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Warnicorns are a breed of equine-like creatures that originate from Mewni. Their name is a portmanteau of the words "war" and "unicorn".


Warnicorns largely resemble the mythical unicorn, being horses with long spiraling horns. However, they are distinct from regular unicorns by having various physical characteristics such as scars, (an example is the warnicorn in "Star Comes to Earth" which has lightning bolt-shaped marks on the sides of its neck) and bulkier bodies. Their tails, manes, and hooves are usually darker colors, ranging from purple, blue, grey or teal to lighter shades like lavender. On the other hand, their skin tones usually contrast against them. Some warnicorns also possess colored teeth as seen in "Mewnipendance Day" and "Storm the Castle". Warnicorns range in size, from being the size of normal horses (in "Star Comes to Earth") or being much larger than an average horse (in "Mewnipendance Day").


Warnicorns mostly appear in the series as creatures from Mewni. Star tames a wild light-blue warnicorn at the beginning of "Star Comes to Earth" and rides it to Butterfly Castle, where it causes trouble by destroying a door and the throne room wall. The same warnicorn appears in a video flashback to "Star Comes to Earth" in "Freeze Day".

In "Mewnipendance Day", Star magically summons a giant gray-coated warnicorn to act as Francis' steed in a reenactment of the Great Monster Massacre.

In "Storm the Castle", Mr. and Mrs. Diaz and King Butterfly arrive outside the remains of Ludo's Castle while riding warnicorns. Later, Mrs. Diaz slaps the flank of her warnicorn, causing it to run away, with her still on it.

In "Mr. Candle Cares", Star tells Echo Creek Academy guidance counselor Mr. Candle that she wants to raise warnicorns when she grows up, and she magically summons a warnicorn into Mr. Candle's office. Near the end of the episode, she summons the same warnicorn in her loft, and it makes a mess of her bedroom.

In "By the Book", Star attempts to cast a "Warnicorn stampede" spell. Her first two tries only succeed in conjuring a small, harmless warnicorn. After finally agreeing to read the page for the spell in the Magic Instruction Book, Star conjures the spell successfully, and a stampede of warnicorns overcomes Ludo and his minions.

In "Spider With a Top Hat", warnicorns are among the monsters that appear in Star's arsenal of spell creatures who live within the wand. They are close friends with Spider With a Top Hat, and one of their names is given as Rock.

In "Raid the Cave", Star and Marco ride a warnicorn on their mission to recover Glossaryck and the Magic Instruction Book.

In "Face the Music", Queen Butterfly rides a warnicorn into the Forest of Certain Death to visit Ludo's parents, Lord and Lady Avarius.

In "Holiday Spellcial", several of Star's Warnicorn spells attend a Stump Day party inside the wand.


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  • It is stated in "Mr. Candle Cares" that Star's mother Moon Butterfly owns 19 warnicorns.
  • In the Mewni zodiac, the warnicorn aureole sign comprises birth dates from Gravnogk 45 to Spleenax 1 (or March 20 to April 19).
  • According to Daron Nefcy in a Reddit AMA on August 3, 2019, a warnicorn is "a unicorn that needs the blood of its enemies to survive".[1]


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