Willoughby is a talking dog who appears in the episode "Fetch".


Willoughby is a short-statured dog with a husky build and thin legs. She has brown fur with a few dark-brown spots, tufted ears, black eyes and nose, beige paws, and a short tail.


In "Fetch", Willoughby first appears as an unnamed, supposedly-stray dog that steals Star Butterfly's magic wand. Mistaken for a male dog at first, she stubbornly holds on to the wand in her mouth and growls at Star each time she tries to take it from her. Therefore, Star takes Willoughby home with her.

Even when she eats, sleeps, and goes to the bathroom, Willoughby refuses to let go of Star's wand, preventing her from using magic spells or going to school. At one point, Star believes she has found Willoughby's owner—a strange yet over-affectionate lady named Lydia—but Star realizes that she isn't Willoughby's owner when she makes up the name "Willoughby" on the spot.

When Star follows Willoughby into a public restroom, she finds Willoughby standing on two legs and trying to use the wand on herself. Willoughby reveals that she is actually from another dimension, and came to Earth to escape the day-to-day stress of her old life, wanting to be a normal dog. With Star's help, Willoughby is adopted as Lydia's pet and given a new leash on life.

In "Running with Scissors" and "Cleaved", Willoughby and Lydia make brief cameo appearances at the Echo Creek dog park.


Season 2

Season 4


S2E6 Willoughby wearing a new dog tag
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  • Willoughby is named after the Twilight Zone episode "A Stop at Willoughby".[1]
  • The disappearance of magic in "Cleaved" should have returned everyone in the multiverse back to their original dimensions, but strangely, Willoughby is still in Echo Creek.
    • A possible explanation is that, since Willoughby has lived in Echo Creek for a long time, it has become her new home dimension. Contrarily, Marco, Janna, Kelly, Jorby, and Talon, who despite continuous visits, were only recently in Mewni at the time of magic's disappearance, were not "considered" as its inhabitants, returning to their respective dimensions.


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