Hello, Puppeteer King here,

This is my first blog post on the wikia and I'd like to do something that I've been wanting to do for a while, make a big analysis of the show and make symbolism out of it. I have done this before and I do enjoy it.

I've wanted to do this for a long a time but I always put it off because the final season is yet to come and it's pointless analysing and making symbolic descriptions when the show can quickly do something that ruins my point. With this I'm just gonna go with it and just make an analysis of the first and second season.  

I will eventually make the same symbolic analysis with the third and fourth season when they come out.

I will have rules for this symbolism and analysis blog, I won't be featuring shipping I will only feature them if they are directly in the show, Starco and Jarco will get a larger focus in the second analysis and symbolism blog because it will get more focus in the next season and more analysis' can be made then rather than now. I won't be featuring headcanons because obviously they aren't canon to the series.

In the symbolism and analysis, I will be talking about racism, imagination and anime. If you're not comfortable with this sort of thing then this blog may not be for you however since the show hasn't been subtle about it, I don't see why you might be offended. I might be pointing out obvious symbolism but some of this has been built up for a while. I apologise if it does become a bit awkward, I have trouble speaking or typing at length and I will be referencing old fashioned racism.

The analysis blog will either come this afternoon or tomorrow because while I do have a good memory, I can't remember everything.

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