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Queen Wrathmelior Lucitor is the demon queen of the Underworld and the mother of Tom Lucitor. She first appears in "Club Snubbed".


Wrathmelior is a humanoid female adult. Unlike other Mewni royals, she is of very tall stature, standing about four times the size of her husband Dave. She has deep skin, a muscular build, beefy arms, short legs with cloven hooves, salmon-colored hair, three thin eyes (one in the middle of her forehead), large dark-red horns with reddish-gray tips, low pointed ears, sharp teeth, small purple wings, and a pointed tail.


Despite her intimidating appearance, Wrathmelior is portrayed as quite kind and sensitive, prone to sentimentality and moments of emotion. She is also shown to be very protective of her son and can let her temper get the best of her.


In "Club Snubbed", Wrathmelior attends the Silver Bell Ball with her husband Dave and son Tom, along with multiple other royal families of Mewni. When she first enters the ballroom, she hits her head on the chandelier due to her height. While she remains quiet for most of the evening, she only makes a sound at the conclusion of Tom and Star Butterfly's dance, crying tears of lava and expression how moved she was.

In "Lake House Fever", Wrathmelior is present at a party at the Lucitor family lake house, taking pictures of Tom. When Star says she needs to leave to spend time with Marco Diaz, Wrathmelior's emotions create a storm over the lake house that traps everyone indoors. Wrathmelior remains distant toward Star throughout the rest of the day because she knows of Star and Marco's kiss in "Booth Buddies" and fears she will hurt Tom again.

When an argument between Star and Tom results in Tom almost getting washed out to sea, Wrathmelior apologizes for creating the storm and letting her emotions get the best of her, and she takes another photo of Star and Tom for the Lucitor family photo album.


Tom Lucitor

Wrathmelior hugging Tom.

Wrathmelior has a very loving relationship with her son Tom and takes a great investment in his love life and happiness. She is implied to be a constant source of support and advice for Tom, as she is there whenever he needs someone to talk to.

Powers and abilities

  • Super strength: Wrathmelior possesses great physical strength, able to shake entire rooms just by walking or clapping her hands.
  • Weather manipulation: Wrathmelior has what Dave calls in "Lake House Fever" as "her own emotional weather system". Depending on her mood, she is able to manipulate the weather.


Season 3

Season 4


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  • Wrathmelior's name was first revealed by Dominic Bisignano on Tumblr.[1]
  • Wrathmelior's design appears to be inspired by popular depictions of demons, with red skin, yellow eyes, hooves, dark horns, and pointed tails.
  • She communicates only through trilling and low growling sounds, which only her family can understand.


  1. Dominic Bisignano (2017-07-27). Hello What are the first names of King and Queen.... Tumblr. Retrieved on 2017 July 27.
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