"Trickstar" is the twenty-ninth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.[1]

It premiered on February 7, 2017.[2]


Star sets out to prove that party magician Preston Change-O is a real magician.[2]


Star and Marco attend the birthday party of Marco's karate sensei, where he and the party guests are expecting a performance given by a famous stage magician named Preston Change-O. Star initially believes that Preston is a practitioner of actual magic, but Marco explains that Preston is just an entertainer who does magic tricks.

As Preston makes a flashy entrance through the cooking grill, he starts entertaining the party guests with his tricks. But as his audience applauds, he appears to subtly drain something from Sensei's body, causing him to shed a tear. Most of the audience doesn't notice, but Star recognizes this as real magic. Preston performs for other party guests, including Jeremy Birnbaum, and magically drains energy from them as well. Each time he does so, his top hat gets a little taller. Star tries to tell Marco that Preston is a real magician, but Marco assures her that his magic is all fake. Star is even further alarmed when Preston's magic causes Marco to cry, but neither Marco nor Sensei believe her claims.

When the time comes to cut the birthday cake, Star goes to look for Sensei, and she finds Jeremy sulking on the front lawn. She then discovers Sensei and Preston in the garage, where Preston is draining a lot of energy from Sensei's body. As Sensei leaves in tears, Star confronts Preston and demands he tell her what he's doing to the party guests. Preston explains that he's an interdimensional being called a "joy sucker"; he cannot create his own joy, so he absorbs a little joy from others through his magic performances. Star tells Preston to leave, but Preston convinces her to let him stay so that Sensei's birthday party isn't ruined. Star allows Preston to stay on the condition that he absorb no more of the guests' joy.

In Sensei's backyard, Preston begins performing his grand finale, which involves cutting Sensei's body in half, while Star closely monitors him. As the audience cheers, Preston begins to suck a lot of joy from them, and Star intervenes by blasting him with her magic wand. She tells Preston to tell the audience the truth about him. After Preston reveals the secrets of some of his magic tricks, he also reveals his true nature as a joy sucker. However, the audience is more upset at Star for ruining magic tricks for them, and they angrily leave.

As Star and Marco argue over whether Star's actions were justified, Sensei steps in and says even though Star ruined his party, he doesn't want anyone stealing his joy. He also says by his next birthday, he'll have forgotten that this ever happened and he'll believe in magic again. When Star asks where Preston is, Sensei says he locked him in the trunk of his car. But when Star opens the trunk, Preston is gone, and Star takes joy in the fact that she was right about him all along.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Trukenstar Trickstar
French Tours de Passe-Passe Sleight of Hand
German Schein oder Sein Illusion and Reality
Hebrew טריקסטאר Trickstar
Hungarian Trükkös Csillag Tricky Star
Italian Abracado Abracadabra
Japanese ミスター・マカフシギ Mr. Mysterious
Polish Trik Trick
Portuguese (Brazil) Startruque Trickstar
Portuguese (Portugal) Não Há Truque Para a Star There's No Tricking Star
Russian Трюк Звёздочки Trickstar
Spanish (Latin America) Truco Star Trickstar
Spanish (Spain) Star y la Magia Terrícola Star and Earth Magic


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S2E29 Preston sucking all of the party guests' joy
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