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"Yada Yada Berries" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 24, 2019 alongside "Down by the River".


Star and Marco act like amateur detectives as they open an investigation into who is responsible for trying to transform Eclipsa into stone.


Eclipsa hosts a "Queen's Monster Breakfast" in an effort to make the monsters feel more comfortable around Mewni royalty. When Manfred, the Butterfly family manservant, forces the monsters to eat out of dog bowls at the foot of the breakfast table, Eclipsa is outraged and demands that he serve them food on regular plates. Manfred, still bitter about sharing a castle with monsters, brings the food back to the kitchen. When he tastes Eclipsa's breakfast oatmeal, he suddenly turns to stone.

Glossaryck explains that Eclipsa's breakfast was laced with yada yada berries, berries that turns whoever eats them to stone, while also commenting that they're quite delicious. Star and Marco offer to find out who tried to poison Eclipsa, taking on the role of grizzled TV detectives. They go to the local Assassin's Guild and find Rasticore, having regenerated his body since the events of "Skooled!" Star asks him about a plot to poison Eclipsa with yada yada berries, and after some pressing, Rasticore tells her that a fellow assassin named Babs never showed up for work.

At Babs' house, Star and Marco meet with Babs, a short Mewman woman who is sick with pinkeye and pneumonia. She explains to Star and Marco that she was indeed hired to poison Eclipsa with yada yada berries, but she couldn't carry out the deed because of her sick condition. Furthermore, she was hired anonymously, left only with a note of instructions and a bag of berries purchased from Apothecary Sherry, a local supplier of medicines and herbs. Star and Marco confront Sherry at her apothecary stand and, with some bribery, learn that she recently sold yada yada berries to someone named Ruben.

At Ruben's house, Star deduces from family portraits that Ruben is a chameleon monster and is hiding from them. After destroying several things around the house, Star manages to draw Ruben out of hiding. He explains to Star and Marco that he bought yada yada berries from Apothecary Sherry to poison Eclipsa as revenge for making him eat out of a dog bowl earlier that morning. However, Ruben purchased the berries after breakfast, and Eclipsa's oatmeal was poisoned before breakfast, thus clearing Ruben of suspicion. Ruben points out, though, that Eclipsa has numerous enemies that wish to see her assassinated.

Star and Marco return to Apothecary Sherry and press her for more information on who bought yada yada berries from her, threatening to bring her back to the Monster Temple and having Eclipsa coerce answers out of her with her dark magic. In order to protect her client's identity, Sherry drinks yada yada berry juice and turns herself to stone. Looking at Sherry's receipts, Star and Marco discover she sold yada yada berries to dozens of people, any one of whom could be the culprit. Without any way to narrow down the suspect list, Star imprisons all the Mewmans who recently bought yada yada berries.

With the Mewmans in the temple dungeon, Star demands to know who tried to poison Eclipsa that morning, but even after appealing to their natural Mewman sense of pride and perseverance, no one comes forward. Eclipsa enters and understands why the Mewmans are so distrustful of her, as her ascension to the Mewni throne was a very sudden change to their lives. She asks the Mewmans to give her a chance to earn their trust, and she lets them go free. While this means the identity of Eclipsa's attempted assassin remains a mystery, Eclipsa resolves to earn the Mewmans' trust, no matter how much they hate her.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Bla-die-bla Bessen Yada Yada Berries
Japanese ヤダヤダ・ベリー
Korean 야다야다 베리
European Portuguese Bagas Coisa e Tal
Spanish (Latin America) Moras Yada-Blabla


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Revelations and continuity

  • Glossaryck, being magical, is immune to yada yada berries.
  • Rasticore has been regenerating from a single hand since "Skooled!" (though he has a very short and scrawny body), and he has both of his eyes and arms.
  • Marco bribes Apothecary Sherry with $650 for information.
  • Eclipsa has enemies among both Mewmans and monsters plotting to assassinate her.


  • Marco's line "Looks like we got a real mystery on our hands" may be a reference to a similar line commonly spoken by Fred Jones in the Scooby-Doo franchise.
  • Babs' love of cats may possibly be a reference to the Assassin's Creed franchise and their association with eagles.


  • When Eclipsa tells Star that someone's trying to "yada yada" her, is to be expected for being queen, the band around her waist turns from a light brown color, to a light purple, until it turns back to light brown when she leaves the kitchen.
  • Rasticore was reduced to just his right arm in "Skooled!" In this episode, his left arm is more muscular.
  • A Mewman wearing purple is shown to be chained to the wall in prison but the shackles are not shown.
  • Before and after getting turned to stone, Apothecary Sherry looks directly at Star. However, when Star was checking the receipts, her eyes are faced towards the audience.
    • In addition, her eyes are still faced towards the viewer when she is in the background when Star accuses the prisoners.