• Hello Impy. So yeah, I would like to edit a page. I don't know if I'm restricted to do so, but I would like to edit Meteora's page. The only thing I'll do is just add that Meteora has had her cheek marks changed from a periwinkle-grey color, to then a dark green color (Monster form), and then to a mint green color when she's an infant in her "Appearance" section. I don't know if it has a "Check Changes" thing to see what you changed since it will be my first time editing in this wiki. But if it is the same as editing in the Steven Universe wiki, then I'll know what to do and I'll be cautious about it. Thanks for your time!

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    • Hello, GemostoneEnthusiast.

      Please feel free to add this and whatever else you deem necessary to Meteora's page. There is a "Show changes" button next to the "Publish" button that you can use to check your work.

      Happy editing!

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    • Thank you for the permission!

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    • A FANDOM user
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