I did a panel about Star Vs. The Forces of Evil in 2017 called Star Vs The Forces of Evil: Embracing The Weirdness

I have cosplayed as Marco Diaz at conventions before and it's always a lot of fun especially since Marco is an easy character to do a cosplay for and I miss this show a lot since it ended last year. I actually liked Season 4 of the show

Star Vs The Forces of Evil means a lot to me so much and I'll never stop loving the show

My favorite pages

  • Marco Diaz (Character)
  • Star Butterfly (Character)
  • The Battle For Mewni (Special)
  • Adam McArthur (Actor) (Lovable)
  • Eden Sher (Actress) (Sweet)
  • Tom Lucitor (Character)
  • Ludo (Character)
  • Toffee (Character)
  • Janna Ordonia (Character)
  • Starco (Couple)
  • Rider Strong (Actor)
  • StarFan13 (Character)
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