• The Puppeteer King

    Hello everyone Puppeteer King here,

    I thought that I would make a blog on the symbolism of the tiger and the dragon and how they are represented by our two main characters. I have a fondness towards symbolism and I thought I would redirect myself from the standard disney symbolism because it is too easy and obvious. 

    These two creatures represent balance in the yin yang philosophy and the two creatures are also symbols within the budhist and taoist faith, despite how different these two creatures are they are linked together through destiny. They represent how martial artists act in combat but they can also represent how non-violent people react to certain situations and how they solve problems.

    The tiger is someone who prefers to bulldoze th…

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  • The Puppeteer King

    Hello Everyone,

    As I said before, I made this blog discussing the symbolism behind the first and second season of SVTFOE, if you have read that blog then you should know what to expect. If you came thinking that I would be discussing shipping then thats a story for another day because there isn't much elaboration behind starco in the season, depending on the success of this blog, I'll discuss Jarco and Starco in another blog after the season involving it has ended. Lets get started.

    At first viewing Star vs the Forces of Evil seems to a stereotypical disney show involving a royal family, deformed and non-human enemies and so on. As the series progressed it did a deconstruction of the standard disney and anime tropes, it discussed racism, ide…

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  • The Puppeteer King

    Hello, Puppeteer King here,

    This is my first blog post on the wikia and I'd like to do something that I've been wanting to do for a while, make a big analysis of the show and make symbolism out of it. I have done this before and I do enjoy it.

    I've wanted to do this for a long a time but I always put it off because the final season is yet to come and it's pointless analysing and making symbolic descriptions when the show can quickly do something that ruins my point. With this I'm just gonna go with it and just make an analysis of the first and second season.  

    I will eventually make the same symbolic analysis with the third and fourth season when they come out.

    I will have rules for this symbolism and analysis blog, I won't be featuring shippi…

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