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"Trial by Squire" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 9, 2017, alongside "Lint Catcher".[1]


Star prepares for the Midnight Warrior Blowout Sale at Quest Buy.[2]


The episode begins at Quest Buy, where Star and Marco have camped out for the store's annual Squire Blowout Sale. In preparation for the event, Marco made a detailed list of everything that's going to be on sale and called the store ahead of time to make sure they're all in stock. During their campout, Star and Marco meet several other squires, including a teenage girl named Higgs, and they commend Marco on his organization and squire potential. After Higgs gives Marco some shopping advice for the sale, she and her fellow squires leave to meet up with their respective knights, and Marco overhears Higgs call him a nerd.

Star and Marco pick out a shopping cart, and the Blowout Sale begins. Unfortunately, Marco quickly realizes that the other squires sabotaged his cart's wheels. Marco gets angry at the other squires' dirty tactics, but Star makes new wheels for their cart and tells him to just have fun. As the other squires pick the store shelves clean, Marco races to catch up with them. Desperate to be a good squire for Star, Marco tries to outsmart the other squires, but they foil him at every turn.

When Marco confronts Higgs about why she and the other squires are being so underhanded, Higgs tells him that she works really hard as a squire while Marco had his position handed to him because he's Star's boyfriend. When Marco denies being Star's boyfriend, Higgs insinuates that Star made him a squire out of pity. Star suggests they call it a day and go home, but Marco is determined to prove Higgs wrong.

The last item on Marco's list is armor wax, and the store only has one bottle left in stock. As Marco and the other squires race to grab it, Marco resorts to using Higgs' own dirty tactics against her and trips her by the leg. Marco grabs the bottle of wax first and celebrates, but Star gets mad at him for hurting Higgs and gives the wax to her. As Higgs and the other squires go to checkout, Marco feels like a failure as Star's squire. Star tells Marco that she's a princess and doesn't need any of the stuff actual knights need and that she made Marco her squire so they could hang out and do silly stuff like they used to.

With only one minute left in the sale, Marco decides to pick out all the things that Star wants to buy, and they have fun playing with the stuff in the checkout line. This impresses Higgs' knight Sir Stabby despite Higgs' protests about getting silly stuff instead of knight supplies, thus making her jealous. While Star and Marco look silly in front of the other knights and squires, all they care about is having fun.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Schildknaap op de Proef Squire Put to the Test
French Esprit de compétition Competitive Spirit
Hebrew מבחן נושא הכלים The Squire Test
Japanese 従者への道 Road to an Attendant
European Portuguese Cavaleiros e Escudeiros Knights and Squires
Thai ผู้ติดตามที่ดี A Good Squire


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  • The toy gnomes that Star and Marco buy bear a strong resemblance to the gnomes from Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb.
    • Star and Marco's line "Yes. Yes, we did." might also be a reference to Phineas and Ferb.


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