.

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    • Yes she did calm everyone down when they were arguing about what to do. Which was really a cool thing because she just lost her mother and was still determined to defend the kingdom and sign a peace treaty with the monster king.

      He is but it is very noticeable that it is quite hard for Tom to change for the better. He really seems to have some trouble with getting his temper and self centeredness under control. I mean he was getting better since Friendenemies but he still has a long way to go. Hopefully Star and the others will help him eventually. Yeah Monster Bash was shown that he lost his calm when a shopkeeper kicked him out. Though to be fair when he was flamed off in that situation it was pretty justified. That entire relationship is like an emotional poison. Someone is 100% going to get hurt in this situation and sadly I fear it will be Tom.

      Yeah it was a really funny and nice scene. Especially considering the fact that it came out of nowhere and they barely spoke together. Maybe they have spoken one time earlier I am not entirely sure anymore. But it was nice that Tad declared that Marco was his best friend while helping him with a big revelation at the same time.

      Yes and it will still be nice for Moon to see this. If this is anything like her relationship and getting together with River she know that this is just a minor dent in the road which was bound to happen anyway. All she has to do is wait until it resolved. And she and River might intervene if it takes to long but that is that. And Marco is a nice guy and not just that he is also great ruler potential. If Marco is trained by Moon and River I am sure he will become a great king alongside Star.

      Yes hope is a great and powerful thing. It is most effective in the darkest of time and has helped me personally quite a few times.

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    • True. She just had a very traumatic experience, but she was still able to pull it together and act as the new queen. That is very impressive.

      I think you meant "Starfari" That's when the shopkeeper scene happened. But it was still justified. And his anger didn't last long once the shopkeeper realized who he was talking to.

      And it is a shame that Tom will end up getting hurt, no matter how much he actually has changed for the better. He just isn't the guy Star truly loves, and finding that out will hurt him, no question there.

      Yeah, it was. And Tad thinking of Marco as his best friend allowed them to talk, with not only Marco convincing him to accept the break up, but Tad helping Marco realize his own feelings for Star.

      It would be interesting to see how River and Moon would intervene. Maybe by nudging Star and Marco together in some way?

      That's good to hear. It always helps to have hope.

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    • Yes it must have been quite a traumatic experience. And yet she pushed through that for the the good of her kingdom and ended up bringing peace to her kingdom by signing the peace treaty and ending the treat of Toffee. At a young age with such a loss only recently happening it was quite impressive. At least she had young River to help her ^^.

      Yes I meant Starfari thanks for reminding me. That whole episode was awesome it tackled both sides of racism. The prejudice of monsters was the negative side of racism. But their was also a positive form of racism. I don't mean that kind of racism was good but I am referring to how the shopkeeper grovelled before Tom when he found out he was rich. That kind of prejudice treating someone who is different and normally hate still quite well is a form of racism I rarely see tackled in television.

      Yes it really is a shame. I could say that he should have thought about it but can you really blame him ? Here the girl of his dream was giving him a second chance so of course he accepted. Sadly he will realise that him and Star are just not compatable and this time after the hurt will come he will understand that they are in fact never meant to be together as anything more then friends.

      It was a really cool great and sweet scene my friend. That talk not only strengthened their friendship they were both able to help the other in a significant way. Marco was able to convince Tad to let go and go on with his life. And Tad was able to give a obivous revelation which was still very important nonetheless.

      They could try and nudge the things together if things don't go as quick as they planned. If we learned anything from The Battle for Mewni it is that Moon has got some mad improvisational skills. She could easily have Marco appear in royal events as her plus one or something. And River will be able to help to he is suprisingly good with emotions and things like that.

      Yes hope is powerfull it can't work miracles but it can give you just enough motivation to take your life in your own hands and sometimes that is more then enough to help salvage a situation.

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    • She was being a true queen, that was for sure. She pushed past her pain, and focused on doing what had to be done for the sake of her kingdom. of course, it did help that River was there to encourage her.

      Yeah, that kind of prejudice does work both ways. Some people give certain groups special treatment, while showing nothing but hatred and contempt to other groups. It does seem quite hypocritical, though.

      We can only hope things turn out that way. Tom has managed to become a better person than he once was, so he may be able to see that he and Star weren't meant to be, and support her in seeking out the person she is meant to be with.

      I can see Moon doing something like that. River isn't quite as subtle, though, so it's trickier to imagine what he could do to help speed things along. Considering he already thought Marco was Star's boyfriend in "Camping Trip", he may feel like he doesn't need to do that much anyway.

      Sorry to keep asking this, but have you seen any other new episodes since "Ponymonium"?

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    • That was pretty badass of her to do that pushing through the for the good of the kingdom. It does make me wonder though if Moon actually fully processed and grieved for her mother’s death.

      The reason why it looks hypocritical is because it is hypocritical. It is totally understandable behavior but it doesn’t change anything. Everyone wants to be friends with the rich people of a group and most of people who are that kind of racist treat the poorer class like shit. Because they have nothing to gain from treating them with respect.

      I am not sure if he will take it that well. If Daron and her crew wished to portray how bad behavior works realistically then she could let Tom have a relapse in his old behavior.

      Moon is the planner of the two. River is more something between an advisor to his wife and well the love of her life. Which is important to. But if they intervene well then Moon will probably take charge. She is better in sneaky stuff.

      Not yet sadly. I studied for a exam and worked on assignments.

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    • It's certainly possible that she pushed aside her feelings of grief in order to focus on saving the kingdom. And weakening the monster who caused her mother's death would definitely have helped.

      True. The sad fact is that some people think they're better than certain others. So they treat those others badly because they think they deserve it.

      Maybe he will. But I am hoping he will ultimately realize the error of his ways, and come to accept Star's decision.

      Yeah, she is. We can only imagine what she might do in order to help bring Star and Marco together.

      I understand. I heard that the new episodes got pushed back, so that means you have more time to catch up on the others.

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    • It would be a reasonable possibility that she did that. I doubt it was healthy though if she did that. On the other hand she had a very supportive and understanding inner circle and of course her future husband River that supported her and gave her a great friendship. I have a feeling that Moon loved the fact that she found away in which she ruined Toffee's unbeatable tough guy aura. Maybe she considered it a fitting punishment. After all he was done with being influencial in the monster army after he got hit by that spell. Maybe Moon wanted to make Toffee feel what it's like to lose something that is really important to you the same way he took away her mother.

      I don't approve of it but I do get where people are coming from. Usually the people that think that way have a certain mindset about these specific people are good. In history those people helped us grow stronger and more prosperous. So they are good. And when they discover people that have completely different view points and ways of life that they cannot comprehend. Then either the ignorant kind of racism kicks in like saying you want to help them to a better way of life(specifically your way of life). And then their is the pure brutal form of racism that thinks those people are barely above animals so we don't have to treat them like humans. If they help us fine but if they are in the way get rid of them. I can barely even begin to conceive the culture shock the Europeans must have experienced when they met the Native Americans. Chances are the words backwords little heathens and savages were dropped several time.

      I am guessing that he would realise the error of his way in the end. And if he doesn't then in the end he will turn anyone who cares about him against himself. So if he stays the yerk he was he loses everything and if he betters himself he will win. Pretty simple for me.

      You need to remember that Moon is a Butterfly. If they want something it will happen. No matter if they have to move realms and dimensions it will happen. So not even Marco's denseness could protect him if Moon decided she wants Marco as the next king of Mewni.

      I am happy to hear that I will have more time. Then I can study for this exam I have in 12 days.

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    • There's also the fact that she was wary about keeping her side of the bargain with Eclipsa. She probably chose to remove Toffee's finger so she could prove she could stop him, and without releasing Eclipsa.

      And yeah, Moon did have a lot of support at that time. Though some were less help than others, like Count Mildrew.

      That is unfortunately true. And we both know how things between those two groups ended up, don't we?

      That is the best case scenario for Tom. It seems inevitable that Star will break up with him again, so he'll need to at least be able to eventually move on and accept her decision. Going back to being bitter and angry would be a real step backwards for him.

      True, but Marco has already acknowledged that he now has feelings for Star. The problem now is that he's unable to tell her (ironically, just like Star was unable to tell him her feelings for most of season 2). Moon may be able to help him voice those feelings in some way, though.

      Good for you. I hope you pass that exam.

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    • That probably also played a part in it. She probably knew that if Eclipsa was freed and it became known she was responcible then she would get in a lot of trouble. So she misaimed on purpose getting what she wanted what was good for the kingdom while she kept Eclispsa in her crystal prison. Triple win at the time... clever girl I can respect that.

      Yes she did get a lot of support at that time. Even Minna Loveberry tried to be supportive in her own totally not working way by try to very ackwardly avoid pointing out that Moon's mother Comet had just died. And Count Mildew didn't help at all either. Moon had bigger things on her head then grieving for her mother. It was sad but the both call.

      The Europeans got a lot of gold and other shiny stuff. And they nearly killed the entire Native Americans and destroyed a lot of old languages and a way of life. Treated them like animals and later when the Europeans had less influence the country that spawned as a result stuck them in reserves and still treated them like animals. The sick thing is that the common diseases that the Europeans accidentally brought with them were nothing but a minor nuisance to the Europeans. Yet they were like the black plague to the Native Americans. Isn't that insane ?

      Just wondering would you have done it without knowledge of what was going to happen ? Enlist on the ship as a loyal redcoat exploring for the crown ?

      I have read somewhere that the Dutch were a bit more respectful then other Europeans towards the Native Americans. They bribed the Native Americans with little shiny trinkets to buy land. It might not have been entirely morally good. But in my opinion it was more civilised then just removing the native forcefully. Though that could have also have had a commercial undertone. Why shoot someone that costs you a bullet when you got a potential trading partner might have been the thought.

      I also read somewhere that the Dutch were super relaxed with freedom of religion for that time. They didn't care if you had a different religion. They might have tried subtly but still the Dutch were in the New World for trade and profit. Not to "save"the native Americans from their way of life. 

      Lets hope he will come to that realisation. I can handle Tom having a relapse in behavior but if he stays a yerk I am done with him as a character. And he was so well on his way.

      You are right about that I forgot about that. Well maybe she could just talk to him. Considering how her family hated River's guts she might have also got the feeling that she was in love with someone that she couldn't marry. Unless she was able to defy her family as the queen and marry River anyway. Unfortunetly Marco doesn't have that priviledge.

      I hope so to.

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    • That's right. Moon thought she was getting the best of both worlds. Protecting her kingdom from Toffee and his army and avenging her mother's death, along with making sure Eclipsa stayed imprisoned.

      Mina was the one who wanted to go to war with the monsters. And yeah, she did at least point out that Moon was still mourning her recently deceased mother. Count Mildrew was no help whatsoever, though.

      Yeah, that was pretty bad. I would have gone for the exploring, but not much of the other stuff. And at least certain others weren't nearly as bad.

      We'll have to keep our fingers crossed for that outcome.

      It would be nice to see Moon talk to Marco about his feelings for Star. Since they're both usually the level-headed ones, she might be able to get through to him. As for her and River, she was the queen, so she had a right to marry anyone she wanted. And the crown River wore back then indicated he too was royalty, so there would have been nothing her family could have done to stop their marriage.

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    • And to think Moon was already that intelligent and capable at planning at what was probably around Star’s age ? She managed to trick a immortal brilliant military general and destroyed his reputation at the same time while keeping what was presumed a great evil contained.

      She was really more hurting then helping Moon but at least she wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt Moon’s feelings. I mean we have see Mina at much worse then when with young Moon. Count Mildew wasn’t helping either. He annoyed Moon more then he helped and he pushed Moon into a action she could not afford to do at the moment which was grieving.

      I would have also gone on a ship for the exploring. See the new world and help build some new colonies. Trade with the natives and walk away with some gold. But not part of running them out of their land. Or if better I wish I was the rich guy who owned the ships. So I could rent them and could have created a neutral trading port zone. That would have been cool.

      I feel like Tom should be used with moderation. The extend he is being used in this season seems a bit much. Because he is turned into a false romantic lead it seems like he lost his personality and changes he went through.

      I actually think the chance of that happening seems quite big. Once Moon finds out or if she already knows finds the time to talk to him I could see those two having a nice conversation. I could imagine them complaining about their other halves shenanigans before admitting it is part of why they love them.

      The only thing they could do was act stuffy and annoying. And that they are doing quite well ^^.

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    • True. Maybe her mother started her on learning stuff like that early. Either way, Moon still managed to make an excellent move against Toffee.

      Yeah, neither Mina nor Count Mildrew were really all that helpful, especially Mildrew, who acted like Moon was too busy mourning her mother to do anything.

      Good choice.

      Well, at the moment, he is Star's boyfriend, so he probably will be appearing regularly. So we'll have to get used to him being around.

      I'd say Moon already has a good idea of what's going on between Star and Marco. Maybe when she gets the chance to talk with him alone, she discuss all that. At the moment, she seems to be busy putting together a case for Eclipsa's trial, along with running the kingdom. But it would be nice to see them bonding in such a way.

      Yes, they do. Thankfully, Moon hasn't inherited too much of that.

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    • She might have done that. I mean if I recall correct it was mentioned somewhere that Moon's mother was a very wise woman. So I wouldn't put it beyond her to do just that. Teach her daughter things about strategy tactics and when it might be more beneficial not to keep your word. She might have sped up that training when she had to face the threat that Toffee and his goons posed to the kingdom. Regardless she had outsmarted and outgambited someone who was quite a brilliant mind.

      Mildew was especially useless. If anything his behavior might have risked Moon having a relapse and wanting to grief. If that happened well then they wouldn't have had a queen to take charge and a monster threat to deal with. So yeah not helpful at all. And Mina if anything it was lucky she acted the way she did inside. She is crazy enough to have fought the monsters and brought war to the kingdom.

      You know me if anything I like to do business trade and make money. So I would have loved help build colony's (as something of a planner/ supervisor because I don't have a technical bone in my body) or just rent out ships and let the profit raked in while I myself also made a tidy profit. I mean everyone wants to be wealthy those that say the don't are lying. The problem with the explorers is that they didn't realise that they would have had no idea how deal with the fact that they had a lot of money if they would have hit a vein. And it only would have taken one opportunistic bastard which would have sucked them dry for minor services. By the way did you know the Dutch even had a trading post on Japan back in those days. I heard the Dutch were one of the earliest to have a vast long trading relationship with them.

      I am not saying that I don't like Tom or that he shouldn't appear. It's just since he has become a reverse romantic lead for Star he seems to have lost a bit of personality. Of course after Star breaks up with him we will get a cool character arc for him.

      Scent of a Hoodie seemed to show that she recognised exactly what was going on and that it would only be a matter of time. After Song day Moon has learned to let Star make a few mistakes every once in a while. So she will probably let this run it's course and maybe intervene if it takes to long for her tastes. Then again she might not want to intervene at all because it would deny her daughter a similar experience she had.

      I know right ? Of all the Butterfly's he could have married River lucked out with marrying the one who was actually kind caring and loving.

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    • I'm hoping we get to learn a little more about Moon's mother, perhaps in a later flashback, or just from Moon talking about her. Though she may not have known about Toffee and his aspirations until it was too late.

      Mildrew was being extremely condescending, acting like Moon was in no state to be queen due to the loss of her mother. And Mina just wanted to go to war with the monsters, without considering any other alternative.

      That is interesting. You really know your history.

      Well, before that, most of his personality was being an angry ex-boyfriend who wanted to force Star to get back together with him. We'll have to wait and see where his development goes next.

      Maybe not. She did get together with River by herself, so she might want to let Star do the same thing. But she could still give Marco some advice, in a way that makes it seem like it isn't romantic advice.

      It may not have been luck. Moon may just have been the only Butterfly his age that was around back then.

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    • I think that we will learn more about Moon's mother at some point. While I prefer a flashback episode which shows her mother I also wouldn't mind if more was revealed about her in the form of Moon telling either Star or Marco or both about her mother. Most importantly I just really want to know more about her. She is quite a fascinating character in my opinion. Especailly since she seemed to be a great queen as even Glossaryck mourned her death. 

      Yes it was just cringeworth level of condescending. He seemed to think that Moon wouldn't know how to feel because she was just a teenager who happened to be the new queen. It was very annoying and cringeworthy to watch him disrespect him. I hope Moon got her revenge by sending him to some unimportant backwater post. I would have done that if someone disrespected me like that. Mina's motives are while terrible more understandable she is a war hero that is what she is good at so that is her first solution to a problem to fight it.

      I actually learned the thing about Japan in the Rijksmuseum. It was very fun and interesting. There was this painting of this time when the Dutch wrecked a fancy British fort sailed up the Thames set fire to the British ships stationed there and then stole the admirals ship. Stealing the ship of your opponents admiral right on their home turf. I think it was a pretty badass thing to do though I might be biased in favor of the Dutch here.

      We will see soon enough. I have heard that there are already cracks shown in Monster Bash but I will find out soon enough. The most important thing is that he will evolve and develop as a character.

      True but still it was pretty lucky of the Mewnian's that were of age he was the only one. And she happened to be the only woman of age that we know of. So they were lucky and maybe also there was the fact that there was no one else. Still I am happy those two got together.

      I could definetly see that happening. Moon is really just well sneaky enough to teach someone a lesson while just dosing it in a way that they will think they came to the realisation themself. If that does happen I can't wait to see it.

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    • Let's hope so. I did hear that her name was "Comet". And it would be interesting to see what the wand looked like in her possession. And the fact that Glossaryck was actually crying over her death would suggest that the two of them were fairly close.

      Another thought that just occurred to me: Whatever happened to her husband, Moon's father? There was no mention of him anywhere. Did he die also?

      He did seem to also be attracted to Moon, but in the way that suggested he thought she needed a guy like him to "support" and "protect" her. The way she glared at him when he pulled up a chair for her suggests that she didn't appreciate that kind of attitude. And of course, he wasn't that tough himself, falling to pieces when she walked into the monster camp.

      That was pretty impressive.

      Yeah, it was good for both of them to have the chance to fall in love and marry. And they're still happily married after all this time.

      Maybe. But like I said, we're just going to have to wait and see how things play out. Maybe Moon can deal with that after Eclipsa's trial.

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    • Yes I believe that her name was to be revealed Comet somewhere. I don't know if it's the exact source but I got it somewhere of tv tropes. I think it does suggest that they were quite close to eachother. Though his actions did set the burning of the spellbook in motion and the release of Eclipsa.

      That is a good question. I think he is also dead but we may never know. Though if he was still alive I think we would have seen him by now. Or he would have taken over the task of ruling if he was still alive don't you think ? So my guess is that he is probably dead.

      Moon does seem like the kind of strong independent woman who didn't really need that. It might have been genuine concern and well meant and all but that doesn't take away the fact that is was very condescending. He spoke to River about her 5 feet away but in a way that didn't really acknowledge her. No he was not tough at all. Which come to think of him makes him the first royal family member that wasn't a badass. Shamefull honor xD.

      Well it is kind of a Dutch thing. If we do things we do it big. So if we want to send a message to an at the time enemy why just destroy their fort. While your at it also burn their ships stationed there and steal the big pride of their navy the ship of the admirals. Because you know it is going to rub them the wrong way and it will be incredibly humiliating to negotiate a price to get it back.

      Yes they still are happily married and in love. Which is a great thing for which I am happy for them. Let's hope Star will have the exact same thing.

      Yeah probably I mean she is very busy with the trial at the moment. She might have figured that she will deal with it later. After all Moon does seem quite fond of Marco. And not just because he keeps her in check and an eye on Star for her.

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    • I think one of the writers mentioned it, or even Daron Nefcy herself. And Glossaryck may have actually planned for the spellbook to be burnt so it couldn't be used by Ludo or Toffee for anything bad.

      Probably, yeah. He may have been killed by one of Toffee's minions years ago, or maybe suffered some kind of accident.

      Well, he certainly wasn't a Butterfly or a Johansen. He was probably from some other family of nobles, one that wasn't nearly as tough.

      That would be nice. Star and Marco have already been through so much together. Even before they developed feelings for each other, they always stayed together as friends, so it wouldn't be too surprising if they become just as close (if not more so) when they finally get together.

      It will be interesting to see how that trial actually goes when the show finally gets around to it. And it was clear in "Scent of a Hoodie" that Moon is fond of Marco, like when she gave him that kiss on the forehead. And her and River allowing him to stay at the castle (and even share meals) with them was a nice gesture, too.

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    • Yes that seems about right it was from either one of the writers or Daron herself. You have a good point there it could be that he planned for the spellbook to be burned so it couldn't be used for nefarious purposes. And knowing Glossaryck he probably planned ahead for something to return his intelligence after it was burned.

      Either way are plausable in my opinion. What we know at least was that he wasn't around during a meeting of Moon's inner circle so he was probably sad. Still pretty badass for Moon to lose her parents at quite a young age and still do what was needed.

      Most definetly did not behave like a Butterfly or Johansen. Mildew showed emotion but not in a way the Johanson family is shown to do it which are through bone crushing hugs. So I think you are right he probably was from one of the less influencial noble family's.

      Ohh I have no doubt about that happening. The way I see it we just have to be patient and then eventually it will be allright. Remember the children's tale of the Tortoise and the Haze ? Slow and steady wins the race. If we wait long enough we will see it happen sooner or later. The funny thing is that even season 1 shows that they care about eachother way more then a regular group of best friends. If anything the Blood Moon was a confirmation of what was already shown. I have no doubt they will be just as close together as Moon and River are.

      The trial will be interesting to see how that actually goes. I mean it is a Mewnian trial. If nothing insane or strange or unorthodox happens then I am calling that stupid and a missed opportunity. 

      True they do let him stay at the castle and let him stay as an exchange student and seem to be quite fond of him. River seems to like him a lot and Moon was shown to be fond of him. I think she likes him both because of how much he cares about Star and how he has tempered and reigned in her destructive quite a bit.

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    • You mean like he planned for Star to have those nightmares of him, so she would be able to fnd him at the Sanctuary?

      Yeah. that would have been sad. And if Moon's father did indeed die first, it would have made losing her mother all the more painful.

      And considering it was said in "Game of Flags" that he was still single, it doesn't look like that family will get more members anytime soon.

      Yeah, season one did show developing a strong bond fairly quickly, referring to each as "best friends" before long. "Blood Moon Ball" just laid down the foundation for greater feelings to be built upon in the future.

      True, there may be different ways of conducting a trial on Mewni. But it will be interesting to see how things go, and what the final verdict on Eclipsa is going to be.

      Well, they don't have schools on Mewni, so they probably wouldn't see him as an exchange student. More like a close friend of the family, or maybe even honorary family. And Moon may indeed be aware of the effect Marco has had on Star.

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    • Hey. Just checking if I might have the same problem you had.

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    • I see you don't have that problem which is fortunetly. I really hate how if you wait to long with writing your post you have to both copy your message and refresh your browser it's ridiculous and so annoying.

      And it's not like our 246 days in a row back and forth conversation was something I both enjoyed and was proud of which is now gone because of a lame little annoying bug which was like ohh I am going to make it look it posted but then not post it. What a stupid bug.

      I could see Glossaryck do something like that. He sometimes has some  weird excentric or downright annoying ways to get what he wants. He would definetly be someone who would give Star nightmares to engineer her bringing him back to life. I am also quite sure that whatever Globgor is will be the key to restoring him to full energy.

      No doubt the other royal family's don't see him as having strong blood or maybe he is just such a low ranking noble that marrying is not actually worth it for the other influencial family's. Well he shouldn't have been such an unintentional dick to Moon I guess this is his punishment.

      Their bond developed very quickly. They went from one sided enemies to best friends in one day. That is really quick and after all the adventures they became very very close real quick. It was to the point that other people seemed to notice how close the two are. The Blood Moon ball was just the foundation that showed they are destined for something greater then love.

      If they don't make up some crazy thing that Mewnians do during trials they messed up. This is one of those few situations from which they can get a lot of good jokes. I mean knowing Mewni something insane is bound to happen during the trial.

      There is a lovely sense of irony that the one person who hates having to go to school happens to be the princess which has to go to some sort of school to learn stuff. The universe has a lovely sense of irony don't you think ?

      It does seem like he is treated as honorary family by the royal family. I mean if you notice all the important events he visits he is always seated to the right of Star. That must mean something significant don't you think ?

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    • You can also add to the counter by editing the articles. That can be something of a back-up plan if this kind of thing ever happens again.

      Maybe. Some fans have theorized that since Glossaryck is tied to the book, the little piece that was left over after Ludo burned it is also the last remaining connection to his mind, so maybe "Globgor" actually has got something to do with that.

      Star and Marco really did connect fast, when you think about it. Almost like destiny. The Blood Moon Ball may simply have sped things along.

      I'm sure the Mewmans will have their own spin on a classic trial. Hopefully, it'll be a fun one.

      It sure does. But at the moment, Star no longer has to go to school, since she's not on Earth anymore.

      I guess it does. He even has a seat right next to Star at mealtimes. Moon and River no doubt recognise how close he and Star are.

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    • I suppose I could and it is a great back up plan. But I don't edit that much I prefer just chatting with you about things that happened. Things like what happened yesterday may have been wishful thinking or true. Doesn't really matter anymore the counter is reset so I will have restart from scratch again. Wasn't the first time I did it and won't be the last one.

      That could be a good theory that it is the last piece of his mind. Would make total sense since he was bound to the spellbook his state of mind could easily depend on how the Spellbook is doing at the moment. And Globgor might be something that will be able to help restore the spellbook.

      The connected on an insanely fast level. It might just have been destiny pushing Star in a situation where she came to Earth where she met Marco. And well the rest happened is known history. Well up until now I mean we can predict what happens but still. The Blood Moon might have just sped up the inevitable.

      They probably got a fun spin on the traditional classic trial. I mean the Pidgeon Kingdom had a great one with death by a thousand pecks.

      She still has to learn all the things about being a princess. Which was the closest thing Mewni had to an education. So she is sort of both lucky in general but unlucky because she doesn't like learning all the stuff.

      Yes he does sit right next to her. I mean he did a lot for the kingdom and is a very special friend to Star so it makes sense that he gets some of the most important seating places.

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    • That's a shame. But you don't have to make too big an edit. A small change, like correcting a special error, or giving a picture in one of the galleries a caption will work just fine.

      It could be. But at the moment, no-one seems to know what it means. Even Eclipsa, who's known Glossaryck for years, hasn't said anything about it (though she could just be withholding the information for some reason).

      Some people just connect really quickly, whether it be as friends, or something more. It seems for Star Marco, that worked in both senses.

      Yeah, that was funny, in a weird kind of way.

      True. But it's not like she receives any actual lessons in how to act like a princess from anyone, not even her mother.

      It is nice to see that Moon and River see him as worthy to live with them and dine with them. Not only is he their daughter's best friend, he helped save Mewni, so it makes sense that they'd allow him to sit with them. They probably believe he's more than earned his place at the table.

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    • Yeah but things like that happen. If you are done whenever you encounter an obstacle your life is going to suck hardcore xD. So I see obstacles and mistakes as a tool to induce change in myself. All in the service of a philosphy I have which I call the great change. The philosphy basicly involves taking all obstacles in life and seeing them as gift to evolve, adapt and grow as a person. Before I became a fan of Nooroo I was also a fan Tzeentch the Chaos god of Change from Warhammer universe. Partially because the guy is living the dream of being able to scheme eternaly but also because he is the god of change.

      I am not sure if Eclipsa is completely up front. If I know intelligent and clever people(and trust me I know them)then I have had multiple cases in which they hid something. A bit of slight of hand that they can reveal at a critical moment to gain an adventage. I think Eclipsa will have something like that to.

      She still has to learn all those things about being a princess which she hates. Might not be school but she has to get a education in how to be a proper princess which was something that didn't interest her at all.

      I also have this gift that I can connect with people really quickly. Mostly online but face to face works pretty well to. I just turn on the charismatic behavior like Hades ^^. But they really became friends at a very notable fast pace.

      It is really great to see that with his loyalty he actually has earned his place at the table as well a squire but also considering he is Star's personal knight in training it makes sense he is seated at their table. I mean shouldn't a knight or in this exception a squire be at their masters beck and call ?

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    • That is a very good way of looking at things. Being able to not just overcome obstacles, but welcome them, is very admirable.

      Maybe not. She never mentioned having a child to anyone. We can only wonder what other secrets she's hiding from everyone.

      True. But with Glossaryck in no state to teach and Moon busy preparing for the trial, you have to wonder who would teach her those things.

      That's good to hear. Not everyone is that good at forging bonds with people so quickly. It's a rare gift, and one you should be proud of.

      Yeah, but it was Star who made him a knight in training. You have to wonder how Moon and River reacted when they heard that little piece of news, since princesses traditionally don't have squires.

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    • The essence of change itself is fascinating if you think about it. If you stop developing yourself and bettering yourself then change will stop. But if you reach your goal then change will stop to. When someone asked me to describe change in a poetic manner once I lovelingly called change the Eternal Journey.

      Knowing the Butterfly family she will probably have a few tricks up her sleeve. And I am glad that she will probably have a few tricks up her sleeve.

      True so she has a sort of break right now. But she is still doing a lot of princess stuff while also doing a lot of square stuff with Marco as his princess.

      I appreciate every gift I have gotten and use it s best I can. I got that typical Dutch resourcefulness to solve situations which is also helpful.

      I have a feeling they wouldn’t be that surprised. They know that Star tends to do things her own way and this might seem like a good thing for them,having a responsible young man who isn’t afraid to call her out when she does something wrong watching over her.

      While not traditional I think that maybe the concept of having a personal knight will at least be known to the Mewnian royalty of having a knight who is only bound to protect a specific member of the royal family.

        Loading editor
    • That is a very fitting way to describe it. Change is something of a journey. Sometimes, you don't know where it will take you.

      Perhaps. But we'll have to wait and see if she'll be revealing them any time soon.

      Yeah, she was pretty focused on trying to establish peace between Mewmans and monsters, and deal with her sleep-portaling. But since he attempts at peace aren't going so well at the moment, and the sleep-portaling problem was solved, she may have a little more time to herself.

      Probably not. Though they might not like it if they knew Marco isn't quite as responsible as he once was at the moment.

      They do have knights and bodyguards. But usually, they let someone else handle the training of a squire. I wonder at what point Star will decide Marco is worthy of becoming an actual knight?

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    • Not just a journey the very nature of change means that it must always happen for it to even be able to exist. There is a reason why Nooroo is probably the most powerful Kwami after Tikki and Plagg because his domain is just that big a deal and always happening. Humanity must have fed him a lot of power just by developing as a species.

      I can’t wait to see Eclipsa’s hand haha. Ohh wow I have definitely played way to much card games recently. Anyway still we will see what happens.

      Yeah I can imagine that those things aren’t going that well I mean the Mewnians are a stubborn bunch. She is going to need all the help to punch through and make a change. Maybe she will realise that she does truely love Marco and should take a leap of fate by dating him if he helps her with convincing the nobles that they must change their way.

      You got a good point right there. But he is really good at being responcible and keeping Star out of trouble. If anything Star making him her squire was a positive thing for Moon and River. It means a loyal responcible young man is keeping watch over her.

      I could see the whole Marco being a squire to Star as possibly being a metafor. It could be that Star will knight Marco when she is ready to take a leap of fate and date him. That his status as her squire could be a metafor for how it is now his turn to wait until she fully returns his newly grown affection.

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    • That is a good point. Nooroo's power allows Hawk Moth to transform people into any form he wants. There seems to be no limit to the kinds of powers he can grant to them.

      Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long. I'd especially like to see how she reacts when Star tells her she met her daughter.

      Trying to get the Mewmans to change is difficult. Hopefully, they're not as stubborn about most things as they are on their views on monsters.

      I think you may have posted your reply too soon. It got cut off at the end there.

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    • As I mentioned before, Marco is getting a tad less responsible this days. His need for adventure and excitement is clouding his judgment, so he's not quite as cautious as he used to be.

      That is an interesting way of looking at things. Maybe that really will happen once Star and Marco both admit their feelings for each other. Star could see it as a symbolic gesture of how she's finlly admitting how much Marco really means to her.

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    • Marco might be a little bit less responcible then he used to be. But a less responcible Marco is still leagues ahead in being responcible when comparing it to Star. She is getting there but she is still quite reckless. I mean the fact that she went back to dating Tom so quickly for example was super reckless. And in doing so created a situation in which everyone will lose

      It just was a thought that occured to me. I mean Daron and her crew don't just do things for the reason of doing them. She is a very intelligent, creative and frankly awesome cartoon producer. She usually slips in some form of symbolism for things. Some point out that Marco wearing his Goblin Dog shirt was because he was being a weeny with not talking about Star and trying to become something more.

      Nooroo is well adorable. It saddens me that a Kwami that seems so intelligent in nature has to serve such a simplistic tool. I wonder if there are some sort of consequences for abusing Nooroo's powers for his simple little schemes. And that the fact that well lets just *you know who is one of the mayor dents in his plan* in case some people here read our conversation and haven't seen the collector yet. The fun thing is that Hawk Moth probably only can access a sliver of the Moth Miraculous because he does not use it the way it is supposed to be used. I imagine that all those additional powers I keep hearing rumors about exist might take a scrapload longer for him to unlock compared to Ladybug and Chat Noir who do use their Miraculous for their intended purpose.

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    • True. But Tom had been making an effort to better himself. That, combined with what happened at the Silver Bell Ball and the events of "Demoncism" may have reminded Star why she started dating Tom in the first place.

      I thought that was interesting. Maybe it was another way for Marco to remind himself of the good times he'd shared with Star, or maybe it was example of Marco becoming more confident or adventurous, since he changed it from his usual gray shirt.

      That's certainly true. Hawk Moth could do a lot more with his powers if he desired. He could really make a difference in the world. But he only uses those powers to crate minions to steal Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous, so it makes sense that he wouldn't be able to tap into the full potential. It probably never even crossed his mind to try, since he's so obsessed with gaining those other two Miraculous that he doesn't consider the true power of the one he already has.

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    • He has been making an effort to better himself but you saw what Demonicism revealed. Tom is always going to have anger management issues. I mean they would have to remove all the little fire creatures from him to lose his temper. He might have gotten slightly better but this was a stupid reckless decision which maybe cause Tom to have a relapse in his old anger fueled way. It was a stupid idea even if you come with the argument that he has gotten better.

      That could also be it. There never is one answer if I know creative people (and I do because well one myself) then usually they have a thing for making jokes and references that have a double meaning. It is like a creative persons way of expressing himself and it helps calm them down.

      Ohh he certainly could do more with his powers if he desired. He might actually be very good with his powers. But instead he abuses his powers and a form of emotional abuse towards little Nooroo to make minions. It would make sense indeed now that you mention it that he can only access a part of the powers. I also wonder if Nooroo is trying to drain himself as quickly as possible so that Hawk Moth can only send out like one Akuma a day. 

      You know there is a simple reason why he doesn't realise how amazing his powers are. Hawk Moth is a simpleton, an idiot. He is really just limiting his own power with his stupid stunts. And considering how arrogant he is he will make a mistake and he will make a big one soon. I mean look at Robustus he didn't foresee his own Akuma turning against him. I always wonder if Nooroo is partially responcible for upping the rage of the Akuma's to such a point that Hawk Moth has a harder time controlling them. There is a Dutch saying which fits well with this situation. "Beter een vogel in de hand dan tien in de lucht". The saying basicly means that having something is better then wanting something much more valuable that is way out of reach.

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    • It's true. Even with Tom making an effort to change for the better, he's still having a tough time keeping his anger under control. It was made clear that there was no easy fix to that problem. He would either have to have his temper creatures removed one by one in a serious of painful procedures, or put in the work to change himself.

      Yeah. Besides, Marco does tend to wear the same clothes all the time, so it was nice to finally see him wearing something different.

      Well, his powers still work after he creates an Akuma (and shortly after it is de-evilized), so maybe it doesn't work quite like that.

      Like I said, he sees his current powers as a means to an end. He's really after Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, so he sees the one he already has as a mere tool that he can use to gain greater power. I'm not sure if Nooroo is affecting things behind the scenes, but that would be interesting.

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    • Tom has a pretty long way to go before he can overcome that anger problem he has. Sadly Star will not be able to solve that problem. Her and Marco might help him because they are his friends. But Star kind of is bound to end up with Marco so this is going to run into the ground sooner or later. I think the sooner the better because then he will have more incentive to change.

      Yeah it was nice to see him wear a different outfit every once in a while. It's really cool how something small like a outfit change can make a character seem different. For example that more royal outfit he wore during song day really made him stand out. And it was also a cool outfit.

      It could just as well be that after they defeat an Akuma the spirits of the people in the city are so high that it is no use of him to try and send out another Akuma. It could be that the people are in such good moods he will be bombarded with way to many positive emotions of people in the city which are useless to him.

      Hawk Moth is the tool not Nooroo. Nooroo is the living embodyment of one of the coolest things in the world.  Change is a marvelous thing that should be embraced and respected and loved. Also well I am actually glad to see Hawk Moth is to much of a tool to realise how cool having Nooroo's powers actually is. Nooroo is the embodiment of the third link in the process of every creative idea. All Hawk Moth has is a fashion empire. It's not even a cool business empire like a media or television empire xD and Marinette's talent is already set to eclipse his soon. If Marinette became his rival his little fashion empire would be done for soon. The only good thing Hawk Moth has is his son who bends over backward to make him happy. But does he see that ? Of course not else he couldn't develop as a character.

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    • Yeah, he would want to at least try to be a better boyfriend to Star. But it's an uphill struggle for him, since Star doesn't really take him on adventures like she does with Marco. That may be the show's way of telling us something...

      Hopefully, he'll get to wear some more new outfits as the series progresses. Maybe something fitting his new squire position.

      Hawk Moth could easily transform anyone at any time, but he chooses those overcome with despair and anger, since they're easier for him to control and manipulate.

      Probably not. But maybe season two will surprise us, and give him some actual development at one point. Maybe they'll add more to his back story and motivations.

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    • It is hard for him to be a better boyfriend that is true. And the fact that he trying to be a better boyfriend to Star shows that he has gotten a lot better. But if you look at it they aren't really acting like boyfriend and girlfriend. To me it seems more like that they are acting as best friends. When you look at Star and Marco it is just well such a natural boyfriend interaction as shown when River  made that comment about him being Star's boyfriend. You might be onto something there it seems just like the kind of hidden sign that it is not meant to be.

      That would be a really cool thing some different outfits for Marco. Maybe they will have him rise in the ranks from squire to knight slowly with appropriate outfits to show that change. That would be cool and something I could see Daron and her crew doing. 

      If he knew anything about emotional manipulation he would realise just how idiotic his choice of targets are. I mean it is all he can take but let me tell you why it is stupid. In communication there are certain factors that can prevent effective communication. One of these disrupting factors is if someone is experiencing extreme emotions. They are already in a state of extreme emotion and the Akuma takes that negative emotion and amplifies that. So while normally people who are in a state of heavy emotion are hard to control or communicate with Hawk Moth is actually taking something which he doesn't have the skill to deal with and making it even harder to deal with. That is my theory on why the Akuma's don't listen to him.  Do you think that might be possible.

      You know if you are in a poisonous pit of despair there is nowhere but up for you as a character xD. Though I really want Gabriel to face some serious and severe consequences for his actions. Particularly Adrien rejecting his reasoning and taking the Miraculous and leaving him without a way to achieve his selfish goals would be awesome.

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    • In fairness, Star does have a lot going on at the moment, from trying to forge peace between Mewni and monster, to dealing with Eclipsa and Glossaryck's return, and of course, just trying to be a better princess. But she always manages to find time to hang out with Marco. Not so much for Tom lately...

      Let's hope we do get something like that. Maybe an official squire outfit, with armor and everything.

      Most of them do listen to him. Because he reaches out to them when they're overcome with anger or despair, offering them the chance to get what they want, they're usually willing to do whatever he says in return for that chance. While sometimes, that desire causes them to turn against Hawk Moth, or even disobey his orders, it's still not that common.

      Maybe that will happen, or maybe it won't. We're just going to have to wait and see. At the moment, Gabriel's identity is unknown, but it may not stay that way.

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    • Ohh yeah tell me about it Star is a very busy person at the moment. But the fact that she can spare time to hang out with Marco and not so much with Tom who is her boyfriend is well pretty telling for me about the future of that relationship she has with Tom. I mean you can argue that she is supposed to be close to her squire but shouldn't she technically be closer to her boyfriend then to her squire. 

      I do hope that we will get something like that pretty soon. It will probably be in that colour blue that the Mewnian's seem to like so much. Though I love that colour blue to I think it's pretty. Armor and stuff would be awesome.

      Most of them listen to his promise of him giving them the power but they never actively seek out Ladybug and Chat Noir. They only even bother slightly with getting the Miraculouses when either they are threatened to have their powers removed or if they happen to spot them. Unless Ladybug and Chat Noir have wronged the Akumatized person like with Theo in Copycat  the villains don't pay much attention to actually defeating them. You can't honestly say that the Akuma's focus a lot on fighting Ladybug and Cat Noir. Well you can but you would be wrong in my opinion. My point is that Hawk Moth never has even what resembles a sliver of control over at least 80% of his villains. The only reason the villains try to take the Miraculouses is because that will depower them and prevent them from interrupting the  villain while they take their revenge.

      That's another thing Tv Tropes praises Gabriel's scheme in the Collector as brilliant in the awesome section of the series. As for me it is not as much brilliant and I don't honestly believe that Marinette is that stupid to stop suspecting Gabriel. Surely she is clever enough to realise that his Akumatization was suspiciously timed at the exact moment when she started to suspect him. Also Master Fu kind of abmitted he was not sure if it was possible for the wielder of the Moth Miraculous to akumatize himself. In my headcannon Marinette knows Gabriel is Hawk Moth but pretends that she doesn't know because it will give her the adventage.

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    • Yeah, it does. Despite everything, Star is still as close to Marco as she was before, possibly even closer. Her current relationship with Tom doesn't seem to have changed that much. Only time will tell how this will affect things.

      That would be nice. And blue does seem to be the standard royal color scheme for the Butterfly family and their allies.

      He can inflict pain on his minions if they step out of line. But he usually prefers gentle instructions over forcefully telling them what to do. And they don't often have to seek out Ladybug and Cat Noir, because the two usually end up coming to them.

      Technically, Gabriel took off his Miraculous and renounced his ownership of it before being Akumatized, so that may be something they hadn't considered. And Marinette didn't know Hawk Moth suspected his identity was under threat of being revealed, so she wouldn't think he was trying to cover his tracks. And it helped that his cover story for being Akumatized was losing the book (his "inspiration"), which had just happened. That would have misled her regarding the timing.

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    • They are truely just as close as they always were and perhaps even closer. It is true that the relationship between Tom and Star barely changed. I mean besides the fact that Tom kissed her they don't behave any different. I wonder if Tom's jealousy towards Star's extreme close with Marco will be what undoes their relationship in the end. Although they are friends now so that would make less sense. 

      They do have a lot of blue for the members of the royal family I always thought that that colour blue is the kind that the royal family wears. It is a nice colour to it reminds me a bit of the cyan blue which is one of my favorite colours.

      But he does not ever use that ability every except as a threat with the exception of  Evillustrator. Heck in Robustus when he threathens to remove the powers Markov just seems unimpressed and hacks the hideout that sadly only almost got him killed. He can't control his Akuma's and his emotional manipulation skills suck which I am putting my money on are partially Nooroo's powers that even allow him to be able to connect with people emotionally.

      You still can't say that someone like Marinette who is very clever resouceful and highly intelligent didn't think of that situation as very sketchy and way to coincidental. I mean she talks about Gabriel being Hawk Moth and suddenly he gets Akumatized. It may look like it worked but if I were in this situation I'd have just had a confirmation that he was Hawk Moth. And someone like Marinette can see through such a bullcrap excuse as the book being his inspiration what kind of self respecting intelligent creative person only draws from one creative sources.

      Gabriel never was very intelligent to begin with. And Gabriel told her he got the book in Tibet. As in the country that Marinette knows the Miraculous book came from he visited and where the two Miraculouses were lost. So I call bullcrap on Gabriel pathetic little scheme having mislead someone as intelligent as Marinette. As for Adrien the only reason I see him believing it is because he does not want to believe it. Is hope he is going to get some just reward for his behavior which frankly rubbed me the wrong way. He paints himself as eternally loyal to Ladybug but the second that she makes a correct assumption he doesn't like he starts making excuses and demanding proof. 

      So I will not now or ever believe that Marinette actually bought Gabriel's bullcrap unless plot induced stupidity.

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    • At the moment, Tom doesn't seem too jealous of Marco spending time with Star, mostly because he seems to have genuinely become friends with Marco in recent times. But that could change very easily.

      In my experience, colors like red, gold and purple are usually associated with royalty. But blue is a nice color also.

      In fairness, Markov is a machine, so Hawk Moth couldn't induce pain in him. And he only rebelled because Hawk Moth revealed to him that both the Ladbybug and Cat Noir Miraculouses, when used together, could grant any wish, making him want the power himself in order to become human.

      Well, it's not like she has any real proof to support that theory now. Marinette is smart, like you said. Smart enough not to accuse someone without having any real proof to back it up. And the fact that Gabriel is Adrien's father doesn't help.

      There's a lot of things someone could get in Tibet. Like I said, without any evidence to the contrary, Marinette can't really think he was lying. Besides, Gabriel doesn't know Marinette is Ladybug, so he wasn't trying to cover up anything in particular.

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    • Jealousy is a terrible thing that can lead to the destruction of friendships. It could be that Tom isn't jealous now but he might become more jealous of the two of them becoming even closer while his relationship with Star will slowly start to show cracks again. It could be that he would relapse and blame Marco for the cracks in his relationship instead of them being incompatible just like how the old Tom would. 

      For the Dutch besides red gold and purple orange was also of minor importance. Because you know our nations national symbol is the lion. Did you know that purple is one of the rarest colours in existance ? I once watched a Youtube video about how it comes that so few country's have purple in their flag. It turns out that the real original purple is gathered from sea slugs. You need scraploads of them to even have enough to colours something the seize of a flag. The purple you actually have today was I believe some sort of medical fluid that got spilled on a something which made it like a cheap but similar form of purple. You still got the original purple but it is expensive as heck. Awesome right that another mistake led to a useful thing.

      That is not really an excuse. The fact remains repeatedly that Hawk Moth is all sizzle and no steak. Which is sad because well steak is delicious. He threathens a lot but rarely acts on it. Markov just shrugged when Hawk Moth threatened him and just set his lair defences to kill him which sadly failed. Though Ladybug and Cat Noir were still badasses being able to defeat them.

      True but there are two things that link him together to still being Hawk Moth. The first one being that he went to Tibet. And then there is the fact that Marinette knows that Gabriel had the book in his possesion. So yeah you believe whatever you want but I know for sure that Marinette put two and two together. 

      Another interesting Dutch fact did you know that for a long time the Dutch didn't have a established naval war fleet ? The Dutch way of dealing with a war ? Simply find any able ship that they could and pay the traders to modify their ship into becoming a warship by adding cannons. It wasn't after they suffered a crushing defeat once that the Dutch started building a dedicated war fleet. And I might be biased here but I imagine the ships and crews of that warfleet to be total badasses with one sailor being able to kick the ass of hundred opponents in their sleep.

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    • That might happen. Or maybe he'd start to get upset about the amount of time Star is spending with Marco, and complain about it to her. She sure wouldn't take that very well. And if he kept that up, it would only lead to another break-up.

      That is pretty interesting. I had no idea natural purple coloring was so rare in nature, and so difficult and expensive to get. Good thing someone stumbled upon a way to make a more readily available form of the color.

      That too is an intriguing fact. The Dutch prefered to use the ships of others to fight in wars. Though it is good that they eventually decided to make their own. Now they don't have to wait for some other ship to come by for them to defend themself. Now they can use their own ship to take on any enemies.

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    • Both of these situations can happen. They are both viable options for how their relationship could hit a rough spot. After all Tom has only recently really improved himself and started solving his problems. And when change is only recent is when it is most fragile. And you are right Star wouldn't like it if he kept showing annoyance of how close she is to Marco. After all she he has to be close to her as he is her squire and will later become her knight.

      If you want to see that video sometime I think I will be able to find a link for you. Let me know if you do then I will look into it for you. And if you don't then well I wont do it xD. Just let me know what you want.

      I forgot to mention that this was a thing in the Golden Age. It were mostly Dutch traders who become part of that improvisational war fleet. We were quite wealthy as a nation so we were able to pay traders well enough to make the reward seem bigger then the risk.  And later on we had a pretty cool war fleet. Which was necesarry because later on we also got a treasure fleet. Which sneaky little British tried to rob but to bad for them that it didn't work out. 

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    • You're right there. Recovery is a long and difficult process. At this point, it wouldn't take much for Tom to backslide into his old ways. Whether or not Star is aware of their (now mutual) feelings for each other, Marco is one of the most important people in her life, so she wouldn't take kindly to Tom openly starting to dislike their spending so much time together.

      I'm good. Thanks for the offer, though.

      That is interesting how they made traders into soldiers. What did they do with the traders after they got themselves a real fleet? It may have been less risky to go back to their regular work, but they'd probably miss all that extra money.

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    • That is true it takes a very long time to recover from something. And it is also hard not to relapse into old bad habits. I mean habits usually get your through a bad time or something. They work and when something works we tend to just not well change it. That's why we got saying like don't fix a tool that ain't broken. Or more fittingly for this situation old habits die hard.  I could realisticly see Tom relapse at some point. And like you said I could see Star not being amused with him showing his discomfort to her becoming so close and spending so much more time with Marco. And that might be when the permanent cracks could start to show. Because we both know if they break up again the relationship is done for permanently.

      Ok cool there wasn't really anything that interesting anyway besides maybe the rare nature of the natural colour purple.

      I believe the war fleet occassionally had a job escorting very important ships to certain locations. For example the Dutch Treasure fleet was escorted by a war fleet. Which makes sense if you know how much shiny valuable stuff there was on those ships. Most traders actually were fine from what I have read to just go back to trading. I mean you got gold from the country but I don't know if they would replace your ship if it was sunk in battle. Also later on we developed the fine ship type called the Fluyt. Was designed to lay low in the water to avoid taxes. And maximum freight capacity. Those ships often had escorting warships or they had to use their speed to escape. They had a large cargo capacity so I imagine most traders who wanted more money just got themself a Fluyt ship maximized on cargo and earned more money that way.

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    • Yeah, it takes a lot of effort for a person to truly change and let go of their old ways, especially those they've been holding on to for most of their lives. It's not something that just happens overnight, and it isn't easy to maintain. And I'm thinking if he and Star break up this time, it'll definitely be for keeps.

      Also, the remaining episodes for season three were just added to the episode list. I think you'll find the title of the season finale very interesting.

      That would be the smart thing to do, sending a fleet to guard their valuables. And a ship with plenty of cargo of room is also a good move.

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    • I guess I got lucky that I became fascinated with change at some point in my life it really helped me be more open to changes. It has really helped me to realise that sometimes doing something in a different manner isn't that bad. I also got inspired by saying like their are many ways that lead to Rome and other things.

      I guess in their case it will be two times a charm in the case of Tom and Star's relationship ending ehh ? ^^

      Ohh tough Love does sound like an interesting episode name. You think it will be Star breaking up her relationship with Tom because she knows that it wont work ? Because I can totally see Star being the first one to realise that things don't work. On the emotional department Star is very bright except when she decides to ignore the obvious things.

      You know how traders kept their ships safe when they didn't have a war fleet escorting them. They used a maneuver called sailing in konvooi. It basicly meant that trader ships didn't set out on a journey alone. No instead they went out in groups. So it could be anywhere between 2 to four ships doing it. Those trade ships sometimes only packed 20 cannons or something. However four ships packing 20 cannons. That did discourage lonely pirates. Because if a pirate attacked one ship he would have to deal with the other ships who also packed 20 cannons and probably wouldn't mind sending a barrage into the pirate ship. If only for the fact that they were all safer in a group. And then you also got the richer merchants who just hired a warship to escort them and traveled in groups. 

      I hope that I am not boring you with these historic navy facts.

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    • That is a very good lesson to learn. Some people don't handle change well at all, so it's good to know that you're not one of them.

      Possibly. After all, we're just guessing at the moment. But since they've already shown that Tom becoming a better person won't be easy, it's still a strong possibility that Star will eventually break up with Tom.

      Perhaps. But there are other possibilities. Like maybe something happening between Star and Moon. But since it's the season finale, it's also very likely that Marco will finally confess his feelings to Star.

      You haven't seen "Monster Bash" yet, have you? Sorry for asking, I just want to make sure where you are regarding the recent episodes.

      Twenty cannons isn't all that bad. It would definitely help protect their cargo from those pesky pirates.

      These facts are interesting, but we are getting a little off-topic. Maybe we should stick with Star for now.

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    • Well change isn't actually something that will go away if you fight it. The only thing that will happen is that it will be harder for you and less pleasant as a result that you kept fighting it. Also intensely resisting change is a very bad idea which will always make it a lot worse then if you just try to get the best out of it.

      Becoming a better person is never easy. There is always some natural form of resistance to change. But sometimes it has to happen if you want to grow as a person. Sadly some people don't realise this and just keep resisting against it. The sad part is how futile it is. In a way Hawk Moth using the Moth Miraculous as he does is an attempt to undo the change in his life that he didn't want. And as you can see it is always futile.

      There could be lots of things happening and that is what makes this so freaking exciting and fun. Theorizing about what happens is like 60% of the fun for me. Because well I really like theorising and guesisng what happens. Helps with my creativity.

      I haven't seen Monster Bash yet. It is on my list of things to do is watch the remaining episodes. I have just been quite busy with both some new games and well also the learning for exams. I do plan on watching some episodes tomorrow maybe. Heard there were some intersting stuff.

      True but those pirates were pretty nasty sometimes. The reason those ships travelled in groups was because well there was safety in numbers. It protected them from pirates and usually trade ships went to one of the hot spots in the new world. Considering how dangerous it was travelling in groups was a great idea.

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    • Change can be difficult. And it's true: sometimes, avoiding change can end up being much tougher. It's much more simple for you to just try and face it directly.

      While Tom does geuinely want to change, he still has a hard time getting over his self-centredness, which does slow him down.

      There are some other episode titles that generate some interest, like "Total Eclipsa of the Moon". Sounds like we'll finally get to see Eclipsa's trial.

      There is. And I'm looking forward to discussing that stuff with you. Since the new episodes don't start until March, there's plenty of time left. I'd prefer if you watched them quickly, but if you want to take your time, I'll be okay with it.

      It's a good thing they managed to get new ships that could defend themselves against the pirates attacks, allowing their precious cargo to get to where they needed to be.

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    • I have learned from experience that change can be harder if you fight it instead of embracing it. It took a few learning by experience things before I got it but I am now more then willing to embrace change and to try and make it work in my advantage. And if I am being honest that has worked out in my favor quite well so far. So I keep that mindset.

      Speaking as a guy who has not long ago work to try and get a  good repeating  day routine while just sleeping out late is so much more enticing I can say that trying to change yourself is really hard. For every 1 step you take you have to reject like 2 traps that will lead you back to your old ways that you are trying to turn you back to the old ways you are trying to leave behind.

      I bet that title is from the song total Eclipse of the Heart.  It is a pretty cool song.

      I am keeping some time free tomorrow so I should be able to at worse be able to watch just one episode. But I think I will be able to watch more episodes. So yeah when I watch one I will let you know what you think.

      The problem with pirates was that they knew how to fight better then the crews on the merchant ships. The crews on those merchant ships knew how to sail and handle a gun. But the military ships had sailors who were also trained soldiers. So in that case strength in numbers provided a lovely way to tip the scales in their favour.

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    • Good for you. Like I said, that kind of experience can be difficult to adapt to, and not many can handle it.

      Tom already knew that changing himself for the better wouldn't be an easy path. Though he is at least trying, there is a lot of negative emotions and personality problems he has to overcome. He may not be able to go the distance on this one.

      That was what I thought too. And it is a catchy tune.

      Good to hear. As I've mentioned before, I enjoy discussing the events of the new episodes with you. And didn't you say the last new episode you watched was "Ponymonium"?

      That was good strategy on their part. Strength in numbers usually provide an advantage in these situations.

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    • I learned that you should just accept and embrace change when it comes. Or at most try to bend it in a manner that is more profitable for you. You can't control change but you can well subtly guide it in a manner you want to. If you try to control change you get something like Hawk Moth. A pathetic loser who's whole desperation to control change leads to it being his master instead.

      Yeah if anything that episode in which Tom had the fire creature removed it showed that Tom is going to need to find someone who is a calming influence on him. Sadly I think that Star isn't exactly the calming influence that Tom needs in his future other half. Not that I really care.

      I listened to Total Eclipse of the Heart today. Maybe the song Total Eclipse of the Heart has some hidden hint about what happens in the episode. I am going to listen to the song again tomorrow and I will let you know. 

      The last episode I watched was Ponymonium. But today I watched the next episode block with the adventure of Hekapoo and Marco and with Star and Marco and Janna trying to solve her sleep portalling. 

      Well if you are not strong or a trained soldier then just overwhelming your foes with greater number and more mobility will also work. I mean those crewmen were not military soldiers but they could handle a gun and fire cannons. So four ships firing rounds at you boat I would have said. Screw this I am finding a lonely boat to plunder.

        Loading editor
    • Maybe not. And it was said that Tom has a lot more of those creatures inside. It would take a long time for her to finally get over all his problems. And we all know how impatient Star can be, so she may not be willing to wait that long. And being a calming influence, no matter how short a time she has to act like that, would be tricky for Star to keep up.

      Maybe. Or maybe they're using the title as a reference for a small joke. We'll just have to wait and see.

      That's good to hear. "Night Life" and "Deep Dive" are both pretty good episodes. But "Deep Dive" is the one I prefer (and I think now you can guess the reason). What did you think of them?

      It's not the weapon that decides the outcome of a battle, but the person holding them. Skill and experience tend to be far more useful in these situations.

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    • Yeah didn't they say that he has like thousands of those little anger creatures in him. That would take him way to long to get over his problem. It is not that Tom is a bad guy or anything but he is not calm and collected enough to be around someone like Star.  Marco has the patience and the intelligence to deal with Star's shenanigans. Tom well I think not so much. It's not that I don't think that Star could be a calming influence it's just not for a very long time is all.

      I would have thought your first thought to if it was a run of the mill producer. But Daron and her crew are actually quite clever. So I wouldn't be suprised if there was some sort of hidden message inside the song but it wouldn't necesserily have to be true.

      Night Life was a fun episode. I loved all the cool action and adventure that Marco had with Hekapoo. Those two teaming up together are quite the badass team. I am hoping that they will be able to mend their relationship and at some point Marco will be hired again by her in the case that she needs something. Because I love those two taking on evil. 

      It was also pretty cool to see the bunny pirates again and it was funny to see that the bunny pirate captain seemed to have such a soft heart ^^. Also I loved the dimension of Cats with human faces. I also really liked the cat puns they made. I wonder if at least one writer of the crew is a fan of Miraculous Ladybug.

      The coolest thing in this episode was that Marco constantly was pulled between to sides who needed his help. It is good for him to experience things such as conflicting loyalty it's good to learn that things aren't always easy. And it was a good choice in my opinion to choice Star in the end. After all he is her square and should be ready to help her at any needed time.

      Hekapoo giving Marco the map gave me hope that those two will be able to repair their working relationship at some point.

      Finally the eagle badass henchman biker that Hekapoo hired was pretty cool. And it was nice to see Nachos again it seems she still loves her master very much and is still a sweet and loyal mount.

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    • Tom does have a lot of problems. Fixing them all isn't going to be quick or easy. And patience really isn't his strong suit. Then again, it has been said that he inherited those anger issues from his father, so it would be even more difficult to get them under control.

      Maybe. But like I said, we're going to have to wait for the episode to air until we find out for sure.

      It was nice to see Marco teaming up with Hekapoo again, chasing after the rogue portals and fixing the disasters caused by them. And it was interesting to see that he can return to his adult form whenever he's in her realm.

      It's always fun to see some guest characters make a return. The Cats with Human Faces were pretty fun. It's good to know they aren't all as disturbing as the one shown in "Freeze Day". I'm not sure about the writer, but I could check.

      This episodes showed that Marco is still yearning for adventure and excitement, teaming up with Hekapoo for those exact reasons. And you're right that he made the right choice in the end.

      Maybe someday, Hekapoo will forgive Marco. But right now, she's angry that he didn't tell her he knew Star was making the portals. Even if she did agree not to tell the rest of the commission, she was still pretty angry.

      He may have been cool, but he was also reckless, trying to harpoon Star even after he was told to wait. And it was nice to see Nachos again. She really does love Marco.

      Can't wait to hear your thoughts on "Deep Dive".

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    • Patience really isn't his strong suit that has been shown multiple times. And that is one of the reason I think they don't belong together. I won't deny that they have some chemistry because they do. But on the most important parts they are like polar opposites. For example Star is quite good at controlling her emotions while Tom is really bad at that. To be together with someone who is so polar opposite is really taxing if you ask me. That might be the first cause of their rift.

      Yeah I get that. But a man can dream and theorize can't he ? Because if I couldn't I would be the first to riot against that decision ^^. I also bought Total Eclipse of the Heart on Youtube. Bonny Tyler is a amazing singer.

      Yes it was a cool and fu naction packed adventure. Them fixing those rogue portals was really supercool. The fact that they saved lives of people from other dimension and restored order was also really cool. Marco was really good at that job. So I am sure that at some point Hekapoo will ask him to help again.

      Yes he still really likes adventure. But can you really blame him after all the good things those adventures have done for helping him become more confident and more able to express himself ? He probably likes them so much because they had that positive result for him.

      I have a feeling that at some point Hekapoo will chill out about it. But for a while she is going to be angry about it. At least we got to see what it's like when those two badasses team up together. The fact that she agreed not to tell the commission is a hopefull sign that she might forgive him someday.

      He was like a dark shadow archetype of Marco. He had the same love for adventure and doing insanely dangerous things but he didn't care about it people would get hurt as a result of his actions. Also he acted badass but wasn't that badass compared to Marco and Hekapoo.

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    • At the moment, Star has become good at controlling her emotions. But at the start of the series, she was impulsive, and liable to go with whatever she felt like doing. Maybe she was even more so when she was with Tom the first time, making them a little bit more of a match. And Star and Marco are still quite different, in spite of Marco's newfound love of adventure, so let's not think of that as being the reason Star and Tom break up, since it wouldn't bode well for Star and Marco.

      They did work really well together when they were saving people from those disasters. Hopefully, Hekapoo will call on Marco's help when things get tough in the future.

      True, but he is letting his love for adventure affect his common sense. He promised to be Star's squire, but he went to go off on adventures with Hekapoo behind her back. And that almost backfired on him.

      Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see. And they were a really great as a team in that episode.

      He did take it a little too far. He may have served as a sign of what Marco could have become if he let his need for adventure overtake him.

      So, what did you think of "Deep Dive"?

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    • It was mainly Marco’s influence that made her less impulsive. The reason might partially lie in Storm the Castle. Her impulsive decision to hug him caused the cage to regenerate and him to almost die in the events that followed. That might have caused her to start questioning her impulsive behavior. Eventually she picked it up herself and she became much more calm and in control. If you read closely in my reply you never see that I said that people who are polar opposites can’t be together. I only said it ‘could’ be taxing. Also I referred to it as one of the first reasons not the only reason. The bond that Star and Marco is also insanely stronger. Their opposite personalities in fact complement each other.

      It was pretty badass how they worked together and saved those people. Also I agree with Hekapoo the dimension of cats with human faces sucks. I am sure she will.

      It’s a bit hypocritical how she gets angry at him for something that she caused in the first place. She helped him find his more adventurous side. Before that he didn’t like adventures. So before she points her finger at him maybe she should look to herself.

      I hate how Star is acting at the moment she doesn’t seem to want to spend time with him but she also wants him near at all times. That is not realistic and incredibly annoying. Also she treated him like shit when he returned to Mewni and made the situation so awkward to the point that Moon had to fix the situation.

      That is not really his fault is it ? If for example you spend time teaching someone to love card games should you be surprised that they like card games when you succeed ? Neither should she be surprised he likes adventures now after she was responsible for it in the first place.

      I don’t see signs of him being overtaken by his love of adventure. It got humbled out of him for the most part after it turns out his cape was just a meat cape. Is it really that despicable that he searches for a source of adventures when his former source of adventures isn’t into them anymore ?

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    • Fair point. Star and Marco did have a strong friendship for quite some time before they started developing romantic feelings for each other. That would have formed quite a bond between them. And they often do work well together during their adventures.

      I can't help but wonder how they ended up teaming up for the events of that episode. Did Hekapoo go to Marco, or did he go to her?

      True, but she did ask him to stick with her as her squire. It was even part of the "initiation ceremony" Star did for him. She may not have liked the idea of him going elsewhere behind her back.

      Aside from her dates with Tom, Star does seem to still spend a lot of time with Marco. But she is also trying to focus on being a better princess, like with her goal to bring peace to Mewmans and monsters.

      Not exactly. But his need for excitement is the sort of thing that could grow into a problem if left unchecked. Hekapoo breaking off their partnership may actually have been just the wake-up call he needed. It may have helped him reign in his love of adventure before it overwhelmed him.

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    • They had a very strong friendship as a basis before they developed romantic feelings for eachother. They also went through some pretty extreme stuff together. I mean extreme to the point that they were life threatening situations which they made it through. They have created a very powerfull and strong bond together and if it's them against the world well then you can bet that the world loses. 

      I have a feeling that Hekapoo asked him for some reason. She might have known he was back and might have thought that considering he survived her trials he would be a good help to assist her with closing the rogue portals. And Marco might have wanted the adventure and just well wanted to help Mewni in any way. 

      Star plays the game of double standards a lot. She has done a lot of stuff behind Marco's back and he never gave her much trouble for it except for the occasional scolding when she did something really dangerous. However she gets angry at him when he goes out on adventures with other people while she barely seems to have time for her.

      That whole 'initiation ceremony to me seemed like it  was not much more then a glorified and failed attempt to convince herself she was over Marco. It was cute but not much else. We both know that the whole goal of the ceremony was to convince herself she was over Marco which didn't work.

      It doesn't seem to be as much as a problem as you keep trying to paint it in my opinion. After he got humbled by River telling him his cape was not a knight cape but a meat cape he has become more restrained again. 

      In my opinion it was less about it helping Marco and more this half of the season seem to be having fun letting Marco lose all the things he likes doing until he will have nothing left but helping Star. I think the season is great but it seems to really have fun making Marco suffer. And while I am no stranger or person who is averted to leedvermaak(the suffering of others that's right we didn't have to borrow a fancy German word for the term like the British.) 

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    • All those adventures did help to create a powerful bond between them, one that grew from friendship to love. Once they finally accept those feelings, they most likely will become a truly unstoppable force.

      Perhaps. It would make more sense for Hekapoo to come to Marco instead of vice-versa. She would know from experience how good he is.

      Yeah, Star has always had a hard time recognising faults in herself, even when she can plainly see them in others.

      Perhaps. But it was still very heartfelt. She asked him to be by her side always, to hang out and be her closest confidant. It was something like a reaffirming of the close bond of friendship they had on Earth.

      Well, Marco is out of his "comfort zone", since he's no longer on Earth, and learning to find his place on Mewni. Things are different there, so it would be tricky for him to fully adjust to all those new customs. He'd be bound to find himself in tough situations, not to mention realizing his own feelings for Star a little too late).

      What do you say we move on to talking about "Deep Dive" now? I'd really like to know what you thought of it, and to share my own opinions on the episode.

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    • They were a nice basis for their friendship that created a strong bond between the two. Then I guess at some point probably around Blood Moon Ball the two started to developed romantic feelings for eachother. Of course we wouldn't have a show or teenage angst if those two weren't knuckle heads with teenage angst ^^.

      Yeah that was my reasoning for thinking that to. I figured she knew what Marco was capable of doing and Marco probably was a loyal squire but got a bit bored with having barely any adventures with Star anymore and therefore accepted Hekapoo's request for help.

      It is not only one of her most prominent flaws but also one of her most infuriating ones. It's like she really spot on sees flaws in others but somehow fails to connect the dots when she is doing the exact same thing. I mean it's also kinda funny but also sometimes it is just really frustrating.

      It might have been heartfelt but still doesn't disprove my point. It was just a elaborate and doomed attempt to get over Marco. For some reason I have a feeling that if a villain wants to turn Marco against the royal family they will use just that. That the girl he developed feelings for him dropped him when he realised his feelings a little later.

      He is seriously without a doubt one of the densest idiots I have ever seen in cartoons. I mean it is also kinda sweet but he seriously is unable to pick up very subtle clues which could have told him that Star was developing feelings for him. And now it is to late to get together easily. He in fact has about one fourth of the guilt to blame for the terrible situation that is bound to come very very quickly.

      I am kind of tired so we will discuss Deep Dive tomorrow ok ? 

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    • Yeah, that is a fairly confusing age. There are all sorts of new feelings a person experiences around that time, so it makes sense that they wouldn't be able to recognise their feelings for each other for so long.

      Marco was eager to go and have some adventures. That must have seemed like the perfect opportunity.

      It can be at times. But at least she's been starting to tone down those flaws, even if she doesn't quite see them in herself. It's better than nothing, don't you think?

      Maybe something like that will happen. It could make for an interesting storyline, with Marco struggling to decide where his loyalties side. We'll just have to wait and see if that sort of thing happens.

      To be fair, he was with Jackie when Star started getting those feelings, which would have contributed to him not noticing. This makes it all the more ironic that he finally realized his own feelings for Star only after she rekindled her romance with Tom.

      Okay, that works. Have a good rest.

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    • While it is a rather frustrating age it makes for good drama. That is probably the reason why tv producers pick that age group for sitcoms so much. The age is a breeding ground drama hehe.

      He probably got slightly bored because his task seems to mostly consist of watching Glossaryck and keeping her secrets. So some adventures were probably a welcome change for him.

      Yeah but better then nothing is not really a big haul of character improvement is it ? That’s like saying earning one euro is better then 0 euro’s. It’s true but only barely. She should have spotted those flaws at some point.

      I am still wondering how and if Eclipsa is actually a villainess. She seems so nice and helpful you know.

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    • You have a point there. At that age, it's all about emotions running high and dramatic moments. Very fertile ground for both comedy and drama.

      Most likely. But he probably gets on better with Glossaryck as he is now than he ever did before.

      Perhaps. But she has gotten better, toning down the flaws she originally had. She still has them, but they're not as overpowering as they once were.

      It is starting to look like Eclipsa was unfairly imprisoned, because the Commission just thought she was evil. Hopefully, "Total Eclipsa the Moon" will finally answer that question

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    • Yes it is perfect for creating drama and the best tv producers are the ones who use the dramatic time of a persons life to create drama and entertainment. Daron and her crew nailed it so far.

      Yeah they do seem to get along with eachother a lot better then before when he was a annoying troll. He is practicly a dog now but still it's nice to see that they are getting along better. They even watch over Star together occasionally watching her when she sleeps to protect her. 

      It is true that she has toned it down and it is a lot less but you can't play the same flaw for laugh's like 3 or 4 times and then expect it to hold the same amusement for me. It is starting to annoy me a bit. But you are right they have toned it down to a more acceptable level of frequency. So maybe I am just a crybaby xD.

      Yeah it does seem that way. That  Bubibsa the Babyeater does seem cool though despite her excentric eating habits. I wonder if she was a queen of Mewni how the commision dealt with her. Or prevented her from eating her own daughter for that matter *shudders*. I have listened to Total Eclipse of the Heart quite a few times now. Bonny Tyler is a awesome singer if you ask me.

      Ok so I am lazy and got a lot of homework and shit to prepare for tomorrrow but I will get it started on Deep Dive. 

      I am so freaking happy that Marco can use the wand. The cheek marks were very awesome to he got those crescent moon marks which were kind of cute. Did you see that Marco was able to dip down immiedietly on his first try ? Considering how he is much more better at focussing and concentrating was very desperate to find Star had something to do with it ?

      Secondly I have to discuss the form of the wand. Did you notice that it had a less Mewnian and more wild and even slightly Draconian feeling to it. Dragons aren't necesarilly evil creatures though. They like gold most of the time but they are also wise noble and very strong and tenacious and loyal if you are loyal to them. And sometimes they have a tendency for ruthless cunning. Dragon's are my kind of mythological creatures I think their awesome. So do you think the wand and it's slightly dragon like view with the wings is appropriate for Marco. I mean that one dragon that sat on him when he got dragon repellent sprayed on him did seem to like Marco.

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    • They sure have. Daron has really been working overtime on the drama and emotional strife that comes with people that age.

      It's hard to say for sure if Glossaryck has any memories from before. He seemed to recognize Eclipsa. Maybe he also recognizes Marco, but no later has the presence of mind to mess with him.

      There is a lot still left unanswered there. Hopefully, "Total Eclipsa of the Moon" will answer most, if not all, of those questions.

      That was a pleasant surprise. And the cheek marks were an even bigger one, since Marco doesn't have natural magic reserves to "dip down" into. It may have something to do with the influence that the Blood Moon has had on Marco. Though some people think it means Marco has secret Mewman ancestry.

      It was an interesting look. It did seem more menacing, with all the spikes. Though it may have something to do with Marco's warrior side. He did spend all those years battling in Hekapoo's dimension, and is a karate student. Then again, maybe he has an affinity for dragons, like with his old friend Nachos. Either way, it is still a very cool look for the wand, and Marco did use it well for a first try.

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    • It might not be a suprise to you that I love strife and drama. Both are very good tools and emotions for people to learn things and evolve and become better. And well it's also kinda fun to see people struggle with drama and emotional problems and then beating them and becoming better people. But that age is like the jackpot for emotional strife and drama.

      For now we won't know how much Glossaryck still knows. He does seem to recognise Marco or he has at the very least took a liking to Marco. Marco seems to be much nicer and patient with him now that he is essentially a magical pet ^^.

      Yes there are a lot of unanswered questions. Here is hoping that maybe just maybe Total Eclipsa of the Moon will answer at least some of those questions. Because they have been building up the questions for a while now so maybe they should also give just a few answers if only to keep it enticing.

      Yes it was a very cool and awesome suprise. I really hoped that Marco would be able to wield magic at some point. I am glad that he was able to wield the power of the wand and was also able to dip down on his first try. He did that on his first try while he wanted to do that. So that is just awesome with magic then Marco is.

      I have heard the rumours and read the stories in which Marco has Mewnian ancestry. It could be possible and would be a really great twist. I wouldn't put it beyond Daron and her crew to pull such a twist and actually make it believable. Though if he does have Mewnian ancestry I hope it won't be of the gross kissing cousin kind (sorry for putting that idea in you head mate but I am having a troll mode mood ^^).

      It did look menacing with all the spikes. The form is supposed to represent the wielders personality. Could it be that the spikes resemble how Marco is still cautious with letting people in and sometimes finds it scary to let people help him or doing things that are dangerous. And that the spikes refer to his reluctance of doing just that ? And maybe it also has to do with the fact that Marco is more of a warrior then a mage.

      I am hoping that he has a affinity for dragons or actually more specifically that Dragons have an affinity for him. You are right that he was able to fully win the loyalty and love of Nachos. And those dragons in Trial by Square did come to him quite quickly he sprayed dragon attractant on himself but still that one dragon that sat on him didn't really feel like getting up. Also can we talk how supercool awesome and sweet those dragons were. With them blowing smoke and making cute annoyed sounds when that evil sloth clerk made them go away ? 

      It kinda makes sense that Marco used it well for the first time. He knew the spell and had seen Star do it and well he studied and knew the spell so he was able to use it.

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    • As long as the new Glossaryck doesn't play jokes on him, I think he and Marco will get along just fine.

      Judging by the new promo, it seems like a lot of backstory may end up being revealed, at least in regards to Eclipa and Meteora.

      It was impressive. In fact, it's the first time a non-Butterfly has managed to use Star's whole, uncorrupted wand.

      Personally, I think it'd be too much of a coincidence that Star ended up having a guide who turned out to be part-Mewman. Not to mention there would be the question of exactly which side of his family the Mewman ancestry came from.

      My thoughts exactly. The wand looks more like a weapon in Marco's hand. The little spear on top and the spikes on the side really carry that image. And maybe it does reflect his more guarded personality.

      The dragons in this show are pretty cool. The ones we've seen so far don't seem that dangerous, which makes it weird that there would a be a repellent available, which would suggest that they're a bigger problem than we think.

      It helped that Marco was so focused on finding Star at the time. Sheer willpower can often make all the difference.

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    • Yeah that does seem like a reasonable assumption of what it will take for them to get along. Though he might accept Glossaryck messing with him a lot more should Moon ever decide that they should train Marco in the use of magic to. And maybe Marco will at some point care a lot less about Glossaryck messing with him. 

      Ohh I haven't seen that new trailer yet and I won't for a while. But some backstory for those two would be pretty cool. They are both kind of a mystery at this point. Especially Eclipsa they spend so long building her up and giving her a lot of mystery. So backstory for them would be cool.

      You are probably right about that. Lobster Claws did get his hands on the first wand but he never really used it. He actually just went between being corrupted by the magical power and not being corrupted by it. He never actually used it. But Marco is the second person to use the whole uncorrupted wand.

      You are probably right about that it would be a bit of a coincidence. Also if you take a look at the Mewnian's they are generally well ehh Caucasian looking. And Marco's is half Spanish and it seems half American. So that might make the theory more far fetched. 

      Ohh yeah the wand looked pretty darn badass. That little spear on top was pretty awesome. I figured just because his guarded personality is a huge character part of him that it might be incorperated somewhere in the wand design. Did you notice by the way that it only actually changed when he grabbed it with what was probably formerly his monster arm ?

      The dragons are really cool in this show. Most of them are lovable goofballs like those dragons in the quest Buy. They were actually kinda cute in my opinion. Especially the one who was just sitting on Marco and relaxing and stuff. Maybe the dragons we saw so far were actually tame because Marco used the attractant. For all we know it were all guy dragons and the attractant contains a female pheremone or something which would explain why they were so docile. 

      Of course they could still be a problem. They are giant heavily armed fire breathing lizards after all. It's not to far fetched to say those are pretty dangerous. 

      If we have seen one thing so far it's that Marco has a pretty strong willpower. And he is also good at focussing on just one thing such as for example when he was trying to find Star.

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    • Perhaps, but that's only if Glossaryck's mind can actually be restored. If not, then he'll be stuck the way he is for the rest of the series.

      It is only a short trailer, but it did have some interesting scenes in it, mostly involving Eclipsa's past.

      It was impressive. The way Marco was talking about his and Star's souls being connected before he picked it up suggested that maybe the effects of the Blood Moon was the reason he could use the wand so well.

      Marco does seem to take after his father in terms of appearance, so it probably is quite unlikely that he's part-Mewman.

      Marco is right-handed, so I didn't actually put much thought into that. Though it would be an interesting twist if wielding the wand somehow allowed Monster Arm to return.

      The dragons are quite big, so even if they weren't hostile, having one in the wrong place would be kind of a nuisance.

      Yeah, when it comes to Star, Marco is willing to go to any lengths to help her, no matter what.

      Good work catching up, by the way. Now you only have to see "Monster Bash", "Stump Day" and "Holiday Spellcial" (well, until the new episodes start on March 7th).

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    • You are right about that it remains to be seen that his mind can actually be restored. Though if anyone would be able to restore his mind I think Star would be able to do it. Maybe by somehow recreating and repairing the spellbook she can repair Glossaryck's shattered mind. That is just a theory.

      I have not watched that trailer yet but I will once I have watched all the other episodes.

      Yes that was interesting that he was able to determine that his and Star's souls were bound together. It seemed like something I didn't expect someone like Marco who's only experience with magic is being blasted by it by Star to know of magic. I always wondered if maybe due to the bond they are able to tap into eachothers skills to. If you think about it Marco seems to be a natural with using the wand and Star has shown signs of being far more organized and diplomatic and thoughtful which are skills that Marco are good in.

      Yeah so it is a bit far fetched in my opinion. I would not be against it as long as well it's done in a clever and believable manner. I mean one thing he does have going for him is that he is really able to pack a punch and take a lot more punishment then a human can. 

      That would be a really cool thing to know. Considering I know of Meteora (and followed the appropriate action of punching my friend who spoiled it for me on his arm) it makes me wonder if Eclipsa and Meteora are going to become villains will they try to bring back the monster arm so that he will be easier to influence and bring to the side of the monsters.

      That is possibly also a result of the bond eternal loyalty to one another. They do seem to both be very dedicated to eachother and even before their souls were bound together they were already insanely close and shared a strong bond of friendship and loyalty.

      Haha you are right mate just a few more episodes to watch and I am caught up again. And don't think I will find it weird to watch Christmas specials in February because well I don't.

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    • Since the book was burned, and only a small piece remained, that may not be a viable option. There may be another way to restore Glossaryck's mind, but no-one seems to be aware of it at the moment, not even Eclipsa.

      That is an interesting theory. The whole "Blood Moon bonding their souls together" thing was quite vague, so there could be any number of possibilities there. Perhaps that's the reason their character growth has gone the way it has, with Star becoming more reasonable, and Marco becoming more adventurous. They're drawing on each other's personality traits.

      True. It would take a lot of work to make it look believable, though. But that's just how I feel about it.

      Sorry you were spoiled there. But it does still seem to be up in the air as to which side those two will end up on.

      And it was hearing Marco's voice that helped Star to snap out of whatever that magic realm was doing to her head. Once she remembered who he was, she became determined to get back to him.

      Hope you watch them soon. And luckily for you, there'll only be two new episodes a week in March, so you probably won't fall too far behind this time.

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    • We are not sure if the book is actually done for in a well permanent fashion. For all we know it could come back and restore Glossaryck's mind again. Or maybe Star's new Starbook will be expanded upon and that will make him smarter again.

      Bounding souls together is a lovingly vague term. I think this was on purpose done to show that they did share a very special bond while actually planning out what this actually means. That I think is the reason why the Blood Moon went without a mention for a while they were just waiting with mentioning while they planned out what it actually did.

      I feel the same way mate it does seem very far fetched. And it doesn't really add anything. Moon and River don't seem like the kind of parents that would force Star to only marry a Mewnian.So that incentive isn't there for them as an obstacle for him to have to be Mewnian or part Mewnian. The only thing that might give the theory credit is the fact that he has cheek marks but that would mean that he is possibly part of some other powerful Mewnian noble family. 

      Hey if I didn't want to get spoiled I should have hurried up with watching it. I am responcible for that and while I was a little pissed there were things that I am more pissed about. Like how the other day I played Hearthstone and once again a mage won with the help of tricks and spells instead of playing honest. Seriously pisses me off a lot.

      Yes it did help to break the call that the cool creatures had on Star. It seems that her bond with him was so strong that it was the only thing that could break the Unicorns spell. 

      Ohh that is wonderfull then I won't have to hurry up as much once I get caught up haha. Long live lazyness haha.

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    • Those are both viable options. Maybe Star will find out how Glossaryck was connected to the spell book in the first place, and try to replicate that.

      It is good that they decided to take their time with that. It allowed for things to build up between them, to the point where neither Star nor Marco could ignore those feelings anymore.

      To be fair, neither Moon nor River seemed to have a problem with Star dating Tom. Even if Tom is one of the Butterfly family's allies, it does show that they don't have a problem with Star dating outside her own species.

      As for the cheek marks, as I mentioned before, it may simply have to do with the Blood Moon connection between Marco and Star.

      That does sound quite frustrating. Hopefully, your next battle will go better for you. And like I said, there aren't that many episodes left for you to watch before March.

      That's for sure. It's just another example of the strength of the bond between Star and Marco.

      From what I've heard, the new episodes will be continuing into April. There's still a couple that haven't been named yet, including the season finale.

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    • Hey, everything okay? Didn't get your usual post last night.

        Loading editor
    • Ohh yes everything is fine I forgot to do it yesterday sorry to worry you mate. I was a bit busy.

      As cute as Glossaryck is as the intelligence of a magical pet I do hope that he will regain his intelligence again at some point. I mean should Marco have to be trained in the use of the wand then they will really need Glossaryck to train him. Or maybe the will find someone else to train him. What do you think ?

      Yeah a smart move by Daron and her crew. That is not really a big suprise if you ask me they are pretty good writers and storytellers. It's one of the reasons why I love the show. So that is why I wasn't worried when the term soul bonding was a bit vague I knew they would take the time to just well make it a cool and believeable thing.

      Yeah you got that right I forgot about that. And even if the rest of the family might not like it the only two Butterfly's opinion which probably truely holds any weight in that matter are Moon and River and they both like Marco so they wouldn't stand in their way. Moon maybe because Marco would make a fine ruler and River because he makes Star happy but still they seem to like him. As shown with Scent of a Hoodie they knew what was going on.

      That is a good probabablity that they are from the Blood Moon. After all they were moon marks. So it is just possible that he has cheek marks because his soul is bonded to Star. It makes me wonder if Marco is able to use magic as Mewnians are because of their bond. If his cheek marks are a result of the bond giving Marco a sort of copy of Star's ability to wield magic.

      I did get some fun wins with another deck so it was not that bad. I just avoid fighting mages at all when I'm Hunter. Mages will never stop tricks and cheap boardclears so I will just not fight them. I don't mind giving up a match if my opponents are fighting in a way I cannot possible win against. Rather to die then be killed in that situation. Though I'd prefer not to die or get killed xD.

      That bond is shown with this episode to be extremely strong. For example you will notice that Marco gave up being Hekapoo's adventure buddy when he was very clearly enjoying it. And Star went to all the trouble of creating a copy of Marco's room to help him relax during the summer.

      Ohh that is always pretty cool if you ask me. I like fantasizing a bit about the episode that is always lots of fun. By the way just a random thought. But what if Tough Love will involve Eclipsa having to defeat her daughter because Star and Marco are of vital importance to better rights for all monsters ?

        Loading editor
    • Does this mean your counter went back to zero? Or did you make some other contribution before the deadline?

      That would be an interesting idea. But finding a teacher other than Glossaryck would be tough. I don't think Moon would like the idea of someone else wielding the family wand.

      Yeah, they do like to add seemingly little things, then expand on them later. Just look at the first time they mentioned Eclipsa. It might have been at the same time they referenced Moon's battle with Toffee, but no-one would have guessed at the time that the two were connected.

      Moon and River definitely seem to be aware of Marco and Star's deeper feelings for each other. They wouldn't wouldn't protest if the two started dating.

      It's hard to say for sure. Star has a natural affinity for magic, while Marco is still basically human. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

      Good thinking there. Sometimes a tactical surrender really is the best option in such a situation.

      That's true. When it comes right down to it, those two are willing to do anything for each other.

      It might. Also, the title of the episode before that is Latin for "Suffer in Silence". It may have something to do with Marco being unable to admit his feelings for Star because she's dating Tom.

      And I miscalculated before. The new episodes start this Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it.

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    • Don't worry about the counter mate it's just a number and if it resets it will reset. But to answer your question no I did not reset I was on time. 

      I admit that there were some complications when Marco first wielded the wand. For example that wave of fire magic that Marco seemed to release when he used the wand and the allseeing eye spell to find Star. But I doubt that Moon would not recognise that not training someone who has magic is just an accident that is waiting to happen or a bargaining chip for any force that will attempt to influence Marco to her side.

      True Eclipsa was only vaguely mentioned at first but she turned out to be a very big deal in the end. I mean she isn't a villainess yet but still she is a pretty interesting chracter. They may indeed have mentioned her when they mentioned her battle with Toffee. And maybe when Moon told her she did a lot of things Star will not be doing I wonder if she referred to the deal that she made with Eclipsa.

      You are probably right about that they do seem to be quite supportive of the two. I like how they are just waiting and letting this play out how it is playing out instead of intervening. Maybe they consider it a to important experience for them to the road to falling in love to intervene wanting them to experience the same thing they experienced when they were young.

      It is still a bit vague to if you ask me. I mean the only thing we know so far is that Marco is also pretty good in using magic and seems like he is also pretty powerfull. He used the All Seeing Eye spell in the first try. So that is something. 

      Yeah your right tactical surrender I always love that term. It's like running away like a coward except it's not because it is a cool calculated decision to just avoid a fight you cannoot win and allow you to plan for the situation that you are currently in.

      Yeah that is one of the most beautiful themes in the show. Their very strong friendship is one of the coolest and sweetest things in the show if you ask me. 

      That does sound like a good possibility. I mean seeing someone you really like dating someone else is terrible. But in Marco's case he has to watch from afar how his best friend which he fell in love with to little to late with his best friend. Also that title confirms my suspicion that this season will not be fun for Marco xD.

      Miscalculations are ok mate they make us human. I mean remember that song from Rag N Bone I'm only Human ? That song is awesome. And the song also states how humans sometimes make mistakes and you should not blame them for it. Which is exactly the course of action I am going to follow now.

      By the way did you know some cartoon and sit com writers are actually highly educated. For example the Futurama writers they had several writers who had a university degree in science. The writers and creators also had fun with hiding and creating alien languages which apperently got deciphered by the fans. And when they deciphered the first language the writers made a second decrypted Alien language for the fan to decode. Also a lot of the scientific equations on the boards in the show  are actual real life scientific equation. When I found out about that I just though just another reason to love Futurama.

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    • Good to hear.

      That may be, yeah. But the wand is still a family heirloom, to be passed down through the royal line. And after what happened with Ludo and Toffee, Moon may be apprehensive about the idea of Star letting others use it, even if it is Marco.

      That is true. They were building up Eclipsa's story for quite some time. And judging by the summaries for the first two new episodes, it seems we'll be getting some answers about Eclipsa's past very shortly.

      It didn't seem like Moon and River had any help getting together themselves, so they probably willing to let Star and Marco's relationship develop on its own, without any interference on their part.

      It remains to be seen if Marco will use the wand again any time soon, let alone what kind of spell he'll try to cast with it.

      Yeah, it was something they put in place from the very first episode, and it's been going from strength ever since.

      It hasn't been too fun for him so far. But hopefully, the season will ultimately end on a good note for Marco.

      I heard about that myself. It is impressive how they manage to hide that secret language throughout the show.

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    • Yes indeed but that counter has become quite a bit less important for me. It is fun but when it's not around 200 days suddenly losing progress isn't that big of a deal yet. Besides the counter isn't the most fun thing for me the most fun thing for me is our daily conversation. 

      And exactly how long will it be before Marco will be part of the family ? If you ask me it won't be a long time and you know that to hehe ^^. It will only be a matter of time before those two realise their true feelings for eachother. Their friendship is a way to strong basis for their relationship for there to be another chance that she will find someone else. Once both realise and admit it then it will only be a matter of time before they get together. And like I said before if they don't teach him then maybe someone else will if they get their hands on the wand. And that could prove quite dangerous.

      I have seen the summary's of the two latest episodes that we will be seeing. It seems like they are starting off the continuation of the season with some lore. If you ask me that is a good call if you asked me. From what I've heard the last episode was a bit silly so it will be cool if they start the continuation of the series with a.pair of lore episodes.

      Yes indeed I believe they didn't have any help themselves to get together it all went naturally. So like I said they might feel like they would taint the journey and experience if they intervene. 

      It was really cool to just show that he was able to use the wand. And he has a strong enough will to not be consumed by the magical power of it which another impressive feat. I got this weird head canon that Marco will have a natural affliation for darkness magic eventually. And that he will be able to use dark magic but necesarry for bad things. I mean dark magic is knowledge and all magic is neutral it's about how you use it you know.

      Very true it began small but in the end it snowballed pretty fast. If you take a moment to realise she considered him her best friend after meeting him a few days. And she chose him over her childhood troublemaker friend.

      You British have a lovely mastery of the understatement hehe ^^. This season has so far been quite a bit of punishment for Marco. I hope he will catch a break soon and it indeed end on a good note for him.

      You know of all people intelligent people get bored quickly the most. So it makes sense that if they were done with planning the story they started doing other fun things that helped with the show but still kept them busy. In my case I am a nightmare if I am not kept busy or keeping myself busy I can get really annoying. For that reason I have homework and learning and writing and finally video games. Those keep me occupied and happy.

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    • Well, they are both just fifteen at the moment. Unless Mewmans have different ideas about marriages, it'll still be a while before Marco can become an official member of the family. But I don't think we'll have to wait that much longer for them to get together. And I think Moon would prefer no-one but Star wielding the wand right now.

      It does sound like they'll be looking into Eclipsa's history. Maybe we'll finally find out for sure whether she's a bad guy or not.

      Considering how controlling Moon was of Star in the beginning, that is an excellent sign of her growth as a parent.

      That would be interesting. It was stated that Eclipsa's spells were "Dark", but that's not entirely clear at the moment. As for Marco, I suppose anything could happen right now.

      The fact that it took so little time for them to establish that bond makes it all the more beautiful.

      I hope so too. After what Marco's been through lately, he could really use a break.

      Good to know. It is crucial to keep yourself active.

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    • True but I hope you get the gist of what I am saying. I mean he may not be part of the family yet but anyone who has eyes has seen it or has commented on how close those two are. Moon and River saw it with ease. And Eclipsa also knew immidietly what it was about when Star started complaining about Marco. That might be but like I said it is better to train Marco in magic at some point then just leaving it be cause then a villain could potentially use that to his adventure.

      That would be quite nice if we actually find out wether or not she is actually evil or not. While I seriously enjoy the bait and switch tactics that they are currently employing as well as her voice actress gorgeous British accent I really would like to know if she is evil or not. Did you see one of the episodes will have Moon and Eclipsa going to the archives to study up on history. Their will probably be a few ackward conversations. I wonder actually what the reason is. Will they visit the archives to learn more about the effect of the Blood Moon when Moon discovers Marco can wield the wand ? Or is their something else.

      Yeah Moon really developed as a character and became an even better parent. I mean she started out as a overprotective and slightly bossy and demanding mother. But she has really grown and became a lot more patient caring and able to openly show affection to Star. And not intervening in this rather exciting and hard situation in Star's life is really a new high point for her.

      Yes it is indeed said that these spells are dark. That's what I always consider kinda cute that people always link dark with evil immidietly but Dark Magic is just knowledge. Arcane knowledge maybe but it is still knowledge and knowledge is neutral. I mean it is not the magic that is evil it is the user's malevant way of using that makes that particular way of using magic evil.

      It truely did make it a lot more beautiful to watch and easy for me to watch to. They bonded while kicking the monsters butt's and that was really sweet. Everything that happens afterwards is really sweet to. The cutest thing has to be that well that Marco instinctively protected Star despite the fact that they only just met. I mean if you look at it he didn't know that Star was a total badass that could defend herself in battle he actually thought that she was in danger.

      Yeah he really deserve something good happening to him after season 3 has not been nice to him so far. But I am sure that they will get to that eventually don't you think.

      I always think with sitting still you will be unable to evolve and grow and adept. Without those three there will be no change. And without change there will be no progress or development as a person. And that basically means that you are wasting your time which is really bad.

        Loading editor
    • Fair enough. But training Marco to use the magic of the wand might be a little tricky, since the spell book was destroyed, and Glossaryck isn't exactly in his right mind at the moment.

      We won't have to wait long to find out where they'll go to find answers. And if it turns out she really isn't evil, what will the show do with her. make her a full-fledged advisor to Star? Or an ambassador to the monsters?

      Well, she has seen Star with a boyfriend before. And as far as we know, she never really interfered in her relationship with Tom. So maybe that of thing was always "off-limits" for her.

      True. Take the All-Seeing Eye, for example. It's just a window. What the caster choses to use it for isn't really its fault.

      Yeah, and that was after he was almost driven nuts by her antics. It showed just how nice a guy Marco really is.

      It seems like a definite possibility. For all we know, this season may actually end with marco getting together with Star. That's definitely a "best-case scenario" at the moment.

      That is a very good philosophy. You make a very good point with it.

        Loading editor
    • True right now it will be a little bit tricky. But still I hope it will be done at some point. I mean yes Marco is more responsible but he did create a ring of fire when he cast the spell so that is something they should fix.

      Ohh that is good news that we won’t have to wait long. Tomorrow I think I am going to watch some episodes and then when I am caught up I will be able to see if she is evil or not.

      Could be that she will attempt to gain rights for the monsters. Or maybe she will become an advisor to Star. Or for all we know she could teach Marco magic. There are a lot of possibilities if she is not evil.

      Could be that maybe her parents were noisy when she dated and she hated that so much she didn’t want to do that to Star.

      Yeah in it’s natural form it is just a window. The users action determines wether the spell is bad or not.

      Ohh yeah I forgot about that it makes it just that extra sweet don’t you think ? He really is a nice guy though he does have a temper if you piss him off enough.

      As a Sunday child I am going to say let’s let Lady Luck decide what happens. Right now Marco is practically at the bottom of the well so no way to go but up.

      Philosophy has always been something that I enjoyed. And I have a interest in politics, science and of course change and writing.

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    • True. And the time may come when Star is separated from the wand, and someone else is needed to wield it. Marco could fit that bill, with a little training, of course.

      Good to hear. I'm really excited to see what happened in these new episodes. Certain episodes more than others, if you know what I mean.

      Are you talking about Star's parents, or Moon's? Because Moon's would have been dead when she started officially dating River.

      It and the so-called "darkest spell" are the only spells of Eclipsa's we know of so far. The others may not be so bad either.

      True. When Marco gets angry, things get ugly.

      True. When you hit rock bottom, you can only climb higher.

      Nice to see you have so many interests. That should really help you occupied.

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    • Yes you are right about it. You got what I was trying to tell them. He just needs a little training so that the whole releasing a wave of fire thing doesn't happen again. Because it kinda wrecked Star's room.

      Ohh I am excited about them to. What I am even more excited about is that the exam I did today actually was not that bad and I managed to answer all the questions except for one in which I just guessed how and well any points I got from that question will be awesome. And finally we will get some answers. I can't wait for the Eclipsa and Moon episode.

      I was talking about Moon's parents but you are probably right. We don't know if they pushed her towards finding someone she loved before she died and we know they didn't when they were well dead because they couldn't.

      You know darkness and darkness magic is really easy to make it seem evil and terrible. It already has a bad reputation and when you add the fact that they feared Eclipsa's power it was not hard to make the citizens think that she was evil. I mean take Disney for example. They took Hades the god of the Underworld and made him into this scheming evil villain. And then James Woods made him into the most awesome Disney villain ever. But the real Hades from the myth's wasn't violent or evil and scheming at all the worse thing he ever did was steal Persephone. He didn't hate the Underworld he just wanted to be kept to his own devices and do whatever he wanted. If you wanted a Greek God that was less moral take Zeus. A lot of those heroes from Greek mythology are his kids. 

      Yeah they truely do when he gets angry. The first time we genuinly saw that was Monster Arm when he got super angry at Star for trying to fix the monster arm when in reality it was the right call but he thought she was just being selfish.

      Yeah that is a awesome way to look at it. Being at rock bottom isn't exactly fun but what is fun is just having hit rock bottom and starting to climb back up again I think that is pretty cool feeling because every victory no matter how small will make you feel great.

      Yeah they usually do and I also play video games when I am not into my hobby's. I have recently begun building my life philosophy around a event that I have named the Great Change. 

        Loading editor
    • It'll be finding someone to train him that's going to be the tough part. Star could try to teach him, but she's never really taught anyone before.

      Congratulations. I'm sure you'll pass that test with flying colors. And the big day is finally here. The new episodes return at last.

      True. So we probably won't know what their opinions were when it came to their daughter and romance.

      Yeah, the Hades of myth wasn't anywhere near as bad, while Zeus in those stories commited some troubling actions. Though James Woods did do a great job of voicing Hades, didn't he?

      It didn't help that the strength of his new appendage was clouding his judgment by that point.


      Hmm, sounds interesting. What is it?

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    • That is true finding someone who will train him will be very hard for them. I mean there aren't many people that would actually be able to train him in the use of the wand. On the other hand if Star trains Marco to use the wand it will be great to make her more responcible. I mean she is already getting more responcible but something as important as that will really help her become even more responcible.

      I did have a feeling that everything went a lot better then it usually went. So that was a really good feeling. I have a feeling once I pass one I will be able to capitalize on the morale boost to pass the other quickly to. That would be awesome.

      It is a bit sad that we miss that but you can't exactly have it all now can you. Some things you will just never know and I don't mind that much. Besides the found a man she truely loved and who is kind of a good king isn't that the only thing that should matter in the end ?

      He did an amazing job on voicing Hades. It was like they were already portraying Hades differently then they were doing but James Woods just made it so freaking awesome. He did a great job on the voice acting but he also perfectly brought out the underhanded deal maker that Disney tried to paint Hades as.

      That is pretty much true. While Star might have seen selfish I can't help but wonder if she didn't want to use her magic on Marco because she cared to much about him and was worried he would end up hurt.

      Your welcome mate ^^.

      Essentially the Great Change in my philsophy is a life changing event that every human will experience that will permanently change your life for the better. Every obstacle challenge and problem and change that  I experienced in life  I see as a challenge to complete and every triumph will bring me closer to the Great Change. It is basically a philosophy and mindset that every problem change and challenge you face will prepare you for that life changing event that will come.

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    • Star teaching Marco would be a great for them to grow closer, but her own lack of experience when it comes to teaching could be a problem. She may take it seriously, but she'd have a lot of work to do, like a lesson plan of some sort.

      I'll be sure to keep my fingers crossed. Though by the way you described the exam, I'd say you don't have much to worry about.

      Yeah, it is. If Moon's parents were alive to see her marry River, they would no doubt be happy for their daughter.

      I heard James based his depiction of Hades on a used car salesman. It certainly throws all the character's talk of "deals" into a new light, doesn't it?

      She did show some worry when Marco first asked her to try and fix his arm, since she'd never really done healing magic before. And she practiced the reversal spell on potted plants first, remember?

      That is a very interesting theory. Have you faced your "Great Change" yet, or are you still waiting for it?

      I've already watched the two new episodes, and they were pretty good ("Total Eclipsa The Moon" was better, though). I look forward to talking about them once you've seen them yourself.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah that is true that it would cause them to grow closer but you are right she might have some problems with teaching Marco. Mostly because Star is more about improvising and doing things from intuition while Marco seems like the kind of person who would prefer structured lessons.

      Yeah it did seemingly went better the other times. So I do really hope that I finally pass this exam. Once I do that well then I will be able to get ready for the next one and so on. That would be awesome.

      Yes Comet did seem like a kind and caring mother from the picture we see of her. So I have a feeling she would be happy that her daughter found someone who loved her and vice versa.

      I heard that to and I love the choice that he made it was the right call. I mean it totally goes with the kind of villain that Disney seemed to want Hades to be. And you can tell just by the great performance that he is giving that he was having the time of his life voicing Hades. 

      Ohh yes that is true still while Marco was being very rude and mean spirited about it he did have a point that Star seemed to want to fix something that at that moment seemed to be beneficial to him. And pracitising on that plant was really well remarkly well thought out and careful from Star.

      Nope haven't had it yet. I suspect that mine is coming somewhere after I finish this study with the current obstacle with failling the tests being a way to grow as a human and adept. 

      Ohh well I be sure to let you know once I watched them to my friend. Then we can discuss them together I always like doing that.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah. Star would probably just try to teach him the coolest, most impressive spells, while he would probably prefer to start small, and work his way up.

      It sure would. How many more exams do you left, if you don't mind my asking?

      True. Let's hope we get another flashback to Moon's childhood, one which actually focuses a little on Comet.

      That's for sure. He just kept coming back to that role, because he loved it so much.

      Well, Star had already sort of messed up once. She no doubt wanted to avoid accidentally making things even worse.

      Well, whenever it arrives, I have faith that you'll be able to face it head on.

      Me too. Just remember to keep me posted.

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    • That does seem like the way that Star would try to teach someone. It would fit her that she would try to impress anyone she would teach with cool impressive spells to show she would be a good teacher. However that would not really work for someone like Marco who would prefer to start slow and then work himself up like you said.

      I believe that there are like 6 in total for the first year. I already got two of those the ones from the British Council from General English C1 and Business English B2. There is one very big module which is essentially about translating which is broken up in 4 pieces which gives the most points.

      Ohh that would be a lovely treat to watch Moon and her mother interact. Especially because she seemed like such a kind and caring mother it would be sweet to see her spend some time with her daughter.

      I heard that payment for the animated series was really not that high and was below what he usually made but he didn't really care and just took the job anyway. I guess every actor has a soft spot every once in a while for a role that they really like. I guess in the case of James Woods this role was Hades.

      That is true the point with that situation was that both of them had a point. Star was right that the arm was corrupting Marco but Marco also wasn't wrong in the fact that Star rarely used beneficial magic on anyone but herself.

      Yes indeed I am really waiting patiently until it arrives. I have done some serious growing as a person last year such as controlling my temper evolving and adapting to challenges so I am ready when it happens.

      I will keep you posted when I will watch it. I am a bit flu ish so maybe I will get some soup tomorrow to go with watching Star vs the Forces of evil. That combination has worked before.

        Loading editor
    • Right. So that might set up for some conflict between the two. Like they would argue about Star's teaching style, and whether or not it would work for Marco.

      I see. So you've still got a lot of work ahead of you. Good luck with the rest of those tests.

      Yeah, it would. Moon seemed to hold her mother's memory in fond regards, so she much have been nice.

      It's true, he didn't get paid as much for voicing the character for TV. But he did it anyway, because he enjoyed it so much.

      An argument is much more believable (not to mention notable) when both sides have valid points to express.

      Again, I wish you the best of luck.

      Fair enough. I hope you get better soon.

        Loading editor
    • That could set up a nice potential conflict between the two.  Their clashing way of learning things could set up some a nice interesting conflict.

      True I got a long road ahead of me. But I always found the end of the journey more boring then the journey itself. That is the spot where you learn things and grow as a human. The end is just going to be getting a degree and hopefully get the sweet translator cash.

      Yeah she did seem to love her mother very much. Which is really sweet and it was for that reason that I think Comet was a very kind and loving mother. So I am hoping to see a flashback of even younger Moon and her mother.

      Sometimes you just got to say why not right ? I mean if you really really like a role why letting something as money get in the way. James Woods may reportedly be hard to work with but he could have easily found another role that paid up to his standard. I always had a excruciating hatred of Hecate. I saw her as an annoying pretender to the Underworld throne. So yeah I loved it when she got toasted by a pissed off Hades at the end of that episode.

      True their is more spice and life in an argument if both sides have a point. Else it is just one side wiping the floor with the other sides argument and that is well just super boring and I've been their and done that a lot of time.

      Aww thank you for that but I am sure that it will work out soon.

      I got some sort of flu apperently. My father also seems to have it but he is of way worse then I. Then again I might just still be in the incubation phase with worse symptoms coming. But we will see about that when the happens right ?

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, it would. It would also make for another hurdle for the two of them to overcome together.

      True, in order to get to somewhere good, you need to work hard in order to gain the skills you need to reach it.

      Me, too. Hopefully, the show will be able to deliver on that possibility sooner or later (preferably sooner).

      That was very satisfing, wasn't it?

      Exactly. If both sides make a good point, then both sides are sympathetic. It would be easier to side with one if the other has a weak argument.

      Yes, we will. And at least it will give you some time to relax and catch up on more of the episodes.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah it would be another hurdle for them to take together. But if they work together they can really achieve a lot of things. I mean before long in season 1 they were treating Ludo's attempts to get the wand as a fun fight instead of fighting against an army of dangerous foes. So naturally they would be able to overcome something like a different preference in teaching.

      Yes and once you have those skill things will become a lot easier for you. But for me it is also that it is much more fun that you learn the skills then actually using them. I mean I guess it's just me but I really like to learn new things. For me it's the journey rather then the destination.

      I would also prefer sooner rather then later because it has great potential. Though I am sure we will see a flashback with Comet at some point. We just have to be patient. 

      Yes it was very satisfying to see Hades put Hecate and show her just exactly why he was one of the 3 prime gods of the Greek Pantheon. I always love how Hades doesn't deny that he would have done the same thing as Hecate tried to do to him if he were  in her position . But he is like I am not in that position so I am going to put you in your place now. It was also remarkably nice that Hades actually allowed Pain and Panic to watch the sheep they had grown to like for one time. He must have been very happy with their efforts to defeat Hecate's flying wolves maybe even so happy that he decided that for once they deserved some sort of reward.

      I have been in places where it is a one sided argument far to much. It is just a boring case of wiping the flour with your opponents arguments and then being proven right. It is no fun at all and there is no juice in doing it.

      Yes it is indeed a good thing for me. The coughing is slightly over but now I got a pain in my stomach. I almost forgot how much the flu loves to just rotate with symptoms.

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    • True. It would take some time, but they probably would manage to get over their disagreements eventually, and soon find themselves on the same page, allowing for Marco's real learning experience to begin.

      Yeah, we do. But hopefully, not too patient.

      That was a fun episode overall. It's not often we get an episode focused on the bad guy like that. And Hades did get some excellent focus there. It was impressive seeing him put Hecate in her place. And it was nice how he let Pain and Panic watch those sheep. It shows that he's not a completely rotten boss.

      That's for sure. It's not a real argument otherwise.

      That's too bad. Hopefully, this new symptom won't last for too much longer.

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    • Yes it would take them some time to reach an agreement on that. Mostly because on that part they both have very different preferred methods of how they learn things. Star prefers to learn by doing and expirementing or a mix of the two. While Marco prefers to learn in an organized manner instead of experimenting. Of course they would be able to reach an understanding in the end considering how good a friends they are.

      I always say 'Patience should be a virtue not a torture method ^^' But I can wait a little bit to see what will happen. I am pretty excited to see how Comet was.

      It was really a great episode and I loved how Hades was front and center in that one.  I always hated Hecate in the show. In my kindest moods I referred to as a third rate pretencious wannebe Hades. While it was cool to see Hades put Hecate in her place I am not suprised Hades could put her in her place. Hades was one of the prime gods of the pantheon. He was also one of the three most powerful greek gods as a result.

      We never know just how bad a boss Hades was. All he does was punish Pain and Panic when they failed him. Which isn't actually a particularly bad thing to do. I mean it might not be nice how he punishes them but I can relate to having underlings fail equal to them being punished so that they will try to prevent failling again. Because they always had to go against Yercules and his friends they were doomed to fail because they were the main heroes. It could be that Hades actually also rewards his minions well if they succeed. We can't be sure because they almost always fight against Hercules which they will lose against.

      Yep you are right on that one. Not a argument just a one sided curb stomp battle. And not even one of the cool ones from Tv Tropes a boring one with words.

      It has gotten less and well I feel a bit better again. I am going to sleep though because tomorrow it's my father's birthday.

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    • They probably will, eventually. But to begin with, it would be tricky for them to agree on whether they should go for unplanned, experimental spellcasting, or structured, planned lessons.

      Me too. I wouldn't mind seeing what the wand looked like in her hands too.

      Yeah, he was one of the "big three", alongside Zeus and Poseidon, I believe. They drew lots to decide who got the land, sea, and underworld. And he wasn't that bad a guy in the original myths, accepting his job and taking it seriously. He was also named "Pluto" there. "Hades" was the name of his realm.

      I hope you feel better by then. It'd be a shame if you weren't able to properly enjoy your dad's birthday party.

      Also, they've added summaries to some of the upcoming episodes. You should see what there is for the episode "Booth Buddies". I think you'll find it intriguing.

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    • Yes but it will be a great hurdle for them to take together. Sooner or later they need to face the fact that they have very different ways of learning things and to deal with things. The sooner they take care of that the better for the both of them. It is a very important thing they will have to take care of.

      That is another interesting thing which would be nice to see. For some reason I have a feeling that the wand will have a more calm appearance in her hands as she seemed quite calm and collected and loving in the picture with Moon. Which was super sweet by the way.

      Yeah you got to abmit Hecate had guts to mess with one of the big boys in Greek Mythology. Was it incredibly stupid of her to try and scheme against Hades especially the shows more aggresive version of him ? Ohh yeah it was super stupid. And she got what was coming to her after she was defeated but still it took a lot of guts what she did so that I can respect. I knew that to it is actually superfunny how in one episode Hades is introduced to the Romans and he is called Pluto by them. And Hades hates the name and says it sounds like the name of a dog xD.

      I did manage to celebrate my fathers birthday quite nicely. Only that extra tired part of the flu  is showing it's ugly rear today. My brother who came to visit also has symptoms which I told him were of this flu. He joked about how it didn't matter then if he visited because me and my dad already had it. It was a great day I had fun spending time with my dad and my grandmother visited.

      I got my father a bottle of Scottish whisky which he really liked. He knew nothing for his birthday but I just felt like he should have at least one gift on his birthday. He poured a bit in his whisky glass and insisted I had a sip of what I bought him. It was pretty good actually and that is coming from a guy who doesn't normally like alcohol. He drank the rest of the glass which was not that much and thanked me for buying him a gift so he had at least one gift on his birthday.

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    • Well, maybe they will reach that conclusion someday. Of course, that's assuming Star actually decides to teach Marco. That's still up in the air.

      Maybe it did take on the form of something nice-looking. Maybe something like a mirror, or a scepter.

      Glad to hear it. It's nice to know you managed to have some fun, even if you were still getting over the flu.

      That was a really nice gift. I'm glad your dad liked it.

      Remember to let me know when you've seen the new episodes. I've heard the latest ones have been really good.

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    • Yeah they will probably come to that conclusion at some point. And you are right the fact that if Star even teaches Marco how to the wand is still up the air. It is not sure of course considering the first time he used the wand it was quite destructive. I mean she was able to fix it but still.

      Yeah that does seem like a good guess about what the form of her wand was. Especially the scepter one because I got a bit of a The High Queen vibe from Comet. And a scepter is a great symbol of power.

      This flu is a bit nastier then others but still it has days in which you feel really bad and days in which you are just really tired. This flu seems to like mixing it up.

      Yes I am glad that he liked it to. If he didn't I would have to find someone else who would have drunk that Whiskey xD because it would be way to pricey to ignore it.

      I will let you know once I have watched a new episode. Right now I am mostly watching the Teen Titans Go.

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    • It would be intereting, but at the moment, Star seems content on being the sole wielder of the wand. She even told Marco that his using it was a dangerous move.

      True. And the fact that Toffee decided to have Comet assassinated suggested he didn't want to go to war with Mewni while she was in charge. He wanted to get her out of the way first.

      Well, like I said, I hope you get over it soon.

      I'm not really a fan of that series. I liked the original Teen Titans show because it had a mix of action and comedy. But Go is all about slapstick jokes and no real heroics. It's just not my cup of tea.

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    • It may not have been the smartest move but it was not like he could do something else. They kind of had used all their options to find Star besides using the wand.

      Toffee seems like such a dick if you think about it. Comet wanted to make peace but Toffee had her killed probably so he could continue the war and stroke his own ego.

      I have decided to just wait it out and accepted that this flu is going to take a while.

      I really don’t like the animation of Teen Titans. I think the animation style of Star vs the Forces of Evil or Miraculous Ladybug is prettier .

      I also hate how the fan base keeps bashing Teen Titans Go because their show is cancelled and another funnier less serious show was made.

      While it has a lot of slap stick it does slip in a few life lessons. And it does have lessons about what a pyramid scheme is and how it works to get a rental property something that I found quite interesting. It seems like Teen Titans fans bash Teen Titans Go solely because they don’t have a healthier way of venting their anger that their show is cancelled. Want a season 6 dumbasses ? Start a petition that has more chance for getting another season then doing absolutely nothing.

      I don’t watch Teen Titans Go for mind blowing stories or life lessons. I watch it to see in which way Dr Light will be mauled this time. If I want a show with good character development and enticing arc’s I will watch Miraculous or Star vs the Forces of Evil.

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    • True. Marco knew there were no other options. Using the wand to find Star was their only remaining chance to get her back.

      Toffee didn't like the idea of a peace treaty between the Mewmans and monsters. Considering the way most Mewmans treat monsters (and have done for centuries), you can't really blame him.

      That's too bad. Guess all you can do now is hope it passes sooner rather than later.

      Me too. It is a way better style.

      There are other things about the show that annoyed the fans. Like that episode "The Return of Slade", where Slade didn't actually appear. A lot of fans were outraged and disgusted by that. They thought it was just plain insulting that their hopes had been raised, then dashed in such a way.

      And from what I've heard, it's not so much that the original show was cancelled, but that the characters from it were "dumbed down" into pure comic relief.

      But to each his own, I suppose, If you like the show, then I can accept that.

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    • Hey, is there something wrong? You haven't replied yet.

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    • That is classic Marco he is and will always be the responcible of the two. No matter the fact that Star is becoming more mature and responcible I think Marco will always have the best way to solve problems. He used up all other ways so he used the only way he knew would get her back.

      I can get that he didn't like the idea of a peace treaty with the Mewnians. But the problem is that if there wasn't a peace treaty between the Mewnian's and monsters might have gone from treating them like crap to lets just kill every single one of them. He could have potentially doomed all the monsters on Mewni. Killing queen Comet was like dozing himself in honey and dare the bear to take the honey from him. He was lucky the Mewnians didn't strike back more after Moon broke him.

      I know right the style is just well ugly to me. It is very hard to look at and not pretty at all.

      The fans of Teen Titans seem a little bit whiny and childish to me. Boo hoo your show got cancelled. Revolution got cancelled and Community got cancelled. Star vs the Forces of Evil will end at some point. It's the circle of life for television. Honor your favorite shows memory by watching it and discussing it and writing fanfiction about it. Whining about it being cancelled and bashing it's predecessor is not a way to honor it. 

      They were actually outraged at the return of Slade not featuring Slade ? Hahahahahaha OMG that is freaking hilarious what a losers. That is such dumb loser behavior which I have felt is classic for them. It is rather simple what those purists should do they should  pick a line. Either hate it and don't watch it or like it and don't whine about it. Don't do one thing about 43% and 57% the other that never works.

      I personally loved the joke a lot. I also like that they bashed Teen Titans for taking an insane long time to complete the Slade storyline. Beside who cares about Slade Deadpool is a hundred times cooler then him in every way. For me the predecessor of Teen Titans Go is Teen Titans No for me. Get it like Teen Titans Go but I changed a word.

      Well yeah of course they are going to have to dumb down the characters a bit. It is for a younger audience so they can't just go around and have their complex behaviors and emotions. You do that and kids will click and change the channel faster then you can say stop ^^.

      Good to hear you accept it. I mean it wouldn't have changed my opinion but I always like and admired about you how you are always quick to say I don't like it but I won't judge someone else for liking it. It's an admirable character trait that you can be proud of for possesing.

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    • Yeah, Marco may have been looking for adventure recently, but at least he wanted to do something that made a difference. And he still cares deeply for Star, enough to resort to an act he knew would be risky.

      Maybe he thought the Mewmans couldn't be forgiven for the way they treated monsters all those years, and that the monsters deserved to be in complete control of all the land. Daron did compare him to Magneto from the X-Men comics. He thinks he's doing what's best for his kind, but in the worst possible way.

      No problem. I suppose you'll be wanting to see that Teen Titans Go movie they'll be bringing out soon.

      How are you feeling, by the way? Have you gotten over that flu yet?

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    • He does still care deeply for Star their friendship and how much they care for eachother is well kind of one of the biggest pillars in the series. I mean it is something that I really like about the show I think their friendship and how through that friendship they can take on any challenge no matter how big is one of the things that I will always love about this cartoon.

      That was most likely Toffee's thought process I think your are right on the money with that one. Still to never seek peace is not a very smart thing to do if you ask me. If you keep waging war eventually you will come across a Mewnian queen who would have gladly wiped the floor with all of monster kind. And vengeance is kind of hard to enjoy when you are dead. 

      It did always seem that he wanted what was best for monster kind but he was just really terrible at the way he reached his goal. I mean I get he wanted to even the score for monster kind. But along the way he started treating his fellow monsters as disposable tools. And that seems like it might possibly be how some Mewnian rulers saw their soldiers. As resources to be exhausted to defeat their enemies.

      Ohh no no no no not at all mate. First of all I have no idea if it even comes out here in the Netherlands. And even if it does come out I got better movies on my list. For example the second Fantastic Beasts and where to find them movie and Wreck it Ralph 2. I mean the show is fun but I am not going to the movie. 

      Well sort of good I guess. I still got the general misery part of the flu. For some reason every time I'm sick I am starting to feel pain in my teeth. It is really superannoying and I always fear that I have a cavity. On the up side there will be a new Hearthstone expansion coming out on half of April. So I am super excited about that.

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    • It is very touching, isn't it? They really do make for a great friendship. The only thing that could make it better is if they could finally get together romantically. We can only hope it happens before the end of season three.

      True, but anger, bitterness, and the desire for revenge does tend to blind a person, to the point where they can barely focus on anything else. That probably happened to Toffee. He wanted the Mewmans to pay for what they did to his monster brethren.

      Yeah, both sides tended to treat their underlings kind of badly. It's been implied in some episodes that the peasants of the Butterfly kingdom aren't very well cared for. Though Toffee's fellow lizards were nearly as invincible as he was, so he didn't have to worry too much about casualties on his side.

      Fair enough. And I'm looking forward to both of those other movies, especially Wreck-It-Ralph 2.

      It'd be a shame if you had to go back to the dentist so soon after your last appointment. Glad to hear your game's getting an expansion, though. Hope you have fun.

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    • Their friendship is one of the pillars of the show for me. I don't know if it also is like that for Daron but it is for me. The way the interact with eachother and comfort eachother when there sad and always willing to help eachother out is really sweet. It started as something really sweet and the only way it could get even sweeter is if they do end up together and rule over Mewni as the king and queen who started a golden age in Mewni.

      Yes negative emotions do tend to blind a person. I mean look at Darth Maul in the Star Wars Rebels series he was a total badass and could have had Ezra as his apprentice if he wasn't so angry at him for not killing the Seventh Sister. If he was calmer he would have had a better chance.

      Yeah some episodes did show they either live in a bad situation or just a outright terrible situation with them living in squalor and such. It seems like the kind of problem that Star and Marco will be able to adress once they ascend the throne hehe. And maybe even earlier.

      I am liking both those movies but for different reasons. Wreck it Ralph 2 because well the previous movie was totally awesome and cool and funny and sweet and because if the trailer is any indication then it will be hilarious. And Fantastic Beasts and where to find them two for the magical beasts. And also because Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein are probabl the most adorable social ackward couple I have ever seen.

      I know right what am I a freaking walking atm to her ? I mean she is nice but I have a extremely long list of things I rather spend my money on then getting fillings for cavity's. It also puts me in a lot of stress when I have one and the stress leads to migraine which well is terrible, I am going to have fun with this expansion. They have special cards which got pretty cool bonuses for your hero power. One special creature card is for decks that only have even mana cost cards and another one has one for decks that only have uneven mana card costs.

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    • I'm sure Daron feels the same way. She did say she based Star and Marco on herself and her husband. Hopefully, she'll see fit to take the resemblance all the way, and end the series with Star and Marco together.

      Maybe, but Maul also became obsessed with tracking down and killing Obi-Wan Kenobi. Even after spending days wandering the desert, he still tried to fight him. And we all know how that turned out...

      It does show that neither side is all good, that they both have their flaws. Makes things a little less black and white. And Star seems determined to fix that little problem.

      Both trailers were pretty good. I especially liked that scene with the pancakes in the Wreck-It-Ralph 2 trailer.

      We can only hope you don't need to see her anytime soon. And it's good to know so much extra will be added to the game.

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    • Yeah I read that somewhere. I personally think that it's really sweet that she draws inspiration from people in her real life who are important to her for the characters in her cartoon. I guess that could be seen as the ultimate form of flattery. And I also hope that it will end up with the two of them ending up together.

      Yeah but still it sold the point that if your anger is strong enough that you can completely lose your mind and let your desire for vengeance comsume you. And that is a dangerous situation for everyone. I mean the only one safe from Maul at that point was Ezra and only because he wanted him as his apprentice. All the other Maul wanted dead. Luckily he still had enough control over his anger that he just wisely decided to vent his anger against the other inquisitors after he killed the Seventh Sister.

      You are right ther it does make it less black and white which does make it more fun. There are always two sides of one coing after all. The light and the dark. A healthy amount of balance is necesarry with everything.

      Yeah that one was really funny. Although I did feel bad for the bunny that it exploded. Anyway that probably will get that game some publicity on the other hand. 

      I haven't watched the trailer yet but from what I read is that Newt's brother is coming and I that he is going to marry that Le Strange that Newt fell in love with. The Le Strange family have kind of a terrible reputation in the wizarding world right ? Maybe she happens to not be so bad. Though if I recall correct didn't the Le Strange only wanted to marry with purebloods ? And if so would that mean that the Scamander family are also purebloods ?

      They are trying to do what every game tries to do. Spice up their game change the gameplay a bit. Anything to keep your game interesting for your client. If you can do that then you are on the right path.

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    • They do say you should "write what you know". She definitely seems to have taken that suggestion to heart. She's also said that the show's writing is dependant on her ideas and thoughts, so we'll have to wait and see when she thinks it'll be the right time to bring them together.

      Well, he did want Ezra to be his apprentice, so killing him wouldn't have helped him achieve that goal. Too bad for him, Ezra never once considered the possibility of becoming Maul's student.

      It might. It was still funny, though.

      In the present, Bellatrix Lestrange was one of Voldemort's most powerful, dedicated, and evil lieutenants. That Lestrange Newt fell in love with may end up being her mother, or aunt. And yeah, that would seem so. Bellatrix only married her pureblood husband because it was expected of her. She was really in love with Voldemort, who never returned those feelings.

      True. Adding in fresh and new things helps keep the game interesting, and keeps the players invested in it.

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    • Ohh yeah that is a really good advice if you ask me. I always hear stories of writers and tv producers who stick character traits of brothers or other family or friends in their character to make them more real. Which is a pretty awesome thing if you ask me. I always loved that line of advice in Avatar from General Iroh when Iroh teaches Zuko how to redirect lightning. He said that you should always take wisdom from multiple sources because if you get al your wisdom from one well the well will eventually dry up. Maybe that is the secret to creating great and unique characters to. That you use your family and friends as a basis for a character when possible and then develop some other traits to make the character unique.

      Yes at that point I started to consider Ezra as a fool. Who would want to be a Jedi if they could become a Sith lord. I mean besides the badass thing that you can give in to your emotions you can also stab your teacher through the back and then take everything he ever owned. How can there be something that is more awesome ?

      I never said it wasn't funny in any way. It was a bit scary for the little girl though but I am sure she is fine. That movie is going to be freaking awesome.

      Yes that will be one of the cool things that we will discover quite soon then. What kind of relationship she will have to the Le Strange who was kind of evil and a bit crazy. I wonder though if Newt's brother will actually be a bad guy. I mean he is a war hero and well he is family to Newt who is probably one of the nicest gentlemen in the wizarding world. The more I see it the more I wonder if Grindlewald will try to use Newt's attraction to Leta as a way to pull him towards his cause. I mean yes Newt stopped him but Grindlewald can't deny that Newt has some mad skills even without finishing Hogwarts and his knowledge of magical animals could come in handy for any cause. So I guess that means that Newt is a pure blood wizard to don't you think ? If we consider the fact that Le Strange family was a lot about blood purity and she is set to marry Newt's brother that seems to point to the direction of Newt being a pureblood wizard. Would explain why he is such a badass wizard.

      Every once in a while you need to spice things up a bit. Never to much but a little juice never hurts anyone.

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    • It does help to get as many opinions on a matter as possible. No one way is completely the right way. The more methods you learn about it, the more likely you'll be able to adapt them into a technique that's uniquely you.

      Probably because Ezra knows how evil the Sith can be, and doesn't want to lose his current master by turning to the Dark Side.

      It sure is. The first one was great. A lot of people have been waiting a long time for the sequel to finally arrive.

      Guess we'll have to wait and see. Newt's brother was never mentioned outside of the film universe, so he'll be something of a blank slate. As for Grindelwald, who knows what he'll be planning to do. And it's not just pureblood wizards who are powerful. Hermione is a muggle-born, Harry and Voldemort are half and half, and they were all really powerful.

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    • Yeah the cool thing is that you can always jsut freaking ignore advice that you don't like or that you know won't work for your situation. I always like to have several ways to deal with people when I want to help them and they won't listen. I mean I got emotional manipulation if the person is really stubborn but I always save that one for last. I usually first talk to a person or try to show them why they are wrong. My other go to method is just talking going into a discussing with the person. And if that don't work the stubborn ass is getting emotionally manipulated. And then I haven't included the part that I am also very good at improvising.

      So what your saying is that Ezra was afraid of actually getting power and being able to do cool stuff with it. Yeah that seems about right. And the diffence between the Sith and the Jedi order was that the Sith were open about the fact that they wanted power while the Jedi were just being sneaky about it. To bad for them that Palpatine had Order 66 to take care of the Jedi and thin out the Jedi order quite a lot.

      I really loved the first movie it was just an amazing awesome movie. It had a really cool plot and the villain support group was a nice part of the movie. It was awesome how in the end he actually learns to accept his role as the bad guy and was able to become friends with the other villains. It was also nice that the other characters in the game started to act nice to him to that was a really touching moment. I have no doubt the next movie will be freaking awesome to.

      Another cool thing I heard was that there would be a Zootopia sequel to. I really loved that first movie. Ginnifer Goodwin is one of my favorite actresses  she played Snow White/ Mary Margaret in Once Upon a Time. It was a lot of fun and great to see that she is also very good at voice acting. She is also apparently a huge fan of Disney. Ohh and she married the guy who played prince charming on Once upon a Time in real life and they have a son together and a second child on the way to.

      Yeah I know a lot of halfies were very well ehh powerful sometimes even more powerfull then fullblood wizards. But you got to remember that Harry's half pureblood status was descended from the Potter family. A pureblood wizard family who was really really insale powerful and also a very old pureblood family. l if I recall reading correctly the Potter family was one of seven immensely powerful wizards that went to America. So that might explain why Harry was so powerful. Because his father's bloodline was insanely strong.

      By the way did you see that in the first Fantastic Beasts and where to find them movie there is an add in the wizard newspaper for Potter hairgrowing potion. That was how the Potter family eventually earned their fortune. With Potions did you know that I love that little easter egg. Seems like the Potter family is taking their time and making some sweet sweet money in the wizard world with their potions. And we all know that any Potter that might appear in one of the future movies has plot armor. 

      By the way I feel like I should say this. The actor who portrayed Graves was just well amazing. I had no other word for it then that he did a great job at portraying the role. I also liked the actor who portrayed Newt Scamander and the actress who portrayed Tina Goldstein. For me those 3 stood out in awesome performances. What do you think do you agree or not ? 

        Loading editor
    • Don't forget that Maul was obsessed with revenge. Ezra could see that after being around him long enough. So becoming an apprentice to someone like him wasn't a very attractive prospect.

      I'm looking forward to the Zootopia sequel. Can't wait to see where they take the characters next. Maybe Nick will confront his childhood tormentors, and show them that they were wrong about him.

      That's not always a guarantee, though. Hermione was muggle-born, and she was really good at magic. Neville was pureblood, and he had a lot of trouble with his magic, only getting better later on.

      I did hear something about that once. It does make sense that the family could have gotten so rich with a product like that. And it would be interesting to see another member of the Potter family.

      They were all pretty good in my opinion. Hopefully, they'll keep up the good work during the sequel.

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    • Well you need to find a way to keep yourself busy and occupied right ? And  well plotting revenge against the guy who ruined your life seems like a very good way to keep yourself busy.  Of course Ezra didn't want to become an apprentice to Darth Maul. I mean Ezra has a tendency to doubt every decision he makes. By becoming a Sith lord he could have a large sway after Palpatine was defeated. But instead he choice to not do that.

      I am looking forward to it to. I mean I got to abmit they were lucky that the message of the movie adjusted well to the current themes and problems that society was interested in it was also just really a great movie with a great cast and characters and great messages. I also loved how Nick seems to have fun becoming the joker on the force cracking jokes at the chief's expense.  It would be great if Nick confronted his childhood tormentors and showed him that he is not what he thought they were and that htey were wrong.

      Your words are right on the mark there not 'always' a guarantee but sometimes it could be. I mean if you look at Harry he is really powerfull and he is a descendant of the Potter bloodline which throughout wizard history has shown to be incredibly powerful. It might not always be a a guarantee but maybe jsut maybe in Harry's case the reason he was so powerful was that he was descended from a wizard family that was very powerful for a long time. Well I agreed it could be that not every pure blood is powerful but maybe some pureblood wizard family's will be consistently powerful

      Yes to be honest it would be really fun to see another member of the Potter family. Primarily because he would have plot armor for the entire movie considering his or her family will live on in Harry. I would actually love to know if the Potter's only married purebloods but were one of the few pureblood family's who weren't total condescending dicks against non pureblood family's.

      I hope that to I mean there performance can't get any worse the Johny Depp's laughable performance in my opinion. I feel sad that all the times the actor who portrayed Graves did such a amazing job. And then comes Johny Depp and I looked at the performance I was like this almost physically hurts me to watch you ruin the character that the disguished character spend so hard creating.

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    • Perhaps, but Kanan would have never stood for it. And if Ezra did end up becoming a Sith, he would have only been seen as a much greater threat (and more easily manipulated) by Sidious.

      I guess we'll have to wait and see there. It would be good to see Nick proving to those guys that he became far more than what they thought he could ever be. Not to mention who the new villain will be.

      Harry did also put in a lot of practice into duelling magic, and combat spells. That would have helped too. Natural talent doesn't mean much if you don't hone it over time, make it into something truly great.

      I don't think the Potters were all that interested in "blood purity", to be honest. Harry's mother, Lily, was a muggle-born, and there was never any mention of James's parents objecting to their union.

      To be fair, all we got out of Grindelwald's true form in the first movie was a single line. Hopefully, the sequel will give him a lot more to work with.

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    • Ahh yes those Jedi always stand in the way of the fun of people. I mean being a Sith means breaking your chains and doing whatever you want to do with your force powers. In my opinion that seems like getting the long end of the stick instead of the short end of the stick that is being a Jedi never being allowed to show emotion or falling in love. I think you misread my post I said that Ezra could have become a powerful force after Sidious was defeated.

      Truth be told they are just giant yerks if you ask me. I always thought that children were pretty innocent but those prey animal children were just really plain mean and rascist. If anything they were more like predator animals then Nick was at that moment. And the problem is that those yerkish kids probably don't even know that they scarred him for life.

      It is true that practise makes perfect but you can't deny that a very powerfull bloodline might potentially make things easier for you. I mean it won't carry you all the way but to have it is a nice head start when compared to muggle born wizards or other half blood wizards who have a less powerfull bloodline.

      Yeah I got a feeling that they were indeed quite a noble family who didn't care much for blood purity. They might have tried to keep their bloodline strong but I get this feeling that they specifically created matches with other wizard family's that were born from love rather then to strengthen their position. I also wonder if Harry and by extension the Potter family wizards and sorceresses were that powerfull because they were all born in very loving family's with parents who loved both them and eachother. Also do you think that the pure bloods are like a social comment of some sort ?

      You can't deny that the delivery was cringe worthy and just plain bad. Also I feel bad that the creature that freed Newt and Tina wasn't allowed to eat that guys brain. I mean were was the creature going to get his juicy brains ?

        Loading editor
    • Perhaps, but we all know how things turned out in the end, don't we? The finale was pretty great as it was.

      They really were. Those kids tormented Nick just for trying to be different from what they thought he was, because they thought he couldn't be one of them because of his species. If it weren't for them, Nick wouldn't have spent so much time as a conman.

      It can usually be a mix of natural talent and practice that produces a truly powerful wizard. Neville Longbottom came from a family of powerful wizards, but only got good late into his teens.

      I think they were a reference to the so-called nobles, who think they're better than everyone else because they come from old, rich families.

      Maybe it doesn't feed on human brains that much since Newt took him in?

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    • I love this whole mystery thing. And especially that pretty shocking twist that happened late in the season. That I know you know about and you know that I know about but which I am not writing in here because I don't want to spoil someone.  But yeah it was an epic ending to someone.

      That is the bad thing about that children don't understand how their actions can affect other people. Well they do understand how their action affect other people once they have it happen to themselves. Though on the other hand Nick's scene's as a conman and him swindling people are some of the funniest and coolest scenes in the movie. Though I got to abmit the entire meeting with Mr. Big and Judi turning the situation around in their favour with Nick's what the heck did I just see occur before my eyes were the best and funniest part of the movie. And Judi using Nick's former line when they trick Bellwater.

      That is indeed a good theory some people are naturally good at writing so they have to make less effort to do it very well. But they still need to keep practising to keep their craft up in style. It is just easier for them.

      Ohh yeah that does seem about right. In case you are wondering I am living in what can be considered Middle Class I believe. But I am not smug about it because it are my parents who are responcible for keeping us in that state not me. Every day I am grateful for what we have and what I actually can have. I can buy any game I want and I don't have to pay rent or anything or leave my house untill i'm 30. 

      Hmm that could be it. Or maybe Newt is just very good at training him. He is very good with magical animals when compared to interacting with xenophobic wretched woman and cool wizard and sorceresess. Maybe he could just convince it to leave him alone. You might be onto something there. Maybe it will feed on like brain fluids or something. What do you think ?

      I have taken to going to the library in my town the past three days to study for the module for which I have set to take an exam in. It is going super well so far. I got 2 chapters done in one hour so in three days I got six chapters done. Part of the success is that the library is an oasis of calm and rest. They even have a part at the library that is just table specifically made for studying or reading without being disturbed.

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    • It was a pretty good ending. And they even left things open for a possible sequel series. I sure hope they go down that path.

      True, Nick's career choice did come in handy during the movie. I've often wondered just what became of those kids myself. Whether they grew up to have normal jobs, or ended up becoming criminals. The latter would be ironic, considering what they said to Nick.

      Exactly. Natural skill can only take you so far. It needs to be strengthened and gradually improved over time.

      Maybe it could feed on the brain fluids of smaller animals, like rats. That would make for a lot less of a mess.

      Congratulations. Good to hear things are going well for your studies. But I hope you can find some spare time to catch up on the episodes. I won't spoil anything, but the new ones have been pretty great so far.

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    • Yes it was a pretty good ending. And indeed the ending did close everything of while still leaving room open for a possible sequel later. Which is pretty awesome because I really liked Star Wars rebels. It was a really great series which started of light but as it went on it became darker and well really badass.

      It was really pretty cool how they managed to trick Bellwater like that. I also was suprised when it turned out how she could be so filled with hatred and xenophobia. It actually shocked me a little bit. I also loved that scene in which Judi taunts fate by saying that at least the lab is still ok only for it to explode seconds later. They did make an amazing team together. It could easily be that they turned into crooks. I mean some of the criminals in the movie are prey animals. What I also loved how even as a politician the lion was honest about how he covered up the conspiracy.

      It is like a starting point but a starting point can only take you so far. By investing time in it you can truely become great at it. It will be easier but still you need to put in a bit of effort yourself. But it is easier but everything will still need some effort for you to complete it.

      That could possibly what they eat. We don't know because they never just invested any time in the story in that it could be that they just eat brain fluid of any creature human or animal. I hope there will be more focus on the magical animals in the next movie. Also considering Newt Scamander is mentioned somewhere to have survived the rise of Voldermort I guess that means he has plot armor for all the movies. Which I am glad about because I think he is a awesome character,

      Yes I will try to find some time to watch some maybe tomorrow and otherwise Saterday. So then we will have more fuel for our Star vs the Forces of evil discussion.

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    • My thoughts exactly. And it was good to see they were able to work things around the film series, finally answering the long-asked question of why Ezra and Kanan weren't brought up whenever someone in the films mentioned "the last of the Jedi".

      You can't blame Bellweather, really. Her boss, Lionheart, treated her like dirt all the time. That's probably the reason why she did what she did. And while Lionheart did have his reasons, he was still breaking the law, so he went to prison.

      Same here. And hopefully, the sequel will give us some more info on all those Fantastic Beasts of his.

      That's good to hear, especially considering the season 3 finale will be airing in a couple of weeks' time.

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    • Yes they were able to work around the film series and mention how what and were. Though I don't recall exactly again where they went it was a while ago since I last saw it again. Well yeah dying is a pretty good reason to not show up you know unless he became a spooky force ghost. 

      I don't blame her but it just suprised me how vicious and messed up evil he was. I always wonder if the mayor being honest is a jab at how politicians aren't to honest because it will get them into trouble and cause them to lose popularity. I might be seeing things that aren't there though that wouldn't be the first time. 

      It would be nice if we see more of the awesome badass fantastic beasts and Newt actually making his book. I mean the book is going to be really really good. I mean Hogwarts will use it for it's studies so that is quite an accomplishment that Newt will manage to pull off. I also hope to see the love bloom between Newt and Tina those two are just the most adorable social ackward couple I have seen in a long time.

      Yeah that should be pretty soon. Tomorrow On Sunday I got Overwatch League playoffs to look forward to. That is pretty awesome so I will spend my evening watching pro gamers destroy the enemy team for price money. I love Overwatch. It is a arena shooter. It is basically the same thing as the ancient Romans did only no people die they control characters and they fight the other team for the amusement of the crowd.

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    • Not to mention Ezra and Thrawn ended getting sent somewhere beyond the reach of both the Empire and the Rebels. That would have explained their absence, and no-one mentioning them elsewhere in the franchise.

      The mayor was keeping the affected animals hidden away while claiming not to know anything about them (and not even telling the police what he was doing), so he wasn't being entirely honest there.

      Yeah, it would be. There are some Fantastic Beasts from the original book that didn't get to appear in the first movie, so it would be nice to see them appear in the sequel.

      Sounds like a lot of fun. Just remember to let me know when you've seen some new episodes. There are some I can't wait to hear your reactions to.

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    • Yes it was good to know where they exactly went. And it is a great way to set up for an animated sequel series. And there is still time for a series that taps into what Darth Maul did in between meeting Ezra and trying to kill Obi Wan Kenobi and other things. If anything I'd watch an episode that would show Maul being tracked by that Inquisitor with Maul turning the table on said Inquisitor and wiping the floor with him before taking his lightsaber.

      I think the word lying is a very well negatively associated word. I have developed a term that is called being creative with the truth. I mean it means exactly the same thing as lying but it is a different term. 

      I do hope that we will see some more of the beasts that he writes about in his book. Though I still hope to see more of the Niffler because that is still a very adorable loveable rogue and a troublemaker.

      I will let you know just when I see a new episode and when we can discuss it. 

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    • True. I don't think they'll devote an entire show to what Maul did inbetween the events of Clone Wars and Rebels. But we might just get a novel or something.

      I'll admit, there are times when lying is necessary. And the mayor did have a point about the truth causing a panic amongst the citizens.

      Yeah, the Niffler was really cute, even if he did end up causing a lot of trouble during the beginning of the first movie. But it was in his nature to seek treasure and other shiny things, so you can't really blame him.

      Fair enough. That's all I ask.

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    • I would like in some way to see Maul getting tracked down by that Inquisitor. Then Maul luring the Inquisitor in a trap and then completely turning the table on the Inquisitor and ending it with him killing the Inquisitor and taking his lightsaber. And it would also would cool if it was shown how he took the Inquisitors lightsaber and turned it into the cool walking cane lightsaber as he did.

      Yeah there are some times when jsut bending the truth or even a little white lie is just the best for all people involved. You see in some situations you can tell the truth but that will just end up causing mass chaos and disorder. So while the mayor definetly did the wrong thing he did it for the right reason.

      It was such a cute little lovable rogue that drove so much of the movies comedy and even part of the story. It was the Niffler escaping that started Newt's hunt for it and in the process he met the Goldstein sisters. So in a way the Niffler kicked of the plot of the movie. I won't blame the Niffler for wanting shiny things. I mean who wouldn't want shiny things right ?

      I did watch a few minutes of Monster Bash the first 5 minutes or so. It was really cool how Star tried to include both Monster and Mewnian things for the party to be inclusive. Tom was suprisingly jumpy again this episode. He seemed to be a lot more irritated then usual. Also Star made it kind of awkward with her not really wanting to kiss Tom ^^.

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    • That would be cool to see. But it seems like there were no more Inquisitors after the season two finale. We never saw any others in seasons three and four. Maybe they were all wiped out.

      Which is exactly what he said in defense of his actions. Not that it would get him out of jail, though...

      Yeah, he really did. If it weren't for him, none of that would have happened. and you can't fault an animal for doing only what is in its nature to do.

      Well, Star was a little preoccupied in making sure the party was going well. She's been working hard on improving Mewman/monster relations all season. And it seems there's still a little of the old Tom still in there.

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    • No but the one going after Maul would have done so before all Inquisitors got themselves killed one way or another so it could still easily be shown in some manner.

      Nope but hey he is a politician and he was honest to the people. For what it’s worth that is quite a rare sight in the world of politics. Also he sat out his jail time as was required.

      Nope you can’t really do that indeed. The Niffler just wants shiny stuff. Which is something that I totally understand because I like shiny stuff to. And in the process it did cause Newt to meet the love of his life. I bet someone is going to get some nice golden coins for that at some point.

      Hmm you got a good point there you can’t expect people to just suddenly lose all their negative traits in one go. That is of course a work in progress.

      Ok so I watched all the Overwatch League stuff for a while and now I am going to watch all of Momster Bash tomorrow and maybe even more.

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    • Perhaps, yeah. We can only hope someone decides to make somthing like that in the near future.

      Fair enough.

      He probably will, considering how well Newt treats all the magical creatures in his possession.

      Yes, Tom still has a ways to go. But at least he's willing to try and become a better person.

      I'll keep my figures crossed. And I hope you enjoy the episodes.

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    • Yes it sure would be awesome. I am sure that Maul wiped the floor with the Inquisitor dumbass that tried to kill him. It makes me wonder if maybe an Inquisitor pissed off or insulted either Palpatine or Darth Vader so as a sort of win win situation they send him to kill Darth Maul. If the Inquisitor succeeded they would be rid of Darth Maul. If Maul killed the Inquisitor then he would have paid for his insult to them.

      Yeah look I am not defending his action but I understand why he did what he did. It was for the sake of avoiding a city wide panic which would have been very bad for everyone involved.

      Yes Newt has been shown to both truely love his magical creatures and to treat them quite well. I always wondered if Newt is Autistic. He seems to have a few tendency's including feeling safer with animals then humans and jsut being socially ackward,

      Yeah like you said before he still has quite a bit of distance to go. A person won't change everthing in one day that would take a while for the change to actually be permanent.

      I am sure I will enjoy the episode. From what I saw of Monster Bash so far I am in for a treat.

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    • Yeah, the Inquisitors would never be a match for fully trained and experienced Jedi or Sith. They were only meant to track down either the remnants of the Jedi order, or young Force sensitives.

      That is true. And that was exactly what happened afterwards.

      There are a lot of people in real life who feel the same way. They just get along better with animals than with people.

      Hopefully, we'll be seeing more change from Tom as the series progresses.

      You really are. Just wait until you see the rest of it.

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    • I actually kinda wonder how quick that fight was over once that Inquisitor found Maul. Do you think that Maul killed the Inquisitor quickly or that he took his time with first trying to squeeze out information with the help of some force choke torture. I also wonder if Maul in turn hunted down the Inquisitors just to get his revenge on Palpaltine by disrupting his ability to find force sensitive individuals.

      Yeah he at least had the decency to abmit that he did the wrong thing for the right reason and then accepted his punishment for his actions. Which if I am being honest was something that I really admired and respected with Lionheart. Yes he lied and kept the truth from the audience. But he kind of had a good reason for it and when confronted admitted what he did and accepted the punishment.

      I was not very social if I am honest well at least not at first. It took me quite a while to actually become more social. I actually just feel more confortable with animals and am quicker to drop my wall around them. For example I visited my brother's girlfriend today and in the end I ended up with cuddling one of their 3 guinea pigs. She was adorable I fed her a carrot. I even whispering sweet words to her while cuddling and petting her and feeding the carrot.

      I do hope that they will evolve him as a character. His anger and his quest to overcome it could make for quite the fascinating storyline. But I don't know for how long it would actually.

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    • All we can do is guess. Unless something is mentioned that describes what happened, we won't know for sure what Maul would have done.

      True. But he didn't really have a choice after Judy and Nick brought the evidence of his hidden treatment centre to the ZPD. He had pretty much been caught red-handed.

      That sounds really sweet. I hope that little guinea pig liked you too. What were the other two like?

      To be fair, despite being Star's boyfriend, Tom doesn't appear all that often. Hopefully, we can see more of him in future episodes.

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    • Yeah I bet that is our only course of action. To be fair it would be cool to know how what when and where. I mean hunting Maul is just such an insanely dangerous task. Well unless you are Darth Vader or Palpatine maybe. But anyone else trying is just a dead man walking.

      True the trouble is sometimes I forget that doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still doing the wrong thing in the end. It is easier to understand but it is still wrong.

      Well the oldest one is really sweet she is very active and is always making happy sounds when you pet her. The oldest one is the leader. The second oldest one is a bit more shy and she is hard to catch but if you manage to catch her she will sit still.

      I wonder if that is foreshadowing that his re relationship with Star is coming to an end pretty soon. I mean even where I am and that part of Monster Bash I watched already showed a huge ackward moment.

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    • It would, yeah.

      Exactly. Whatever good intentions he had, he still broke the law by having the affected animals locked away in secret.

      That's nice. They all sound like such sweet little things. What are their names?

      It did get pretty awkward there, though it was mostly due to Tom. It remains to be seen how much longer Star and Tom's relationship will last. It might not even make it past the third season finale.

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    • I don’t remember did Maul have access to force lightning ? If he did I feel really bad for any Inquisitor hunting him. The fact he was trained by Palpatine until he died must mean the poor fools were way out of their league. Do you think that the Emperor and Darth Vader send more then one Inqusitor after him because he killed another one before ?

      The problem was that he didn’t know who he could actually trust. He didn’t know who or what was causing the predators to go feral and who he could trust besides the doctor and his wolf security forces. Who were really awesome by the way. So it was not hard to make him look like the mastermind while he actually was trying to help.

      The one I was petting was the youngest who is called Coco named after the character from Fosters home for Imaginary friends. The second youngest one is called Boi I don’t know how they spelled out her name. The eldest is called Archie which I believe came from one of the Disney animals called Archimedes.

      I noticed quite quickly how while Tom was making it ackward Star wasn’t really helping making the situation less ackward by her reluctance to kiss Tom. His anger even resurfaced after it happened.

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    • He never showed signs of that ability. Sidious may not have gotten around to teaching him that before he discarded him. And since we never saw any other Inquisitors after the season 2 finale, there may not have been any left.

      Those are some very good names.

      True, but Star was trying to focus on making sure the Mewmans and monsters were all getting along.

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    • I always got this idea that they send an Inquisitor after him like the one that hunts him in the season 2 finale wasn't the first one. I always had this headcannon that he tortured the first Inquisitor send after him to get information for him. Then when the Inquisitor told him everything he wanted to know Maul Force Choked him and slammed him into a wall and then took his lightsaber.

      Yeah they were really creative with naming them which is something I really like. I myself am not that good in naming things. Which is why I really liked the thought they put into naming their pets. So ehh did you ever happen to watch Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends ? It is a really great cartoon.

      Still didn't make the situation even the slightest pinch less ackward between Star and Tom.

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    • I did use to watch Foster's Home fo Imaginary Friends back in the day. It was a really good show for its time. Coco was actually one of my favorite characters, alongside Frankie and Eduardo. There were some really good episodes. If only they would reboot this show like they did for Powerpuff Girls... now that would be a reboot I'd be willing to watch.

      True. And Tom saying he wasn't "into politics" didn't help his case much, since (as Marco pointed out), as a prince, pretty much everything Tom does is political in some way or another.

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    • I always loved that show. My favorite character were Coco and Wilt actually. I liked how polite Wilt was he was just a super nice guy and sort of like a role model for me for how I should interact with other people. And he was also super tall and well I thought that was pretty cool to. A reboot would be good but I prefer if the original producer of the show would take charge of the new series. Other producers sometimes don't really know how the show was and it can really lose a bit of it's spark.

      Yes everything that Tom does is political. That does make sense because he will be judged for any kind of thing that he does. If he is rude to someone it will give him and his kingdom a bad reputation. In a way Tom's public acting is just as how Adrien is expected to act by his deadbeat supervillain father in Miraculous Ladybug. Tom has to be the perfect son to keep the reputation of the kingdom up.

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    • Wilt was a really nice guy. No matter what happened, he always tried to be polite and helpful. And I agree that having the creator in charge would make for a better reboot. Some reboots take things in a very different direction.

      All true. It also shows that Tom hasn't changed all that much. Despite his claims that he wants to be a "better prince", he showed no interest in helping to forge better relations between all the different peoples in Mewni. He knew how important that was to Star, but it didn't matter to him.

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    • Yeah he was my favorite character because he was jsut a nice polite and likeable guy. He stayed friendly with Bloo even though Bloo enroped him in his crazy schemes and such. That was what I liked about the chracter. It is true that some reboots take things in a very different direction. That is not necesarry a bad thing I mean I like Teen Titans Go better then Teen Titans but still. With cartoons like Foster Home for Imaginary friends they had a large fanbase and the fans loved the cartoons dearly. Doing it wrong  could cause a rather well ehh vicious backlash if you ask me.

      Yes it saddens me that Tom hasn't really changed. He has worked a little bit on containing his anger succesfully. However he is still quite selfish not caring about what is very important to Star and he still seems to have a controlling scheming thing going. Also it is kind of hypocryitical that he doesn't care about the better relationships. The only reason why he is treated with any respect is because he is powerfull monster royalty. Without that Star's goals would completely align with his interests.

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    • Bloo started out as a decent, if energetic, guy who didn't think things through. Though he did get more abrasive as the series went on. Good for Wilt for still being friends with him, though.

      As I mentioned before, I'm not really a fan of Teen Titans Go. Though I am enjoying the Ducktales reboot series.

      That's why I think his rebound relationship with Star won't really last much longer. Since they never said outright that it was just his temper that made Star break up with him, it may have simply been because they just weren't compatible, personality-wise.

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    • Yeah he did start out as a pretty decent energetic guy who didn't think things through. Though he did get slightly worse as time went on. Still his friendship with Mac was always something that I thought was really sweet and awesome. I also liked how Mac was if I recall correct good friends with Coco and Wilt and Eduardo. Mac always seemed like a nice kid.

      That I think we can agree on I like the rebooted Ducktales series. I heard rumors that the reason why Magicka doesn't speak in her first appearance was to show respect to her voice actress of the old cartoon who has since passed. I don't know if it is true or not but if it is then it is a pretty awesome way to honour someone don't you think ? Also I went on a cartoon watching spree and I watched the tenth episode of the Ducktales episode. Did you see the episode with the cool Druid golf course ? 

      Yes I noticed that to when I realised that he didn't care while it is something that really could have affected him I was like yeah this might not last very long anymore. You haven't really changed that much apparantly and sooner or later your lack of interest and genuine support for Star's cause is going to seriously bite you in the ass. You are right maybe it will be shown that it was both his temper, controlling nature and the fact that they just weren't compatible personality wise. Good points there mate.

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    • Yeah, Mac was a good kid. It was touching that he didn't want to lose his imaginary friend, and agreed to visit the home every day so Bloo could stay. And his friendship with the others was nice too.

      I'm not sure that's the case. She spoke in her second appearance (quite a lot, actually). The only reason she didn't talk in her first appearance was because she appeared at the very end of the episode. And I haven't seen that episode just yet.

      Thanks. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if Tom will ever be willing to get his act together. Also, the season 3 finale airs this Saturday. No offense, but you are really behind on the new episodes.

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    • It was really nice of him to come visit every day so that Bloo could stay in an actually quite fancy home for Imaginary friends. And yeah his friendship with the others was also pretty nice. 

      Well I choice to believe that it was done out of respect for her. I don't know if that's true but it does seem like a very nice thing to do. Kind of like a last salut kind of thing for someone who has passed away but was quite important for the previous series. However you can interpret it as you want to do.

      Yeah I really should get a move on with those episodes. I am really insanely slow with those. I do have something planned though. Tomorrow I got a appointment with the dentist to check up and see if my teeth are fine. I am stressed out of my mind. Chances are that regardless of the outcome I am going to watch a lot of cartoons to calm my nerves.

      None taken I am really behind with watching the new episode. Which is why I am proposing a deal. If you catch up wth episode 10 of Ducktales so we can discuss that I will free some time to watch more Star vs the Forces of Evil to catch up with that.

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    • The show had a lot of great characters, and a very loyal and dedicated fanbase, even to this day.

      Did you know she also voiced Mrs. Beakly in the original series? She was a very talented voice actress, actually.

      I hope that appointment goes well for you. I know how much you hate going to the dentist. So it's probably good that you'll be doing something to calm your nerves afterward.

      I'll see if I can watch that episode. I've heard that it's pretty good.

        Loading editor
    • Yes they had a very loyal fanbase and well I really liked the show to. I used to watch it with my older brothers and I liked it very much. Which is the reason why I am not against them rebooting it. Though the only request I would have is that they would reboot it properly and give the show the respect it deserves. On the other hand if they don't then the fans will rip the new show to shreds. Kind of like some of those more fanatical Teen Titans fans attempting to rip Teen Titans Go to shreds. Except in this case I would agree with it.

      I did not know that. I never watched the original series. And to be fair I don't know if I will for now. I have no doubt though that she was a very talented voice actress. I hope she rests in peace knowing that her work brought joy and happiness and a fun relief of stress through watching their favorite show for hundreds of thousands of people.

      Well I got to get back to the dentist.... On the 4th of October because she didn't find any cavity's and I was all clear. She did say that I have to brush better because their was a lot of placue on my teeht(Classic dentist line when you visit am I right ? ^^). And I need to use a special sort of toothpick which is made of plastic and fits between your teeth. That one is going to be intersting because I was always a bit scared of wiggling something between your teeth. I guess it's a mental thing I have to get over.

      Ohh it is a pretty good episode. For example....... Psych totally got you I am not going to spoil anything because I consider spoiling things for tv, movies or cartoons sacriledge. What I am going to reveal to you is that I watched Monster Bash today. So we are officially back in business for discussing things. What did you think of the episode.

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    • We can only hope any future really will do the classic show justice. I know there are plenty of fans of the old show who would just hate if it were done "wrong" in any way, shape or form.

      In my opinion, the new series is actually an improvement over the original. Like most shows back then, there was very little continuity between episodes. That didn't happen until much later on, and that was mostly because they'd introduced a few new characters.

      It's good to know you don't have to go back there for a long time. And I know what you're getting at. Personally, I'm not a fan of the idea of flossing, for much the same reason.

      I have indeed watched the episode, and it was pretty fun. Especially the Kelpies and their casual attempts to kill everyone. Did you recognise their voices?

      And now that you've watched the whole episode, what did you think of "Monster Bash"?

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    • I did like the episode. 

      The reveal of who Miss Heinous truely is was quite a suprise for me. I wonder though how she stayed alive for such a long time. I wonder if maybe her draining the emotions of her students at St Olga's was how she kept living. I mean it could have easily been that Queen Eclipsa's monster lover could feed on emotions to prevent aging. That could explain How she survived for so long.

      Tom was kind of both a yerk and an idiot in this episode. He doesn't even attempt to act like he cares about Star's goal to bring Mewnians and Monsters together. That statement about him nothing doing anything political was also kind of bullshit as Marco was quick to point out. While monsters and Mewnian's coming together g could be of a great benefit for him and his kingdom to. But instead all he tries to do is kiss Star the entire episode and get annoyed when she obviously has more important things to do. And then when she is already down he somehow manages to mess up and rub it in to her albeit accidentally. To say Tom was an idiot in this episode is a mayor understatement.

      The Johanson that started the break in the barrier was kind of nice. It was sad that when everything went sound they returned to their old prejudiced ways. Though in a way you can't fully blame them. That is something that people do when they are in panic they return to acting how things work. The racism thing was also worked out kind of well.

      Finally Mina seems to somehow always cause trouble and mess things up whenever she appears. First she nearly corrupted Star to be more ruthless and tried to conquer Earth. Now she destroyed everything that Star has worked at for a long time now. It was kind of interesting how she seems to also be very old. I wonder if Mewnians have a very long lifespan or how that works. I guess we will find out though.

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    • It was a very big surprise, wasn't it? But it did explain the cheek marks. And yeah, draining emotions from her students is probably how she's been able to stay alive all this time.

      True. But at least he tried to apologise for what he did (even if he wasn't exactly aware of what he did wrong), and he helped Star take on Mina. His attempt to magically seal her inside that casket was pretty impressive, even if it was ultimately ineffective.

      That was interesting. Considering what we saw of Rock in "Club Snubbed", he didn't seem like that nice a guy. But complimenting one of the monsters on his clothes was kind of cool. And fear and paranoia do tend to bring out the worst in people.

      Mina is far worse here than she was in her last two appearance. She's completely obsessed with wiping out monsters, even attacking Star and Tom, the heirs to their respective kingdoms, to do so. As for her own longevity, her ability to transform into a stronger form suggests she's no ordinary Mewman herself.

        Loading editor
    • I guess it does explain the cheekmarks she has on her face. Some Mewnian's seem to have them although all of them are women. They are not very common as the head knight doesn't have them. I am looking forward to finding out more about that. I wonder in particular why one Mewnian does get them and the others don't.

      His attempt which calling it that is already quite a stretch was just terrible. I mean he said it didn't go to bad then proceeds to point out everything how it went wrong and make her feel even more down.

      Yes it was pretty cool of him to try and well start over anew. I mean he was at least willing to try it which was a pretty admirable thing. He did cause problems when he regressed in his prejudiced state but that isn't his fault. People who are scared go back to their confort zones.

      Ohh she was always a very annoying prejudiced idiot. But in this episodes she showed that she is also very dangerous. I mean Star is immensely powerfull and she couldn't dent her. It makes me wonder if maybe Mina was made by Glossaryck as a sentinel for the Mewnians or something or if she is just a ancient and powerful Mewnian.

        Loading editor
    • Maybe only female Mewmans of the royal line, or Mewmans with highly powerful magic, get those cheek marks.

      At least he tried to make Star feel better about the whole thing... even if it did end up having the exact opposite effect.

      It is a shame that things fell apart after having such a promising start. Star was so eager to improve Mewman/monster relations, and all her efforts ended up accomplishing nothing.

      It's hard to say for sure, but she is extremely dangerous, not just because of her prejudice, but due to her major lack of sanity.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah those all seem like good assumptions on why the female Mewnians have cheek marks. It is a great potential story and lore piece which Daron can spend an episode on. I hope that she does not waste that and we will see a how and what pretty soon.

      True he did try his best to cheer her up. Let's just agree that his efforts were not as succesful as he probably liked and leave it at that.

      Yes things did show a pretty promising start. It is to bad that fear is one of the biggest triggers for someone to regress back into their place of comfort.

      Mina it seems to me that she is a character that was made for people that people just love to hate. Kind of like Gayle from Bob's burgers who is also a very annoying character that I just love to hate.

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    • Hopefully, we'll get to see Mewman history expanded on a little in the future. It's always good to know a little more about the characters.

      I think we can both agree on that point.

      So true. Who knows how long it'll take for Star to repair the damage, if she even can at all.

      To be fair, Gale isn't deranged and prejudiced. She's a little odd, but she's not what you'd really call a villain.

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    • Yeah flashback episodes are something that I enjoy a lot. They are always fun little lore pieces which I enjoy just well watching as they develop as characters. My personal favorite flashback episodes are those of fallen heroes. If well done seeing the exact moment when a character goes from being a well intentioned extremist to a villain is a real treat for me to watch. Then again the fallen hero is my favorite kind of character so I might be a bit biased there.

      Yes so lets keep it at that ^^.

      You got quite a good point there. I mean Star is very good at bringing people together. But even she is going to have a lot of trouble with somehow finding a way to undo the damage that Mina did. Because the blow appears to have hurt extra much because at first things went quite well.

      I never said that Gale was prejudiced or a villain I said she is a character that some people love to hate. I am willing to have a lovely fun discussion though about wether or not she is deranged though. And I have to abmit she did not just pretty well but did a amazing job at getting Louise to take that filling. It was the one time that Gale actually impresssed me.

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    • Have you heard they'll be releasing a real-life version of the spell book, which will have more info on past queens of Mewni? That might help fill in the blanks a little. And there's always a chance we'll see another flashback episode.


      It sure did. And fixing all the damage caused by that mess would take a lot of work. Even Star would have her hands full.

      Fair enough. And Gale is a little strange sometimes, especially when it comes to those cats of hers.

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    • I have not heard that but that is really awesome. I mean I love the lore that is put in the series and is being revealed. One of the things I love is that Daron seems to like to take her time to build the world of her show. I always like it when creators take their time to do that.

      And we will leave it at that hehehe. Marco doesn't even have to do anything if he waits long enough then Tom will just weird himself out of his relationship with Star xD. Which is ok in my book.

      It doesn't take a genius to see that Star is going to have her work cut out for her thanks to Mina and her annoying prejudiced vicious machinations. And as if it wouldn't have been a very very hard enough task in the first place. Mina just had to make it about ten times harder to achieve it.

      She is a bit of excentric. The problem with me for Gale is that there are two kinds of excentric. You have the fun excentric people which I also count myself under and the annoying excentric people. For me Gale switches a lot between those two kinds of excentric. So for me Gale is annoying to occasionally I get a chuckle or two out of her excentric behavior.

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    • There's even a page for it on this very wiki. It hasn't been released yet, but some preview images have.

      We'll see.

      That's true. But after what she learned in the episode, she'll most likely have some other matters to occupy her going forward.

      To each his own. And at least Gale doesn't appear too often in the series. So least you don't have to see her all the time.

      Remember to let me know when you've seen more new episodes. I've seen the finale, and I won't spoil anything for you. But I will say it was amazing, so I hope you can get around to watching it sooner rather than later.

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    • Haha that seems like something that I might have to take a look at somewhere down the line. For now though I will just wait and see when it will come out. And then I can have a look about wether or not I will buy it. For now I will just wait and see. That is never a bad course of action in my opinion.

      I am sure we will indeed see how everything plays out. I am excited to wait and see how things play out.

      Yep now she has to deal with the fact that there is someone who has a (albeit weak)claim to the throne feels wronged by the Butterfly family and will try to get revenge on them. I guess that Star has her work cut out for her with this new foe. And yeah I guess that Mina and her annoying shenanigans will not be on Star's mind for a while now.

      Yeah the best way Gayle (misspelled the name whoops)should be used in the series is with moderation. If you use her to much then she will become very annoying quite quickly. But they seem to have known that. Of all creators I have a lot of fate in Bob's Burgers.

      I will let you know when I watched new episodes of the show. Chances are that could be anywhere around tomorrow. Though if the Witchwood expansion of Hearthstone does come out in Europe late in the evening on Thursday then I will focus on that one first. Then again I am sure I can find a bit of empty time between the evening and well the rest of the day xD.

      Have a good night mate.

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    • True. It does sound like it'll be a very interesting read. There'll probably be a few new spells added in. You never know...

      Yeah. Like last season's "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", this episode really shook things up, with the aftermath set to linger for a while.

      In a way, she's like Toffee. According to Daron, Toffee was based on Magneto from the X-Men comics; He did what he did because he wanted to avenge the Mewman hatred against monsters, but he ended up taking it too far.

      It is a pretty good show when you get right down to it. It's been on the air for about seven seasons, so there are no doubt lots of people who like it.

      Sounds good to me. I don't want to rush you or anything. I just really like discussing events from the episodes with you.

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    • I am sure that they will put a few new spells in. I mean they need to fill that book with something right ? No content means no sales and no sales mean no profit. That is basic economics.

      Bon Bon the birthday Clown did severely shake things up. Most importantly it showed that Star was also able to master dark magic quite well. And it revealed just how dense Marco is on the romantic department xD.

      I love how Mina is like a evil Mewnians counterpart of Toffee. Sh is super strong and powerful and despite all craziness still a pretty effective warrior. In fact she might be Toffee’s dark shadow counterpart when you look at it. Toffee has high intelligence while Mina has does not appear to have a very high intelligence she has immense strength. And both of them want what’s best for their respective species but go about it way to wrong.

      Yeah it has a talented cast and crew and fun characters that grow. For example I didn’t like Calvin Fischoeder at first. Now he is one of my favorite character. I love how he has this sort of odd friendship and bond with Bob while the two couldn’t be more different.

      I am aware that you do not try to rush me to watch the episodes. I am just a bit slow with it but I am freeing up time for it. Because I to like discussing those episodes with you.

      Today the new Hearthstone expansion the Witchwood dropped. I got cool cards. My new deck Swamp Dragon Priest first spin against a human player ended in victory.

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    • Most likely. If it's anything like "Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension", there will be a lot of extra info in there.

      To be fair, Marco was a little preoccupied with his first date with Jackie, and Star wasn't all that open with her feelings.

      Definitely, though Mina seems to be a lot more hostile when it comes to members of her own species who don't hate monsters as much as she does.

      I'm not a fan of Calvin myself. He undergoes a lot of shady business practices, like that time he made everyone compete over who wouldn't have to pay rent that month.

      Congratulations. It's always nice when the new stuff helps you to win, right off the bat. Makes it seem well worth it, right?

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    • Ohh that sounds delightful. I mean we all know the saying less is more but sometimes more is more hehe. I always like a lore. Can’t have enough lore unless it creates plot holes.

      True he was busy dating Jackie which I still think is a bio mechanical robot. And Star was very good at hiding her emotions.

      Yeah she does really seem to well truly up the violence and prejudice against them. Then again she might have more reason to distrust or hate them considering she might have once lost friends or fellow soldiers to the monsters. I am not justifying it but I am emphasizing with her reason.

      I really like Calvin Fischoeder as a character. In the beginning I didn’t like him that much. But then he offered Bob that taxi job to help him earn some extra cash. And he might have some shady dealings but he is exceptionally forgiving with Bob always paying his rent late. Did you know that Calvin’s father was a working class man like Bob who unlike Bob did manage to earn a fortune ?

      All the community is trashing a card called Swamp Dragon Egg. The second I saw the card I fell in love with it. I just have that with random cards. So now my swamp dragon priest wiped the floor with my rogue opponent. I am coming for you High ranking. And you will know how wrong you are about the card....

      I watched the Ducktales first episode with my oldest brother today.

        Loading editor
    • Well, the last book didn't seem to have much of that. It mentioned many things that eventually made it into the show. So maybe there'll be some stuff in the new book that will get brought up in season four.

      That much is true. Having fought against Toffee and his army, Mina would have seen the worst monsters can do, so she wouldn't have the highest opinion of them. And spending all those years waiting for Meteora can't have done her sanity any favors, either.

      I did hear of that, yeah. And I'll admit, the man has his good points, but they just don't get shown often enough for my tastes.

      That's interesting. What exactly does the card do?

      The opening special "Woo-oo"? Good to hear. What did you think of it?

        Loading editor
    • Ohh it didn't well that is to bad. I didn't buy it but still I might buy it at some point because I just like the show. I hope that this book will have new stuff that will be brought up in season four. That would be really cool if that happened because I always love it when lore is hinted and teased before it is actually released in the show.

      Yeah I mean it isn't really any justification for her behavior against the monsters in Monster Bash but still. It makes it understandable why she did what she did. I hope that Mina will get what's coming to her at some point though. Her latest action build her up some huge bad karma.

      Well I kind of like him for being a sort of chaotic good guy. Calvin like dabbles in the darkness a bit but he never took a full on splash instead. I always wonder if Bob eventually somehow became his morality chain in some way. I mean it is said that Bob looks a lot like Calvin's father. Just maybe he wouldn't want to do any obvious bad stuff in front of a guy who resembled the man he seemed to respect and love so much. Who I think also holds the same values as Bob does. What do you think.

      The card is a 0/3 and when it dies it adds a random dragon to your hand. And the deck I play happens to have a lot of those scaly striders. But more of them are always welcome. They can give you any dragon so that means they can also give you legendary dragons who have insane battlecry's. Of course those losers won't know that because they don't play it.

      I have already seen Woo-oo and I got to say I loved it and still do. I think you mean if my oldest brother liked it ? He did like the series he thought it was a fun and cool episode. Though he is also a fan of the old series so he anticipated he would like this series to.

        Loading editor
    • Let's hope so. There's no confirmed release date for season four just yet, so it would make for a nice way to pass the time between seasons, and prepare for what's coming.

      Considering how obsessed she is with attacking monsters, it'll only be a matter of time before she bites off more than she can chew.

      I guess we'll just have to wait and see how that turns out. Though Bob may actually see him as a father figure, especially when you considered the strained relationship he had with his actual father.

      So when you lose the card, you get a little something in return. That's kind of a useful card to have.

      Have you seen the old series? And what did you think of all the characters? Personally, I think Dewey and Webby were the best in this special.

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    • Ohh well usually when there is a hiatus between season there are a lot of fanfiction that can help you with waiting until the new season comes out. At least I always feel like the best fanfiction comes out when there is a hiatus of the show.

      Ohh yeah that will probably happen quite soon. I mean with how she keeps picking on strong opponents like Star and Tom it will only be a matter of time until she picks a fight that she cannot win. And I guess that will be good because then maybe when she is the one getting easily defeated she will think twice about picking a fight with literally everyone.

      That could indeed be a good one to his father was apperently not easy to work with. I love the Christmas special in which the two managed to bond a little. I thought it especially sweet that Bob Sr. kept the review of his son's restaurant. I am glad that they managed to mend their relationship a bit.  Now that you mention it sometimes Calvin does act a little bit fatherly towards Bob. Like in that Christmas episode where Calvin makes Bob say thank you for taking his family to watch the polar bears.

      I am friends with a streamer and we played a match of Hearthstone so he could see my swamp dragon priest. He lost quite badly against me. I of course know which combo's he could make because I build the deck. We were playing and he was streaming while we played. And I heard him saying in the stream he was suprised by how aggresive I played. I thought welcome to the Europe servers of Hearthstone Shawn. In here everything is badass and hard. We don't do cuddling like in your America servers. Also I designed the deck to be very agressive with options for multiple combo's.

      I feel the need to point out that we watched the 2017 version of Ducktales 2017 and not the old series. I think Dewey was good but I also liked Donald and Webby a lot and of course I liked Glomgold and his mercenary's. I am glad that Webby is much more badass in this series because I heard that she was kind of a token girl character in the old series. My brother really liked the special and thought that is was a great episode to start the series off.

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    • At least you still have lots of episodes still waiting to be seen, so the hiatus won't be quite as long for you.

      My thoughts exactly. If anyone deserves to be taken down a peg or two, it's definitely got to be Mina.

      Congratulations on the win. And well done for putting so much effort into your deck. If you're going to do something, then it's best to go all the way, and not resort to half measures. That's what I believe in.

      It's true. In the original series, Webby was younger than the triplets, and mostly just tagged along. This new Webby is far superior to that one. And I'm glad you enjoyed the special. I hope you can find the time to watch more episodes (when you're not catching up on Star, of course).

        Loading editor
    • Yeah I still have a few episodes to watch indeed. And as luck would have it I have some time pencilled in for at least one episode. So we will have things to discuss quite soon.

      She has this very annoying smug snake attitude to her that is just very hard to ignore. And of course there is her solution to every problem being to punch it or try to kill it. For her own sake she will have to be taken down a peg so she will be more cautious.

      I don’t want to trash talk to much but most of the better players are in the Europe servers. Europe server Arena is so hardcore other servers go there to really test their skills. Besides he was borrowing my deck because he barely has any collection of cards on the Europe server. My primary goal besides securing a easy win was to spread my opinion about how good Swamp Dragon Egg is. He admitted that with the right buff it was a very good card. He had some notes on the deck but I ignored those. I do not need anyone telling me what I have to do. I have seen his decks and he is a nice guy but I personally think I am better at deck building then he is.

      I have not watched the original series but I don’t really feel like that at least not for now.

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    • Glad to hear it. Like always, I look forward to discussing the episode with you.

      She's like a worse version of Star from season one. Back then, Star thought all monsters were evil, and loved fighting them. But at least she got better.

      I see. Well, it does sound like you have a better handle on things than he does. Keep up the good work.

      That's okay. You don't really need to watch the original series in order to fully understand the new one. There are one or two visual nods to it, but nothing you need to be aware of.

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    • I watched one of the two episodes from the Christmas episodes the one about the party the spells had. I like the episodes that focus on the spell and this episode was no exception. I like all the funny things the spells did while preparing for the party and it was nice to see Spider with a Top Hat again. The all seeing Eye spell was pretty cool in my opinion. To me he resembles something of someone who is very socially inept. I wonder if the fact that he constantly showed recordings of Marco means that he is more Marco's addition then Star's edition. I loved the message in the end about being forgiving and inclusive and to give someone a second chance.

      Yes she is a worse version of Season 1 Star isn't she ? Sadly she has no Marco to help her on the right path. And she will need to change because as soon as Star is in power things are going to change. There will be equality and respect for diversity in Star's rule. If Mina doesn't adapt she will become a old dark relic of Mewni's dark past.

      Ohh I will make sure to play the game as I want to and not the way he wants it. He plays a much more controlling game where I am much more aggresive mixed with a lot more scheming and playing ahead. I have met someone else today but I will tell you that on the fanfiction site.

      I might watch the Original episode at some point for the sake of the references. But I heard that Donald is barely in it which is a shame because Donald is one of my favorite characters in the show.

        Loading editor
    • It was a good episode. Seeing all the spells again was nice. And All Seeing Eye did provide some funny moments. It was pretty sweet how he helped all the spells get back together in the end, too. As for the recordings of Marco, those may have been from the time Marco and Jackie were dating, and Star was spying on them.

      We'll have to wait and see how Mina will react to all that. It's not like she can attack the Queen. That's way more high-profile than attacking a Princess.

      It's true. Some kind of issue with the character at the time kept him from being used that much. He's in the new series more often.

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    • I will watch the other Christmas episode tomorrow so I will tell you what I thought of the episode of Star and Marco and the rest tomorrow. 

      I liked seeing all the spells.again two like I said before I think the spells are pretty cool characters. I really like their shenanigans and all the weird things that they do. It was nice to see that the All Seeing Eye spell managed to fix the damage that he did in the end. And it was nice for the other spells to forgive him and give him a second chance. I kind of wonder if the All Seeing Eye spy was supposed to be a example of a very social ackward person. And you are right Star probably spied on Marco and Jackie offscreen.

      Well I can tell you what would happen if Mina attack the Queen. It starts with Off with and it ends with her head. If she even tried to attack Star as the queen she probably would be excuted right there on the spot. And I wouldn't find that weird at all. In fact she would deserve it.

      Yeah and I am very happy about that. It seems like that the 10 or so years between the series probably solved whatever problems they had with Donald so he could appear more don't you think.

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    • Good to hear. I think you're going to like that one. No spoilers, but I thought it was a pretty good episode.

      I think that may have been the case. All Seeing Eye may have been based on a shy and quiet person invited to a party filled with people he doesn't know, and unknowingly hurting their feelings by speaking a little too truthfully.

      Yeah. If Mina attacked the ruling monarch of Mewni, it would qualify as high treason. They wouldn't look kindly on that at all.

      True. And his voice actor was still new to the role at the time of the first series, so he's had plenty of time to refine his performance. The difference is actually quite noticeable.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah that was what I also thought about. I know because I am also a shy and quiet person and I have at some points accidentally turned people against eachother by being to honest and unknowingly hurting their feeling. Later though I learned how to emphatize with other people's feelings and solved those problems. I like to call the act of empatizing with other people walking a mile in their shoes. Because that is essentially what empathy does your are able to think how someone else feels.

      It would be high treason indeed. And considering how they deal with people who have a mental disease by shooting them off into the forest into a catapult you can only imagine exactly what kind of messed up crazy cruel thing they would do if someone actually attacked the queen. Even I am not burning my fingers on that one.

      Yeah he has a very good performance in the role. It took like 2 episodes for me to get used to the way Donald speaks but after that I easily mastered decoding Donald speak. Which is pretty cool if you ask me.

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    • So you could really identify with All Seeing Eye? Me too. He is a quiet spell who doesn't really mean any harm. He's just doing what he was created to do. And the fact that he can't talk on his own doesn't hurt.

      We can only hope Mina ends up getting brought to justice sooner rather than later. And considering how tough she is, I doubt that "treatment" will do much for her.

      There's a reason he's held onto the role for so long. He is very good at it. And the reason why is because he was taught by Donald's original voice actor (before he passed away).

        Loading editor
    • I am lucky to say that I view the All Seeing Eye spell as me from a few years ago. I since have learned how to talk to people and when I shouldn’t tell the truth or the whole truth so that there will be no argument that is pretty nice.

      I have a feeling that sooner or later she will be brought to justice. Chances are she will either be exiled or something or imprisoned in a crystal. I mean she is a war hero but if she were to attack the queen then even that status win’t save her.

      Ahh so the current voice actor of Donald was sort of the apprentice of the old voice actor. That is a really cool fact thanks for telling me. I like to think that he is there in that place above and that this voice actors performance is a great way to honor him.

      That player I took under my wing in Hearthstone. He build a deck type called odd Paladin that only use odd cost cards and upgrades his hero power which lets him summon 2 1/1 minions with his hero power instead of just one 1/1 minion. The thing is a freaking monster. In 2 or 3 days he went from Rank 25 and Rank 20. However when he played the deck against one of my own special creations it fell short. I outsmarted him in one of our friendly deck testing duels and proceeded to wipe the floor with the deck. But those poor rank 25 till rank 20 players that can’t improvise.

        Loading editor
    • That's good to hear. It's always inspiring to learn about formerly shy people who have become more confident. Like Fluttershy in MLP.

      That's for sure. No matter what she did for Mewni in the past, it won't be enough to excuse her for any major crimes in the present.

      Not only was he an apprentice, they were also very close. And keeping the role for all those years is a great way to honor him.

      Impressive. But I'm sure he'll get better the more teach him. Who knows? Maybe he'll be able to provide you with a real challenge before long.

        Loading editor
    • I am also a huge troll just like Discord is. I am kind of a trickster mentor when I want to teach people something. I mean I always think I could have told you immidietly but where is the fun in that for me right ?

      I wonder if Mina is a mild example by Daron and her crew to show what someone having PTSD is going through. I mean I always wonder if that is what Mina has some sort of PTSD or something. Or do you think she is just insane.

      Ohh that makes it all the sweeter that he took on the role then. That way he can honor his mentor and close friend. He is really nailing the voice role if you ask me.

      Yes it is going quite well with him. He got a higher rank then me in ranked now. But I am also quite lazy in trying to rank up. Pretty soon we will be equals in skill. If we aren’t almost there already.

        Loading editor
    • I'm sure it is. Have you been keeping up with season 8? Because I have. This weeks episode in particular was really good.

      Probably, yeah. She was already pretty anti-monster in the flashback, but the war could have just made it a whole lot worse.

      I'm sure he would be proud. Every teacher enjoys seeing their student succeeding.

      Maybe then you can have a more challing duel. Good luck with winning that one. And I'm sure you can also increase your rank soon.

        Loading editor
    • Ohh I don't watch it well at least not yet. It is on my list of cartoons I am considering watching. I have some homework to do and Star vs the Forces of the Evil is higher on the list of watching. But I will be sure to let you know if I do consider watching it. Discord just seems like someone who would love messing with someone before teaching them a lesson.

      Yeah she did seem to attack the Monster king for no real reason I knew she was crazy but when I first saw that I thought why is she being such a yerk to him when he didn't have a hand or was able to do something about the situation ? And yes she was really anti monster. She showed a sliver of respect to the monster king by not actually punching him with her fists but still.

      Yeah it is true that a teacher enjoy seeing their students succeeding in what they taught them. In a way if their student succeeds it shows that they have succeeded in passing on their knowledge and because of that their knowledge will continue to exist in the world even they are gone.

      I have a feeling that I will have one of those quite soon and I wont be winning that one with ease. In a way thought that is something that I am looking forward to a lot. I mean after all the greater your opponents skill level the greater your victory will be. I did do one Ranked Hearthstone match today against a warrior and I won that one. So I only need to win the next match in a row and I will already level up. I plan on levelling up to rank 20 before Tuesday and then just taking a leap of fate and seeing how high I can actually ris in the ranks with my decks.

        Loading editor
    • That's okay. There's no rush there. Try to focus on just catching up on Star for now. You can watch MLP any time. And Discord does have his moments. Each season has at least two episodes with him in a starring role.

      She did seem to think he had something to do with what Toffee had done, despite there being no real evidence.

      Good to hear. I hope your student keeps making you proud. That is one of the best feelings a teacher can experience.

      I'm sure you will. Good luck.

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    • I will focus on doing just that. Tomorrow I am going to watch at least the other Christmas episode and maybe even more. I will have more then enough time to do that before my brother visits tomorrow. Then we are going to watch some Ducktales. However before that happens I will be able to watch a few episodes and at least share my opinion on one of them. I think that is more then possible.

      Yeah she was not very good with thinking ahead. She just attacked the monster king while she had no proof that he actually supported Toffee's rebellion. I considered her a nuisance in the first episode but I genuinly started to dislike her in this episode. She was just violent for no reason.

      Yeah we are about at the part that we are at a even level at the moment. It turns out that he only needed a little bit of time to catch up and get used to the mechanics again and was actually already quite good. Still I managed to teach him a few new tricks and taught him the importance of improvising in Hearthstone.

      I won another match and now I am at rank 23 with 5 stars. Which means that I am almost another rank higher. I am going to build some new decks and then I am going to try and rise even higher. I got this idea to create 4 good decks and from there go and conquer the ladder. I have a good feeling about it I think it will work out well.

        Loading editor
    • Good luck. Whatever show you end up watching, I hope you and your brother will enjoy it. And as always, I look forward to hearing your opinions on whichever episodes you'll be watching.

      It's even worse that none of the other people in that gathering tried to stop her. They just stood by and let it happen. Some of them may have been willing to sign a peace treaty, but apparently, that didn't extend to treating the monster king fairly.

      That is very good to hear. I hope you can keep getting better at that game, and that your student does the same..

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    • My brother and I ended up watching two new episodes of Bob's burgers. They were both very good. I always love how Bob just seemed to have realised that it will not matter and has given up on being the voice of reason for his family and friends a long time ago. And as a result we got a awesome snarker who'm I love a lot. By the way did you know there are several fans who theorise that Bob is actually bi. Their primary fuel for that theory is how Bob never minded kissing man.

      Yeah that really showed perfectly jsut how much they respected the authority of the monster king which was not at all. They probably just wanted the treaty signed and once that was done he was just a tool to be discarded for them. Which makes it kind of sad for the monster king that they just treated him like a tool.

      I am getting better at it every day the main reason for that being that I am very good at improvising. Most of my decks are build around having multiple combo's which if I can't use one of them I will still have the other two to work with. Usually I defeat my foe by improvising. Tomorrow I am going to push to reach rank 20. I am going to have my work cut out for me though because I am vacuuming the house tomorrow. My parents are returning from Paris tomorrow and I want to suprise them with a clean house I figured they would appreciate that.

        Loading editor
    • That is an interesting theory. And I'm glad you and brother managed to enjoy watching any kind of TV show together. I recall you saying once that he's busy, or lives far away, or something like that, so you don't see each other too often.

      Yeah, they may have just wanted to sign the peace treaty so the monsters just wouldn't be a problem anymore.

      That's very nice of you to do that for them. And I hope your parents had a good time in Paris. Did they go there for any particular/special reason, or did they just feel like going on vacation?

        Loading editor
    • It is a very interesting theory indeed if you ask me. And it is not even that far fetched at all. I mean Bob has his moments in which he is surprisingly open to kissing a man. But I guess if that’s true we might find out eventually.

      It is true my brother is living in the city of Utrecht. He cleans apartments and delivers the post. So he doesn’t have a lot of free time. And his girlfriend is nice but also kind of clingy so that makes it even less time. So when he happens to visit it’s special. Ironically this week he will visit twice. He was here yesterday and he will visit again on the coming Friday which is King’s Day.

      Well if they are happy then they will bug me less and that will make me happy. I am sure you can relate to that right mate ? They have these acquaintances which they often go on vacation with. This time it was Paris.

      My mom did appreciate it and my father told me that I did a great job bringing them back to a nice clean house. Tomorrow my father and I are going to have some time together. My recorders dvd function swallowed the disk and it won’t give it back. But it’s not that huge a problem. As long as the disk is still ok it will just be a fun learning opportunity for me.

        Loading editor
    • Maybe, maybe not. You never know with those writers. They may have just intended it to be a one-time joke.

      That's good to hear. Do the two of you have any special plans for the next visit? And I've never heard of King's Day before. What does it celebrate?

      Yeah, I can relate. And I hope you didn't have too much work to do in cleaning up the house. Also, these friends of your parents sound nice. How long have they known each other?

      A pity about about the DVD. Though it is nice to hear that you'll get to spend some time with your dad, too. Any particular activities in mind?

        Loading editor
    • They do seem to make a joke like that at least 2 or 3 times that I know of though. That doesn't mean it's true but it might not fully have been a one time joke. Then again I might be reading into something that isn't there. You never know right. I guess if it is true we might fight out at some point or we might not either way it is still an amazing story.

      It celebrate the birthday of our current king Willem Alexander. It is like your Queens day but much more informal with fun games and a lot of people who stall out their things they don't use anymore and try to sell it to other people. I am heading to one in my home town tomorrow with my older brother. He is going to look for old Nintendo 64 games. Those are a bit rarer to find then they used to I believe but so far there usually were a couple of them. Not every year but there is quite a big chance. I am not looking for anything in particular maybe a nice snack to buy and eat while we look around.

      I got a what's app message from my parents when they got home. I immiedietly started planning and looking how long it would take to vacuum the house. Then relaxed for a bit did some homework and then I ensured it was done with about half an hour left before they arrived.

      Well it is to bad it is stuck right now I really hope it is not broken. As long as it's not broken I am fine with it. Well the particular thing we will be doing tomorrow or the day after that will be taking a screwdriver and opening up that recorder of mine and getting that disk out. It could have given in and just spit it out again when I shut it off cut the power and then put it on again. But no it had to do this so I'm doing this the hard way. As in opening the thing up taking some time to see how it looks on the inside. And getting that damn dvd back and hoping it is undamaged.

        Loading editor
    • True. And the writers must be doing something right, considering the show is in its eighth season at the moment.

      That's interesting. And it sounds like it's a lot of fun too. And I hope your brother has good luck in finding those games. And I'm sure it'll be nice for you both to be back in your home town again, right?

      Impressive. You really handled that situation well. You cleaned the place up, and had time for your homework.

      I hope you can manage to fix it. It would be terrible if you were forced to spend good money getting a new DVD recorder. They are pretty expensive, as I'm sure you already know.

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    • They certainly are doing something right in that they are making an awesome series that is just well nothing short then an epic series which is both well written with fun characters great voice acting and the occassional fun plot twist in the episode. I mean the series definetely is good enough to deserve to be renewed for two seasons a time.

      Sadly no Nintendo games for him to score this year. My older brother is a morning person so someone who is highly energetic in the morning. I am someone who is like that but is especially highly energetic when it gets later like 22:00 till 00:00. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Today both my brothers were here and the eated again it was just like those old days before they both found girlfriends and moved out. It was something of a double edged sword for me in that it was fun but also slightly painfully reminded me of what I once had but does not happen that often anymore. I told my mother and she told me that it made this experience all the more beatyful and that I should treasure it.

      The planner in me doesn't really come out in me that often. Either I have to be super excited about something or I have to want something really bad for it to happen. But when the planner in me does come out I can very easily plan ahead while effortlessly paying attention to potential problems. It is a gift really if you ask me.

      Yeah it is not really my kind of idea to get a new one. The last thing I looked up and saw recorded was somewhere on 22 of November 2012. So I must have bought it at around that time. It would be a shame if I had to buy a new one already when he barely is 4 years old. But I am more worried about getting the disk out unharmed then wether or not it will actually still work. My father is the opposite of me in that he is brilliant with technical solutions. I myself have no technical bone in my body and to be fair I never felt the need to have that either.

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    • Eight seasons is a pretty impressive number so far. It'll be interesting to see just how much longer the show goes on for.

      That's a shame about the lack of games there. But it is nice to hear that you managed to spend so time together with your brother. And your mother's right. You should always treasure the times you share with family.

      As long as it shows up when it needs to, that's all that matters. Things might not have turned out so good otherwise...

      Like I said, I hope you can fix it. Then again, these days, technology gets replaced all the time. My brother's gone through three cell phones in the last five years. If it does come to replacing it, you might be able to get a better one that won't suffer that kind of problem.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah it is a pretty impressive feat I agree. I mean not a lot of series can reach that number of seasons and not suffer from seasonal decay. I mean it still is as great as it was when it was in the first season. I got to say that it is an impressive feat. I mean Family guy is much further in amount of seasons yet has gotten hit pretty bad with seasonal decay. And for me modern the Simpsons is still freaking awesome just like modern South Park is. 

      Ohh there were enough games for sale on this years version of it. But none of them were Nintendo 64 games. They are actually quite rare these days. They are no longer produced so every time one was either broken or lost or maybe lays somewhere slowly collecting dust can be considered a loss. Though there is the Nintendo Switch which looks suprisingly much like the old Nintendo 64.

      I know she is right and I know change is not always easy. But it still stung a little bit I am not sure if that makes sense to you but it still did. It was both beautyful and a bit sad for me that I got to relive something that is gone now. But I will embrace this change after all this is just another obstacle the Great Change has thrown on my path to test me.

      Yes it was indeed quite impressive feat if I do say so myself. I made sure that the house looked presentable. My thoughts were if I want to start maybe cautiously scouting out the location for a house for myself I might need to start with keeping it clean. Now the plan is to slowly start gathering more information and learn things like folding the laundry and maybe look for a second small time job to bring in some cash.  I also felt that I sort of owe it to my parents. They always provide me with whatever I want and so I figured it is only fair that they should be able to come home and to a clean house.

      My father said that it was probably going to be easy to fix it. I trust him fully with that if he says that it will be easy to remove it then I will fully believe him. To be honest I don't want to replace it. I love it and it still works it is a sturdy badass device that has already served me well for years. I try to keep my technology around for as long as possible. It is my way of attempting to spare the enviroment a bit by being cautious and not to greedy with easily buying new stuff.

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    • It's true. The Simpsons is currently into its 30th season. We can only manage how much long it will continue for. At this point, I imagine the only thing that could stop it is the passing away of one of the main cast.

      The Nintendo Switch can be both a handheld game, and a home game console. That's why it's called "Switch", because you can switch between playing styles. It's pretty cool if you ask me.

      Good for you. In the end, embracing change is the best thing you can do. It's better than allowing yourself to be left behind.

      That's good to hear.

      It is easier to use a reliable, trusted piece of equipment than spend time getting to grips with something new and unfamiliar, isn't it? Sometimes, the old stuff really is the best way to go, wouldn't you say?

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    • I think that might be the only way to stop the show at this point. Though I imagine that Fox probably doesn't want it's cash cow tv show to go and find a solution but yeah that is probably what is the only thing left to end the school.

      Ohh that does make a lot of sense. The word switch always makes me think of the word switcheroo which means switching two things. It is pretty cool that Nintento tried something new like the switch. And yeah it is pretty cool.

      We both saw Miraculous Ladybug so we both know what living in the past and rejecting change can cause. It can create something like Hawk Moth. Someone who is trapped in a vicious circle because he refuses to accept change. And things are going to get infinetely worse once Adrien discovers his true identity. If I am being fair I think Hawk Moth deserves all the pain he is going to get. You can't say that Nooroo didn't try to warn him.

      I love my parents but the more I think about it the more awesome it seems to just get my own house. But if I want that to happen well then I will have to star earning some extra money. I am just going to have to look for one.

      That is most certainly true but I wonder if it's not time to let this one go. It served me well for more then 5 and a half year. I am currently thinking about replacing it. We did manage to retrieve the dvd from it and it appeared unharmed. The dvd part of the recorder won't open anymore but that is just a minor inconvenience to me.

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    • They have already lost a couple of voice actors over the years, so it may just be a matter of time before they lose someone crucial to the story.

      It'll take a while for you to get enough money for you own house, but if that's what you really want, I say go for it.

      Sometimes, you just have to let something go, no matter much you like, or how long you've had it for.

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    • Let's hope that they will remain in good health. I mean I love the Simpsons I still think it's a great show. I mean not every episode is a great as the one where Homer works for that supervillain Hank Scorpio but still I like the episode.

      To be fair I am now 24 almost 25 and I am allowed to live at my parents house until I am 30. Though I really don't want to stick around till then. I feel like it was merely a kind and loving gesture and actually taking it is something that I would feel like I am abusing their hospitality. Besides my own place would mean my own rule about when I can drink soda and stuff like that. Also I would have a place that would be mine and I could fill it with things I would like. To put my mark on my room is nice but to put my mark on an entire house would be a real start.

      Well I am still doubting a little bit. On the one hand if it was removed by me I would be able to let go of it. But the other side of the coin is that it's actual function recording things for me is still working. And my tv has a dvd player to.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, most of the best episodes happened during the show's earlier years. Don't get me wrong, there are still good ones, but not as many as back then. And I liked that episode too.

      So that gives you about five years to find a place of your own? That should be plenty of time to save up even money to afford somewhere to live. I hope you can manage to find a really nice place.

      That is tricky. But at least you'll still have a regular DVD player if anything worse happens to the recorder.

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    • You are going to suffer from seasonal decay eventually. However the Simpsons is still doing quite well compared to for example Family Guy which has much less seasons but still is hit with seasonal decay that is much heavier then the Simpsons.

      I do hope that I can find a nice place at that time. I should just try and start earning some money and then start looking for a house at some point. I am probably going to be getting a second side job to earn more money. Once money is no trouble I can start looking for an actual place I hope to find one where I can really put my mark on.

      My mother told me about how she had some recorders who all had their dvd function fail eventually. But it was a fun convenience to watch dvd’s lazily on my bed while it lasted. However it is not the end of the world.

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    • Perhaps. But at last they're still going on for now. We should probably just enjoy those shows while we still can.

      Best of luck with all of that. I hope you will eventually find a place that really feels like home to you.

      True. At best, it'll be something of an inconvenience. If you can't fix it, or can't afford a replacement at the movie, you'll just have to live with it.

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    • Yeah that is the best course of action. The longer a show lasts the more I imagine that it will creatively draining to come up with something new.

      I am sure I will find my own place that feels like home eventually. I love my room but I feel like the part where I live with my parents is reaching an end. It is time to work towards a new chapter.

      Indeed you cannot really change it so you really shouldn’t fight it. That will only be wasting your energy which you could have used wisely. In the recent months I have had to overcome more obstacles then usual. I wonder if it’s a sign that the Great Change is coming for me.

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    • True. And some fans felt like The Simpsons was losing steam a good while back. But others still think it's going strong.

      That's the spirit. And no matter what happens, I'm sure you can find a place that you can call your own.

      It may be, yeah. But as long as you managed to overcome of those obstacles, I suppose there was no real harm done.

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    • Hmm well agree to disagree that it lost it's steam a good while back. Some people are just such purists in what they want that they can't handle a change in their favorite cartoon or tv series. That is their problem and not mine because I still like modern Simpsons as much as I like the older Simpsons.

      It will happen if it's up to me sooner rather then later I mean I really like living with my parents but I keep feeling a little bit stronger every day that I want to live in my own house and make my own rules. I mean their rules are great but there are small little rules which I would not do myself. So I guess I better start working towards that then right ?

      So far I have overcome those obstacles and next one a new one comes it's one of those exams that I have to retake because I had a 5 when you need a 6 to pass. But I am done with half measured learning. I have already started making a powerpoint on one of the things that is basicly the core of the things I need to learn. Then I need to make one about cultural differences of country's. Once that is done and I can fill in the blanks I am going to lay waste to this exam. This slumbering lazy genius is waking up and taking matters into his own hands. I mean I don't like taking matters into my own hands but every once in a while you have to intervene personally right ?

        Loading editor
    • True. I do like a lot of the newer episodes, but most of my favorites are from during the show's earlier years.

      Right. And in the meantime, at least you'll only have to deal with little rules that won't be too much trouble to follow.

      Good luck with your retake. I hope you can earn enough to pass this time. And that sounds like a pretty smart project. It does help to put together stuff like that. It keeps your mind sharp, which will of course come in handy for all those future exams..

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    • I will agree that most of the best episodes are from the slightly older seasons. But still I like the 500th one to with Maggie becoming that Outlands warrior like baby that was really cool. And the fact that they can still come up with new stuff is a small miracle itself that is very impressive.

      Yeah just little rules which are totally fair and good even. I am only allowed to drink soda in the weekend and other good rules. And the result has shown as I am in a very healthy weight I am even a little underweight. That excists by the way and it is better then the other way around if you ask me.

      Ohh I hope that I will pass it to but I trust in the fact that if I can make that Powerpoint work that everything will be well. Once I have all the information in one place learning all about it will be very easy. And then i can start really racking up some of those points I need to graduate. 

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    • Yeah, that was cool. And it helps that they have so many writers, and have added new ones over time. That, more than anything else, helps keeps the show fresh.

      That's good to hear. I like to think the best rules are those that can ultimately benefit people in the long run.

      Best of luck with that. I'm sure you'll be able to get the points you need to finally graduate from your course.

      Also, I saw "Avengers: Infinity War" today, and it was amazing. Have you seen it?

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    • That's true fresh blood does tend to help save a show. And those new writers will have a great start for their CV because well almost everyone knows the Simpsons. Though it might backlash on them if they wrote an episode that was not well received. But indeed the new writers have kept the show fresh.

      Yeah you got a great point there I might not have liked them when I was younger but now when I am still healthy and happy I am glad that they set those rules. They protected me from all kinds of negative influences. So yeah chances are that if I get kids I might set those same rules except that I might still drink some soda occassionally in the week day. But that's ok because since recently I cycle one hour so a glas of soda or two won't do anything to that.

      I am ready to finally make a good start by getting this exam. It reminds me of a Dutch saying "Als er een schaap over de dam springt volgen de anderen vanzelf. The saying basicly means that if I succeed in one I have a feeling that I will succeed in passing the others in quick succession.

      I have not seen it and I am doubting a little bit if I want to see it. I haven't seen a lot of the other movies so I am still doubting about wether or not I should go see it. I will think about it I mean after all Thanos looks like he will be an epic villain.

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    • Fortunately, that problem doesn't seem to happen all too often. Mostly because they have people to look over the scripts first, and see if they're any good.

      That's nice. Sounds like you have some really good parents there, all caring and protective (in just the right amount).

      That's a very good saying. Sometimes, success ends up breeding success. If you succeed in one thing, you have the confidence necessary to succeed in another.

      He is. I won't spoil anything for you, but it was a really epic movie, with lots of action and drama. I'd definitely see it again.

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    • Yes indeed it is quite good that the shows that you can consider cartoon royalty by now have a very good system in place to make sure that the new episodes are good and not sloppily written or anything.

      Yes they really are great parents. My mother spend most of the time raising me and helping me with learning about what is good and bad and things like that while my father taught me things such as the value of hard work and other important things. And he also taught me how to deal with people that are simpletons who want to do things their way even when you can prove your way is better.

      I also like the saying because it is about sheep. I really like sheep because their fur is so soft and it is so much fun to pet them. But I do believe that succes one time will be all I need to push through.

      I read somewhere a while before the movie was in theatre that Thanos considered balancing the universe as something that was necessary because the universe was becoming overpopulated. Sadly I wonder if overpopulation isn’t starting to become a real problem. I always wonder for example why people who can barely get by themselves get a child. They can’t give it a very good life if they don’t have some expandable income to use for the child.

        Loading editor
    • True. I doubt any show can last all that long if the producers don't keep a close eye on what's actually being put into the show.

      That's nice. You hear a lot of horror stories about terrible parents, so it's easy to forgot that there are a lot of really good parents out there. And it sounds like your are among the really, really good ones.

      Sheep are really cute. And that's the spirit. Just keep thinking positively, and you'll have a better chance of things ending positively.

      It is becoming a problem in some places. China has one of the largest population densities in the world. Thanos's solution, while well-intentioned, is taking things completely too far. It's a better reason than his comics self, though. That Thanos wanted to kill half the universe in order to impress the personification of Death (who he was in love with). Now that was crazy.

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    • New episodes are the lifeblood of any show wether that is a cartoon or something else. I guess that is both fitting and smart that they keep such a close eye on the episodes to make sure that the episodes are good.

      Yeah there are a lot of crazy parents out there which in some cases parents is really stretching what they really are. The kind of bad parents I disrespect most are the ones that are emotionally abusive. I was raised well and I know what’s right and wrong. I may occasionally need a small push to take a longer way to help people but that is all.

      Yeah I sometimes walk around and there is park which has a a nearby place where sheep graze. It’s so adorable one time I had only one sheep coming out to see if I was no danger. After a while he bleated and the others came for some love and affection. And yes it is the right if I get one the others will be a piece of cake.

      You will find that villains often have good intentions they just go about achieving them the completely wrong way. Crude as it might be Thanos plan would work. But it really is the wrong way to go about it. Besides wouldn’t the personification of Death like Thanos more if he killed his foes personally as a tribute to her rather then just get the Gauntlet.

      In my personal opinion there should be an economical line to have a child. If you are under it then you shouldn’t be allowed to have children or at least be adviced against having children. What use is it to bring a child into this world if you can’t give it a good life it would be just another person who would need a place to live and eat food and all those things which would put pressure on this planet. While if you do not have a lot of expandable money you would barely be able to do that for yourself.

      I am going to watch a few new episodes soon. I managed to just clear my schedule because I am practicly done with learning for the exam I have on Friday. So wel will be able to discuss new episodes quite soon. I will let you know as soon as I have watched a new episode.

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    • It sure is. Let's just hope they can keep up the good job, and allow for more great episodes to be released in the future.

      I had some good parents too. I guess we can both count ourselves lucky in that respect. It could have been a lot worse.

      That is really nice. There aren't any places like that close to where I live (which is a shame, because I really like animals).

      Not exactly. In  the comics, he did it because if he wiped out all the universe, she'd be out of a job. Removing just half meant there would still be lives for her to take personally.

      That is a respectable goal. I hope you get the chance to put it into motion someday. It would be nice if there was a whole other planet out there with vast untapped resources to help our species survive into the far future.

        Loading editor
    • Everything okay? I haven't heard back from you yet.

        Loading editor
    • There appears to haven been some little bug because I didn't see your last reply. I am alright I thank you for worrying to. I am going to cycle around town for some fresh air now when I get back I will reply to your last message.

        Loading editor
    • Okay then. Hope this hasn't affected your counter again.

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    • I am sure that they will keep up this good job. I mean they haven’t failed yet and brought any terrible episodes. Some might have been a tinge less good then others but they still got it.

      Yeah if you here all the stories about what terrible kind of parents are out there we can count ourselves lucky that we both had good parents. I always wondered if there are less bad parents in country where people have enough to get by.

      I particularly like wolves myself they are just marvelous creatures if you ask me. They were the basis of our dogs did you know ? If you look at dogs like husky’s you can see the wolf remnant in their eyes.

      What I meant was wouldn’t it be a better way of courting her the personification of death if instead of wiping out half the universe with the gauntlet Thanos just went on crusades and killed in her honor. I mean that has a more personal romantic touch to it if you ask me.

      Yeah I hope that to. I can imagine though that only the wealthiest county’s in the world would be able to travel through space. I am willing to bet that the Dutch would be amongst them. If I could I would most definitely want to plant a flag on a new planet. And maybe in the meanwhile research mining equipment that has minimum effect on the environment and potential existing life.

      I got lots of crazy ideas I would pump scraploads of money in to see if they would work. One thing would be to create a terraformer that uses CO2 as fuel so that it could double help the planet.

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    • There have been some that weren't quite up to the usual standard. Like that episode with Bart getting an elephant. A lot of fans don't like that one.

      Maybe. But money might not always be a factor. Sometimes, the parents in question are just rotten.

      I like wolves too. They are really amazing creatures. Noble and proud hunters, worthy of our respect.

      Maybe. But she never showed any real interest in him, no matter what he tried. So it was kind of a wasted effort on his part.

      Let's hope that one day, something like that will happen. Maybe they could even start a new society on that new planet, and make sure not to make the same mistakes we made with this planet.

      Now that is a good idea. Good thinking there.

      And like I said before, I hope this little mishap hasn't affected your edit counter.

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    • There will occasionally be episodes that just don't really make that much sense. Every show I have ever watched had at least  one episode that I thought... Ok I don't see what you are trying to do here this is such a stupid episode. In Dutch we happen to have a saying for that.  We say "Je slaat de plank volledig mis" It means that you are trying to achieve something but you fail at it and this particulary saying I just shared has the meaning that you failed in well kind of an epic manner.

      That is true some parents are just rotten at the core and shouldn't be parents. I always wonder what drives them to do something. I don't understand why a parent would do that to their own flesh and blood. And to be fair I don't think there are a lot of excuses you can make.

      They truely are amazing beautyful creatures. I particularly like their eyes they are beautyful. That is one of the reasons why I consider Husky's such beautyful dogs because you can still see the wolf in their eyes. And yes also because they are noble and proud hunters with every wolf knowing it's place.

      Ohh that has got to hurt for Thanos that she doesn't appreciate his gesture. Maybe she didn't like the fact that she would suddenly have a lot of work to do instead of the occasional collecting and guiding of souls. I mean if I had someone courting me but doing so by giving me a scrapload of work I would also scratch my head about wether or not I would actually like that.

      Yes that does sound like a very cool idea. If I would reach that age and be viable I would gladly take that leap I think. We should probably take a few things with us during that expedition and we should most definetly take an armed force with us. I mean that may seem silly but going into an unknown new world without means to protect yourself is even more stupid. We could indeed try and avoid a few mistakes we made on Earth. For example we should just try to make mining equipment that doesn't destroy the enviroment. I am all for getting resources we need for our way of life but if we could then we should prevent as much damage as possible.

      I have a lot of ideas that I think would be good. The problem is that I have no idea how such a thing would work. I mean usually I got a general idea of what should it do but I have no technical bone in my body. So that is why I would need the wealth to invest in a project because i couldn't build such a terraformer so for me the second best thing would be to fund it.

      Thank you for your concern but it is fine. I hope that tomorrow my passed exam counter also goes up by one. I know I am ready for it I am done with playing around.

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    • You've seen the episode "A Tale of Two Principals", right? That was one the fans really didn't like. And I can't really blame them, since it ignored a lot of continuity from previous episodes. And that's a good saying.

      Some people don't deserve to be parents, but they become parents anyway. Unfortunately, that's the world we live in.

      Yeah, the whole "alpha wolf" and "omega wolf" ranking within the pack really is a fascinating thing.

      Perhaps. But Deadpool is also in love with her, and he's had a much easier time getting her attention.

      That would be nice. But I doubt humanity will be able to get their within our lifetime. We haven't even sent someone to Mars yet, yet alone beyond the solar system.

      True, actually bringing an idea to life is much harder than thinking of it. A device that actually runs on pollution would be a world-changing thing, so it's only natural that it would take a lot of work to put one together.

      I wish you the best of luck with your exam.

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    • Ohh yeah that episode is the worse. Not only was the real Skinner a annoying arrogant yerk it also messed with the canon. I hated that one to. I believe they even started showing it less because it was so unpopular.  It was just a stupid episode that could have been replaced with a good episode.

      Yeah sad thing sometimes the bad parents slip through the cracks and still become parents. You can't really do much about it you got to live with the cards that fate gives you. Fortunately it appears the two of us have been dealt some very favorable hands. It is up to us to take what we were gifted and put it to good use.

      Yes I love that whole ranking to. It is just amazing how every wolf knows it's place and it's role. And they all protect eachother. The Omega wolf might be the go to wolf for the others to shit on or to vent their anger on they still protect him and he gets food. He just gets it as the last.

      Yeah well can you really blame her ?  I mean Deadpool turns killing into an art and he does it with an exquisite style. No wonder she shows interest in him compared to Thanos who sends scraploads of minions of minions to die in his stead while not getting into the things personally.

      I wouldn't count ourselves out for that jsut yet mate. They say the current generation will turn hundred. I am willing to bet that in the coming 20 years we will find a lot of things to cure some diseases that plagued us before. And technology I have a feeling will have rapid developments to.

      I choice to have fate that I can live to set foot on another on this world. If I have to fund and create a wolrd changing technology like a polution using terraformer well then that is what I will try my dang hardest to make happen. I am not the one to back down from a challenge.

      So funny thing I went to the exam site. I sat down filled in my login details.... and it was another exam then the one I learned for. I made a mistake with which one I booked. Fortunately the things you have to learn overlapped greatly. Because of that I was able actually make the exam and I have a good feeling about it. In fact I dare say that I have quite the high hopes that I actually passed that annoying *insert profanity* exam. And now I planned that exam I learned for before which should make that one a sure pass with how much I already know.