After Star ended with the awful finale last year(Star and Marco finally falling in love,Moon betraying Star and getting back at Eclipsa after she became queen by teaming up with Mina Loveberry,the magic being destroyed,all of the magical creatures dissapearing(Hekapoo,Glossarick),Mina getting away scot free with no punishment after being defeated,and Mewni being collided with our world)

I mean here’s how should I fix Seasons 3b-4 if Moon was transported to Earth(instead of Pie Island) and never caused most of the events such as teaming up with Mina to get back at Eclipsa as revenge for making her lost in the magic dimension(even through it was her fault), making Star hate magic and destroy it,and having Earth collided with Mewni at the end. I mean here’s how I fix Seasons 3b-4 with ideas such as keeping S4 longer and have a 5th season,keep the magic,having a Star being single,by not bringing in the pointless romantic drama,Moon being transported to Earth and being cared for by the Diazes,learning how much of a overbearing,harsh figure she is by not only hating monsters,but realizing the error of her ways she treats Star because of her irresponsibilities and reckless behavior,causing her to start a new closer relationship with Star,bonding with her by doing Earth stuff and have the setting be Earth again. Also,why not if Moon didn’t team up with Mina,she would team up with Rhombulous by freeing Globgor band and give her some robots and since Star wasn’t powerful enough to stop Mina and her Robots,she would team up with her mother and they would defeat Mina together,then Mewni would be saved and then Star and her family adjust to their new lives on Earth,and they would visit Mewni at times,also have Marco Bring Kelly by introducing her to Jackie Lynn,see the birth of Mariposa by having the butterflies and Diazes meet together in the hospital and see Mariposa being born ,and have Star and Marco attend Summer School because they missed sophomore year when he was in Mewni for the most of Season 3,I think SvtFoE. had a Season 5,it should be a final conclusion miniseries like Steven Universe Future,called Star Vs. The Forces of Evil:Tales From Echo Creek. cause like Steven,Star would turn 16 along with Marco and she would have trouble regretting the past and trying to adjust to the future.

S4E35 Mina making demands to Moon

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