Episode begins at the Pigeon Kingdom. Hundreds of pigeons are gathered in the castle throne room, with a flock of crows also flying around.
Queen Butterfly Okay, let's just make this fast. L-Lord and Lady Pigeon, I understand your fear for your people's safety. But please let us take care of Meteora. It's safer for everyone if Eclipsa and I get to her first.
King and Queen Pigeon [cooing]
Moon Well, that's going well.
Eclipsa Butterfly Let me try. [cooing]
Rich Pigeon (o.s.) They can't understand you!
Rich Pigeon appears in a large mechanical suit of arms and legs wielding a sword.
Rich You'll have to talk to me! ...Oh. Turn around again. Hold on. [turns the suit around] You'll have to talk to me!
Moon Rich, we know that you're upset. But please, don't take matters into your own hands. Let us deal with Meteora.
Rich [straining, controls suit to kneel down] Look what she did to our castle!
Pigeons are shown lying around. The walls are covered in bird poop, and flies fly around everywhere.
Eclipsa Does it not normally look like this?
Rich No! Keep looking!
The camera pans over further to show a large human-shaped hole in the wall.
Eclipsa [gasps] Oh, my.
Rich Behavior like this must not go unpuni— [straining] Unpun— Come on, make a fist. Unpunished! [suit goes out of control] Oh! No-no-no-no-no-no! Stop! [gasping] Oh, no!
Rich's mechanical suit accidentally punches him in the face, and he falls to the floor.
Moon Rich, are you all—?
Rich Get out of my house!
Moon Uh, I'm so sor—
Rich Get out! Out! Out!
Scene cuts to outside the Pigeon Kingdom; Moon and Eclipsa mount a pair of warnicorns.
Eclipsa Okay, so what do we do now?
Moon [sarcastically] Oh, I don't know, Eclipsa. I was thinking we'd just, you know, follow the trail of destruction.
Moon and Eclipsa look at a trail of Meteora's footprints and roaring flames.
Moon [sighs, clicks tongue]
Eclipsa Right. Yeah, I... I suppose that works. [clicks tongue]
Moon and Eclipsa start following the trail.
Eclipsa Can you believe that little bird man? How upset he got? He's all, "Get out of my house!"
Moon You know, you might want to take this a little more seriously.
Eclipsa Oh, sorry. You're right. I get jokey when I'm nervous. And just, it's been such a long time since I've seen my daughter.
Moon Yes, but this isn't a rebellious teen. This is carnage. Meteora may be beyond your reach now.
Eclipsa Well, I can try.
Moon Well, of course we'll try. It just won't be easy. Even the little monsters can be a handful. Now let's keep going. We're getting close.
Moon and Eclipsa come across a devastated village. The sound of people shouting is heard.
Moon Is that an angry mob headed in our direction?
An angry mob of Mewmans appears before Moon and Eclipsa with torches, pitchforks, various weapons, and catapults.
Moon Everyone, please! What's going on here?!
Angry Man 1 We're out to get the fire-breathin' monstrosity with 23 heads and a tail what come and smashed up the town!
Eclipsa You said she had a tail?
Angry Man 1 A tail which she used for destroying me humble cottage! Me humble cottage. I lost everything! Me life is ruined! [sobbing]
Eclipsa Uh, perhaps you could take—
Angry Man 1 [sobbing uncontrollably] Oh, no! Me bad luck! I can't believe me bad luck! Oh!
The angry man rolls down the hill to the last house still standing, and it falls when he rolls into it.
Angry Man 2 That thing destroyed our town! And we intend to do something about it!
Angry Man 3 Something violent!
All Yeah! Violence!
The angry mob catapults a flaming barrel over Moon and Eclipsa's heads, which explodes.
Angry Woman After what she done, there's no forgivin' and forgettin'.
Angry Man 4 She destroyed me teddy bear collection!
Angry Man 1 (o.s.) I love teddy bears!
Young Villager She gave me this neat hat! ...I like it.
All [shouting angrily]
Moon Let's get out of here.
Moon and Eclipsa leave the scene.
Eclipsa How are we supposed to find my daughter before a bunch of villagers with pitchforks do?
Moon Eclipsa, it'll be fine. We'll find her first.
Eddie (o.s.) Psst! Hey! Down here!
Moon and Eclipsa look down to see Eddie crouching inside a mushroom bush.
Eddie Looking for the beast, are we?
Eclipsa/Moon [look at each other] Yes./No.
Eddie Well, that's a confusing answer. But we'll go with yes. I've been tracking the beast for quite a while now. Boy, is she gettin' big! Imagine the size of her mother! [laughs]
Eclipsa Her father deserves most of the credit.
Moon Can you take us to her?
Eddie Well, that depends. Do you have legs? [looks at Moon and Eclipsa's legs] Oh, look at that. Answered my own question. You both have legs. Uh, well, follow me.
Eddie leads Moon and Eclipsa to a dried-up bog with frogs and fish flopping in the dirt.
Moon Is this the bog?
Eddie Well, it was the bog, 'til that beast drank it up. Every last drop of it. The true Bogbeast of Boggabah, on account of her drinking the bog.
Eclipsa How big is she?
Eddie Well, I must say, as a bogbeast expert, I reckon she's this big.
Eddie lies inside a large footprint.
Eddie Not this big! I mean, t-this is just her foot. A footprint. But, yes, she's big. And her tracks just keep getting bigger! Follow me!
Eddie waddles further into the bog, sniffing the air.
Moon How does she keep getting bigger?
Eclipsa Well, if you drank a bog, you'd put on a few pounds, love.
Moon But what is she eating?
Eddie Ooh! I can answer that one.
Eddie points up at a group of Mewmans with black eyes, floating on balloon strings.
Eddie She's been eating the souls of my family! At first, I thought I'd quite like the peace and quiet, but then I, uh... I realized I-I do— I do miss them. Except for Tim. I do not miss Tim! Thanks, Tim! You're gone!
Eclipsa Oh, dear...
Moon How is she doing that?
Eddie Well, her tracks end here.
Eddie stands outside a large forest bramble, which Meteora is heard snoring inside.
Eddie She must be close. Let's try to find her. [goes inside bramble]
Moon [hushed] Eddie, no! Stop! Get out of there!
Eclipsa [hushed] No!
Eddie Wow! She's bigger than I thought! You ought to come look at this!
Moon [hushed] No, no, no, no!
Eclipsa [hushed] Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! No!
Eddie (o.s.) I think I better give her a nudge. See if we can wake her up a bit. Nudge, nudge!
A pair of large green eyes open in the bramble.
Eddie Yep, I think the nudge worked.
A shrill high-pitched sound is heard in the bramble, and the eyes stop glowing. Eddie floats up out of the bramble with black eyes, his soul having been eaten. Meteora rises out of the bramble and towers tall over Moon and Eclipsa. Moon shoves Eclipsa behind a rock to hide behind.
Moon [panting] She... has... magic.
Eclipsa [alarmed] Mm-hmm.
Moon We have to stop her. [her hand starts glowing]
Eclipsa Wait. You have to let me try something.
Moon What?
Eclipsa [holding a stuffed toy] She might listen to me.
Moon What?!
Eclipsa runs out from behind the rock.
Moon [hushed] Come back!
Eclipsa [shrugging]
Moon [sighs exasperatedly]
Eclipsa [walks up to Meteora] Hello there.
Meteora turns to face Eclipsa and fires green lasers at her from her eyes. Eclipsa lightly jumps out of the way.
Eclipsa Oh! [whimpering] Before you kill me, I... I brought you


Eclipsa shows Meteora the stuffed toy, and Meteora's eyes stop glowing.
Meteora Butterfly Bobo! Is it really... Bobo? [picks up Eclipsa]
Eclipsa [whimpering] Up we go!
Meteora I can't believe it! It's really...
Eclipsa Yes! It's Bobo!
Moon What's a Bobo?
Meteora But... Mama made Bobo. Are you my... my mama?
Eclipsa You know, I think I prefer "Mother".
Meteora What?! [her eyes glow]
Eclipsa You know, "Mama" is just fine. What should I call you?
Meteora [cradles Eclipsa] Baby Smooth.
Eclipsa ...Okaaaay.
Meteora [sighing laugh, sits down] Mama, where have you been?
Eclipsa Well... some terrible, terrible people locked me up in a dingy old crystal deep down in a dark dungeon. They were a rather backwards, maladjusted people, especially their old queen.
Moon [offended] Oh!
Eclipsa But that is an era bygone. And I'm hoping that now we're together again, we're going to have everything we've ever missed out on.
Meteora Like what?
Eclipsa I don't know. Uh... How about ponies? Bedtimes past 8:00. Ice cream for breakfast.
Meteora I hate ice cream.
Eclipsa Then no ice cream. What would you like instead? You can have anything you want.
Meteora ...The throne of Mewni.
Moon [hushed] What?!
Eclipsa I'm... afraid that's not possible.
Meteora [puts Eclipsa down, stands up] You said I can have anything I want.
Eclipsa But... the throne is not mine to give.
Meteora It's ours by right! [her eyes glow again]
Eclipsa A lot has changed since we've been gone, and after everything that's happened at St Olga's...
Meteora I was a great headmistress!
Eclipsa But you were stealing the life-force of those girls to preserve your youth.
Meteora Oh. You noticed.
Eclipsa Look, we have each other now. You don't need this kingdom.
Meteora Are you saying... no?
Eclipsa [inhales] Yes. I am.
Meteora Ugh! [stomps away]
Eclipsa Young lady, you turn right back around!
Moon All right, that's it! Meteora! You have to stop!
Meteora fires green lasers at Moon, and Moon dodges.
Eclipsa [gasps]
Meteora Mama... you set me up!
Meteora fires at Moon again, and Moon uses her mewberty form to defend.
Moon I don't want to hurt you!
Meteora That's too bad, because that's all I want to do to you!
Moon and Meteora fire upon each with lasers and magic. Moon lures Meteora toward a prickly tree, and Meteora fires her lasers, which strike a couple of wild bunnies and a snake. As Moon attacks with more magic, Meteora hurls the tree at her and knocks her to the ground. Standing over Moon, Meteora fires her lasers again, and Moon defends with a barrier.
Moon [screaming]
Eclipsa I love you!
Meteora [stops attacking]
Eclipsa [crying] I know you haven't heard these words in a very long time, but I'm saying them again to you now. Please, Meteora, come back to me.
Meteora I-I...
Meteora suddenly gets hit in the face by flying boulders and falls over. Moon floats over with more boulders and traps Meteora in rocks and dirt. She dodges more of Meteora's lasers and charges magic in her hands.
Moon I am ending this!
Eclipsa No!
Moon unleashes powerful magic on Meteora.
Meteora [screaming]
Eclipsa grabs Moon's arms and points them away from Meteora. Her eyes and cheek marks glow. White veins start to appear along both of their arms and Moon's face. Meteora fires her lasers at Moon once more, and the screen goes white with a high-pitched tone. When the whiteness fades away, Eclipsa appears on the ground surrounded by white particles. She picks herself up and looks up to see Moon floating lifelessly.
Eclipsa Moon!
Moon turns to face Eclipsa with one black eye and one white eye with a yellow star in it.
Moon [frightened gasp]
In a panic, Moon opens a dimensional portal and flies away through it.
Eclipsa No!
The portal closes. The sound of quick and heavy footsteps is heard behind Eclipsa.
Eclipsa [gasps]
She turns around to see Meteora gone and a trail of footprints leading away. Eclipsa looks on in shock.
(end song)
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