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Hey Everyone!

I'm RetroGirl28!

Star vs. is just about my favorite show. I've watched it since the first episode aired on Disney Channel back in January 2015 and I have been following this wikia since the hiatus between seasons 1 and 2 when I was wondering when the next season would come out (that hiatus seemed so much longer than it actually was :)).

I'm a Starco shipper (it's my OTP), and I'm not sure when I started shipping it. All I remember is that it was before Interdimensional Field Trip when I felt surprisingly annoyed when Marco sat with Jackie on the bus (don't know why that had such a huge effect on me). However, I'm accepting of all other ships in the series (I was fangirling so hard when Tom and Star were holding hands in Demoncism).

I suppose I'm a relatively unusual Star vs. fan, because I really like Pony Head. She may be an obnoxious weirdo, but that's what makes her so funny and great (lol). Also, I've always had this strange disliking of Meteora. I don't completely understand it, but it is starting to lessen through seeing the teenage Meteora and her interactions with Mariposa in Gone Baby Gone. I also strangely love Gemini. He's sweet and adorable. I don't completely understand why, but I do.

My favorite season is season 1 (ah, the nostalgia), because it was just so goofy, weird, and adorable. My second favorite is season 4, because of how sweet it was (and because of all the cute Starco moments we got). My next favorite is season 2, which is a very close third. My least favorite is season 3, but I still love it because I love Star vs. as a whole (sorry for all my weirdness, but this is probably so much ranting)

My Favorite Episodes:

Season 1: Blood Moon Ball (my absolute favorite; I think I have almost every word memorized lol), Banagic (Star just behaves so cutely in this episode and it's so Season 1 with all the antics), Sleep Spells (Princess Smooshy is the best), and probably most of the other episodes in this season lol

Season 2: Starstruck, Mr. Candle Cares, Crystal Clear, Baby, Trickstar, Bon Bon The Birthday Clown, Face the Music

Season 3: Booth Buddies, Demoncism, Lava Lake Beach, Lint Catcher, Sophomore Slump, Ponymonium, Deep Dive, Bam Ui Pati

Season 4: Knight Shift (my favorite episode in this season), The Ponyhead Show, Britta's Tacos, Beach Day, Mama Star, Here to Help

I'm going to follow the trend of what I did for the other wikis I joined and put what other cartoons I like and what other wikis I'm on here:

The Smurfs (my overall fave)

Miraculous Ladybug

Disney's Adventures of Gummi Bears

Ducktales (2017)

Milo Murphy's Law

Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers

Darkwing Duck

Quack Pack

The Snorks

Care Bears Family (1986)

Pound Puppies (1980s)

We Bare Bears

Alvin and the Chipmunks (1980s and 2015 versions)

Unikitty (because, why not)

Inspector Gadget (1980s and 2015)

Big Hero 6: The Series

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Owl House

When they come out, I will probably watch Pixie Girl

Disney Wiki

Charmed (1998)

Also, in case you are wondering, my username comes from my favorite channel, Teletoon Retro, which is now defunct.... Rest in peace, Teletoon Retro (lol)! You will be missed (by me).

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