Okay so this might be a bit of an odd blog post to do but I'm curious to know what Star Vs The Forces of Evil means to you personally because for me it's one of those shows that definitely helped me get out of an emotional slump I was going through in 2016 since I had a friendship that ended really badly and it put me in an emotional slump for a few months and when I started to watch Star Vs The Forces of Evil on July 9th 2016 in order to get up to date for the premiere of Season 2 because I had heard people saying that it was a good show but I was blown away by the show because it wasn't just a good show, it was a show that helped improve my mood and kept my mind off of a bad time and I became a big fan of the show since I did a panel about how it is a show that is able to appeal to both genders. 

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