I'm pretty sure after seeing the episode titles and watching the promo, everyone has at least a general idea of what the episodes are going to be about. What do you guys think holds in store for us with these episodes?


Here's the new schedule for svtfoe episodes!

Here's my thoughts:

Bogbeast of Boggabah:

The wiki already has a synopsis on it. Go see it!

Total Eclipsa the Moon:

I think this will be about Eclipsa and Meteora's origins, not Eclipsa's trial.

The Butterfly Trap:

I think this will most likely be Eclipsa's trial.

Ludo, Where Art Thou?:

I'm about 99.99% sure Ludo is going to encounter Marco and Star to try and get revenge on them

Is Another Mystery:

Based on "Is Mystery," this is most likey an episode about Buff Frog investigating deeper into Ludo's secrets.

Marco Jr:

I guess this may reveal why Marco had moon emblems on his cheeks when he used the All Seeing Eye spell


The only thing I can really imagine about this episode is that it takes place on Earth

Booth Buddies:

It could be about Star and Ponyhead doing something together, but I have no clue

Bam Ui Pati!: 

This episode will probably be about Eclipsa's husband. Bam Ui Pati in English is Bam Ui Husband.

Tough Love:

All I can really say is that it has a title that sounds important. Maybe Star and Tom COULD break up again.


This is porbably going to be the most important episode of the entire season! 

For anybody that hasn't seen the promo for "The Butterfly Effect" yet, it's right here!