Can somebody tell me why Queen Moon(Star’s Mother) was more mean,overbearing,and angrier in Season 3,I mean she lashes out her anger and yells at Star a lot more than usual,insulted Buff Frog and made him side with her when she finds the game seeing Mewmans portrayed as monsters,snatched Star’s magic wand from her when she tries to blast Ludo’s rats,threw Star out of her study when she tries to tell her about Meteora for throwing a Mewman party with monsters,argues with Star a lot,and was not impressed was Star fought an army of rats. I wish Moon would realize the error of her ways on how she treated Star if the First Born transported Moon to earth or someplace else instead of Pie Island,So she won’t betray her and team up with Mina. I mean why is she so mean to Star in S3

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