(theme song)
Scene opens with a choir singing. Various paintings of Ludo are displayed one by one, each depicting him as some kind of savior.
Choir ♪ Born to the wild, a gift from above ♪
♪ A story of triumph, a story of love ♪
♪ An army of rodents with he at the helm ♪
♪ He toppled the old king, brought peace to the realm ♪
♪ Handsome and fearless and brilliant and tall ♪
♪ Beloved by Mewmans, he tends to us all ♪
The scene changes to the choir, still singing.
Choir ♪ Our dearest King Ludo, he tends to us all ♪
Ludo Ah, yes, this is wonderful. Let's hear it for Ms. Bucket and the Mewni's Youth Choir! Yeah?
The people of Mewni applaud tepidly. Rats threaten to harm them, and the applause becomes enthusiastic.
Ludo [mumbles] Good. Huh? [listens to wand] Oh, you're right. You're right, they were a touch off-key.
Ludo points his wand arm at the choir.
Ludo Levitato!
The choir screams as they are levitated off of the castle and into (presumably) outer space.
Ludo Singin' with the angels. [to rats] Play me off, boys!
Ludo walks back inside to the elevator as the rats play.
Manfred Throne room, sir?
Ludo Full steam, Manfred!
Manfred Yes'm.
The elevator rises, and the scene cuts to inside it.
Ludo Hmm. [to rat] Remind me to Levitato Manfred. [hums to elevator music] That is, this is catchy.
A large figure wearing a rat costume hops into the elevator via a duct. The figure throws the rat guards aside.
Ludo Huh? [turns around] Aaah! [picks up elevator emergency phone] Manfred! Manfred, my most trusted ally! I need you!
The figure tears off the phone. The elevator reaches its destination floor, and kicks Ludo out of it.
Ludo Aaah! [crash]
The figure takes off its rat head. It is Star Butterfly.
Star Butterfly Where's my dad?
Ludo Star Butterfly?
Star [charging in rat suit] Where's my dad?!
Ludo Are you out of your mind? [extends wand hand, casts spell]
The top of the rat suit is vaporized. Star rips apart the bottom and lunges at Ludo, tackling him to the ground. Ludo escapes and prepares to cast another spell when it speaks to him.
Ludo Hmm? Hmm? Right now? But it's not a good time.
Star You're talking to your hand, dude.
Ludo Hold on! I have to take this. I— Look, this is not a good time to have this conversation.
Ludo's giant spider jumps on Star and wraps her to the floor with a silk web. Star struggles.
Ludo Okay, so my hand says I can't destroy you, so I have to put you in the dungeon.
Star For the last time, where is my dad?
Ludo Didn't you hear the song? Ohhh. I defeated him. [giggles] I Levitato'd him. And now I'm king.
Star You what-a-ta-tay-to-ta-tah-to?
Ludo Levitato. Ta-tato. Tato! Levitato! [giggles] You're princess of Mewni, and you don't even know Levitato?
Star You don't know, do you? You're being controlled, Ludo.
Ludo You're right. You're right, I am being controlled. Controlled by my lust for power!
Star No, Ludo, you're being controlled by Toffee.
Ludo What? No, Toffee's dead! I did this. Me. See that? [points to Ludo flag] Me! Me! And now I'm doing this, too. Take her to the dungeon!
Ludo's bald eagle lands on Star, still wrapped in the web, and flies her away.
Star It's your waaaaaand!
Ludo stares at his hand with the wand. The scene changes to the dungeon; Star has been chained to the wall.
Star Ugh! You think you're so tough!
The guards shut the door.
Star Get back here, you jerks!
Another large figure in a mouse costume is standing outside the door. There is some fighting, and the figure opens the door and approaches Star. It pulls off its mouse head to reveal Marco Diaz.
Star Marco?
Marco Diaz Star! Hiii-yah! [strikes chains with his hand] Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Pff, okay, that was dumb. Probably should've used the keys. [unlocks Star's hands] I can't believe you're here; I was thinking we'd maybe never see each other–
Star hugs Marco. Her horns are poking Marco in the chin.
Marco [pause] Star? [pause] Your horns... [whispering] are poking me.
Star [whispering] Take them off.
Marco takes them off and returns the hug. There is a rustle.
Star Your stomach just made a weird noise.
Marco Yeah, that was supposed to be a surprise. I brought you this... [lifts up his hoodie] box of Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds. Sorry there's none left. Me and your dad ate 'em all when we where locked up in the dungeon.
Star Aw, man, you guys got to eat cereal together in the dungeon? Jealous.
Marco Star, your dad, he–
Star Yeah, I know. Ludo tev-a-tay-tato-ta-potato'd him. If Ludo mastered it, it can't be dangerous.
Marco I think it's kinda bad, Star.
Star Marco, honestly, he's been through worse. [laughs] Way worse. I think we have bigger problems right now.
Marco Well, you're in luck, Star. [whistles bird call, nothing happens, sighs] Come on, guys, we practiced this. [bird call] Mourning dove!
Foolduke That's not what doves sound like on Mewni.
Marco Argh! Just get down here.
Foolduke, Ruberiot, and Mime Girl drop from a ventilation shaft.
Marco Star, allow me to introduce... [puts on a beret, in French accent] la resistance!
Marco unfolds a simple map of the castle.
Marco The easiest way to depose a ruler is to destroy his credibility. So, [putting objects on map] this virtual pet will represent Ludo. And this 650 dollars is us. And this feather is bird and spider. Normally, they're always with him or nearby, except bird and spider break to feed every five hours. When he's alone, we take this air duct to the throne room. And that's when Foolduke hits him with...
Foolduke Rubber chicken!
Marco Nope.
Foolduke [squeezes rubber chicken] Uh, how about whoopee cushion?
Marco No, we talked about this before. Ruberiot?
Ruberiot I have a ripping parody song I've been working on.
Star He is great at ruining people's lives with songs. Marco, it seems like you guys are just kinda playing pranks.
Marco Yeah, we're still working on that payoff part.
Star Okay, look, what you're doing here is, like, totally super-admirable, and Marco, you've never looked cuter in that beret, but Ludo is not the problem here. Toffee is controlling him. And I don't think a song is gonna fix things–
Ludo enters the dungeon unexpectedly carrying a tray with tea.
Ludo Actually, Star, I was thinking ab–
He drops the tray.
Ludo Guards!
Rats storm in. The screen goes black. When the screen returns, all five of them besides Star are chained to the wall.
Ruberiot You'll never silence the resistance!
Ludo You! [pointing at Star] You're coming with me! Levitato.
Star Whoaaah! What the heck? [struggling] Oh, of course.
Ludo and Star leave the room. They are now outside on a balcony. He releases her from the spell.
Star All right, Ludo. What are you gonna do now? Levitato me again? [sarcastic] Oh, I'm so scared. That was the worst.
Ludo Actually, you said something earlier about my, um... about my... [clears throat, puts wand hand behind his back] about my W-O-N-D.
Star Oh, so now you want my help?
Ludo Of course I want help! I've been talking to my own hand! It keeps me up all night! I can't sleep, I can't think! I can't focus on my new job as Mewni's beloved monarch!
The wand hand glows green and points at Star.
Ludo Wha–? Oh, hello. Yes, of course. I... no... what? Of course I'm beloved! Didn't you hear the song?
Star [screaming] Ludo! Why do you think I came here without a wand?
Ludo Because... you were surrendering?
Star It's corrupted! By Toffee! He's in the wands, Ludo.
Ludo [pauses] In the wa... In the wands?! [pauses, screams] Get him out! I don't want to be corrupted! I don't want to be corrupted! How did he even get in there? How did he even get in there?!
Star I don't know how he got in there. The last time I saw him, he... [pauses] Ohhhhh!
Ludo [groans] Yuck!
Star Ludo, please. [sighs] I think I know how to get Toffee out.
Ludo And then I can go back to being a beloved monarch?
Star Uh... yeah. Heh.
Ludo holds out his wand arm. Star walks over to it, kneels, and begins whispering to it. The half-star turns black. The scene changes to the dungeon, where Ruberiot, Foolduke, and Marco are chanting.
All We are the resistance! We remain insistent!
Some rats open up the door, clearly annoyed.
All We're the resistance!
Marco [to guards] You can't silence the resistance! And gimme back my beret.
The rats ignore his request, and approach him armed.
Marco Wait, why are you...? Actually, the resistance can be quieter.
Foolduke [still chanting]
Ruberiot Be brave, Marco! You may fall, but the resistance lives on!
Marco What?!
The rat guard holds up a spear to his face.
Marco Why just me?
Off-screen, the rat holding the spear is suddenly beat up.
Buff Frog Karate boy. [throws rats against wall, creating a hole]
Marco Buff Frog!
Buff Frog And... [steps aside to reveal Queen Butterfly]
Moon Butterfly Marco!
Marco Queen Moon?!
Queen Moon slashes Marco's chains open.
Moon Where's Star?
Marco Ludo took her. We have to find him before he does something awful.
Buff Frog What about [gesturing to the resistance] arts-and-crafts friends?
Marco The resistance will live on without me.
Ruberiot Aw.
Foolduke What?
Marco, Moon, and Buff Frog exit through a hole in the wall Buff Frog made. Buff Frog picks up the two of them and hops from balcony to balcony. He nearly misses one and clings to the edge. Star is on an adjacent balcony.
Moon [getting off Buff Frog] Star!
Moon and Marco get on the balcony and try to get a closer look at Star. Buff Frog is still on the ledge.
Star Hey, Mommy. Hi, Marco.
A green ghostly Millhorse escapes from Ludo's wand hand.
Star I, uh... I'm sorry, you guys.
Millhorse [whinnies]
Moon [tearing up] The... The Whispering Spell. [slamming fists] No! Star! You get... you get away! You run away from there!
Star It's too late, Mom.
Ludo So does this mean that everything's back to normal?
Star It's not over yet.
Ludo What do you mean it's not–
The wand begins to explode. The entire tower and balcony Star and Ludo are on is obliterated. Marco and Moon are shocked.
Moon No!
Marco Star!
Moon No, no, no! Buff Frog, we have to go now!
Buff Frog grunts as he grabs the two and hops on the ledge. They run into the crater where the tower used to stand. Moon uncovers Ludo from some of the debris.
Moon Ludo! Where's Star?
Ludo's eyes light up, pink. Star wakes up, gasping. She is waist deep in a dark green ooze.
Star Where am I?
Moon [to Ludo] Where is my daughter?
Star [from inside Ludo] Mom! Mom, mom! I'm in here!
Moon Star? Is that you?
Star/Ludo Yes, it's me!
Moon [hugs Ludo] Oh, thank goodness! Oh! [kisses Ludo]
Star/Ludo Mom, stop it.
Moon Oh, Star! Where are you?
Star [inside] Well, I-I'm totally fine, but, uh, but, ah... I don't exactly know where I am.
Moon That's okay, sweetie. The important thing is, you're safe. Just stay right there. [starts breaking up] And no matter whe– we'll find you–
Moon's voice breaks off, as she flickers out of existence from Star's perspective. The ooze forms waves.
Star Mom? Mom, yeah, can you repeat that? I–
Outside, Ludo's eye's close.
Moon Star? Are you still there?
Star Mommy? Oh, what is happening?! Mom!
A large wave of ooze emerges behind Star. A giant eye emerges as it opens its lid from the ooze.
Star [gasps] Ohh, crazy eye, crazy eye, crazy eye!
A large geyser of ooze erupts, revealing a large claw. Star quick swims the other way only to be trapped by another claw. The eye starts to lift up, revealing another eye, a mouth, and a neck. Star panics.
Toffee Hello, princess.
Star Toffee?! Aha! I knew it! I knew it was you all along! Wha... wait. Is all this goop you?
Toffee [smiles.]
Star Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.
Toffee [swimming around Star] You don't even recognize your own magic when you're swimming in it.
Star [lifting up something gold] This stuff is the magic?
Toffee It was. Until I got here.
Toffee touches the gold magic. It turns dark green.
Star Oh, boy, that's not good. Mom, we've got a problem!
Toffee Only I can speak to her now.
Toffee opens up a connection to the outside. Ludo opens his eyes. They are green.
Ludo/Toffee Hello Moon.
Moon Toffee.
Marco and Buff Frog [gasp]
Ludo/Toffee starts hovering in mid-air.
Moon Give us back Star.
Ludo/Toffee Oh, of course. But I'd like something from you first. Something that belongs to me. [holds out arm with the missing finger]
Moon reluctantly gets out his finger and holds it up.
Moon Take it.
Star [inside Ludo] No, Mom, stop! I can take him! Just hold on! Please!
Star swims toward Toffee's ooze form, but he pushes her away with an effortless gesture. Star tries again, swimming much faster. Toffee misses her a few times before grabbing her by the hair.
Toffee Poor little Butterfly. You've lost your wings. [to Moon] Now, your Majesty...
Ludo/Toffee ...do we have a deal?
Moon lays Toffee's finger in his fingerless hand. It magically fuses back. Toffee begins to ooze towards the ceiling.
Toffee [to Star] Good-bye.
He continues to ooze upwards.
Star No, no! No!
Star falls into the black ooze. Ludo's eyes turn from green to black, and his body becomes lifeless. Ludo then extends his arm, and Toffee grows from Ludo into his reptilian form (his suit grows back too). He then vomits out Ludo.
Ludo Yeech.
Toffee looks at his arm, as the scar on his finger fades entirely. He moves his fingers.
Moon Where's my daughter?
Marco Where's Star?!
Toffee, still in disbelief over being alive, extends his hand outwards and crushes the black half-star fragment to dust.
Toffee She's gone. [walks away]
Buff Frog [gasps]
Marco [gasps]
Moon Butterfly's eyes tear up, her cheek diamonds and arms grow dark purple veins. Her diamonds then turn dark purple. She roars and chases Toffee.
Toffee [sighs]
Toffee turns around and strikes Moon's punch aside. He blocks a few more punches from Moon and catches her fists. Moon breaks free and holds Star's wand to his chest.
Moon I call the darkness onto me from deepest depths of Earth and sea! From ancient evils unawoken, break the one who can't be broken! From blackest night I pledge my soul and crush my heart to burning coal! To summon forth the deadly power to see my hated foe devoured!
The spell does nothing; Moon cries while Toffee holds up her arm with the wand.
Toffee Are you finished?
Marco punches his fist through Toffee's body. His eyes are also tearing up. Toffee's body regenerates instantly. Toffee throws Marco into a boulder. Buff Frog runs over to help him, while Toffee grabs Moon, shoving her into the ground, then turning to walk away apathetically.
Ludo [grabs Toffee's pant leg] Please... just tell me. Did I have any part to play in this?
Toffee No.
Ludo's beak trembles, and Toffee continues to walk away. The scene changes back to Star, who breaks from the surface of the ooze, only to go under again. Her cheek marks glow gold, and she spots a piece of gold magic.
Star Oh!
She swims towards it, but the waves push her away.
Star Hmm. [her cheek marks stop glowing, gasps, smacks her cheeks] Come on, come on...! [cheek marks glow again, spots another] Huh? Yes! What are you...
She struggles to swim over to it, only for its glow to fade right as she extends her arm to grab it. Her cheek marks stop glowing again. As Star stares tearfully at the ceiling, her cheek marks glow once more. She soon spots another piece of gold magic deep under the ooze, and she dives under to get it. Once again, it fades before she reaches it. Star runs out of breath, screaming under ooze as it enters her mouth. The screen goes black. Scene changes back to the others.
Buff Frog Karate boy. [claps] Wake up. Uh, I think the queen, uh, needs help.
Queen Moon is attempting to gather the particles of the broken star fragment and assemble them in Star's wand.
Moon Come on, come on. Why won't you fit? [in tears] Come on.
Marco Queen?
Moon M-Maybe if I-I put the wand back together, it'll, it'll, it'll bring her back. But this piece won't fit. [tears up]
Marco Here. [holds up a piece] Try this one.
Scene cuts to black.
Glossaryck Hey, Star!
Star opens her eyes. Glossaryck is holding out a spoon of soup to her.
Glossaryck Does this need, uh, salt?
Unresponsive, Glossaryck decides to stick the spoon at Star's cheek.
Glossaryck Hey, hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Star [yelling] Oh, knock it off!
Glossaryck sticks the spoon in her mouth.
Star Mmph!
Glossaryck Less salt? More salt?
Star [spitting it out] Bleeech!
Glossaryck More salt.
Star Aghh. What is wrong with you?! What's going on in here? Where am I?
Glossaryck I have no idea. No one's ever been here before.
Star Oh, no. I'm dead. I'm dead. I died!
Glossaryck [sighs] Well, if you're dead, then I'm dead. And if you're calling me dead, I find it... well, I find it a little insulting, frankly.
Star Oh, no. I am totally dead. And I'm stuck here. With you.
Glossaryck Uh-huh. Again. A little insulting.
Star You betrayed me!
Glossaryck I'm sorry it seemed that way. Can we get beyond this and just enjoy our time here together in... wherever we are?
Star Ha! You think I'm gonna stay here with you, eat your dumb magic soup, while Toffee is out there doing who knows what?!
Glossaryck Star–
Star Marco and my mom probably think I'm dead.
Glossaryck Star.
Star [crying] Maybe I am dead.
Glossaryck Star! Look at me. This is where we are now. And this soup is not magic anymore. It's just... soup. So stop being foolish and eat the soup.
A gold particle appears in the middle of the cauldron. It then fades.
Star [sniffling] No. I get what you're doing.
Glossaryck Mm-hmm. What am I doing?
Star This is just another one of your games. You're going out of your way to make me get to this on my own. Oh, you didn't think I'd catch on, Glossaryck, because you think I'm a skimmer. But I am a dipper.
Glossaryck Star, what are you doing?
Star [holding her hands up] I'm getting us out of here.
Glossaryck Star! No! It's boiling!
Star Dip... doooown!
Star sticks her hands into the stew. They start to burn.
Star Ow!!!
Glossaryck Uh-oh.
However, the gold speck returns, and Star grabs it and holds it up. Inside, a Millhorse grows, and the orb expands, flooding the room with gold light. The scene changes to the Sanctuary, where the black green ooze turns gold, and the Magic High Commission begins to rejuvenate. The scene changes to Moon, Marco, and Buff Frog trying to piece together the wand. The ground shakes, and the wand levitates into the air, filled with gold light. Before their eyes, the star crystal is repaired, and the wand changes form. Star, golden-colored, appears out of thin air and reaches out to grab the wand. She undergoes a transformation, growing much larger horns, four additional arms, and large golden wings.
Moon Star!
Star [distorted voice] Hi, Mom!
Moon Hi, sweetie. Don't you look lovely.
Star [distorted] Where's Toffee?
Moon points to him walking away. Star blasts him with a surge of golden light. He roars as he disintegrates into nothing but bones and ooze. Star flutters down to the ground, transforming back to her normal self.
Star [gasps]
All Star!
Moon [hugging her] Oh, my baby!
Marco [hugs]
Buff Frog [jumps on top of everyone]
Star Hi.
All Hi.
Toffee makes a squishing sound.
Buff Frog Huh?
Toffee [chuckling] You think you've won? Ha! You don't make the plans! I do! Me! Only I know how this all turns out!
Toffee is immediately crushed by a falling pillar. Ludo walks out.
Ludo It turns out you're dead. That's what you get! Hey! Look! Look what I did! All by myself! [picking up Toffee's eye] "Oh, no! I can't see a thing!" Ha-ha!
Marco Do you think he's really gone?
Buff Frog Looks pretty gone to me.
Ludo Can't get more gone than that!
Unbeknownst to the others, Moon winces.
Moon Ow!
Marco Star, I've never seen you do a spell like that before.
Star Yeah, I'm not sure what that was.
Moon examines her arms. The purple veins have grown.
Moon Eclipsa...! [runs away]
Ludo Okay, princess. I think we can both agree that I've got some stuff to work on. [holds out dimensional scissors]
Star You want me to cut off the beard?
Ludo No! Throw me back in the void. I need... to find myself.
Star opens a dimensional portal. Ludo jumps into Star's arms.
Ludo I'm ready.
Star Do you, uh, need a minute with them?
Spider and bird walk towards Ludo.
Ludo What, them? I'm sorry. [tearing up] I have intimacy issues. Try to move on.
Star Okay. Well, here goes.
Star throws Ludo through the portal.
Ludo Aaah!
Star also throws in a bag of Gold'n Crispz for good measure.
Star Good luck.
A choir's singing resounds.
Choir ♪ An army of eagles with he at the helm ♪
♪ Rescued the children and brought us all home ♪
The kids are atop eagles now flying back to Mewni.
Choir ♪ Handsome and fearless, valiant and strong ♪
♪ Our dearest King River we praise him in song. ♪
River Butterfly [atop an eagle] Whoo! Woo-hoo!
Star Papa!
Marco That was amazing!
River Ever since Ludo Levitato'd me, I've been living among the eagles. They made me their king, too! Where is Moon Pie?
Star I don't know. She was just here.
The scene changes to Rhombulus' crystal room. Moon is checking up on Eclipsa's imprisonment crystal. The crystal is unscathed.
Moon [laughs, sighs, walks away]
The crystal cracks.
(end song)
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