Ship War AU is an AU Star vs. The Forces of Evil comic by moringmark. The first part was released in Tumblr at 19th November 2016 and moringmark is still uploading parts. Right now the comic has 55 parts.


Elizabeth Butterfly and Jam Doe are two teenagers from different timelines. They have came to Earth at Star's timeline. At Elizabeth's timeline, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz had married and she's their daughter. At Jam's timeline, Jackie Lynn Thomas and Marco are married and he's their son. Also, in his timeline there's an event called "Stapocalyple", occurred a couple months after the school dance, when a mile-wide star-shape portal suddenly appeared in the night sky of Echo Creek, released all kinds of monsters to the Earth Dimension, societies collapsed in days and everyone went underground. The kids are fighting for their lives. If Marco marries Jackie, Elizabeth won't ever exist. If Marco marries Star, Jam won't ever exist.


Elizabeth Butterfly

Elizabeth butterfly by ks05-dbfz6rq

Fanart of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Butterfly is Marco Diaz's and Star Butterfly's future daughter. She has long, straight, brown hair and blue eyes. She has Mewberty wings and Fleur-De-Lis at her cheecks. Elizabeth wears a green dress. She's 14 years old and she's really good at relationship advice. As her mother, she helps people in need and she's fighting against the evil. Elizabeth is trying to hide from Star, until Star finally knows about her being her future daughter. At first, Elizabeth hates Jam Doe, but then she tries to live with him and finds a way to split the timeline into two, so they can both exist. She doesn't like broccoli, but she like SUGAR SEEDS. Elizabeth is never afraid to say her opinion on something and at most of the times, she is honest. She doesn't like Jackie at first, because she is her father's girlfriend but then she starts being completely honest with her. Plus, she really thinks she's cool. She really knows much about Love Sentence (and she loves the band), since her parents are so into them, that Elizabeth knows about them since she was a baby. She likes hugs and if she wants she can be really sweet. She is sensitive, even if she tries not to show it, but she's a little lazy too. She's a little aggresive, too.

Jam Doe

Jam Doe

Jam Doe

Jam Doe is Marco Diaz's and Jackie Lynn Thomas' future son. He has short, wavy and brown hair with a turquoise extension and turquoise eyes. He wears a black jacket, a T-Shirt and a pearl necklake (Normal form). He has freckles and he's 16 years old. He hates Elizabeth at first, but as Elizabeth, he tries to get along with her. He's actually low-key, but he is so cool that when he first came at school he made a really good impression. He respects his father more than Elizabeth does and he hates the Stapocalypse, he wants to find who's responsible and put an end to it. He is a little suspicious and that is probably because of Starpocalypse. He loves cakes, Love Sentence and just like Elizabeth he knows the band very well, as well as Elizabeth, cause they were the only entertainment he had at his timeline. Jam's favorite Love Sentenve song is "Just Friends", probably because it's Jackie's favorite song and he doesn't easily get surprised or frightened.. He is as aggresive as Elizabeth, and, once he said to her that he will make sure that her parents won't have a chance so she is never born, leading him to the win of the Love Sentence Quiz Competition. He doesn't mind if he cease to exist, if he stops Stapocalypse, it doesn't really matter to him. He isn't really close to people and he is having a hard time trusting them, cause, as he says "The last time I trusted someone, I got this scar on my face!". Jam rarely smiles and a thing he often does, is closing his eyes without talking. He doesn't seem to like his parents fighting, he has got bored of it. 

Star Butterfly

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Marco Diaz

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Jackie Lynn Thomas

Click link for Jackie here: Jackie Lynn Thomas. Jackie Lynn Thomas acts a little different at the comic as she does at the show. In the comic, Jackie isn't Star's friend. Not at all. She has called Star a "lucky little bugger" and she doesn't like Marco spending a lot of time with her. She's jealous of Star. She says that Star she has born royal, born fighter. That she has caring parents and a lot of friends and that she doesn't need to worry about a thing in her life. Jackie says that Star is outgoing, cute pretty and popular and stuff. She doesn't trust her. She thinks Star is going to take Marco from her. She said Marco to keep a little distance from her, cause she's his girlfriend and they are barely hanging out and it's not a date. She doesn't like Star as much as she do at the show. In the last parts, though, she realizes how hard Star's life is and she tries to help her with a hug so she knows they still are friends.