Episode begins in Queen Butterfly's office at Butterfly Castle. She levitates Star out of the office as in "The Bogbeast of Boggabah".
Star Butterfly How could you do this to your precious baby girl?!
Queen Moon You're not a baby, so stop acting like one! [slams door, groans] Trying... [sits in her chair] Trial ready... and she doesn't think... Whew. Baloo-balee, baloo-balow. I let you go, I let you go. [eats Cornritos] I don't even know my own family...
Moon looks over at the large book labeled "BUTTERFLY FAMILY".
Moon [groans] Fine.
Scene cuts to Eclipsa's room, where loud rock music is playing. Moon opens the door.
Moon Eclipsa? I—
Eclipsa is playing thrash music on a skeleton guitar.
Eclipsa [gasps] Oh, hey. Queen Moon. Hi. You're in my room.
Eclipsa puts the guitar down, and a winged rat-like creature next to her floats away in fright.
Moon Did you... make a... guitar... out of a skeleton?
Eclipsa I work with what I'm given.
Moon This should be quick. Star just stormed into my office with some crazy idea about who your daughter is.
Eclipsa Okay.
Moon [opens "BUTTERFLY FAMILY" book] Look, I just need you to identify her from a picture. Can you do that?
Eclipsa Hm.
Moon What is it?
Eclipsa It's just... I haven't seen my daughter in three hundred years.
Moon Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have—
Eclipsa No, it's fine. I'm fine.
Eclipsa turns the book to Festivia the Fun's page.
Moon Is this your daughter?
Eclipsa Festivia? No.
Moon What? Are you sure?
Eclipsa Oh, I'm sure. [sits by the window] My daughter was Meteora.
Moon Well, the name may have been changed.
Eclipsa But that's not her. My daughter had pretty little clovers on her cheeks and the cutest tail in all of Mewni.
Moon I-I'm sorry. A tail?
Eclipsa She got it from her daddy.
Moon But how is that possible?
Eclipsa Well, when a queen and a monster love each other very much—
Moon I mean, how could this not be your daughter? This is the complete history of the Butterfly family! If this isn't your daughter, then who is she?
Eclipsa I wish I could tell you. The Royal Archive would have the truth.
Moon The Archive? In the Bureaucracy of Magic? Where they keep lunch receipts and office supplies?
Eclipsa Don't judge a room by its supplies. The Archive has the real history, beyond what's in your book.
Moon Well, I don't have access to the Archive. Don't even know how to get there.
Eclipsa I could come with you.
Moon No, no, no. That, uh, won't be possible. I'd never hear the end of it if I took you out of here.
Eclipsa Well, good luck.
Moon starts to leave the room.
Eclipsa If you find out what happened, please let me know. I had a daughter. I'd like to know what happened to her.
Moon [sighs] Fine. Let's go. I can't believe I'm doing this.
Eclipsa Well, think of it as a girls' night if that makes you feel better.
Moon It doesn't.
Scene cuts to the Bureaucracy of Magic lobby. Sean the security guard puts cupcakes on a tray and gets his hoof covered in frosting.
Sean [scoffs] Sean, you little pig. You made a mess. Who's gonna clean this up? Ahhh... [licks frosting off his hoof]
Moon (o.s.) Hello, Sean!
Sean Huh?
Moon enters the Bureaucracy of Magic with Eclipsa hidden under her gown.
Sean (o.s.) Queen Moon!
Moon Just, uh, just grabbing something from my office, like a normal person.
Moon crosses the magic detection device, causing it to go off.
Sean Sorry, Queen Moon. Looks like I'll have to scan ya.
Moon [threateningly] Yeah, that's a great idea, Sean. Why don't you scan me?
Sean Uh... No, it's... I don't need to. Uh... it's probably fine.
Moon hurries deeper into the building and hides behind a corner.
Moon [quavering] I can't believe I'm doing this. What am I doing?
Eclipsa pops out from under Moon's gown.
Moon Get out of there! Now, where's the Archive?
Eclipsa I dunno.
Moon You said you knew where you were going!
Eclipsa Last time I was here, the Archive was just a stone cottage.
Moon Wait. Did you say stone?
Moon opens a supply closet with a coat rack and various objects.
Eclipsa Oh. It's a coat closet.
Moon Don't judge a room by its supplies.
Moon pushes the coats aside to reveal a stone wall.
Moon Ta-da.
Eclipsa Well, would you look at that? Let's see if I remember... [presses musical stone panels] Duh... duh... Mmm... Duh-duh-duh-duh-buh-bah!
The stone wall opens to reveal a secret passageway.
Moon Aren't you just full of secrets?
Sean enters the closet with a tray of empty cupcake cups and frosting all over his mouth.
Sean Did it again, Sean. Is that how you want to live your life? Those cupcakes weren't even for you! [throws tray in the trash] Oh. Hey, Queen Moon.
Moon Sean!
Sean I... see you brought, um... you brought a friend. And you opened a secret door.
Moon It's not—! What are you doing?
Sean [holding his radio] I think I gotta report this, don't I?
Moon Put that down, Sean. Right now!
Sean I'm... sorry, I can't do that.
Moon grabs Sean's radio away and rips the cord.
Moon [chuckles nervously]
Sean [worried moan]
Sean runs to the closet door, but Moon cuts him off.
Moon No, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Look, the other members of the High Commission – they won't understand!
Eclipsa Why don't you wipe his memory?
Moon and Sean What?!
Eclipsa Use your magic. You know, just point and say "Mind Eraser!" Pew-pew!
Sean What?! You can't do that!
Eclipsa Well, of course she can. She's magic.
Moon I am not wiping his memory, Eclipsa!
Sean Eclipsa?!
Eclipsa Well, I can't do it. I never learned magic without a wand.
Sean Yeah, please don't.
Moon Is this how you used magic? When there's a problem, you just "Mind Eraser, pew-pew"?
Moon accidentally wipes Sean's memory, leaving in a vegetative state on the floor.
Sean [groans]
Moon [gasps] What have I done?
Eclipsa Oh, come on. You did that on purpose.
Eclipsa pushes Sean out of the closet, and he falls onto the floor. Scene cuts to interior of the secret passageway.
Moon I can't believe I'm doing this. I must be crazy!
Eclipsa Let's see... [singing] Dark is the hall beyond the pitch, oh, where could there be light?
Moon What are you doing?
Eclipsa Oh, just singing a little song I wrote to help me remember my way.
Moon Wait, Eclipsa, don't run!
Eclipsa ♪ Dark is the hall beyond the pitch ♪
Eclipsa and Moon hop over a small hole.
Eclipsa ♪ Oh, where could there be light? ♪
Eclipsa uses a compact mirror to reflect a beam of light at a door, unlocking it.
Eclipsa It's this way.
♪ Not up nor down but three steps round ♪
Eclipsa runs faster through the passageway.
Moon Hey, slow down!
Eclipsa Two doors down!
Moon and Eclipsa reach a statue of a man holding a torch.
Eclipsa ♪ Her torch shall steer you right ♪
[sighs] Ta-da!
Moon and Eclipsa turn to face a large eyeball-shaped door.
Eclipsa [jiggles doorknob] Locked. Hmm. Have you got a hairpin?
Moon gives Eclipsa a hairpin, and she tucks it into her hair.
Eclipsa That's better. Okay, right. So we're going to use the rat hole.
Moon What rat hole?
Eclipsa pushes a nearby rock aside to reveal a small hole in the wall.
Eclipsa Rat hole.
Moon I am not getting in a rat hole!
Eclipsa [giggles] It's so dirty in here!
Moon Isn't there– Isn't there another way?
Moon tries crawling through the rat hole and gets stuck.
Moon [groans] Oh, I think I'm stuck!
Eclipsa Yeah, I think so, too. Looks like your gown is stuck. I'll have to go around to pull you through, okay?
Moon How long will it be before you're on the other side?
Eclipsa Not long at all. No worries!
Moon looks up at a chandelier of lit candles. A three-eyed spider appears and looks at Moon. It lowers down to her eye level on a string of web and looks at her crown. It starts swinging back and forth. Moon follows the spider's movements, and her eyes start to close.
Moon What are you... doing...?
Moon falls asleep. When she wakes up, the spider is dancing with her crown.
Moon [gasps] Hey, drop that!
The spider runs away with Moon's crown.
Moon How long have I been out?
The candles on the chandelier have completely burned out.
Moon Oh, no. Eclipsa! Eclipsa? Hello?! [sighs] I trusted her! I can't believe I trusted her!
Eclipsa appears through the eye-shaped door.
Eclipsa [kicks Moon's leg] Knock, knock!
Moon What took you so long?!
Eclipsa I came as fast as I could! Are you okay?
Moon Yes, I'm fine. I just needed a little— Agh!
Eclipsa pulls Moon out of the rat hole, and they enter the Royal Archive.
Moon It's... It's incredible!
A giant clock with wings controls dozens of automatons writing on scrolls with quills.
Moon I had no idea this was here.
Eclipsa No, no, no! Watch your step.
Moon stops before stepping on a booby-trapped floor tile.
Eclipsa You'll set off the alarm. I haven't seen these little guys in forever. [waves to automatons] Hello! They've been recording everything that's ever happened to the royal family.
Moon [reading] "7:59, King River reveals Star to be the Bogbeast of Boggabah"? What? You know, this stuff would've made it a lot easier to build a case against you! Sorry.
Eclipsa There's so much stuff here, it's impossible to find anything. Unless you know where to look.
In a large room of shelves with scrolls, Eclipsa climbs a tall ladder.
Eclipsa Of course, I know where my scroll is.
As Moon climbs the ladder, it suddenly rolls to the left.
Moon Aah!
Eclipsa [rifling through scrolls] Ah, here it is! [pulls out her scroll, reads] "And so the daughter of Eclipsa and King Shastacan, Princess Festivia, was crowned queen upon her mother's imprisonment." They took her out. They erased all record of my daughter completely. Who's Festivia?
Moon Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this.
Eclipsa jumps to the bottom of the ladder, and Moon falls flat on the floor.
Moon Oof! [stands up and dusts herself off] Once we're back at the palace, we can put—
Moon steps on a booby-trapped floor tile.
Eclipsa I told you to watch your step!
The alarm sounds, and the automatons throw their quills at Moon and Eclipsa.
Eclipsa Run! Run!
Moon It's not the easiest thing in this dress!
The three-eyed spider dancing with Moon's crown sees Moon and Eclipsa running and notices the scroll in Moon's hands.
Spider Ooh!
As Moon and Eclipsa dodge flying quills, the eye-shaped door starts to close.
Moon Oh, dear!
The spider suddenly swings into Moon and knocks the crown and scroll to the floor.
Moon [grunts, picks up scroll] You incorrigible—!
Eclipsa Moon, hurry!
Moon jumps through the closing door gap and uses the spider and its web like a lasso to retrieve her crown.
Moon and Eclipsa [panting]
Moon and Eclipsa duck behind a corner as Omnitraxus Prime, Hekapoo, and Rhombulus run toward the Royal Archive, and they safely make their escape. Scene cuts back to Butterfly Castle.
Moon All right, so it's clear someone's orchestrated a cover-up. And I think I know who it was.
Eclipsa They erased my daughter. I'm the one on trial.
Moon Eclipsa, I believe your daughter may still be alive.
Eclipsa What? But how?
There's a knock at the door. Star enters covered in mud.
Star Hey.
Moon and Eclipsa Hey.
(end song)
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