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"Wand to Wand" is the eighth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on August 1, 2016, alongside "Star vs. Echo Creek".[1]


Star and Ludo struggle to get their new wands to work properly.[1]


The episode begins on Mewni; in a bar occupied by large rats, the bartender serves porridge to the bar patrons. Ludo and his eagle and spider companions, hungry from their travels, enter the bar and ask for food. However, the bartender serves Ludo a bowl of mud as a prank. As the rats all laugh at Ludo, he draws his magic wand and prepares to unleash his magical wrath upon the bartender, but the wand doesn't do anything. As a result, Ludo and his minions are kicked out of the bar.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Star uses her own wand to build numerous Mewni battleships in bottles. Marco interrupts her and tells her it's her turn to take out the garbage. As Star gets frustrated over being interrupted, the half-star crystal embedded in her wand glows green. Star summons her cloud friend Cloudy to take the garbage out for her, but he appears green and sluggish instead of pink and cheerful. As Cloudy takes the garbage out, he ends up making even more of a mess.

Star turns to Glossaryck for help, thinking there might be something wrong with her wand, but Glossaryck offers little assistance as he is in pain from casting magic on his own face. Meanwhile, Cloudy makes a complete mess of the Diaz Household's living room. Star tells him to stop and clean up his mess, but he refuses to listen. Star tries to calm him down with a Sunshine Friendship Spell, but it only makes Cloudy mad, and he grows into a furious storm cloud.

Star fires a continuous stream of magic blasts at Cloudy, but the more she channels her anger and frustration, the stronger Cloudy becomes. When Marco is put in danger by Cloudy's rampage, Star's anger turns into concern for his well-being, and the glow in her wand's crystal changes from green to pink. Star pulls Marco to safety and uses another Sunshine Friendship Spell, this time successfully turning Cloudy back to normal. When Marco's parents return home from shopping, the whole family cleans the house together, and Star decides to clean by hand instead of using her magic.

Back on Mewni, Ludo learns to harness his wand's power by channeling his own anger. He returns to the bar to pick a fight with the rats, telling the eagle and spider not to interfere. As the rats gang up on Ludo and beat him up, he gets angrier and angrier until he finally unleashes the full force of his wand. After defeating all the rats single-handedly, Ludo points his wand at the bartender and orders him to serve him some porridge.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Staf Tegen Staf Staff Against Staff
French Baguette Tragique Tragic Wand
German Falscher Zauber Wrong Magic
Hebrew משרביט לשרביט From Wand to Wand
Hungarian Pálcák Egymás Ellen Wands Against Each Other
Italian Bacchette a Confronto Wands in Comparison
Japanese 2本のステッキ Two Sticks
Korean 루도의 마법지팡이 Ludo's Magic Wand
Polish Różdżką w różdżkę A Wand with a Wand
Portuguese (Brazil) Varinha Contra Varinha Wand Against Wand
Portuguese (Portugal) De Varinha Para Varinha From Wand to Wand
Russian Палочки палочки Wand, Wand
Spanish (Latin America) Varita a Varita Wand to Wand
Spanish (Spain) Las Varitas The Wands

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  • This was the last episode of the series to air on Disney Channel Asia before it ceased operations on October 1, 2021.
    • This was also the last episode of any Disney Channel series to air before the network signed off.[2]