• It was that Meteora got swaped by Festivia and Festivia's descendants, including Moon and Star are not the blooded members of the butterfly family :(

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    • And now the truth or punishment box know the magic high commission covering up meteora the half mewman and half monster daughter because if she will use the wand it will fell the hands of the monsters cause the royal wands magic to fight against the mewman as payback for what happen back in mewnipendance day.

      Since may cause an monster massacre.

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    • I wonder how angry Glossaryck is going to be once he gets his mind back and finds out what the High Commission did.

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    • KateButterfly wrote:
      I wonder how angry Glossaryck is going to be once he gets his mind back and finds out what the High Commission did.

      I think he already knows, Glossaryck has shown that he doesn't care much about the other members

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    • It's actually pretty good question if Glossy knows about Festivia not being a true Butterfly. Part of me likes to think that he can't/won't lie to a person he is serving (aka the current owner of the magic book/princess of Mewni) and when he called Eclipsa Star's 8 times great-grandmother he did so believing it to be true.

      On the other hand... Glossy was the one who created the members of MHC (expect Queen Moon unless the first Queen of Mewni or mewmen were his creations too but that is completelly different theory) so I would like to believe he was aware of Festivia being adopted or at least noticed something being "wrong" with her.

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    • i think now that eclipsa's ex husband ordered to crystalize her just to get revenge that she cheated on him and declared the war against monsters to promote his hatred to eclipsa

      as for ludo, he is still delusional, at first when he took over mewni and the multiverse he was lying to himself of being a great king which is what toffee needed to get his plan of revenge using him as a puppet to have moon's and star's attention, after seeing that he was just toffee's puppet ludo lost it and is now lying to himself that he has a loving family that actually care of him, ludo might still want to conquer mewni again but by his own without being someone else's tool

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