• Did you watch season 4 episode 25 "Doop-Doop"? Share your thoughts here.

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    • Well it's great to know what has been going for the future for some of the characters like Moon, Eclipsa, Buff Frog, and some of the other, But I wouldn't say everything is going greatly.  First of, the title Doop-Doop, may not make any sense, but in reality it's actually the first Spell Star even conducted, and is played by that guy with that annoying voice your hear in Fish Hooks or Adventure Time even in Gravity Falls. We should at least know what he usually does as a spell, but he was So underuse as to his only apperance was only like 2 minutes flat.

      As in terms for this episode everything seems to looking up for Star and Tom, and I think they were about to take their realtionship to the next level. But then In the end, everything starting to sound more like in the description for next week and it's honestly really sad. As to their realtionship is starting to fall apart. 

      It's started to become obvious that Star really doesn't know what to do in life other then NOT to be a princess, as to be no longer her main goal in life and can live like a normal being, and I'm seeing in Tom's persective how that can be really be upsetting as she didn't even plan anything else to do with him even after the cornonation. This I'm kinda getting scared where this is going to be for next week.

      BUT Hey, We finally Got to meet Marco's little Sister! And I know from everyone must have all said Awwww... So at least something have lighten up in the end.

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    • Tomstar de facto dead and i am happy

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    • This episode was a good showcase of Star’s character! It really showed that she has trouble figuring things out. And that she has trouble talking about stuff.

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    • You know I've just realized, has Janna been living on Mewni as much as Marco has? Not really important, but has she? I'm just guessing it could be the reason how she was in Mewni in and out, like she came to Mewni and never left.

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    • It's pretty telling that Star retreated to the Diazes home when she wasn't sure what to do with her life now that she has no expectations.

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    • This episode was both happy and sad. The monsters and Mewmans seem to finally be getting along, and Star is free to seek out her own path in life. Seeing her say goodbye to all her friends was sweet. But the ending was where the sadness kicked in. It sort of makes sense that Star doesn't really know what to do with herself now that she's not a princess or an adviser to Eclipsa. And Tom deciding to give her time to think about it was both touching and heartwrenching.

      But the final scene, with Star returning to Earth and meeting Marco's little sister, was really sweet.

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    • You think the sad teen episode is with Tom using it because he broke up with Star again?

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    • I honestly see the screenwriters trolls for making us believe for almost a year that the new baby Diaz would be a boy, to finally change of idea and say that everything was a medical mistake.

      They could still let the baby be a man as thought and have given him a better name than Marco Jr.

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    • I honestly feel sorry for Doop-Doop, abandoned by Star all this time and left behind in oblivion, and just as I spent with Bon Bon the Birthday Clown and Quassar Caterpillar, it was underused by using his name as a title and it seemed like something important, but the reason for its existence was only an excuse for Star not to leave Mewni before if in the end she would forget him again and we would never know more about him.

      In addition, Doop-Doop had potential to have had a better role and even its own plot, we already discovered that he was Star's first spell, and do not say that it would not be interesting to know the first time Star make magic (Before destroying Mewni in her first day)

      Besides, nobody wonders why Star abandoned Doop-Doop all this time? why did she abandon him? Was it intentional to have a defect, or was it accidental to forget him when she had to leave Mewni in the first episode?

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