Scene opens in a lodge in the woods. Inside, many rats socialize while eating porridge out of glass bowls. The door opens; bird and spider walk in holding Ludo, dropping him at the host's counter.
Ludo I'm glad you're open. I'm starving. I'd like some porridge, please.
Host rat [snaps fingers, bowl appears]
Spider [shrieks]
Ludo No! [begins eating, stops] This is mud.
Host rat [laughs, other rats join in]
Ludo That's not funny.
One of the rats mocks Ludo with an impression of him. Ludo whips out his wand. The laughing stops.
Ludo You messed with the wrong bird, rat. Face-melting death ray! [nothing happens] Huh?
Ludo shrieks as he, bird, and spider are thrown out of the lodge. His wand hits him in the head.
Ludo Ow! [growls, stares at wand]
Scene changes to the Diaz's house, Star is using her wand to carefully put a ship in a bottle.
Marco Diaz Star!
Star Butterfly [accidentally, smashes bottle]
Marco It's your turn to take out the garbage.
Star Marco, you've ruined my Mewni battleship.
Marco Don't you think you have enough ships in a bottle?
Star Enough? I don't even know you.
Marco Come on. We told Mom and Dad we'd have the place cleaned up before they got home, and garbage is all yours.
Star [frustrated] Oh, fine [wand flashes green]. Mm summoning cloudy charm. Cloudy, could you take out the gar...
Cloudy [wheezing]
Star Uh, Cloudy? Hello?
Cloudy [wheezing]
Star [rattles wand] Cloudy?
Cloudy Oh, hey Star.
Star Uh, are you okay?
Cloudy Yeah. Perfectly fine [eye moves out of place]
Star Okay. Could you take out the garbage?
Cloudy Sure can. I guess princess hands are too delicate to touch garbage [chuckles]
Star What?
Cloudy Oh, nothing [grabs trash bag, bumps into wall] Excuse me. [bumps into door] Pardon me, I got a mouthful of garbage.
Star Huh [stares at wand]
Scene jumps back to Ludo
Ludo [stares at wand] I don't know girls. Maybe this isn't what it looks like. It looks like a magic wand but...
Spider [tries to grab it]
Ludo What did I say? Follow three feet behind me. Three! Yeah, anyway, I don't know, maybe it's just a baby rattle.
Spider [grabs wand]
Ludo What are you doing? No. No, put it down.
Spider [starts eating it]
Ludo No no let go, you nasty nasty thing. [angrily] You let go of my thing!
The wand flashes green, blasting spider and Ludo in the face.
Ludo [screams, gasps] What⁈ [runs to spider] Do it again.
Bird [bites Ludo's head]
Ludo Not you, you stupid...
Bird [throws Ludo]
Ludo [shrieks, crashes, mumbles] I said not you, bird.
The wand illuminates green light, dragging Ludo further away. Ludo smiles and runs back.
Ludo Do it again.
Bird [throws Ludo]
Ludo [screams, crashes, growls, blasts bird with wand, evilly laughs] It's working girls.
Spider + Bird [run towards Ludo]
Ludo Oh no no. No no! I was kidding
Spider [grabs Ludo with silk]
Ludo Please, let me go. Let me go!
Bird [picks up Ludo, flies]
Ludo Don't let me go!
Bird [drops Ludo]
Ludo [screams]
Scene changes. Star's spell book is in view
Glossaryck [groans from inside book]
Star Oh no. What happened?
Glossaryck [points to pink substance by his head] I had an accident.
Star Glossaryck!
Glossaryck Inside voices please.
Star Oh, sorry. Yeah. Uh, Glossaryck, there's something funky happening with my wand.
Glossaryck Oh. What's wrong with it?
Star It's acting weird. It's not doing what it's supposed to.
Glossaryck Look Star, maybe there's something wrong with you. You ever think about that?
Star And what's that supposed to mean?
Glossaryck Uh, I'm not 100% sure. I guess it means there's something wrong with everyone. I mean, look at me. I did magic on my own face. You know?
Star No help as usual.
Glossaryck It hurts everywhere!
Star [closes spell book]
Marco Star, you're taking care of the garbage, right?
Star Yeah. I got Cloudy to do it.
Marco Uh, about that...
Cloudy [giggling, destroying a table] I don't know why I have so much energy today. Must be all that iced tea.
Star [mouth agape]
Scene jumps back to Ludo, spider, and bird who fly outside the rat's lodge.
Ludo No girls, it's gonna get ugly.
Ludo walks inside, physically kicks a rat off his stool, and pushes two rats out of the way to pull up to the counter.
Ludo A bowl of your finest mud sir.
Host Rat [blinks]
Ludo Mm, I can taste it already [bangs table with silverware]
Host Rat [snaps fingers]
Ludo dumps the mud on his face.
Host Rat [squeaks]
Ludo Ah! [wipes his face] All done. [punches host]
Every rat stares angrily at Ludo as he stands on counter.
Ludo [proclaiming] Do your worst!
Scene changes back to the Diaz's living room as Cloudy continues to rain over it.
Cloudy [laughs, lights chair on fire] Ah! Whoopsie!
Marco What's with him?
Star Cloudy, you stop this right now.
Cloudy [picks up a lamp, riding it like a horse] Giddy-up!
Star Are you listening to me?
Cloudy Whee! Aah.
Star Stop playing around and clean all this up.
Cloudy Uh-oh. Looks like someone's allergic to good vibes [blows wind in Star's hair, laughs]
Star Okay, that's enough. Sunshine friendship.
Cloudy [mocking] Sunshine friendship. [smashes bottles] Oopsie.
Star My Mewni battleships. [growls] Sunshine friendship spell!
Cloudy [hit by green spell, start expanding] Hey! That was sooooo rude!
Marco and Star run outside as Cloudy expands to become a huge hurricane-like storm over the entire house.
Scene jumps back to Ludo. He is laughing while all the rats attack him. Many rats surround him and star throwing punches. Spider and bird run inside.
Ludo No girls. I'm fine. [jumps away] Come on, hit me like you mean it!
A rat smacks Ludo's face with a mop into a wall.
Ludo Now you're really starting to tick me off.
A dozen rats jump on him. Ludo screams, struggling to pull himself away, but the rats pull him back in. The wand emits a green glow.
Ludo Run.
The wand explodes with green light. All the rats are thrown from Ludo. He targets the host and blasts him with a green laser, laughing insanely.
Scene jumps back to Star
Star Cloudy, you're out of control! [blasts with wand]
The storm worsens, a tree falls and Marco scrambles to jump/walk over it.
Star That. Is. Enough!
Star sends out a huge pulse of green light, cutting through Cloudy.
Cloudy Hey! You poked my fluffies!
Cloudy then stars using suction breath, tearing the roof off the shed.
Marco I think you're making him worse.
Star [keeps firing blasts]
Marco You gotta sto-[screams as pulled into the air]Star!
Star Marco!
Star's wand turns pink and emits a burst of pink light.
Star Raspberry ribbon lasso!
The spell pulls Marco back in to safety.
Marco [crashes to ground] Thank you.
Star [jumps into air] Sunshine friendship spell!
Cloudy Oh! [giggles, begins shrinking]
Star You okay?
Marco Yeah, thanks to you.
Cloudy [giggles] Whoa! What a mess! What happened?
Marco Yeah, what was up with your wand?
Star I have no idea.
Rafael Diaz Kids, we got you ice cream for cleaning the hou-[gasps].
Later, while cleaning up the living room.
Rafael Diaz Oh Star, it is always exciting with you around.
Angie Diaz This'll take us all weekend to clean.
Star Oh no no. I've got this. Tidying up tidal wa... [thinks better of it] You know what? Give me that thing [pick up a broom]
Marco [flips the broom so it's right side up]
Star Oh, that's way better!
Scene jumps back to the rat lodge. It burns. Ludo points his wand at the host rat.
Ludo Now... serve me some porridge.
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